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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with judge telling Pihu that she will send her where she stays happy. She asks Raman not to raise hand on Pihu, and asks Pihu to contact her if there is any problem. She tells Shagun that she will keep court hearing tomorrow and get case on fast track, she can’t let Pihu go with Shagun, Pihu has to stay here. Shagun asks Pihu to pack her bags and sends her. Shagun tells Raman and Ishita that they will meet tomorrow in court. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks what will happen now Raman.

Shagun says one shock is not enough for Bhallas. She calls news channel and asks do you breaking news about Raman, fine, come to court tomorrow morning, thanks. Mrs. Bhalla asks will Shagun really take Pihu with her. Raman says no, I will do anything to keep Pihu here. Ishita

says Shagun has support of law. Raman says Shagun said her family is supporting her, and even Pihu. She says I don’t think Mani will help her. He asks are you sure Mani will not interfere. She says I will talk to him, he is my friend, I want to talk to him alone. She gets Aaliya’s message and says Aaliya came home, she got discharged from hospital, thank God, I had to meet her.

Ishita meets Aaliya and asks her to have patience. She says you will get fine soon, I miss you a lot and think of your welfare. Mani says enough, what are you doing here. Aaliya says I messaged Amma that I came home. Ishita says I need to talk to you. He asks her to talk about Adi in court. She says its not about Adi, come out please. He goes out.

Ishita goes to him and says I had to talk about Pihu. Shagun comes and sees them. She says Ishita would have come to influence Mani. She asks Mani to give medicines to Aaliya, I got it. Mani thanks her and goes. Shagun says you would have come to take Mani’s support, I will win this custody case. Ishita says I don’t play games, I trust my relations, Pihu is my daughter and I know she will come back to me, I can’t leave her with you. Shagun asks her to see how this trust breaks, Mani is my husband and I m sure he will support me. Ishita says he is my childhood friend and he has taken care of me for 7 years, our relation is not weak. Shagun says stop your lecture.

Shagun sees Mani and asks what are you saying, you came to talk to Mani and Aaliya, whats left there, asking Mani not to file case on Adi, be honest, you know Adi is culprit. Ishita says what nonsense, when did I say. Shagun says you would ask Aaliya not to take Adi’s name, why are you supporting Adi, Aaliya is your daughter. Ishita says yes, Adi is also my son. Shagun asks Mani to see, Ishita is supporting Adi. Ishita says Shagun is doing drama, I told you Mani that I came to talk about Pihu.

Inspector comes to talk to Aaliya. Shagun says perfect timing, Ishita has come to influence Aaliya for not taking Adi’s name. Ishita says no, I did not talk to her about Adi. Mani says Ishu please, we are friends but I can just think of Aaliya right now. Ishita says I just want Aaliya to think well and give statement. Shagun says you also know Adi is culprit, I m Adi’s mum and knows his anger, I want to support truth. Ishita asks what truth.

Phone rings. Mani and Aaliya pick call on different lines. Adi talks to Aaliya and says I felt bad of what you went through, trust me, I don’t remember anything. Mani puts call on speaker. Adi says I got angry, but I can never harm you like this. Mani throws phone and says you both mum and son are playing emotional games with my daughter, to make her weak, I won’t allow this. Mani takes phone from Aaliya and disconnects.

Adi says Aaliya disconnected and she feels I m culprit. Mani scolds Ishita for saying about Adi’s memory loss and covering up Adi’s crimes. Ishita says I did not expect this from you, you are my friend, how can you jump to conclusion, did you not hear Adi’s concern, its not proved that Adi is culprit, I m sure he is innocent, stop blaming my son. She cries and leaves. Shagun thinks did she think she will convince Mani for Pihu’s custody, sorry that’s not happening. Ishita sits in her car and cries. She says what will I answer Raman now, why is this happening with our children. She sees Mani coming there. He looks at her. She cries.

Raman asks Ishita how is Aaliya. She says she is fine. He asks did you talk to Mani, will he support us, I know he won’t, I will call lawyer. She says we can’t lose hope, Shagun has to prove her husband’s support, I don’t think Mani will support her. He asks did he tell this to you. FB shows Ishita thanking Mani for coming to hear her out, thank God our relation did not spoil so much, did not come to talk about Adi, I came to talk about Pihu’s custody, Shagun filed custody case and its going on fast track, Shagun won’t be good for Pihu.

Pihu will learn what she sees, Shagun knows just to cheat, Pihu’s life will get ruined, I know she is your wife, I made you marry her, that’s my biggest mistake, you will not listen to me maybe, but our relation is strong, I don’t think you will support wrong person, I m sure Shagun will change being with you, Adi’s case and Pihu’s matter is different, don’t get confused and don’t take wrong decisions, I feel if you don’t support Shagun in this matter, it will be good. FB ends.

Raman asks do you think Mani will not support Shagun. She says don’t know, he is sorted and knows what Pihu means to us. He says we will know his decision in court tomorrow.

Its morning, Raman is at court and worries. Ishita asks Raman not to be too nervous. He asks will everything be fine. She says yes, we are together. He asks will Mani support us. She says don’t know, but I trust my friendship, he has seen my phase when I could not conceive, he knows my pain. Ruhi makes Pihu sit. Ishita says she hates me a lot. Raman says its nothing like that. Ishita says I know Mani won’t let wrong happen with me, but Pihu… Ruhi says I m sure you will win, you won me in this same court. Ishita says you loved me. Ruhi says Pihu will know you are her mum and how you saved her. Ishita says she should not know, think what will she go through knowing about Shagun’s truth, she can’t bear it. Ruhi asks her to see herself, she is thinking of others, you will win and we will take Pihu home, don’t worry, all the best.

Shagun comes and tells Ishita that you came with two daughters, I assure you will take just one daughter with you. She goes to Pihu. Ishita says she is very overconfident. Raman says I think she has some plan. Ishita says Mani did not come to support her, she will not get custody, we both fought for Ruhi’s custody. He says but I know Shagun can’t be confident without anything, I m sure she got something up her sleeve.

Raman tells judge that Pihu got kidnapped and we thought Ruhi died, Ishita left us feeling guilty, Shagun is just a surrogate mother, Ishita is Pihu’s mum. Shagun asks him not to say this, she is Pihu’s mum and has proof with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shagun idiot ek no ki not liking simply hating her and mani he was is hits friend what has happened to him I know shagun many plated him

  2. No I hope the real papers r wif ishita and Raman plssss make pihu love ishita and shagun to realize her mistake

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya, u r right… They must have the surrogacy papers with them…

  3. Hi all yhm fans.this week gone be sad with the custody case.hw can shaggy stoop so low.she is digging her own grave, please take that witch nidhi end Ashok with u also.


  5. O my word. Has Shagun come to the court to get married again. Does the actors choose their own clothes or are they told what to wear. Just wondering. There is one good thing about Shagun getting Pihu. Ishita would be able to return to Bhalla house.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya true… Is this the type of clothes to be worn in court… Even i have the the same doubt.. Nd I wonder is Raman that dump that he doesn’t have any proofs of surrogacy with him.. Or it’s like he might have signed on some papers giving away right of pihu to shagun.. It’s his old habit to sign without checking docs

  6. Tere Mooh mai KHEEDE PADE SHAGUN.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi Adi, How ru doing?

  7. This is ridiculous. They can get a DNA test done and find who the real mother of Pihu is. Just because she has a certificate doesn’t mean Shagun is the mother. I hate such plots. Get some sense stupid writers.

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya ash.. It’s really unrealistic… They shld have some
      Proofs of surrogacy… Raman nd ishitha coming to court without any proofs proving pihu to be their daughter while Shagun came all prepared

    2. See below as my update that Dr Manoj who does the pregnancy for Raman, Ishita and Shagun.

  8. I Love You ISHITHA!
    Tuj Jaisi MAA Bahot KISMAT Waalon KO Milti HAI.

  9. Segments show that Shagun gets Pihu’s custody ?

  10. Writers love to drag tracks, even a judge should know that there are other ways of confirming parentage, not just birth certificate. Please please writers expose shagun. How much longer are the viewers going to expected to put up with this. Will you listen to your viewers.

  11. Rukuovinuo Solo

    First time i am disappointed why are they presenting ruhanika dhawan as a spoil brait. Her character resembles shagun and its discouraging. The spoilers shows shagun winning the case. I Am not watching unless they show some good parts.

  12. Yes Ash… writers have to keep some common sense… This is 21st century…we are so advanced that we can reveal the real father mother by DNA, no matter how hard they try to hide it… This drama is going so unrealistic that even it couldn’t be fit in folk storys category… What a shame…

  13. Disha

    Good Morning everyone
    Have a nice day
    Episode was boring now one more custody case they only dragging shoe

    1. Hi Disha!
      How Are You?

  14. Soooo true totally agree with u Ahmed

  15. Good morning to all of you yhm haters (because at present all are haters of this show) i hope you all doing fine

  16. The people who are telling dt pihu is a spoil kid…how u dare to say that…from her birth she know dt sagun is her real mamma nd every1 is telling her to accept ishita as her mother…… painful it is for a child nd u thnk pihu should accept the truth easily…….if u thnk its so easy then jst try to change ur mom…….nd if ruhi nd adi’s mother is ishita nd god krishna’s mom is yoshoda then pihu’s mom is sagun….no doubt abt it…….so where do they go wrong? Just answer blo*dy commenters

    1. O my god riya you are so aggressive but i like your point about pihu’s mother but can you plz tell us are you not a commentater?

    2. And if, if your answer is yes than you are also a bl**dy commentater and if your ans is no than go back to debating society thank you

    3. i agree wid u..u r saying right for pihu its not easy to accept ishita as her mother becoze from past seven years she is with shagun nd for a kid its not easy to accept anyone as her mother whom she knows only from past few months…..u right

    4. shreya shetty


  17. Riya people are just giving their comments. Everyone is entitled to their comments. They are only angry with the character Pihu not the person. Think about it why people commented such manner about Pihu. If she really was brought up well, pihu would never speak I’ll things of ishita or even Raman. Moreover she would not throw tantrums but behave well and just be insistent to go with shagun. Shagun would have explained to her very nicely if shagun really was good. A child needs healthy environment not an environment that has so much of hatred, jealousy and strife. I am sure if shagun was really good, ishita would not mind pihu going with her. She will scarifice pihu to shagun.

    Having said that I hope pihu goes to shagun and pihu sees for herself what her shagun mummy is like and let her come to the realization. I hope you don’t mind my comments. Just speaking on behalf of others.

    1. yes Sindhu … I tell the same thing .. agree with you …. Ishitha doesnt want Pihu to be under Shaghuns upbringing .. Riya I feel you are not understanding our comments … as you said no mistake from Pihu … we are all hating Shaghuns play … Magic … too nice to read your comments .. you are able to make me laugh ….

  18. Where is mihir?

  19. Thnk U all for accepting my request to join the team.

    This episode is worst. I am really upset with Mani this time. Shagun is over the limit….. She broke the friendship of Ishu,
    relation pihu… Disgusting lady. I
    understand pihus feelings…. they should have told the truth before things get worse. Writers are dragging… I want a happy family story in yhm. Btw where is Mihir?

  20. Blood commenters r those who talk rubbish abt pihu# magic….nd sinus, they should not even hate d character of pihu….I want to think themself in same situation….even we all hav behaved like this if someone tries to part my mother from me….nd when ishita was unaware of d fact dt sagun turns evil even then also ishita said ‘no’ to give pihu….this is so wrong….jst bcoz ishita is in the main role so we cant support her bt others is doing so….

    1. Its ok riya am sorry i wrote already that i like your comment a lot but riya correct me if i am wrong everyone has liberty to say about show because you know the situation and show are fictitious how could we stop them? Yes one thing we all should do nothing comment like that which hurt anyone what you say

    2. No no Riya … when Ishitha came back to Bhallas she told Shaghun she will not snatch Pihu from her … Pihu will b always Shaghuns daughter… her very close friend Mani … unaware of Shaghuns evil plans ..,Ishitha forced him to marry … only for Shaghun to have a secred life

    3. Khushiarvind

      Yes Riya u r right to some extend..Pihu knows shagun as her mother and Raman her father.. According to her ishitha is an intruder who snatched his father from her mother. Nd in her eyes shogun is more than perfect as a mother who loves her and care for her. They should first reveal the truth of her nd after that let her decide whom she wants to be with… It’s better for her to go with shagun.. Then only she will realise how a worst mother she is. Her aggressive behaviour towards ishitha is justifiable because no child can tolerate anyone taking her mother’s place. Nd 7 yrs is pretty long time. Ishitha lived with Adi nd Ruhi for 2 years I think nd they love her unconditionally.. Shagun gave birth to Pihu nd took care if her for 7 yrs. 7 yrs is pretty long time. By pihu’s behaviour with other family members is reprimanding… No child should behave like this.. Throwing things and all.. She is confused and manipulated by shagun.. Someone should help the child to attain emotional stability..

    4. Im With Shagun

      they wantedly ruined Shagun’s character.. Ishita needs all the children in the show.., Is shagun is a baby popping machine for Ishita and Raman. Ishita need to learn respect other women. They provoked Shagun to turn and now she says Shagun is “Spoiled women”.. Is this how she respects women being a women. She might have a past that doesnt mean u cn point out her character,. Jagan mata ishita u just stay happy with zRuhi and Adi and let pihu live with Shagun..

  21. We should not hate the character of pihu#sindhu

  22. I know people won’t agree but I think ishita doesn’t deserve pihu. She is a very good mother definitely but she is only mother to adi ruhi and aliya and not to pihu. Pihu was just a few days old. Ruhi was at least a month old when shogun left her. Ishita got so lost in sorrow of loosing ruhi that she didn’t think to come back and see for her little daughter who was just a few days old and with a father who couldn’t take care of himself. But she returned after 7 yrs and now just want pihu. Definitely shagun is not a good mother to any of her children but ishita can’t b called pihu’s mother too. If she goes through many test for pihu now then it would b enough for her to unite with pihu. (Ishita had went to extremes for adi and ruhi and now consider wat she has done with pihu, its like she differentiated between her kids)
    And I can’t understand this hiding things from kids, they r always hiding truth. Now the kids won’t understand who is good or who is bad. Parents have to tell them. But did any one tell pihu. Raman Mr. Bhala Mrs bhalla. No… No one even tried. Then how do thy deserve pihu. If they had made pihu understand the entire situation till now pihu would b aware of the conditions and nothing would have happened. But to just protect them from bad things they hide facts from their kids and then those kids fall in those pits that their parents have dug and then get hurt. Its actually all ishita Raman and bhalla families fault. May b pihu would b hurt before and would miss her mom. But she had shagun then. If she knew about surrogacy and would b explained from beginning it would b easy for her now. But they decided to hide. Sick people.

    1. Hi danny…i have already mentioned the same….ishra are responsible for whatever happening with pihu….they hided all the truths…but danny ishita came back to ramans life not to claim pihu…just to unite the broken family…she told to raman that she didn’t want pihus custody…and she promised pihu that she will not snatch her from her parants….ishita considered shagun as pihus mother…. m sure if shagun was good ishita wont do these things…ishita knows ,pihus hates her and loves shagun ….still she want to separate them…because she wants to save pihu from shaguns evil plans….

      1. Ishita should get pihu. I would like that but not that easily. She definitely proved her a good human but not a good mother when she abandoned pihu. She has done a lot for ruhi and adi who treated her badly during one time in their life but she till now did nothing motherly for pihu then how can she get pihu so easily. I just feel this. She should not love ruhi and adi more because she is their step mom.

      2. Khushiarvind

        Well said shivani…
        Danny I agree with u that is ishitha doesn’t deserve pihu and her act of leaving her daughter without looking back once in 7 yrs is indeed reprimanding..
        But she never tried to claim pihu nd snatch her from shagun it was all shagun’s misunderstandings and insecurities….
        If shagun remained positive then pigu with shagun is acceptable… But here she is trying to manipulate her and ishitha trying to save her.. So here is ishitha is right…
        Actually Raman nd ballas are responsible for all this as they only know to use women and then shove them off..
        Raman even ready to marry anyone for sake of his kids and even behaves unprofessionally coming under the blackmail of Ashok and leave away projects for sake of kids nd all..
        Cvs are to be blamed for showing such absurd things

      3. Yes CVS is responsible. And bhallas r main culprit.

    2. Danny you can blame the cvs and Ekta for hiding the truth .. I dont feel Ishitha has any mistake here … Other wise Shivanis reply to you is what I too agree

      1. Dr VP actually if we start to count everyone mistake.
        1. She left Raman and ruhi (after all the story started because of it)
        2. She tried to snatch ruhi from bhalla when she loved them dearly.
        3. She manipulated adi.
        4. She manipulated pihu

        1. He didn’t care for ruhi after shagun left.
        2. Always loved adi and was mad to overlook his every mistake(though adi came to right track by ishita, but still Raman would have spoiled him if Raman would not have started feeling for ishita and her family as it was then he got adi arrested)
        3. He went for surrogacy without ishita’s consent.
        4. When pihu got kidnapped and ruhi was thought to b dead he blamed ishita. Instead of understanding her pain. He could charged with abetment for suicide.
        5. He introduced shagun inpihu’s life as her mother. (Though shagun was to b married to manoj)
        6. He decided to marry shagun for pihu’s sake.(instead of telling the little girl her birth truth)
        7. He brought ishita back home(so that he could bring back ruhi , it was ruhi’s condition)

        1. She left her daughter who was just a few days old to live alone. (Just because her one daughter had died and her husband spoke Illwith her. )
        2. She didn’t allow anyone to say the truth not even when ruhi was trying.

        You just can’t keep hiding things from Ur children. U need to tell them truth one day. So wat bhalla’s were waiting for???? For pihu to turn adult and then they would explain her?????
        And Dr I WON’T SHAGUN TO HAVE PIHU. But to give ishita pihu so simply will also not right. She needs to prove now for her one mistake that she can b a good mother. Shagun no matter wat ever she does can’t prove that she is good mother to ruhi. But for pihu to return to ishita I want her to pass many test.

      2. I agree with you VP. We had to blame cvs and Ekta.


        What are you saying is true.

        Remember that Pihu was take to hospital. Mani and Bala discussed that Ishita should get Pihu custody from Raman because Raman is bad father and husband. Raman and Ishita fight in hospital over Pihu. Pihu witness the fight of her real parent and Shagun. Pihu hide somewhere and Shagun took Pihu and hide the room and tell lied to Pihu and tell Pihu to order Ishita that Ishita must go back to Australia and she must hate her and Shagun is her mumma. Pihu ask Ruhi is Ishita is nice or evil aunty but Ruhi lied to Pihu that Ishita is not good but Ruhi realised that she hurt her own nother (Ishita). Ishita found Pihu and confronts her. Pihu tell Ishita same way of what Shagun told her and Ishita get shattered. Ishita tells Pihu to come and I will take you to papa because papa is worry and looking for you. Pihu agree then let Ishita carry her and bring her to Raman. Raman then grab Pihu from Ishita. and Ishita get hurt by Raman behaviour then tell Raman that she don’t want Pihu custody and Raman get relieved and Shagun get happy. Pihu see Ishita and Raman hurt and feel bad.

        Raman get happy that he and Ishita caught Nidhi and found Ruhi. Ruhi want to tell the real mother to Pihu but Shagun get irked and call Ishita to come and stop Ruhi for telling Pihu the truth. Raman want to tell Pihu the truth about Ishita but Ruhi also stop Raman and Ruhi tell Raman that she need time to explain Pihu step by step. Shagun spoils Ruhi plan to tell the truth. Ruhi tell Pihu the bedtime story about her (Ruhi) and angel (Ishita). Pihu then start behave badly and shout at Ruhi that Ishita is your mother so Ishita is not my mother Shagun is my mumma. Then Pihu went off sleeping that shocked Ruhi. Ruhi then goes to Raman and Ishita and informed about Pihu bad behaviour and they get to know that Shagun influence Pihu in bad way.

        Shagun should stop behave like queen and spoilt everyone life. Raman and Ishita always loves children very much than their own life. Ishita promised that she will never leave him and the kids. Adi and Ruhi want to explain to Pihu about Shagun as bad person and Ishtia is good person. Pihu did not see that Ishita is not staying with Raman and Bhalla house and Ishita stay with Iyer and want to check on Adi and Ruhi. Pihu misunderstand Ishita. Ishtia send Raman to take care of Pihu and never let her get closes to Shagun who teaches Pihu wrong ways.

      3. Hi Don’t forget Shagun Got Ishu kidnapped & wanted Them to kill her that is what made Ishitha think twice before handing over Pihu other wise she had no Peoblem & she said she will not take Pihu from Shagun. she is fare. but do u think Shagun really loves Pihu. NO WAY ..She herself went against her own son Ardi & put Mani against her own blood. is she a good Mum them????? She is selfish PERIOD. thinking about only herself. Let Pihu go with Shagun . i want her to go with her fro her to open her eyes. she is spoilt as bad as Shagun. Ruhi at that age was very innocent. but not Pihu. actually sorry to say i know u guys will not agree with me i don’t like the way she behave. Ardi was rude but not out of control like this ,, she is really a mean gilr like her mum. SORRY

      4. Thank you Mino for adding up. 🙂

    3. Im With Shagun

      I agree with you.. They r crticizing Shagun to such a down level.. Ishita calls her ‘Spoiled woman.. I dont want pihu to grow up with Spoiled Woman like Shagun’.. What the hell is that

  23. Telly updates u deleted my entire comment!! It had no inapt words. No rubbish things no bashing for either actors or their character. Still my comment didn’t get posted. It took lot of time to write that comment.

  24. All the money that R. Bhalla makes seems to get wasted in court cases, police cases, contracts lost etc…. Ishima is also not practicing dentistry these days….

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ya true pavan

  25. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) attempts to expose Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) evilness saving Pihu-Adi

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Shagun has won Pihu’s custody.

    Shagun has taken advantage of the situation by manipulating Mani to get Pihu back.

    Raman-Ishita are shattered loosing Pihu to evil Shagun, Ruhi consoles them and calms them down.

    Ruhi thus makes a master plan to get back Pihu to Bhalla house and pretends to be against Raman-Ishita.

    Ruhi goes against Raman-Ishita
    Ruhi also comes to Shagun and seems to be against Raman-Ishita.

  26. Danny agree with you

  27. I am surprised to see Shaghuns blouses and sari to court .,,how can they come to court in all these stupid dressing … if cvs want to shaghuns blouses and dressing sense … please not in these scenes .. some parties … it really looks v bad ..she too is getting fat ..

  28. Sry magic ……nd shivani when ishita was unaware of sagun’s evilness nd thought shagun is good even then also Ishita said dt sagun cant take pihu…..hate ishita……

  29. Pihu to know about her real mother is Ishita

    In the upcoming episodes of YHM we will get to watch some high volage drama where Shagun will win Pihu’s Custody case.

    After the acid attack Mani will break his friendship with Ishita and will help Shagun getting Pihu’s custody in court. Mani will support Shagun and will tell judge that no one can love Pihu like Shagun.

    Judge will give the custody to Shagun.

    Later Pihu will get to know about that Ishita is her real mother and she loves her very much Pihu will also get to know about Shagun’s bad intentions Pihu will understand that her Shagun mumma is lier and she lied ber telling that Ishita is bad lady.

    Pihu will leave Shagun and will go to Ishita.

    But before this there will be more drama in the serial to know more stay tuned.

  30. Shagun spoils Pihu making merciless for Raman-Ishita

    Shagun controles Pihu’s mind taking revenge from Raman and Ishita in YHM

    The upcoming episode of YHM will show that Shagun gets Pihu’s custody with the help of Mani.

    Mani and Pihu prove Shagun being good mother in the court while Shagun’s one master plan also works where she shows Pihu’s birth certificate which has Shagun’s name instead Ishita.

    Pihu happily goes with Shagun and Mani while Isshita confronts Mani for supporting Shagun.

    Mani and Ishita fight over Shagun but Raman asks Ishita to controle this time.

    Pihu comes to Bhalla house and Adi and Ruhi asks Pihu not to go with Shagun as she is not but Shagun asks Pihui to come to her as they will go for shopping.

    Ishita complains Mani supporting Shagun.

    Pihu packs her bag and leaves Bhalla house along with Shagun wihile Raman and Ishita helplessly watches Pihu going.

    Ishita tells Raman that she is not worry as Pihu hate her but Pihu believes on Shagun who is taking her on wrong way.

    What will Raman and Ishita do to get Pihu back?

  31. Good News- Dr Manoj will help Ishita getting Pihu’s custody.

    The serial YHM is gearing up for more interesting drama in the upcoming episodes as we already know that Shagun will win the Pihu’s custody case and will take Pihu away from Ishita and Bhalla family.

    In the upcoming episodes we will see that Judge will announce that Pihu should go with her mother. Mani also supports Shagun for getting Pihu’s custody.

    After winning the case Shagun will be seen celebrating and will confronts Ishita for her drama. But Ishita will challenge her that I will win my daughter’s heart and she will hate you after that Ishita will tell that I will fight for my daughter.

    The another twist is also possible that Dr Manoj will be back soon and he will help Ishita for getting Pihu’s custody and other side Ishita will try to get closer with Pihu.

    Will Ishita get successful in winning Pihu’s heart how Dr Manoj will help Ishita.

    To know more stay tuned.

  32. Danny wt u said is r8 bt she should not love adi nd ruhi more than pihu jst bcoz she is their step mother is jst wrong….wt d bst thing abt Ishita, u r against dt…#DANNY

    1. Its not that she loves adi and ruhi more. But she hasnt done anything motherly for pihu till now. Like she did for adi and ruhi . she fought with everyone for them. When pihu was at bhalla the nonsense ki ka drama started instead of showing ishita trying to win pihu’s heart or being the mother that she was to ruhi and adi and give same love to pihu. But she didn’t .. That’s why I said that her love had partiality. Even adi rebuked ishita and ruhi too but she kept on trying.

    2. Riya and Danny

      Ishita always love children. Ishita loves children equally. Shagun does not loves children as for that Shagun want Raman. Raman clearly told Shagun that he does not love her and don’t want Shagun in his life and she must move on. Raman only love Ishita and want her back in his life. Pihu misunderstand Ishita for Shagun. Shagun should not teach Pihu the bad way. Ishita tell Shagun that she will not snatch Pihu from her and Pihu is your daughter. Shagun don’t believe her but she tell Ishita that Ishita snatch family, children and “my Raman”. When Raman was Shagun? Shagun left Raman for Ashok. Raman is now belong to Ishita and so is Ishita belong to Raman. Shagun is using children as her pawn and Ishita don’t treat children like pawn and want them as real family. Raman and Ishita get fed up with Shagun evil game to get Raman. Shagun have forgetten that she is married to Mani so she should stop revenge Ishita. Mani support Shagun to revenge on Raman and Ishita because Mani want Ishita. Now Mani and Ishita friendship break and Aylia get upset of Mani and angry on Shagun.

      1. Actually I m not supporting shagun. If u think so then let me clear. Shagun is the worst mom ever. But wat has happened to pihu till now for her I want that their should b something substantial that she trust and love ishita as ishu is the same mother who left her when she was a few days old for the death of her other daughter.

  33. If u guys r telling abt the story nd writer then u can say dt cvs is responsible otherwise inside the story Ishita raman nd bhalla family is responsible

  34. Pizza upload 18th September

  35. please update 18 sept episode

  36. I am fed up with these costudy cases….in beginning ruhi ..then adi ….then rohit(adoption of sarika romis son) ..then again ruhis ….now pihus….when will this series end and we will see our old ishra

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