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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita giving the pic to Raman and saying she did not steal it. Raman calls Shagun and says he got the pic. She says you stole it, did Ishita steal it. He says you got the pic, don’t blame Ishita again. Shagun says now Ishita will know. Ishita says now its clear Shagun did not do the accident, but when will I reach the real culprit. Parmeet drinks and says Adi is real culprit. Is Ishita knows this, she will not leave him and Raman is helping Shagun, he will not forgive Ishita. Ishita meets some ladies outside the school.

Adi talks to his friend and says I made Sharma Sir quiet. He gets a call and his friend says you bring mobile in school, if teacher sees, she will complain. Adi says no one can harm me here. Adi receives the call and says what happened to mum,

her accident. The driver waits for Adi. Adi runs and Ishita sees him. She says what happened to him, why is he worrie and where is Ruhi. Adi shouts for driver and sees the key in the car. He opens the door and sits in it. Ishita is shocked seeing Adi drive the car and runs after him asking him to stop the car. Shagun comes there and Adi barely hits her car.

Adi asks her is she fine and cries. Shagun scolds him for driving, and says you touched the car again. She scolds the driver. She says Adi this is last warning, don’t you know what I m facing because of the accident, Ishita is after us. Ishita hears this and is shocked. Ishita says Adi did the accident…… Shagun says come with me and takes Adi with her. Ishita cries and says how can this happen. Parmeet is the one who made Ishita know this truth by his plan to make Adi tense and drive the car.

He says he is emotional just like his dad Raman, I just made a call that his mum is hurt and he ran. He says Raman….. now Ishita knows this, now she will send your son to jail and your relation with her will break. Now I will take the revenge of the slap. Raman gets Shagun’s call and says what, Adi drove the car again. She says he said someone called him and said someone called him saying I m hurt. He says what, who can this be. He asks when did he drive, Ishita goes to take Ruhi, if she sees him driving, she will know he did the accident. Shagun says I did not see.

Raman says you go to Adi, I will see. She says if Ishita knows, she will not leave Adi, you have to do something, please stop her. She panics. He says don’t worry, I will see. Ishita is at home thinking making dough in kitchen about Shagun’s words. Raman comes home and says Ruhi he came to take some files. He comes to his room and says Ishita won’t talk to me, how to ask her. He takes the file and tries to initiate a talk. Ishita sends Ruhi to the room and sees Raman.

Raman asks her who went to school to drop Ruhi, you or Bala. She says I. He asks did you get parking. She says yes. Ruhi comes and says I will not learn Maths, see it. He thinks she is not telling anything, if she saw Adi, she would have said. He leaves. Ishita says Raman was also worried, there was something in his mind, so did he mean to know what I saw in school today, what I saw has shaken my heart, now I understand why Raman was hiding this from me, he was not saving Shagun, but saving Adi. She says Adi, I felt I m fighting for justice, but no, I was fighting with a 11 year old kid, that too he is Raman’s biggest weakness, what to do now.

She says shall I tell Raman to expose his son infront of everyone or just let him go. She says the whole matter has turned now, we can’t punish a small kid, but he should be…. She says I have to decide, the decision is in my hand, but….. what to decide and how, on whose favor. Ishita comes to talk to Amma and Mrs. Bhalla. She says I m in a problem and want to discuss with both of you. She says its important and only mum can answer this. She says a mum loves the child and also scolds him to show the right path. Amma says I m afraid, what is it, did Raman………. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call him.

Ishita says no, I want to tell something, but promise me you won’t tell anyone. She forwards her hand and they hold her hand promising her. Ishita says Shagun did not do that accident. They are shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says no, this can’t be, my Adi, are you sure about this. Ishita says I saw everything by my eyes, he drove a car and Shagun scolded him for touching the car as he did the accident. Ishita says now I know why Raman was against us, he was hiding this. She says he was alone and worried, he might be going through much, he was not saving Shagun, but his son Adi. Amma cries. Ishita says now we can’t change this, I m worried thinking what to do. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun ruined my Adi, she gave car to such a small kid, see what he did. Amma asks Ishita to take case back, Adi is our house’s child, this will affect his future.

Mrs. Bhalla says I always supported you, but my Adi is my life, my everything, if anything happens to him, I will die and Raman will also can’t live, Adi is Raman’s life, he is our heir, have pity on him, I request you. Mrs. Bhalla folds hand and breaks down. Amma tells Ishita that Adi drove the car, that’s bad, maybe he was adamant and then he could not control, but I m fine now, I came home, and Lord made me fine so that Adi’s life does not get any stain. She says this punishment is not for Adi, but for Raman and us, think if he stays in remand room, no, why this. Ishita says if you are saying this, I will take this case back and will not tell anything to Raman, as he is already feeling guilty, I don’t want to make him feel ashamed. Mrs. Bhalla says you will do a big favor on us if you do this. Amma says now finish this matter. Ishita looks on.

Raman tells Vandu and Ishita when Adi’s was born and loves him since he was 150 grams, since he first saw him in sonography. Ishita smiles as Raman shares his precious memories.

Update Credit to: Amena

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