Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Abhishek and telling about Ashok’s illegal business factory which has child labor. He says he will be leaving for the factory now, to get it sealed and asks her not to come along, its for her safety. Ashok and Suraj see Raman in the party. Ashok says so Raman has come without Ishita. Suraj asks whats his plan. Simmi gets the shirt and thinks it got changed with Rinki’s bag. She says maybe Rinki bought this for Mihir, its very expensive, its not Mihir’s size, for whom did she buy this, whats happening. Rinki comes and swaps the bag. Simmi asks her about the shirt. Rinki says I think shopkeeper gave wrong size by mistake, I will exchange it. She leaves.

Ashok gets constable’s call. He informs Ashok that Abhishek has raided in his factory.

Ishita has informed about child labor there, Abhishek has sealed it. Ashok gets angry and tells Suraj. Ashok tells everyone that Raman is going to become dad soon and congratulates him. Suraj asks Ashok to stop it. Raman says you are mistaken Ashok, my wife was pregnant and she had miscarriage. Ashok asks what, miscarriage, that’s so sad. He says she has many complications before, people used to call her Baanch, so sad for her, your baby could not survive, how did this happen.

He says I will tell them, Bhalla family was kidnapped and Ishita saved them by her courage, and Raman was just seeing, its so sad, Raman could not save the baby, Ishita should have married a real man. Raman says I don’t need to prove my manhood to you. They start arguing. Raman holds his collar in anger. The man stops them and asks Ashok not to discuss Raman’s personal matter here.

Raman goes and drinks in anger. Abhishek thanks Ishita and says we rescued the kids and informed the NGO, you did great work, you gave a new lie to the kids. Raman is on the way driving, and drinks recalling Ashok’s taunts that he could not protect his wife and kids. He drives rashly. Ishita is at home and says Raman will be glad to know Ashok’s factory got sealed, he will be annoyed I did not tell him and took Neil and Abhishek’s help. She wonders why did he not come till now and calls him. She gets shocked to know about Raman…

She runs to police station and asks Abhishek where is Raman. He says calm down and shows Raman. He says he was driving in drunk state. She says take fine and leave him, please, he is in worried state. Abhishek says fine, promise this won’t happen again, his car crashed, he could have died. She apologizes and says she will take him home. Ishita scolds Raman for drunken driving. He gets down the car and she asks him to sit in the car. He says you are right, I should be punished, all this is because of me, leave me here, I will die, everyone will be happy. She says sorry, come home, forget this. He asks her to forget and leave. He walks on the road while it rains. She asks is he questioning on their relation. He says I m asking the Lord, why did Lord always snatched everything from me. He asks Lord why did he take the baby, and cries.

He says Lord is selfish, I will give Ishita all the happiness. He asks Ishita to leave him and folds hands. He says I could not give you anything. She slaps him asking him to stop it. She asks did he get ready to leave her by coming in Ashok’s words, either answer him or ignore him. He says that dog called you Baanch. She says leave it. He says you could have become a mum. She says its not your mistake, don’t get affected by his words, we will get him punished, Abhishek is taking action against him. Raman asks will this make you a mum again and get out child back. She says I m complete woman, why are you feeling guilty, you are my loving husband, look in my eyes, its just love and respect for you. She says don’t cry, how can you say you are not suitable for me. He cries. She says our love is strong, we love each other. He says our dream will be fulfilled, Ishita will become mum and hugs her. She pacifies him. They hug and smile. She takes him along.

Ishita asks why are we talking if we don’t want baby. Raman says Manoj has told me about surrogacuy. She denies. She sees Adi and Ruhi’s pic and says they are enough for me, why does Raman not understand this.

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  1. jhanvi

    Ghatiya Ashok ko aur koi kam nahi hai kya ??? Ishra ki life me interfere krne k Siva. ..

    Aur ye Raman ko kya hua hai wo kyu uski bato ko dil pe le raha hai… Wo janta hai ki wo kamina sab kuchh janbuzkar krta hai ..fir kyu wo sun raha hai uski batein

  2. yash gupta

    Well Ashok ne kya kiya, Ishita ka dimag kharab tha jo bina bat panga liya, is bar fer usne ashok ki factory seal karayi. Ab vo revenge to lega hi

  3. yash gupta

    Ashok should get some more powerful role to get ds seriel going. Uski evil k bina seriel nahi chalna. Producer know dat happiness = end of seriel.

  4. raman think properly if you and ishita have a child by surrogacy also ashok will tease you
    what will you do that time same anger and always hurting ishita. Is this your real love with

  5. ruhi

    mujhe lagta h Raman pagal ho gya Jo us kamine ashok ke batoo me as rha h.Raman ishita ko serogacy me liye kyo force kr rha. she is happy without her own baby.

  6. hope ishita n raman really not go for surrogacy its damn stupid
    n raman damn is he mad t get into that man word
    very good ishita wat a slap
    hope the writers change the surrogacy part

  7. muttu

    nice episode,pity raman.But he should understand that two is enough.They are happy family.Why should they take more risk????

  8. tahira

    Wow what a lovely episode again divan rock the epi their acting was mindblowing n the dialogue when raman says iski khusi china na ise itna pyar dunga ki koi kami nhi rahegi mere toh ankho me ansu aa gaye ye line sun kar hope ki ishita hi age chal kar apne bache ko janam de is surrogacy drame me koi gadbad ho kash aisa hi ho

  9. Darshika

    ***Hint from yhm team***
    New Adjustments
    1.mihir-shagun-raman along with some other angles
    2.Ishita infertility treatment track will get marged with it.
    3.New entry doctor will get become the ace of spades.
    4.Sometimes it’s better to get back to past from/relationships to start anew.(strictly not related to IshRa)

    they don’t expose more…… But little bit have hopes……. I think they won’t start surrogacy to ishita……
    Lets see,what will happen next…..
    From SL

  10. Sumera

    If Ishita conceived once why can’t she conceive again?? Surrogacy is stupid way to go, hope they forget it!! Also Rinki is just like Shagun so doesn’t come as a surprise that she may be having an affair!! I really think they should do romantic track with Mihika and Abhishek now!!

  11. worst episode .i dont understand why do raman always comes in ashok’s words .once or twice raman comes in ashok ‘s words then it would be atleast accepetable to a certain extent but not always even after knowing ashok is wrong.

  12. serial ko mazak banaa ke rakha hai . raman kyu itnaa force kar raha hai ishitha ko surrogacy ke liye .kal bhi surrogacy aaya ,aaj bhi aaya aur precap mein bhi surrogacy ke baare mein aaya.

  13. tarun

    sare serial ko bakwas banate ja rhe hi..raman ko hi dekho apne child ke liye pagal hoye ja rha hi…all stupidity….raman ab surrogacy karwa kar hi rhega..jab ishita ko koi pharak nhi padta then why raman!! go to .hell cvs… for this bakwas track

  14. Cham

    Everyone just hope that the makers will avoid that worst surrogacy track! ,that’s all and it is the biggest thing what we expect. Otherwise Ishra are carrying their lives so lovingly and that’s the most beautiful part of the story. Again and again I must say that the both actors are doing really great.Love you yhm but if surrogacy track comes, it will loose most of the love and interest from it’s fans.

  15. kavitha

    I think Mihir and mihika will patch up again as rinki is having weird behaviour. Accord to hints from yhm as past relationship

  16. nimrit

    guys yhm me surrogate ka track cancle may be cancle hone wala hai…..& may be will show that rinki have an affair with anyone & mihir shagun united….& finally mihir goes back to mihika…………..but but agar aaisa dikhaenge to abhishek ka kya……yhm fans ke protest against sorrogate track with shagun …….iski wajah se wo surrogacy nahi dikhane wale hai…….guys plz koi fb pe jao aur jo news usse yaha pe copy karo na plzzzz…….muze wo mil nahi raha hai….plzzzzzzz

  17. V P

    Raman is a very weak man . Always getting influenced by Ashoks words and then get drunk . From beginning we are seeing this .now Ishitha has informed Abhishek and the police is handling him . Raman can’t listen to people how his wife save his family and kids . He is feeling inferiority complex that he could not do anything .all fine why is so arrogant to go for surrogancy and now that will be the reason for Ashok and all to tease her again . Karan is very immature do . Give time let Ishitha be pregnant , go thru all complications and deliver by herself . As about Rinki I feel she is trying to give Mihir his old love . She wants Mihir Mihika to b together . Creators please avoid surrogancy and make the serial as beautiful as it was before . Karan and Divyanka really acts so well and their chemistry is admirable . I am a huge fan of Divyanks .

  18. Darshika

    No guys….. Every pages,groups and everything are totally empty…..Cvs haven’t give anything than those hints. I don’t know this surrogate track either cancel or not….. But cvs please.we don’t want it.
    And I also think cvs try to hitch mihir and mihika again.
    I don’t know that what will happen next.
    Every pages and groups really calm and silent….. I’m scared about it.
    But cvs’,we don’t want to see surrogacy into ishra.
    I herd that, doctor isn’t good person and he will show his true colour…… But this is a prediction….. But those hints are true.

  19. i dont have fb or twitter account so i cant protest against surrogacy track .plz others protest against surrogacy guys.i am sorry but even i dont like surrogacy like you guys.

  20. As per the current track, Raman is in guilt as he got failed to save his baby and decides to get back baby at any cost. Ishita tries to make Raman understand that she needs him and his kids only but Raman wants to give own baby to Ishita.

    After knowing about surrogacy a way to give happiness to Ishita again, Raman makes up his mind to convince Ishita for this.

    Ishita completely against Surrogacy and asks Raman not to think about this anymore.

    Furthermore, Shagun meets Raman and tries to console him on seeing him shattered condition. Shagun suggests Raman as he should try surrogacy for Ishita. Shagun manipulates Raman in words as she has given more pain to Ishita and does want to see her in pain anymore. Shagun tells Raman that as if she can do anything for Ishita then he can ask her without any hesitates.

    Raman thinks about Shagun’s words and decides to make Shagun as surrogate mother of Ishita’s baby. Raman will hide this news from Ishita and decides to tell it later. But when Ishita finds out this truth, she blames Raman for doing this secretly and accuses Raman that he always hid things from her which was related to Shagun.

  21. Darshika

    Raman forces ishita for surrogacy. But ishita compleatly against surrogacy and ask raman not to think about this anymore. But raman don’t leave this idea and he is going to ask shagun for surrogate mother. Shagun agrees for this. But raman hide this from ishita.

    But when ishita finds out this truth,she blames raman for doing this secretly and accuse raman that HE ALWAYS HID THINGS FROM HER WHICH WAS RELATED TO SHAGUN !

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