Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu asking Bala why did he hide this, why is Subbu troubling Ishita now. Mihika asks her to hear Bala once. Vandu leaves. Rinki talks to Mihir and asks him to try for one week leave. He says I can’t, its much work since Raman left, I have to go for meeting, we will talk later. She gets annoyed. Bala tells Raman that same situation is again formed, Ishita is right, I cheated her, I should have told Subbu that Ishita has separate life now, she has family and kids, I will meet him and tell him not to interfere in Ishita’s life. Raman asks him to calm down, I know the reason of his comeback, I will manage, trust me.

Adi and Ruhi spend time and Shravan comes to her. Ruhi says Adi is teaching me to see videos. Shravan says Dhruv showed me kissing videos. Ruhi

says my Ishi Maa kisses me. Shravan says my mum too. Adi hears them and smiles. They talk about their parents kissing and Adi laughs on their foolishness. Ruhi says Ishi Maa loves Raman more and kisses him a lot, now say. Adi says Ruhi you won, enough now. Shravan says I will tell my dad.

Ruhi checks her nose and says Ishi Maa says if I lie, nose will get long, He asks what lie. She says I never saw Ishi Maa kissing Papa. He says hmm, lying is not good and thinks. Vandu is angry on Bala. Amma and Mihika calm her down. Vandu says how can Bala get this light, why did he entertain Subbu, Ishita already suffered so much, I m worried for her. Amma says don’t take stress. Mihika says I will see Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla shows Rinki the surprise and shows honeymoon package deals. Rinki says its cancelled, Mihir is busy, don’t irritate me and don’t force him, if he is not interested to come, no use to talk. Mihika looks on. Raman comes to Ishita and asks is her pain less. She says your medicine affected, from where did you get. He says Sub.. and does not say. She says Pathak called and told about case, and asks him to talk. He says let Shagun go court, she will be caught in fraud. He says I will see, you sleep.

Its morning, Ishita and Raman talk to lawyer and Shagun, and give her visitation rights and Raman opposes it. He says its my final stand and asks Ishita to come. Shagun gets angry. Ishita asks Raman why did he do this. He says she always creates some issue. She says if we stop her, she will do something else. She says Adi is with us, as he is happy with us and getting love. but he loves his mum too, till when will we get hatred in heart, lets release hatred. He says you mean everyone deserves a last chance. She says why not, Shagun got punished as Adi refused to be with her.

She says if we don’t forgive her, how will we move on, we will have negativity in ourselves, we should just let go. He says right, then Subbu deserves forgiveness too. He says why don’t you forgive him as well. She asks why did he start this topic, its different, Subbu has broken my heart and hurt my family, he broke my trust, you will not understand, I can’t forgive him. He says Shagun also broke my heart and left me, I was hurt and angry, and then you filled my life with happiness, I have forgiven her because of me, and got happy, you also forgive Subbu.

He asks her to sign the visitation papers, and he has already signed. She asks what, why this argument, you wanted to explain me about Subbu. He says no, about you, you are not made for keeping hatred, this will hurt you, why are you keeping toxic in you. She says how to forgive him, he does not deserve this, he ruined my life and he is happy in his life with his wife and child, I m supporting Shagun as she is alone, why is he showing great. He says he is repenting, and he has lost a lot, his wife and child died in an air crash. She is shocked.

He says Lord punished him, why are you punishing yourself, you can’t be happy with this hatred, end this annoyance and forgive him, for your satisfaction. He says we are with each other to wipe our tears, Subbu is alone, maybe you will feel good to forgive him, you can decide. She thinks. He says lets go and takes her. Amma says no one told us anything about Subbu. Vandu says no one from Bala’s family knows this. Amma asks Raman when will Ishita come. He says she went to get consultation with Subbu, Romi went along.

Amma says don’t know, its right or wrong to go there. Raman says let Ishita forgive him, everything will be fine. Amma says Subbu needs support, don’t know how will she react. Raman says don’t worry.

Adi tells Ruhi about film making project for some topic and they search on net. She asks him to take her and Muttu. Shravan comes and asks her to come. Adi asks him to do homework and come, then Ruhi will come. Shravan says he will leave if Ruhi does not come. Ruhi asks why did he call Shravan Tingu. He says I was bullying him, now do your homework and then help me. She says fine.

Vandu asks Amma not to worry, as Ishita and Raman are doing this to help him. Amma says bad happened with Subbu, but Ishita has family and husband, if they get friendly, it can be problems. Vandu says Subbu got matured now and Raman and Ishita has understanding. Amma says Subbu and Ishu were together for 12 years and now he wants emotional support, if he gets attached to Ishu…

Shravan comes angry and complains about Adi calling him Tingu. They laugh. He says why are they laughing, he won’t talk. Romi brings Ishita to Subbu’s clinic. Subbu sees her and ends the call. Romi gets a call and goes out to answer. Ishita shows her X ray report and says his medicines worked, she has much pain and needs root canal. He says fine, we will check and decide what to do next. She says I m ready. He thinks he knows why she came here, his family will not come back, but thanks for coming here.

Adi makes a movie and says action. Mihir and Mihika fight, and act. Rinki cries seeing them and Mrs. Bhalla notices this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita gets jealous
    seeing Raman hugging
    actor who came to
    audition in ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ Yes Raman will give a back
    hug,hold on Raman is not
    cheating but it turns out a
    misunderstanding where
    Raman Hugs a lady thinking it is
    Ishita.While Ishita witnesses it and gets jealous. In Actual Adi is palnning for his
    School project to shoot a film
    and a lady comes to audition
    for Adi’s film after Adi deciding
    to make the story of Raman
    and Ishita’s reationship along with step mother turning
    Mother.However Raman sees
    Ishita getting jealous and
    makes her more jealous by
    sighing to the lady to call later. Ishita gets angry and leaves
    from there when Raman laughs
    and follows her and tells her he
    was only making her jealous
    and has no other intention and
    viewers will get to see some romantic moments between
    Ishita and Raman. While Media asked Divyanka
    about her plans on Karan’s
    wedding,when she told that
    now Yeh Hai Mohabbatein set is
    like Wedding house and all are
    busy with preparations but she is sad that she can’t dance on
    Karan’s wedding due to her
    fracture. Welll we wish Divyanka to get
    well soon and wishing Karan a
    hearty congratulations.

  2. happy news to hym fanz hym trp position 2

  3. Ok prayu. Ab bas…intezar hai iss special episode ka. ..
    ..par ek baat ka darr hai. .jab bhi IshRa date par jate koi na koi unko disturb kar dete hai. ..har bar aaisa hi hota hai. …wish iss bar koi gadbadh na Ho. .

  4. Hey ramya. .
    tumhe kaise pata yhm TRP mein 2 position par hai. ..

  5. Bolo ramya. .??

  6. mereko nika bolata in nauc

  7. Kya yaar…….Mizun….disturbance ki baat karti ho…maine bola to Ruhi & Aadi saaath hai…to aur koi disturbance ki kya jarurat hai……wokaafi hai IshRa ko disturb karne ke liye….paar yeh to achchi baat hai …dono ne Raman ke muh se I Love You to nikalvaya…….par sath saath Ishimaa bhi bulva diya……

    1. Achcha Ruh Adi bhi sath. ..aaiyo maine soncha IshRa Akeley gaye hai

      1. Aremaine bola Ruhi board le kar khadi thi Jis me se padh kar Raman Ishita ki taarif karta Ruhi & Aadi vahi honge na…couch ke piche chhupe hue the…..

  8. Haan par. ..TRP chart toh ab 2 months tak nahin aaye ga aaisa lah a tha sbs mein . …

  9. Yaar ek board par likha tha…Tum iss saari me achchi lag rahi ho …Dusre board par likha tha ….Tum hasti ho to achchi lagti ho…..Teesre par likha tha…I Love You Ishima….yaar….Ruhi & Aadi…Raman ko hint dena tha ki kya bolna hai to sirf I Love You likhte…..I Love You Ishimaa …kyo likha…..

  10. hii mizun prayosha

  11. When karan is not in the show,it will automatically gone into the last position.
    That is what we want

    1. Karan kahi nahi jaa raha…& wese bhi Karan jane se pehle Itne achche achchhe IshRa scenes de kar jayega…to kuch din inn ki yaado ke sahare hum reh lenge……..kyo Mizun……

      1. When karan is out of the show,ishra scenes also go

      2. hello it’s in 2nd position who told u karan is quitting show he is not.don’t give all falstus comments

    2. But karan ne advance me ahooting ki hogi na………& sirf 2 weeks ka sawaal hai & aaj jo SBS SBB me dekha uske sahare 2 weeks reh lenge……

  12. no he vil there bt few scenes

    1. karan is not quitting.but when he is missing,how it will be

      1. are 2 weeks shooting hogina tum chinta na karo nd romove that hate hym its irritating

  13. hai prayosha mizun and angel……….wow aaj 500 comnts…….waise fb par ek image hai jisme sirf I love u ishitha likha hai…..par mizun kya tumne vo video dheka…..f.b par hai kehrahe hai ki raman will slap subbu..agar dheka tho plz muje batha na hai kya us video me maine try kiya par nahi play ho raha hai

  14. proyosha usko samajoo….

  15. agar karan ke jane ke kushi me ithni sari ishra scence milthi hai tho mai tho kehthi hu ki karan ko har ek mahine me chuti par jana chahiye ……. waise latha hai ki hamari writers ka dhimaak kaam karna shuru kiya plz guys iss pyaar bara track ko. 1 saal drag kijiye .na

  16. Subbu (Amit Tandon) to destroy Raman (Karan Mehra) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) married life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein shows that Raman and Ishita are happy finding both kids Adi and Ruhi back in their life.

    Ishita tells Raman that her family is completed and she does not want anything now.

    Ishita and Raman use their all efforts to make Adi and Ruhi happy.

    However, Raman and Ishita’s happiness gets fade away after entry of Ishita’s ex boyfriend Subbu in their life.

    Subbu is regret for the mistakes that he did with Ishita in the past.

    Subbu had broken marriage with Ishita after knowing that she can never become a mother.

    To give some happiness to Ishita, Subbu unites Ruhi and Ishita with the help of Sujata.

    Subbu asks Ishita to forgive him but Ishita asks him not to interfere in her life again.

    Subbu feels jealous to see Ishita get a best life Partner Raman who not only take care of her but loves him too.

    Subbu reveals to Raman that he has got punishment of his deeds by losing his child and wife.

    Raman gets emotional to know about Subbu’s pain.

    Shagun to use Subbu against Raman and Ishita

    On the other hand, Shagun finds out about Subbu and Ishita were in love with each other.

    Shagun traps Subbu in her evil plan by telling that Raman and Ishita are happy but they are still just friends.

    Shagun also tells Subbu that Raman and Ishita did not say I Love You to each other.

    Subbu starts to feel that he should try to get Ishita back in his life and plan to blackmail Raman emotionally.

    1. What Emotionaly Blackmail………

      Raman ko pata hai….Ishita uss se pyar karti hai……& Subbu ko sirf maaf kiya hai……& wo bhi Raman ke kehne par…..
      Wo Subbu ko thodi apnayegi……Raman ne subbu ko thappad mara yeh to sach hona hi chahiye……..

  17. Hey bhagi maine woh video dekha uss mein. ..romi raman se kehraha hai ki ishita ko I♡U kab bolo ge. .lekin uss mein ye tha hi nahin raman Subbu ko thappad mara. .aaise hi likh diya ki. .ki raman ne Subbu ko thappad mara. ..

  18. Hey Bhagi…kaha ho yaar…Itne achche IshRa scenes par comment karna mat bhulna……….

    1. arey yar prayosha kise ho tum……aaj kal mera tumse baath hi nahi ho parahi hai……..kisi ho tum haaa yar mi cmnt karna kise muss karungi after all aaj kal hamari ishra bahuth romantic hothe jaraha hai……

  19. Hey ek par I love you ishita likha tha na. …

  20. Pata nahi…maine to I Love You Ishimaa hi dekha….

  21. Aaj se to Palak bhi aayegi…….

  22. Haan yaar. .palak bhi aayi gi

  23. Hey maine Tumhe kitni bar pucha tumnne os kudi tu butter padha……..

  24. r u guys wr u went?

  25. arey yaar o.l me tho DT wheelchair pe nahi tho vo kade huyi tho muje tho laga tha ki chalo aab DT ko apni pairom pe kade hokar dhek sakthe hai par DT ne tweet kiya hai ki she is still on wheelchair so sad..

  26. Haan prayu main abhi woh story padi. ..Sach mein agar ye scene show dikhate toh. .ab tak ka television par par best love confession hota. .par aaisa hoa nahin. ..

  27. Hey prayu 48 part update hogaya hai dekho. …..

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