Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing the flowers and card. She smiles reading Raman’s message. Raman looks on. She says you remembered our anniversary and valentines. Raman thinks she acts rude, see how she is dying in my love. She hugs the flowers. She goes back and hits table. She stumbles and sits. He goes to her and asks did you get hurt, so your husband sent flowers, where are you going on dinner. She says flowers are fine, but he does not take me on dinner, he is not so romantic. Raman says I thought you will also go for candle light dinner like all couples go. She says those who have love in between go for such dinners. He asks don’t you love him. She says I do, but we are not talking. Raman says then lets throw flowers. She asks why, its my flowers. He says he is happy sending

flowers, and you are happy receiving flowers, you both should celebrate, maybe he is not asking you thinking you won’t agree, you call him and ask. She says I won’t call him if he does not call me, you don’t force me. She puts flowers and goes. He says she will not agree so easily, once she comes on dinner, my magic will work.

Adi wishes happy valentines day to Aaliya and says I love you, I m lucky to get you. He expresses love. She smiles. He says you have to do something special for me, so that I know how much you love me. She asks him to say what to do. He says when you talk to me or meet me, you have to say I love you and give a lovely kiss. She calls him mad and refuses. He says if you truly love me, you have to give me a kiss on phone. She says no, you got mad. Ishita comes. Aaliya says Ishita came here. Adi says I don’t know, I want a kiss. Aaliya says I can’t give. Ishita says who is it, give what he is asking, come fast. Adi says see Ishita also said the same. Ishita goes. Aaliya says our valentine plan is to unite Raman and Ishita. He says I did my work, I made Papa agree, you convince Ishita. She says I will do. She gives him a kiss. He smiles.

Ishita asks everyone to have food. Ruhi asks is there anything special. Aaliya says yes, its valentines day, people are going mad. They talk. Ishita and Raman look on. Raman thinks I m your father and know you both are convincing Ishita. Aaliya asks Ishita to come early from clinic, we will go for dinner. Ishita says I will make something at home. They insist. Raman says you are not going with husband, atleast agree to kids, I know you are a good mum, but its imp to go out with kids, what do you think Shagun. Shagun says I can come if Mani comes along. Aaliya says I will tell Mani.

Mani says I want ambulance tonight, you work for Niddhi right, I m doing on her saying, none should know this. He cries and says I have become a criminal because of Niddhi, why am I cooperating with her, I will not do this, I will meet Abhishek. He sees Aaliya and Dadi’s pic. He recalls the lady’s words. Ishita asks Aaliya why are you not going with Adi. Aaliya says we planned to go with you. Mani comes. Aaliya asks him to come for dinner. He shouts on her angrily and says sorry, I have work tension. Shagun gets upset and leaves food. Ishita asks Aaliya and Ruhi not to get upset and tell the dinner plan. She goes to give medicines to Shagun. Raman looks on. Ruhi and Aaliya get glad. Raman thinks dinner plan preparations are done, I m sure they planned dinner for us.

Gaurav calls Simmi and wishes her happy valentines day. She wishes him too. They have a talk. She says I m missing everyone, how is Ananya. He asks why, did Parmeet not call you to show off and take credit, Parmeet does not like me, he makes sure to keep me away, I don’t want to create scene in front of Ananya and does not say anything. She says so sorry, I will scold Parmeet. He smiles and says don’t take stress, take care. She ends call.

Raman gets a call and checks. He talks to Adi. He says I will reach restaurant before time. He says Aaliya and Ruhi said same name, it means they called Ishita there, they will make us meet, I will make Raman alive now and take Gulabo’s leave from Ishita. Ishita gets ache in her shoulder. She calls Gulabo and asks him to apply balm on her shoulder. Raman says sure and smiles. She says sorry, but I can’t cancel dinner, please apply it, I can’t apply it. She asks Gulabo to massage, she has to get fine and go for fine. Raman applies the balm. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…….. He thinks what’s this agnipariksha, I have to control being with my own wife. She thanks him and says your hands have magic. Raman asks for leave. Ishita asks do you have to go on date with your husband. He says no, I have work. She asks him to enjoy. He thanks her and leaves. She says Gulabo is so lovely.

Ishita comes for dinner. She looks for Aaliya and Ruhi. She calls Aaliya. Adi asks Aaliya to answer. Ishita says Aaliya, I reached, none came here. Aaliya says I had to take my friend to hospital, Shagun and Ruhi are on the way, Mani is also trying. Ishita says I will go home. Aaliya says no, wait, don’t go, Raman will be coming. Ishita asks what. Aaliya says I can’t hear you and ends call. Ishita smiles. Aaliya says sorry Adi mistake happened, where is Raman, Ishita reached.

Raman gets stuck in traffic jam. Adi calls him and asks are you coming for dinner. Raman says I will come in 15 mins. Adi says my friend is unwell, I have to take him to hospital. Raman says lets cancel dinner. Adi says no, don’t cancel, there is some surprise, reach there. Raman smiles and says I will convince Ishita and take her green signal today. He sees Mani driving an ambulance and gets shocked. He recalls Mani’s words. He says he is doing this for Niddhi. Mani gets a call and says yes, I m on the way in ambulance, coming, there is much traffic. Raman looks on and follows Mani. He says I will find out what’s happening, I will explain Ishita later.

Niddhi says work started, meet me when I told you, wait for me. Abhishek tells Raman that its Niddhi’s plan, follow Mani. Raman says I m following him, come fast. Aaliya and Adi see Ishita alone. Adi says I called Raman to this restaurant only.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pri

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Parichary, Kiran, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri,mp and many YHM fans….

    Nowadays very few come on this tellysite. I don’t even see VP, Mino, Magic and Rithu’s comments these days…..

    I guess everyone is fed up with Ishra being separated for too long. Even they are not together on their Valentine or anniversary days. It is sad that they both can’t be together for these kind of important occasion. How can Ishita say Raman is not romantic? Actually Raman is the romantic guy before the leap and after the leap. Many instances he always shows his romanticism. Ishita is the one who is not at all romantic. She always was engulfed with everyone’s problems that she hardly even responds romantically even if Raman does it. Well anyway Raman will not meet Ishita as he has now become the 2nd Ishita playing detective. Usually Ishita is the one who will follow the person. Now Raman has decided to leave Ishita waiting for home and follow Mani.

    Since Ishita herself is not ready to talk to Raman and has the ego might as well Raman chase after Mani and find out about Niddhi. I don’t understand one thing. If Abhishek is the police officer then he should be able to deploy more policemen to trail Mani’s ambulance and not Raman. Raman is only a civilian. Sometimes cvs are really fools. They don’t read all these facts before writing the plots.

    1. Hi Sindhu,

      I think more then the Ishra separation track, many of us are sick and tired of Niddhi drama. It as been going on for so many months, and needless to say that all of her plans fall out to be perfectly plan and she always has backups. Her being in jail is very stupid because she can use all the facilities there, and magically make everything happen outside against Ishra.

      At this point, I understand that ishita is having issues with raman, and she needs the respect and that is why she left him. Still this time atleast, i do not think she is correct. she left home right after Ruhi problem was solved, and now she cant even help raman in finding out what Niddhi is up too. Anyways, Raman is the only enjoyable character at this point in the show… only watching for him now.

  3. raman loves ishita a lot.why ishita kiled chaddha,that’s why niddi comes in ishra life.In my country ishita now in jail.Whatever raman do he always do things bcz of his unlimited love towards his children,wife and plz dont blame him guys.i am a silent reader and read all your u all.

  4. Hi All

    Yes Sindhu, I think everyone is fed up with Ishra separation and the nonsense CV’s are writing.
    They think the fans are fools.

    True too..ishita not at all romantic. But Raman is always romantic, whenever he wants to
    romance she says “chodo muhje” . And always putting everyone else before her husband.
    For all the misunderstandings , its shows what a lack of communication and trust their is between them. No matter how bad things are , if husband and wife truly love each misundertstanding is too great to overcome.

  5. I enjoyed the episode up to the neck massage then I got angry again. When they start using body doubles for the lead pairs “romantic” scenes (neck massage) then you just know that there is no hope for the future.

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