Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking about Shagun’s words. She is cooking and gets angry. Simmi and Rinki see Ishita cooking and see her working as a machine. Mr. Bhalla gives her Nek saying its our ritual. He says you are making food for Ruhi, but this is the first time you are cooking in our house. Ishita accepts it and greets him touching his feet. She says thank you uncle. He says uncle. She says thank you Papa. Everyone smile seeing Raman come with Ruhi. Ashok brings Ruhi home. Raman looks at him. Ruhi runs to Raman calling Papa and hugs him. Shagun looks on sitting in the car. Mrs. Bhalla taunts Ashok and Shagun. Raman walks to Ashok and says what are you thinking I told you will come to bring Ruhi to me. He asks him to leave. Ashok says you did not win yet, you

are a loser and will always be, you married Ishita to get Ruhi.

Ishita humiliated you infront of the world, who does not respect you. She will never love you. Ishita hears them talking. Ashok says you are caught in a marriage where your wife does not love me. Ashok taunts Raman. Shagun says come on, lets go. Raman says one min, let me settle the scores. Raman says you are right about Ishita, but the truth is you brought Ruhi to me. Raman says Ishita is lot better than Shagun. Ashok says great attitude for that girl. Raman says she is my wife, I married her with rituals, she is Mrs. Raman Kumar Bhalla, talk with respect. Raman taunts Shagun and says what should I call Shagun, she has no surname. He asks Ashok not to worry about him, as he is not his junior but far ahead of him. He is the CEO of the year.

Ishita thinks whats Raman talking, he thinks Ruhi is his trophy. Raman makes Ashok angry. Shagun says lets go. Raman asks him to get lost. Ishita stops Shagun and returns the diamond necklace. Shagun takes it and leaves with Ashok. Raman says got rid of one problem and I married another problem and brought it home. Everyone are happy with Ruhi at home. They gift her chocolates and gifts. Ruhi says even I brought gifts for everyone. Raman and Ishita come inside and looks at Ruhi. Ruhi gives roses to everyone. There is only one rose left and Ruhi thinks whom to give it, Ishita or Raman. She thinks of an idea.

Ruhi says idea and asks Raman to give the flower to Ishita on valentine’s day. Ruhi gives the rose to Raman and he gives it to Ishita. Everyone clap. Saari fizaon me hai, mehki hawaon me hai……………… plays…………………Ruhi dances. Ishita asks are you hungry Ruhi. Ruhi says I m hungry Ishimum. Rumi gets a call and leaves. Rumi meets his friend and talks about delivering the bouquets. Mihika comes and Rumi asks his friend to leave soon. Mihika says Hi Rumi, did Ruhi come. He says yes and offers her a rose wishing valentine’s day, of friends. She smiles and takes the rose saying thank you. She says lets go and meet Ruhi.

Shagun is angry on Ashok for not speaking in her defense. She says you are not marrying me, you told me that you will marry me after custody, the case is over and Raman won, I don’t care, when will you marry me. Ashok says stop it, Raman insulted me too. Shagun says so shut his mouth, marry me. If I become Mrs. Khanna, it will be a slap on him. She cries and says he is right, I don’t have any identity. Ashok says give me some time, trust me, I will do it. He says I have to take revenge from Raman, wait and watch. He thinks he won the world by winning Ruhi, I will make his world hell.

Ruhi makes the south indian dishes for Ruhi. Ishita makes her eat by her hands. Ruhi likes the food. Rinki loves the south indian food. Simmi asks for eating eggs. Mr. Bhalla says we will have what Ishita made. Raman comes. Ruhi asks him to sit with her and asks Ishita to make Raman eat by her hands. Ishita and Raman say Ruhi. Ishita says your Papa is not a small baby, he will eat himself. Ruhi says I will not eat if you don’t make him eat.

Raman tells about Valentine’s day party. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to take Ishita with him. Ishita says I won’t. Mr. Bhalla says I told, its final.

Update Credit to: Amena

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