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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita stopping Ruhi. Raman says you will not go anywhere Ruhi. Romi and Raman get angry. Mr. Bhalla and Adi take Suhail to hospital. Ruhi cries. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Raman and Romi for not helping a dying person. Ruhi says thank God, there are someone sensible here. She argues with Raman and asks him to beat her also. Raman asks her to stop it. Ruhi says without thinking anything, you have beaten Suhail. Romi asks her to talk with manners. Ruhi says you have also beaten Suhail. Raman asks her to have manners and scolds her. Ruhi argues.

Ishita stops Raman. Raman argues. She asks him to think something, how did you beat Suhail so badly, you will turn bad in Ruhi’s eyes. He says I will beat anyone who comes close to my daughter. She says you are not understanding

problem, our daughter will have infatuation, its normal, we also had attraction in our age, if you react like this, she will hide everything, I want she comes to tell us, else she will go to friends and take advice, then children do wrong, we have to turn into her friends. He says I became enemy, but I m her father. I want her to be safe, I can’t bear if she lies. She asks him to talk as friend. He says I don’t know expressing love, I m just protecting her. She asks will it work if she gets away, will you not change.

He says why to change, I m her father and I love her, I m not wrong, I can’t become friend, you take responsibility, she should not be hurt, if anything happens wrong with her, I will kill that person. He goes. She says I trust Ruhi, she will not do wrong, but I will handle everything.

Romi is angry and says Suhail is so cheap, he was in Ruhi’s room. Mihika does aid. She says poor guy, think he would be so hurt, you and Raman have beaten him badly. He asks shall we do his puja and welcome him home. She asks why, you could explain him, you should have asked why he came in Ruhi’s room and warned him before beating him. He says you don’t know what goes on in guy’s mind, we would be hurt seeing Ruhi then. She says you would know as you are also a man. He says yes, I raised Ruhi like my child, I know I don’t have my child, and we can’t have a child. So I loved Ruhi as my child, if anyone comes close to her, I will beat him. She says I understand but… He goes.

Ishita goes to Ruhi and explains her. She says you are 17 year old and know right and wrong, you don’t know people, there are many crimes happening in world, every parent will be careful, we are scared, Its not that we don’t trust you, this is Delhi, girls are not allowed to go out after 7pm, atleast we don’t stop you, if Suhail was worried, he could come by main door, why did he come by window. Ruhi says was it right what Papa did at chemist shop, are you sure Papa would allow him by main door, I agree he did wrong to come by window. But his intention was not wrong, he was worried for me, I did not answer phone, it was on silent, but Papa has beaten him, I feel so guilty. She cries. Ishita consoles and hugs her.

Mrs. Bhalla says its good Suhail did not get major injury. Mr. Bhalla says Adi told hospital staff that Suhail slipped and got hurt. Ishita asks shall we inform his family.

Mr. Bhalla says no, Adi and Appa are with him, how is Ruhi. Ishita says I gave mild sleeping pills to her, she just slept, I will be with her. They go. Simmi goes to Mihika and asks why are you making coffee, I know you are worried for Ruhi. Mihika says yes, but I m worried for Romi a lot. Simmi says I know he is mad, he loses temper like Raman. Mihika says he does not understand, its not about anger, his approach is not good, I know Romi and I are different, he is not matured, but he has to learn, he is not ready to learn. Simmi says but you are matured, I m sure he will understand and improve. Mihika says I hope so. Simmi asks her to go and rest now. Mihika goes.

Ruhi recalls what Raman did with Suhail. She thinks I will never forgive Papa, he did much wrong. Simmi gets Gaurav’s call. She says why is he calling at night. She sees Ananya sleeping. She does not answer call and rests to sleep. She thinks of Gaurav, and Mihika’s words. He messages her. He asks can we meet tomorrow. She hugs Ananya and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Mr. Bhalla says I went hospital, Suhail is sent home, he is fine. Ishita says we can help him. Raman says whatever help, do outside this house, I don’t have to argue, no guy can be around my daughter. Ishita asks him to stop it. He says tell him not to come again. Aaliya comes and sees tensed situation. Raman and Romi leave. Aaliya asks how is Ruhi, Adi told me, I will talk to her. Ishita says she is sleeping. Aaliya goes to Adi.

Adi says thank God Suhail is fine, Raman goes out of control in anger. Aaliya says uncle did right, how can we trust anyone. He says Suhail is a nice guy, he helped us many times, I agree that he came by window, but intention was good, person does mistakes in fear. She says I don’t think so. He says I did not expect you will take Papa’s side. She asks why are we arguing, take rest, I will see Ruhi. He thinks whats happening, it looks like we don’t agree for anything.

Ishita goes to Ruhi. Ruhi shouts and wakes up from sleep. She asks Ishita about Suhail. Ishita says he got discharged. Ruhi says I have to see him once, please. Ishita thinks of Raman’s words. Ruhi insists.

Ruhi sees Suhail with a girl at his home and gets shocked. Suhail sees Ruhi at the door. Ruhi says I m sorry and starts leaving. Suhail asks Ruhi to stop, why are you going without meeting me, what happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Leelee and many other YHM fans.

    Today’s episode is a lot of anger. I understand why Raman is angry with Suhail and Ruhi. No father will like to see man in his daughter’s bedroom. The instant reaction is to slap that person. Since Raman loves Ruhi so much, he does get threatened by some man in Ruhi’s bedroom. Ruhi should be happy to know that her papa loves her very much. Even Ruhi’s, Romi chachu loves her so much. It is nice to hear Ishita reasoning with Raman. Ruhi should try to understand her father.

    When Raman is worried about Ruhi and he confides in Ishita, I don’t see Ishita going to Raman and consoling him such as putting her arms around him and reassuring him. In the old YHM, we can see Ishita immediately sitting next to Raman and consoling him but here it seems like let him cry and I will stand at a distance and watch. Where is the husband and wife loving support and bond? Where is Pihu? She is missing. With great difficulty they brought her to Bhalla house fighting with Shagun and only to see Pihu not being shown in a few episodes. Then where is the mother and daughter bond?

    1. Exactly Sindhu. When Raman sat down on the bed in yesterdays episode I also expected Ishita to console him but nothing happened. In the old YHM that was a certainty. She used to follow him to their bedroom and console him. And I know I am always harping on the fact that there is no IshRa romance. These days the CVs ensures that they are always in some kind of battle so no romance. I guess Ruhanika’s school activities is making it difficult for her to shoot her scenes. But yes her absence is disappointing.

  2. Hi riya, tia, priya, rithu, bhagya, shivani, magic, sindhu, vp, parichary, madhu, susan, saba, marin, mino, shreya, ridika , leelee, priyamvadha, super girl and all yhm fans… Episode was bad. I think problems between adi and aliya will rise up again. Adi always thinks negatively. Aliya always cares about adi but adi doesn’t show any love toward her.. Hope ishitha will be able to win the trust of ruhi again…Ishitha atleast tries to win ruhi’s trust . But raman only knows to blame and fight. He cannot do anything properly without ishitha…. Where is pihu?? i didn’t see her these days….. Ruhi must be away from that sohail.. Or else it’ll make more and more problems in the scene…
    I really cannot understand whether suhail is a negative or positive character now. It has become very complicated .
    Actually i’m having a lot of twin problems these days. Ohh ..??
    And riya where are you?? Are you ok??

    1. Tvfan1

      I know right.. U are so right on adi and aliya.. It’s just not working Between them.. I used to love their couple and sometimes I would just watch for them.. Always it’s the same thing for them

    2. You are really right. Adi seems to not care for aliya…. we dont want any fight to happn between them otherwise i will not watch this show as i am seeing yhm only for adi and aliya, ruhi and pihu…..i dont care abt any others… suhail is a good person but his way coming through window was wrong, his intention was not wrong…he cares for ruhi just like raman. Raman shld not have beaten suhail…. i hope their love story starts soon… nlwadays, yhm is a bore… ishra are too boring…. i wish there are more sensible scenes specially adiliya♥.. i am also a fan of them like you tvfan.

      Guys dont misunderstand my comments… i misunderstood shagun… i dont like shagun…

  3. I hate U Raman. Hw can u do this? What kind of protection is this?

  4. Hi priya and rithu shivani all other yhm fans.
    Episode was too much anger raman did right and he is right in his place but ruhi also not fully wrong.Ishita said right that its delhi no girl is allow to go after seven there are so much happening in this world so ruhi have to understand that raman was just worried for her.She did not know she is a lucky girl having such a caring family

  5. Hello all. Special hello to priya.
    Sorry for not commenting, though I read all of your comments.
    I am ok, thanks for remembering me!
    I agree with you and you said that KP doesn’t look good with tattoos, u r right abt that as I don’t like his style as well. I want the old Raman back who looked like a businessman not gangster.

    Useful links:
    Raman to accept Sohail as friend
    IshRa to seek help from Shagun
    Sohail to arrange a party to make Ruhi happy
    Beautiful DT with KP
    Young Adi, Ruhi, Shravan and Ananya
    Behind the scenes #Yhmfamily

    1. You are most welcome?,

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is pihu what is the prob of writers instead of showing this non sense y they didn’t concentrate on pihu and ishima’s bond

  7. Watchable episode … happens like these … cvs are able to manage each and every characters emotions …. Raman a father and losing Ruhi for 7 years his fear is justified . All fathers are like this . Ishitha understands Raman so well but helpless with Ruhis emotions . It is not easy to take care of children between 12 yrs to 22 … Parents play a big role here .. anyways Suhail deserved a slap . Adi and Ruhi never had a happy begining in their childhood .They are totally immersed by their Ishimas love so when they see goody goody people they like them . Its defficult to judge Sohail , why should he climb the pipes and enter Ruhis room to provoke Raman or what ? Bhallas are very forward people they will allow him to see Ruhi .. may be cvs have some plans behind this . No Shaghun no tension .. but the spice is Shaghun … where is Ashok … I feel this Sohail has some connection with Ashok ..

  8. Hi….I’m hrisita….can I join ur group..I’m a regular reader bt I nvr commented bfr…hii to all….can I join ???

    1. Of course you can join us. Welcome hrisita.

    2. Hi hrisita . you can surely join us.welcome to this site.

  9. O crap. Ruhi started with that word again. Kabini (spelling?). After the 7 year she used this word in just about every sentence. I just started hating that word and now it’s back. Too much drama with Ruhi now. How much explaining will it take to resolve this matter. And now Romi also suddenly having a problem according to Mihika.

    1. Simply dragging …Susan not required at all .. what to say .. Instead of focussing Ishra the story is revolving meaninglessly… Ishra chemistry is fully gone … new new problems to solve … star utsav .. old yhm … repeats also would love to watch again and again .

  10. I agree with Sindhu, that bond between Ishita and Raman is no longer there. I really missing that chemistry that they had in the old YHM. now their scenes are so like forced, lacking that
    bond that they used to share.

    maybe their real life partners don’t approve. But if they are true professionals , they must play their parts as such. Programmes like Ishqbaaz and Pardes he mera dil are taking over.

    as Raman said no-one can spilt him and Ishita, then act like you love ur wife. A bit more romance for Ishra Cv’s…that’s what the viewers want to see.

    And Ishita please wear some of the symbols of a married woman.

  11. Hi guys , I am silent reader of your comments. I do comment here but rarely.

    I do agree with some point of view Raman , Ruhi and ishita.
    I do agree with raman but not with his action . Nowadays parents tell that children needs some space and privacy. But privacy from what doing wrong things ?? If they are not doing anything wrong then why they need space and privacy???? I am myself 20 years old and I hide only those things from my parents in which I have done wrong , otherwise I don’t need anykind of space and privacy. Guys I think giving too much space to children will only spoil them . So guys I think that space and privacy of nowadays of children should be restricted. But guys children should have their freedom to choose life partner, their area of interest in career.

    As for Ruhi , I will not say anything about her she is just 17 , she is an immature girl , she is not understanding her father because she is only 17 . So we can’t tell that Ruhi is stupid. She is thinking what a 17 year old boy or girl think.

    I agree with ishita , beating Sohail is not a solution. Raman should understand that Ruhi is only 17 and for any person the age 15-24 is very dangerous. I agree that it was the father act of Raman but he should handle the situation from Ruhi’s point of view and not as a father point of view. Raman is 40 year old and Ruhi is 17 year old. I think Raman should act maturally here if he will fight then what would be the difference between Raman and Ruhi???

    I agree with ishita beating children is not a solution. Even if my father or mother would slap me it might be possible that from future I would fear to share things with my family.

  12. Hi Jay and Susan, I am.glad you also feel.that way about raman and Ishita. What is wrong with cvs? It is only reel husband and wife not real. I think KP’s wife does not mind at all. She is happy with their chemistry. But I think it DT’s husband vivek who probably maybe feeling possessive. I have noticed that the episodes that Abhishek is shown, ishra seem to be either in a forced affection or a distant relation. No wonder many fans want to just see Adi and Aliya. Ishra chemistry has totally waned. Hope they look at all this professionally if not one should not come into acting.

  13. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  14. Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) helpful hand to Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Rama (Karan Patel) detecting Ruhi’s (Aditi Bhatia) blackmailer in Yeh Hai Mohobbatein

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Shagun in the daily soap.

    As Raman and Ishita have accepted Sohail as a new entry amid Ruhi’s life, there comes another sweet twist amid Raman’s life.

    Earlier Ishita had gone to Shagun for seeking help to find out Ruhi’s blackmailer.

    Shagun had taken it very seriously and there comes Shagun with all the information regarding the blackmailer in Australia.
    Raman identifies the blackmailer to be familiar with Sohail

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Sohail in the ongoing serial.

    As Raman watches the CCTV footage, Raman gets a slight doubt about the blackmailer to be Sohail.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman’s doubt get into reality?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  15. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    Mrs. Bhalla aka Santoshi acts to be drunk and fools Mr. Bhalla.

    The entire Bhalla and Iyyer family worries for Mrs. Bhalla.

    On the other hand Mihika and Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) also get drunk. Mrs. Bhalla gets a hangover.

    The Bhalla men worry for their wives and take care of them. The women act to be drunk and get glad that their husband’s take care of them.

    There are fun moments in Bhalla house after a lot of drama.
    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  16. Episodes are worst nowadays .ruhi is behaving soo is soo horrible to see . The show which started with ishruh bonding mainly has gone somewhere else. First of all the actors are looking old and the story is ruined.yhm lost its charm and now it’s story .

  17. Hey rithusree, hi all yhm fans…. ur rt ritusree yhm has lost its charm… it has become very boring…

  18. for not getting ishra scenes main reason is makers….they not focusing story to ishra…it’s only about their children…now another track is making after the mms’s for simmi…she will fall big trouble…then ishra will think about her…now ishra like friends…there is no husband and wife relation between them…don’t have any interest to watch yhm…it’s only time pass…makers don’t care about story line and characters…they only want make more and more episodes….actors also should understand their work…dt’s husband vivek dahiya always roaming around yhm set unnecessary…..lot of things missing from dt after her marriage…both kp dt now busy with their personal life…and can’t find any interest from them for yhm….onscreen ishra chemistry and offscreen divan both r missing…with out ishra and divan no yhm for me…now am unable to tell yhm for this show…it’s not the same show…before am madly watched yhm…now it’s just for time past…still yhm can bring some of charm which had before…for that makers should think about ishra and their bounding they should bring positive twists…and both leads should understand their job…specialy dt…they should not mix reel and real…

  19. Boring episode

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