Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita talking about spending the day. She says its matter of 24 hours, we don’t need a date, spending time with you is special for me. She buys some vegs and bargains. The vendor sees her and asks her to give any price. She asks him to take total amount. She tells Raman that this is so embarrassing, how are people seeing us, we should have not come with constables. Raman jokes. He says we can’t change the truth, we will go to your clinic now, I will be with you, come. Raman takes Ishita to her clinic. The constable accompany them. They reach the clinic.

She tells doctor that she wanted to treat some patients. Doctor says why not, I will get your help, I know you can’t hurt anyone, your place is waiting for you in this clinic, win the case and

come back soon. Raman says I will be her assistant all day today. Doctor asks her to make lady constable wait at reception. She agrees. She checks the patient. Raman gets some call and talks about work.

Ishita treats the woman in her clinic. She tells Raman about Sunanda, how she treated Sunanda in cell with basic tools. He asks what did she get that toothache. Ishita says jail food is faulty. Ishita asks the woman to come for rootcanal and gives prescription. The woman leaves. Nurse comes and tells Ishita that the patient is not willing to come, knowing charges on you. Ishita gets sad. Raman says ouch, I have sudden pain in my teeth, you are doctor anyhow, check me. She asks him to open his mouth. He taunts her. She says I have injection for you. He gets tensed and says nothing happened to me. She says your teeth, heart and everything is perfect, except your wife, I m imperfect, your name spoiled because of me. Raman gets teary eyed and says my wife thinks about herself, she went to jail alone, she did not think about me, she knows I can’t stay without her, she runs from home, sometimes goes to jail, if she likes to go jail, she would have told me, we would have robbed bank together, atleast we would be together in jail, she is very bad, but very lovely. They hug. He says my wife is world’s perfect wife, my choice can never be wrong. She smiles and says its compliment for me, thanks. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays…………

Simmi shows the gifts to everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says you got Punjabi suit for me from London. Raman and Ishita come home. Simmi hugs Ishita and Raman. Ishita asks about Ananya. Simmi says she is playing with Ruhi and Adi. Ishita goes to make tea. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita is her parents shifting, a lady said she is shifting in that flat, did you know this. Simmi shows the dress for Vandu’s daughter. Ishita thinks Mrs. Bhalla got confused, the lady is shifting to above floor flat, I will not clear confusion, Mrs. Bhalla will talk to Amma now. She says I can’t stop Amma, you are her friend, you talk to her. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Ishita says that would be good.

Sarika comes home and sees constables near door. She sees Ishita. Ishita tells about dinner today. Simmi says I will help you. Sarika smiles and thinks the family drama never ends, they did not invite me for dinner, I will spoil their party. Ishita asks Raman to wear suit on dinner. He says its small party at home. She says wear it for me, don’t know when will I dine with my family again. She hugs him and they get sad. He asks her not to say this. She cries and he asks her to trust him. He asks her to wear something good, and chooses one saree for her. He hugs her and cries, assuring her that he is with her always. He asks her to get ready and wipes her tears. They smile.

Ishita gets ready and tries to tie the blouse string. Raman helps her and ties the string. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays……………….They hug. Raman fills sindoor in her hairline. She smiles.

Kids and elders talk in the party. Manoj comes there and greets them. Raman and Ishita ask him to give the flowers to Shagun. Shagun says maybe he is not sure whom to give. Manoj says the problem is maybe the person won’t like it. Raman and Ishita say these small problems end after marriage, when are you both marrying, we are from girl’s side, tell us date. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, tell us one month before, we will do Shagun’s marriage grand. Mr. Bhalla says yes. Manoj thinks what was I thinking by Sarika’s words, I was wrong. Raman teases Manoj. Manoj says I was also thinking when will I marry Shagun, we have to wait till her delivery, then I will marry her soon before she changes her mind. He holds her hand and says Shagun I love you, I can’t stay without you now, I m sorry. Everyone clap. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to come and have dinner now. Ishita thinks a cold war ended now, and I hope another ends too.

The inspector comes to arrest Ishita. Raman says you can’t take her. Sarika says I told police how you used Ruhi to get Ishita out of jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thnx for fast update..

  2. Oh god, sick of sarika, please do something about her. When is she going to get out of bhalla house?

  3. Ishita u were looking very hot 2day. Such a nice episode. Ishita do u know while watching u in red saree my machine got very tight today…

  4. I don’t understand if anyone goes & tells anything to police the police will believe everyone? I mean how strange?

  5. Go to hell Sarika!!!!!!

  6. Why doesn’t anyone in the show try to kill Sarika or run her down by car? She is the worst. She simply can’t stand Ishra being happy. Now that Rohit is not with them, can’t Romi divorce her? Sarika has no right to stay in the house. Initially it was because of Rohit but now no Rohit so she should get out of the house. What is she still doing there and causing pain to every family member? What woman is she?

  7. Actually what is sarikas problem.. Hell with this drama

  8. Today episode was good…… But precap is so sad i hate this sarika….. Plz end this sarika chapter soon……

  9. love this drama its my fave but I hate sarika she can go to hell

  10. love this drama

  11. guys will ishu really get a death sentence??
    r they going to take a leap like this ????

  12. episode was ok .sarika toh toofaan laathi hai air baad mein ussi ke chehre ka hawa udd jaatha hai .precap was bad.

  13. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi and all
    yhm friends.

  14. The latest promo of Star Plus show,
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has enticed us
    with its shocking twist with Raman
    (Karan Patel) shooting Is-hita
    (Divyanka Tripathi).
    We earlier reported about the track
    following a story-line of Raman
    shooting his love, Is-hita in order to
    protect her from the accused sentence
    for murder.
    Now here’s a glimpse of what will
    unfold prior to the epic drama!
    Is-hita will soon be given a death
    penalty leaving Raman and the Bhalla
    family heart broken.
    A source informs, “While the entire
    family will be tensed about what the
    judgment day will hold; the track will
    take the viewers in for a major shock
    which will leave the shell shocked!
    Is-hita will be given a death penalty!”
    So how will Raman shoot Is-hita?
    Let’s wait and watch what more
    disastrous is yet to unfold in IshRa’s

  15. Hi rithu?episode ok..hate u sarika?

  16. agar ishitha ko sazaa hui toh yhm ko barbaad hone se koi nahi bachaa saktha . bina sabooth ke ishitha ko khooni saabith nahi kiya jaa saktha aur agar makers aur cvs ko itnaa hi shauk hai murder aur cort scenes dikhaane ka toh dhank se dikhaathe .ek toh police uupar se acp ko nikamma dikhaadiya show mein aur phir uupar se aise acp jo sirf ek hi family ki cases handle kartha hai aur woh bhi theek se nahi kartha aur family police banke ghoomtha hai . phir bina saabith hue ishitha ko sazaa sunaa di .wah! iss show ke baare mein aur kya kahe lekin itnaa zaroor hai ki hamare comments agar makers dekhe ya naa dekhe lekin yaha silent readers bahuth hai jo yaha pe post kiye hue spoilers dekhkar zaroor yeh show dekhna band kar denge . agar yhm mein yeh sab hua toh shayad ussi din jo bhi yhm dekhraha ho woh sab chod de . kyunki yhm ka future story aisa hai ki ishrarubadi ke bajai ishitha aur acp honge aur leap hoga .agar yeh hua ya phir naa bhi hua ho lekin present storyy jaha ishitha jail mein hai woh toh 100%backwaaz hi hai aur inn sab mein moral kuch nahi hai sirf burai ki jeeth aur acchai ki haar . kuch prove nahi hua show mein aur buss bewakoofi ki dher dikha rahe hai . pallavi ne kaha ki ishitha ne chadda ko maara hai toh kya woh ishitha ko chadda ko maarne se bachaa nahi sakthi thi , usne kaha ki usne apne aakhon se dekha toh jab ishitha chadda ko maar rahi thi toh tab kya woh baitke manjeera bajaa rahi thi.chadda ko maarne ke baad ke ek din baad ishitha girafthaar hui tab kyu pallavi ne complain nahi di aur chadda ke koi forensic report hi nahi hai.aur agar pallavi ne nahi dekha ho toh woh kaise keh sakthi hai ki ishitha ne chadda ko maara hai . niddhi chabra badaa naam style attitude dekar ek character laaya shoe mein lawyer dikhaa ke lekin jab court mein bolne ki aayi toh bewakoof banke khade hue . shoe ko bewakoof banaa hi diya aur veiwers ko bhi bewakoof banaane nikle . shagun ngo mein kaam karthi hai aur shagun statement de sakthi thi ki chadda pallavi ko maar raha tha aur rohit ki story bhi laakar kaise bhi pallavi se such nikalwaakar ishitha ko innnocent prove kiya jaa saktha tha lekin itnaa drag karne ke baad bhi na niddhi prove kar paayi ishitha innocent hai aur na ishitha jeeth paayi . yeh sab bilkul unrealistic aur utter nonsense story hai .

  17. hi rithu.. thank for mentioning my name.. I was not interested to watch the show… so, im deciding to skip this show.. anyways trp’s are gone bad this time.. YHM was pushed out from top5. just read it in India today for week feb6-feb12.. 🙁 🙁

    writers are making the show bizarre… really fed up with this twists & evilness. its better if they end the show keeping ishraruhadi and new baby united.. no separation… seriously it is loosing its charm… have to watch the show just for ishraruhadi… donno when will this track end… fingers crossed… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. itnii backwaaz story ke baad bhi veiwers aur fans dekh rahe hai phir bhi makers ekta ya cvs ko dekhne waalon ki parwah nahi hai .

    1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

      I feel the same.well said.they dnt care..esp ekras seties I hate.only watch for certain actors…

  19. excellent serial I hope it will not go off air and ishra will not sepration. it is best and will remain best . I am it’s fan. I don’t think so raman will shoot ishita it will be a fake murder .

  20. Y is sarika still living i mean alive

  21. Yeah sarika we all hate u from bottom of our heart just go to hell u ????
    Can’t have words to describe u how much we hate u
    Plz yaar jail dram should wind up now it’s too terrible now plz bring back ishita to home we all r missing her
    & don’t part away Rama & ishita they look perfect couple?????
    I love u both of u????

  22. Jis baby ki vjh se sarika bail lekr aayi thi vo ab ghr me ni hai then why r not anyone taking any step to get her out of the house..

  23. Todays episode is good. Ish Ruh scene is missing but Ish Ra scenes are touching. Ishita is negative today that it may her last dinner with family n Raman, may be because the spoilers are correct. Writers plz we don’t Ish Ra separation YHM means Ishimaa n Ruhi ki mohabbatain ,Ravan Kumar aur Jhansi Ki Rani ki mohabbatain . Writers don’t go against the title. Finally Simmi is back in the serial after a long time. Rithu for your further comments. Precap is bad.

  24. why cant they try to find out that Sarika has added poison to the milk . from beginning i always things wring actions truth will never come out . shughun had hid the gift for Adi on christmas day . nobody cud finfd it out . mihika with Ashok on Shaghuns wedding …,, publically nobody could bring it out and punish Ashok . so too their marriage . mihikas doctor was bribed … so many things . we love Ishra … both of then acted so well today …. their sadness shown really looked so natural …. please no seperation … cant think of Yhm if they ate seoerated . raman fate is to beg every one …. he is won no where …, sharika has to be thrown out of the house . vandus scenes are simply adding more masala … not required at all …. please we want our old yhm

  25. error i always think wrong actions

  26. We don’t want to see Ishita n Acp Abhishek together. Rithu I totally agree with you Acp is nikamma he can’t even get forensic report of Chaddha n Nidhi is just a model if she is a high profile lawyer how can Ishita get a death sentence both Acp n lawyer don’t know how to handle a case.

  27. f**k OFF Sarika!!

  28. Why Is Sarika Still In That House For How Long Will Evil People Be On Top I Think Is High Time You Show Us Something Meaningful From Nigeria

  29. The episode is lovely but the precap is harsh. This sarika doesn’t understand about LOVE. And too the writters. If they know about luv they never seperate ishraruadi and to-be-born baby. I hope all this cofiusions of this drama will end soon.
    Today ishra scean is mind blowing.
    I LOVE YHM but the OLD ONE.

    1. ya .even i like old yhm .present track is making yhm worst.

  30. Some one plz post the trp

  31. hey guys good morning.

  32. plz stop this moderation .its a request.

  33. Hi rithu , nivedha Nd all how r u ???

    SBAS news ” ishita ko lekar Raman hue farar ” …. ????????????????????????

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