Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi getting sad as there can’t be any project by him now. Ruhi and Ishita join hands to help him. Raman defends himself to Malhotra and gets scolded. Malhotra says you mean the company can’t work without you. Raman says I worked hard for this company, my father in law did not gift me this company. Malhotra gets angry and says you worked enough, now take rest, I will give this project to someone else, you can join back when you know your work, Raman says as you feel right and leaves.

Ruhi shows her project and brings Adi along with her. The principal likes it and asks whose project is it. Ruhi says mine and my brother, we both made it. He says very nice. Shagun signs Adi. Adi sees his name written along Ruhi’s name and Ishita smiles. Adi thanks Ruhi. Ruhi

says thank Ishi Maa, not me. She says you get a choc for me and Ishi Maa. Ishita says I will get chocs for both of you. She asks Adi to relax.

Raman comes home and is upset. Mr. Bhalla asks him about his presentation. He asks about Rinki’s marriage, and says he has spent a lot in his marriage and also Simmi’s, but now he wants to spend by retirement amount. Raman says I will manage. Mr. Bhalla says I feel bad when I put expenses on you, we had hope from Romi, but he is useless. Raman says plan a grand marriage for Rinki, I will manage, and Romi is my younger brother, he will change some day. Romi hears this and leaves. Mr. Bhalla blesses Raman.

The winner of Swach Bharat project goes to Adi and Ruhi. Adi smiles. Ishita claps for them. Adi and Ruhi get the medals. They are given trophies too. Shagun says these days mother has much work like this. Ishita says but we sat far and saw the kids doing it, they did all this. Adi says I did not make this project, its made by Ruhi alone. He says Ruhi added my name to save me, I can’t take this trophy, I m so sorry. Ruhi says but its yours too. The principal says I m happy that kids are so honest, Adi has shown purity of work and heart, I m really proud of Aditya for accepting this infront of everyone. They all clap for them. Adi thanks Ishita. Ishita says I m really proud of you, what you did is really tough work. Shagun looks on their bonding and gets jealous. She says enough, come Adi. Ishita says we won and hugs Ruhi. Adi sees them and leaves.

The peon tells Mihir that MD Sir is calling him. Mihir talks to Malhotra. Mihir says he was working on new project reports. Malhotra says you make us glad, its time we should think about you, I thought something, I feel its high time that you choose a high post in this company, I got recommendation too. Mihir thinks Raman would have recommended me. Malhotra thinks Raman argued and he will make Mihir stand infront of him now.

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Bhalla family talk about Adi saying truth infront of everyone and they praise him. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make the kids’ fav food. Simmi asks them to go and show trophies. Ishita says did he come, I hope his presentation went fine. She goes to him while he is angry on failing to recover file and he scolds her not listening to her. She gets teary eyed and leaves. Ishita comes in Ruhi’s room and cires. Ruhi says Ishi Maa and she hides her tears. Ruhi asks why is she crying. Ishita says I m not crying, who told you I m crying. Ruhi says your eyes. She asks did Raman say anything. Ishita says no, freshen up, I will get food. Ruhi says she will ask Raman. Ishita stops her saying he is in tension. She asks her to go and change. She leaves. Ruhi gets an idea and comes to Raman to scold him for making Ishita cry, she came to surprise him, and tells everything what happened at school. Raman is glad that Adi thanked Ishita.

Ruhi says Ishita wanted to surprise him and he scolded her. He says sorry. She says say sorry to her and takes him. Ishita comes to her room and asks her where is she. Ruhi brings Raman and leaves him. Raman says sorry, mood was bad and I scolded you. She asks why. He says you know I get angry, and asks what kids getting award. She says 1st position. He says Ruhi’s project was best as you helped her. He thanks her. She says its my work, why thanks. He says thanks for what you did with Adi. She says Adi is very nice kid, he was doing wrong seeing wrong things, but now he is seeing the difference between right and wrong and he is changing. Raman says he is changing for good, and I want to thank you.

She says he is your son and has values of you and your family, he has to be good. He says I get good feeling in heart hearing this good things from you. She asks is his time not getting waste now. He says no. She says then do one work. He says command me. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……….. She smiles.

She asks him, to say sorry 10 times else her lawyer Ruhi Bhalla will come. Raman says sorry many times and says he will get someone on his side. She says my Adi will be ready for her. He says you got the team and says they are not here now. He holds her close and she goes as Mrs. Bhalla calls her. He says kids and even my mum is after me.

Shagun scolds Adi asking why did he do this, everyone will think I m a bad mother. Adi says I did not wish to hurt you, but Ruhi made the project, she is my younger sister, if I took the credit, what sort of elder brother I would be, you said Ishita snatched everyone from you, how could I snatch the appraisal and credit from Ruhi. She leaves. He says I m sorry mum, whats true is true,. What can I do.

Mihir says about his big project given by Malhotra and asks Raman to help him. Raman agrees. Mihir hugs him. Ishita says I m so proud of you. Raman thinks Malhotra is using Mihir to take revenge on me.

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  1. Haan yaar. .MATH main romantic scences dikha rahe hai. ………..par. …..ishani. .ranveer. …ishran nahin .
    …….ye IshVeer hi achche hai. ……bahut copy kiya ishra k scenes ab naam nahin. ……..
    …….IshRa toh sirf ek hi hai. ……hamare. …..pyare. ..ishita raman. ……….

  2. Yeah prayosha hum jo sonch te hai woh hota hi nahin. ……..ab ye rinki k har function main IshRa tension main honge. …ye job ki wajhe se. …………..par IshRa k romantic scene toh dikhaenge hi. …..

  3. Be lated Valentine bhi inn logo ne nahi dikhaya …..chalo maaf kiya…….kyonki humne starplus par IshRa ka valentine dekh liya……….par ab jald hi holi aa rahi hai………new weddded couple ka fav festival……
    Haa 1 year ho gaya IshRa ki wedding ko but pyar to new hai…………& ab holi celebration to hona hi chahiye………& Mizun …………..most of bhang to Holi me bhi hoti hai……….I hope ke humara imagination sach ho jaye…….

  4. Yaar Taarak Mehta jaise comedy show me bhi Romantic Valentine dikhaya………..& yeh dekho jiiss show ka naam Mohabbatein hai…uss show me hi pyar ka din nahi dikhaya …..& itne romantic day ko funny bana diya…….bas yaar ab to bandh karo bekar ke drame……..Ek din me IshRa ko kam se kam15 mins saath dikhadoo………baaki hum sab jhell lenge……….

  5. Raman ne yeh gaa to liya….

    Sab se chhupa ke tuje sine se lagna hai……
    Pyar me tere hadd se gujar jaana hai…….
    Itana pyar kisi pe pehli baar aaya hai………

    To yaar show me bhi aisa kuch karo…..Ishita ke liye kuch special kro……….

  6. Yaar yeh Karan aaj kal full masti mood me hai………to humare Ramanko bhi thodi masti karne do ..please please please……usse ab aur mat rulao..hum se dekhanahi jata………

  7. Priyaroli… video kahai……..Bhalla house me ladkewale aaye hai….Rinki haa bolti hai..baad me IshRa room me kuch baat kar rahe hote hai…tab Aadi aata hai…..unhe dekhkar Aadi chala jata hai par wo flower wase se takarata hai..& use chot lagti hai to….IshRa use kamreme le jate hai……baad me Ishita & Rinki ka interview hai…..

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