Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha fails once again

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting the phone. Rohan says I doubt on them, why are they being good to us. Raman says they think they are so smart. He keeps the phone back and smiles. Sudha says please come with me and arrests bhallas. Inspector says I know Bhallas, they can’t do this, they are good people. She says they aren’t good, they are torturing my children, we have proof. Inspector says you did this even last time, you may go to jail. She begs him and reminds his duty. He says I won’t listen to you next time. She agrees. Ishita and everyone behave well. Rohan says stop this drama, you always treat us bad. Aaliya apologizes and falls. She asks Rohan not to beat her. Ishita says forgive us, don’t ill treat my daughters. Sudha comes with police.

Sudha says its all a drama.

Karan says exactly, I have proof. Sudha says truth is they are torturing my sons. Ishita says we treat them well. Rohan says we gave recorded how they torture us. Karan gets the phone and says mom gave me this phone in office and I planted this here. Ishita asks them why are they making it an issue. Inspector checks the video. He says its good thing. Rohan says no, let me check. They don’t get the video. Sudha calls the fools. Inspector scolds her and goes. Ishita says recording was there, your sons are useless, we have deleted it. Raman asks Rohan to think again than planning this. He threatens to torture them more.

Sudha gets shocked. Simmi pushes out Sudha. Rohan and Karan shout. Sudha says you didn’t do this right, I will teach you a lesson Simmi. Raman breaks the phone and scolds Rohan and Karan. Aaliya says just do what we say, else you will be in trouble. Simmi scolds them and takes them to wash clothes. Simmi goes to Raman. He asks who can put so much money. She says don’t know, I got my name added in Parmeet’s account to handle transactions. Ishita says its weird, shall we go and talk to him. Simmi says its useless to meet him, I will go bank and find out. Ruhi gets medicines. Rohan and Karan wash Simmi’s clothes and beat it up. Rohan says remember, divide and rule, Simmi is our next target, stay calm. Karan says look at our state. Rohan says the plan is on.

Ruhi asks Simmi to take rest. She says Aaliya and I will go to bank and get details. Raman says you could have viral infection, take rest. Ishita says get yourself checked at clinic. Karan says that’s superb. Rohan says I got mom’s letter after you slept. He recalls getting Sudha’s letter at night. Rohan says I have burnt that letter. Karan says its best plan. Ruhi says bank manager said system is down, he will call me. Raman says I just did a transaction. Ruhi gets manager’s call. Karan says I would hammer nails on this bed, I want Ruhi to suffer. Rohan says just wait as mom said. Ruhi asks the details. The manager says I can’t tell you, I will meet you and give details. Ruhi says he is asking me to meet him and collect the details. Raman says I will come along.

Ruhi says no, don’t stress. Aaliya says you can trace our location, we are safe. Ruhi says Sudha would have got scared and sat at home, enjoy at office. Appa sees Nisha with some man and says its her husband, maybe he mended his ways, that’s not her husband. The man gives her way. She says I can’t work for less money, I won’t come. Appa says I will talk to her. She goes with the man. Appa tries to call. He asks is Nisha a call girl, was she lying to me, no, I must find out. Ishita sees Rohan and Karan hammering nail and scolds them. She asks them to leave. She gets Raman’s call. Raman says something is fishy, I hope Aaliya and Ruhi aren’t in any problem. She asks what happened to them. He says they went to meet banak manager, I couldn’t trace them. She says that area isn’t safe. He says I m going there, you too come. She leaves. Karan says how did Ruhi and Aaliya reach there. Rohan says we shall go and see.

Karan and Rohan beat goons. Sudha says I have taken revenge on those two girls. Rohan says how could you not respect a woman, being a woman.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think Rohan and Karan will fall in love with Ruhi and Aliya and stay with them

  2. Yesssss loving this track and the way karan rohan supported ruhi aliya I just hope they patch up and give that sudha a lesson of her life cauz it wasnt raman ishitas fault that sudas drunk brother took his life stupid sudha everyone’s acting is superb just hoping their divide n rule towards simmi against the family isn’t a success otherwise it’ll ruin the show

  3. Ughhhhhhhhh like expected they’re gonna fall in love and get married again :/ but I’m kind of excited bcuz I loved their duo from the start Nd hated how they became negative. And the CVS better give a good reason as to why Ishita is treating them badly despite her saying ‘you can’t blame the kids for their upbringing’ when it came To adi

  4. I guess this is Sudha’s another plan so that Raman and the family believe they have changed. They came and saved girls can be also a part of their plan. If they are that good, they wont have fake married with Ruhi and Aliya.

  5. @Sweta even I think so

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