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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj provoking students against Vandu and Ishita. He says we should fight for justice. They all agree. Suraj says we have to punish Vandu. Vandu cries and thinks they all got quiet, I felt everything will get fine, they started all this again. Ashok asks his men to get in that students crowd, make sure Vandu’s helpers don’t come in between. The man says don’t worry, come. Suraj says we will go inside, if Vandu is not coming out. The man gives black color to Suraj, and says we want justice today, Ishita asks them to stop. The lady says students can break door anytime. The dean of the college calls police and complains about protest. Ishita and Bala stop Suraj. Suraj pushes Ishita. Shagun holds Ishita. Suraj and everyone get into conference hall. Management

tries to stop them. Vandu shouts asking them to be away. Ashok’s men shout and make the situation worse. Shagun asks Ishita to come, they will show Suraj his place. Suraj takes black ink on his hand to blacken Vandu’s face. Vandu gets shocked seeing this.

Shagun breaks a bottle and asks Suraj and everyone to be away and not come close to Vandu. Ishita hugs Vandu. Shagun asks do they all know Suraj, he is a fraud business man, and his brother has rape and murder blame, they have power and get saved, see his face, he is big fraud, and asks Suraj to give morality lessons to his brother Ashok. She scolds all of them to protest.

Raman asks whom is she saying, they won’t listen this way. Raman beats Suraj, while Mihir and Bala control others. Vandu cries. Raman and Suraj get into a fight. Mihika hugs Vandu. Police comes there and stops them. Raman says arrest them, they are not students, Suraj got them to protest. Suraj is taken away by police. Vandu gets unwell. Ishita and Mihika take her home.

Amma and everyone worry for Vandu. Vandu recalls the protests. Amma says Vandu is so strong, see what happened. Ishita asks Amma not to cry, they to become Vandu’s support. She says I will go now. Vandu cries and asks her not to go, they will come again. Ishita asks her to relax, no one will come here. Appa takes Amma with him. Ishita and Bala sit with Vandu. Bala asks Ishita to go home, he will be with Vandu. Ishita says call me if needed and leaves.

Mihika and Romi wait for Suraj. Romi says I m sure, Suraj will come, he always passes by this route, all planning is done, he would have not thought of this in his dream. Suraj’s car stops at the signal. He says how did Shagun come in between. Romi sends the kinners. Suraj gives the money and asks them to go. They trouble Suraj saying we heard you were troubling a woman today. They surround Suraj. Romi and Mihika smile, looking from far. They all blacken Suraj’s face. They make Suraj wear slippers in the neck. Romi takes Suraj’s pic. Suraj gets shocked seeing Romi and Mihika. Suraj fumes. Romi taunts Suraj for his face blackened. Suraj says I will see all Bhallas. Romi says fine, but see this pic first, it will be on social media. Suraj angrily leaves.

Sarika sees Shagun at home. Ishita comes home and talks to Shagun about Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla brings chillies to take off bad sight from Shagun. She asks Shagun to have food, and once she gives her grandson, then they both will diet together. Raman and Manoj come. Manoj says don’t worry, I have made her diet plan. Mrs. Bhalla thanks him for taking care of Shagun. Amma comes there.

Amma cries and thanks Shagun for saving Vandu. Shagun says Vandita is like my sister, Ishita took care of me, so we are family now. Amma says but I did wrong with you always. Shagun says I did such things, its not your mistake, forget the past. Amma says you have Ishita’s baby in your womb, Ishita will become mother because of you. Shagun says don’t cry. Ishita consoles Amma. Amma hugs Ishita and Shagun. Everyone smile. Sarika thinks its family drama going on here, this won’t go on for long, as I have come here to stop this.

Some lady falls on Raman’s car and runs. Ishita asks her to stop. The lady runs. Pallavi gives tea to Ishita. Ishita asks her about the mark on her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. interesting precap let,s wait and watch what happens

  2. i think the lady who fall’s on raman’s car be pallavi

  3. where is the next show update the precap

  4. Grand son

  5. Wow the episode was awesome bt the precap ws thrilling.

  6. Episode was quite good
    Liked it
    And romi and mihika are too much
    Is these guyz are trying to show mihika and romi together
    This is too much now i seriously think that the makers are going mad
    Mihika mihir
    2nd — Mihika ashok
    3rd — mihika abhishek
    Now mihika romi
    Its too much yaar
    With how many peaple they will link mihika
    Its getting extra
    Sometimes i just burst into laughter with all this .
    What makers are trying to show i dont know

    Is ishita us going to murder someone



    Fnally she gotted his Mr. Perfect
    Wish them luck for their rest of life

  8. Hi Rithu. Riya. Ramchin. Siddhi. Dia. Diya. Fathi. Jhanvi. Nivedha. And all yhm fans.

  9. Cnt blv tht ishitha to kill som1? Oh no.
    And Best Wishes For Divyanka And Vivek!

  10. Agree with you kajal,feeling bad for iyer sisters(vandita,ishita,mihika)hai rithu,jhanvi,nivedha..and all yhm fans,enjoying your comments

  11. Long back.. Awesome episode..
    I like the way shagun n Raman stood for Vandu..
    Manoj entry… Wow..
    Actually from this serial.. I got a pt.. We can believe a guy who is not good .. But not the one who is acting good… Sarika n Shagun..
    Sarika too turned evil due to circumstances..
    This Suraj n Ashok.. How these guys are getting non stop evil ideas?
    These Khanna brothers are harming Iyer sisters.. Always… Vandita is new now.. Our RKB remained silent for these days..
    Happy to see the roaring RKB back…
    Ishu u too come back to you normal na.. Lecturing?.. No khannas LL be left..
    Awesome YHM..

  12. Episode is ok. Precap is ok. But i think ishara will not separated. Plzzz don’t do that

  13. epi was good.but aaj kal missing the ishra scenes.muhje lagta hai ku yhm hi naaaa hai.totally collapse the story.

  14. i just hate Mrs.bhalla how she took care of Shagun in front of ishita also according spoiler ishita going to kill some one and become murderer and ishra seperation not imaginable
    hello writters we dont want ishra’s seperation, if seperation may be made also we want ishra should live single with each other memory only not marry any other so dont show raman and ishita marry others just disgusting

  15. episode was good .precap was thrilling . shagun rocked today .

  16. hey guys darshika jhanvi ude fathi faya riya diya ( both the diyas) parvathi anakha ramchin siddhi natasha misty vp sabrin natasha nivedha and all yhm friends.

  17. hey nivedha .sorry i could not wish you .i have exams now so .anyways.congratulations for your job yaar.

    1. Thank u rithu… Me 2 having semester but can’t leave YHM..?

  18. hey all episode was grt . lovd it . spcially taht part whr sooraj got humilated.

  19. ishitha kills Ashok khanna….Yeh Hai Mohabbateinis not leaving a single stone unturned to gain the audience.They are going to add some Drama filled with Fun,Romance and Suspence.Recently, the team of Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, was seen promoting the movie on ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’, ‘Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’ and ‘Naagin’. Continuing the promotions, the cast will be appearing Balaji’s another popular ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.The show happens to be one of the most popular soaps on television in the current times.The protagonists of the movie, Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani are set to appear on the show.The promotion sequence is going to happen at a party where Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) are present and the entry of Tusshar and Aftab is sure to bring in a lot of fun and merrymaking. This party is also speculated to develop an interesting plot in the story.ALSO READ :Vivek Dahiya REVEALS about Marriage,Valentine and RomanceAccording to a source,”Soon it will be revealed that Pallavi being the mother of Rohit.Ishita finds out that she is the same person who cameinfront of their car. Ishita decides to find the secret behind Pallavi’s Silence.”As reported earlier,Ishita will murder someone and it will be none other than Ashok Khanna.Actress Pavitra will enter the show as a high profile advocate, Nidhi Chabra, who will put up a brash condition in front of Raman, fulfilling to which, she would take up the case.”Did Somone trapped ishita? Why will ishita kill Ashok? Stay Tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    1. Wat is that Ashok..? Then I m very happy..

  20. I think the lady is palavi

  21. I really like the pair of Romi and Mihika. I think this couple could really work out. They both have shared experiences, and they are comfortable with each other. #ROMIKA

  22. I really dnt think ishita will kill nybody … I thnk it will sooraj nd ashok’s plan against her . nd I really like this lawyer nidhi chabra .dunno wat condition he will keep in frnt of Raman . makers really shld give a halt to thr lunatic imaginations or else yhm will loose a huge no. of viewers soon .

  23. I really dnt think ishita will kill nybody … I thnk it will sooraj nd ashok’s plan against her . nd I really dnt like this lawyer nidhi chabra .dunno wat condition he will keep in frnt of Raman . makers really shld give a halt to thr lunatic imaginations or else yhm will loose a huge no. of viewers soon .

  24. I really dnt think ishita will kill nybody … I thnk it be will sooraj nd ashok’s plan against her . nd I really dnt like this lawyer nidhi chabra .dunno wat condition he will keep in frnt of Raman . makers really shld give a halt to thr lunatic imaginations or else yhm will loose a huge no. of viewers soon .

  25. nilminideepika

    to day I like sgun she did great job but sharika u will see what will hapend for u bad enamy

  26. The episode today was quite interesting maybe the lady who falls in ramans car could be pallavi and I hate the character of chadda I think ishita and shagun will be soon shatters cause ithink sarika will kill the unborn baby

  27. Can I say something?
    Why the cover pic is not changed?
    Ghost track ended na..
    In Show itself they were back with trio pic..
    Please change it yaar…
    No offense.. Just a suggestion

  28. Lovely episode.

  29. Can I say something? Why cover pic hasn’t been changee? Ghost track ended na… in the show they changed it back to trio pic.. No offense just a suggestion.

  30. Oh great if ishitha kills ashok bt ishu is kind hw can she kill sm1?


  32. It’s really great if Ishitha kills Ashok . Somebody has to do and in yhm only she has the guts to do by mistake or not . Or is it also a fake death like Shaghuns . Possible ….. But it’s so sad to make Ishra always suffer …it’s nice to see both Bhallas and Iyers accept Shaghun ….. But the concept of Shaghun being the surrogate mother is very defficult to digest . What Shaghun had been before earthquake and now is admirable . If the creators are able to twist into where Ishithas has her own baby , enjoying motherhood , and gives more importance to Adi and Ruhi …. The story line gives audience a good message . This totally revenge and fighting . Divyanka truly a beautiful actress it’s very good feeling to see she is very very happy with Vivek .

  33. I Also Agree With you VP.This started as a LOVE story & What a different story from all the same old ones. But this turning it to a revenge is very SAD. As we have enough in our countries as well as everywhere in the world. we need to portray good & not evil winning. This revenge is giving a wrong perspective to the people who are viewers . The young ones will think this is life & this is the way they have to get about.
    Ishitha committing Murder is unheard of. All this time she has thought of others well fare & why make her a bad person. All she sacrificed was in vain isn’t it. to keep the family getting hurt & going through a bad time.
    Pls don’t spoil YHM story with such drastic changes. we want our old YHM that was so cute & sweet. Exp IsRa, Ruhi & the rest of them. except the Evil Kannas .Can’t you make the Kannas down fall. Base the story of their down fall. Sure all will be thrilled to see that. Crawling to IsRa, Shagun & the rest. That will be the biggest treat for YHM fans..
    Good Luck to all

  34. Woov episode was awesome. But ishu can’t be a killer

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