Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman that they should tell Pihu that she is his mum. He asks her to come to senses. She says she will know I m her mum and understand. He says she won’t understand. She says why to underestimate her, she will come close to me, I can raise her well. He says if she hates us more then… She says does she hate us less, her view on us can change. He says I can’t take risk, I can’t bear her hating me, I won’t tell anything to her, I m helpless, I will break down. She cries and asks shall we let her get spoiled, should we not let her come on right path. Raman and Ishita cry. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…..

Shagun goes to Pihu. Pihu is angry. Shagun apologizes to her and says I promise I won’t do this mistake again. Pihu says

I was so scared, you did not answer my call. Shagun says sorry, forgive me, I made a plan for you, you are upset, I will cancel it. Pihu asks what plan. Shagun says shopping from your money. Pihu says I have less money. Shagun says this is your money, buy anything. Pihu asks really, wow mumma, I love you. Dadi sees this and goes. Shagun says I love you too, sleep now, good night. Shagunn sees Dadi outsode.

Dadi says you are giving 5000rs to a little girl, you think this is wrong. Shagun says I did mistake, she was upset, so I thought… Dadi says I heard the story of your carelessness, its fine, but what is this upbringing to give money to a girl. Shagun says don’t get in my matter, I know how to deal with my daughter. Dadi asks do you think this is normal. Shagun says you can correct me as I m your bahu, but Pihu is my daughter, not Mani’s, don’t tell me anything, I know what to do. She goes. Dadi says this is very much wrong to raise a kid like this.

Ishita gets headache and makes tea. She worries for Pihu, why is she getting such bad upbringing. Simmi comes and sees Ishita. She asks Ishita to check Ac remote battery. Simmi asks are you fine, what happened. Ishita says I feel dizzy. Simmi says sorry, I think its my mistake, Pihu is like Ananya and I told all that, I m feeling bad seeing you tensed. Simmi asks her is her BP low. She goes to get BP machine. Simmi checks her BP and asks her to see, how will this work, see your BP is low. Ishita says I have three children and all of them are worried, Ruhi came out of problem, Adi and Aaliya are fighting for their love, Pihu does not know whats happening, they don’t deserve this. Simmi says we all will solve everything, Adi and Aaliya will get their love, I trust you, you will win Pihu’s heart, don’t degrade your health, take rest. Ishita goes.

Its morning, Ruhi’s assistant asks Ruhi why did she cancel all the shows. Ruhi says I can’t do shows now, cancel the tours. Raman hears her and asks Ruhi why is she cancelling her tours. Ruhi says Simmi told me Ishi Maa is not fine, its not fair that I leave Ishita and go on tours. He asks her is this good to leave career. She says I don’t want to increase Ishita’s tension. Raman thinks of Pihu and says you and Pihu looked identical in childhood, you love Ishita and Pihu…. She says don’t worry, I m sure Pihu will come back, we have to make her health fine. He says she gets ill because of me. She says we have to make her happy. He says I have a plan, surprise, come.

Mani is in hurry and eats food fast. Dadi asks how is he eating. Mani says I m getting late. Something gets stuck in his throat. They all get shocked and take care of him. Shagun says I will call doctor. Aaliya asks Adi to come fast. Adi comes and pats on his back. Mani spits the food piece and takes a breath. Aaliya and Dadi say its good Adi was here. Mani says I m fine now, thanks Adi. Adi says don’t say thanks, I m happy I could help you. He asks Mani to sit, he will get his phone. He says its from your office, shall I ask them to call later. Mani says yes, thanks. Dadi says I told you Mani, Adi is not a bad guy.

Ishita gets informed and says thank god Mani got saved, I m proud of you Adi. Raman asks Ishita to sit. They are at coffee shop. Ishita tells Adi that she will talk later. She says shopping and now my fav coffee shop, whats the occasion. Raman asks why did she make him roam so much. She says she saved his money. He says whats the difference to save 100rs. She says it matters. They talk and smile. Aaliya comes and greets them. Raman asks her to join them.

Aaliya says I came to meet friends. Ishita asks how is Mani. Ishita says he is fine, thanks to Adi, Appa is not strict with Adi, Dadi is full on impressed. Raman asks Ishita to collect order, he has to talk to Aaliya about a client. Ishita says sure and goes. Aaliya asks which client. Raman says no client, I don’t like you, I will not approve you and Adi’s relation, I was smiling and talking just because of ishita, this relation will never form, your Appa and Dadi can get impress and agree, but I will never agree, go now, what are you waiting for. She gets sad and goes.

Adi says I wish I could help Ishi Maa, I know Papa is taking care of her. He asks Aaliya not to worry, Papa will accept you. She says I don’t think so, I can’t see Amma facing all this, we have to do something for her. She tells some idea. He says idea is not bad, but we need someone’s help, I know who can help us. He calls someone.

Ruhi asks everyone to come, food is ready. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that Ruhi made her fav dinner. Ishita asks did you make all this. Ruhi says yes, with Mihika and Neelu’s help, this food is made as per Ishita’s health, so please manage. Ishita says I think I should get unwell if Raman is taking me for shopping and Ruhi is cooking. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to say this. Ishita asks Mihika to come. Mihika says I m waiting for Romi. Raman asks is he still in office. Mihika says he will come, don’t call. Raman says fine. Mihika goes to open the door and gets Romi and Aaliya. Everyone get surprised seeing Aaliya. Ishita says you all are giving me surprises. Romi says like Adi went to stay there, Aaliya will stay with us, why can’t she stay here. Ishita says yes, but her Dadi. Romi says I explained Dadi that we also want to check if Aaliya can stay here. Raman looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla blesses Romi. She asks Aaliya to have food, Ruhi made the special dinner. Ruhi says I will keep Aaliya’s bags in my room. Aaliya says I was tensed about Amma, she is not well, I thought to stay with her, your Papa did not accept me, I will get chance to impress him, Romi and Mihika helped me and got me here. Ruhi says wow, I m happy for you, I m with you. She hugs Aaliya.

Raman hugs Ishita. She says I was thinking of Aaliya. He says I don’t want to talk about her. They argue over Adi’s choice. She asks how will matter get solved if you don’t talk. He leaves her hand with a force and she falls down the balcony. She screams and Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didn’t get the line “nale adthe adi utha” from dadi what is this

  2. what is happening

  3. Wao. Really loved todays episode

  4. The precap is – “he leaves her her hand with a force” ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? fell of my chair…???? laughing???????????

    1. shreya shetty

      its not funny pari miss ishu just fell off from there becoz rammy pushed her with force!!!!don’t u get it what might have happened to ishita,hope to see in the next episode

      1. Lol we know she is gonna survive she is the main character. They are doing this to drag the shows. These indian actesses have life threatening accidents in these shows every time but still return as normal after a few epi.

      2. Hello shreya how are you? Don’t get serious ishita will be fine it just scene so, take a good sleep and good night

    2. Guys relax

      Raman was dreaming about this what happened. Raman push Ishita and she fell off from the window with anger. Then Raman heard Ishita scream and turned to see Ishita and get shocked by Ishita vanished and ran to the window and get shocked. But Raman woke up with shouted on Ishita name and realised that it is a dream and he get tensed and restless and noticed Ishita is not with him. Ishita goes for an early morning walk in Raman’s tracksuit. Raman walk around his room with so much worry and tensed. Ishita returned and found Raman standing by the window with tension and worry. Ishita put her hand on Raman’s shoulder and worry. Raman feel someone touch him and he turn to see who touch him and found Ishita alive. Raman cried then pull confusing Ishita to hug her tightly then Ishita confused of Raman’s reaction and hug him back and ask Raman what happen? Raman did not responsed to Ishita’s question.

      Raman have been getting alot of fear to lose Ishita because he loves her. It happen same when Raman was sleeping with Ishita and have nightmare that Raman and Ishita ran everywhere and Raman want to save Ishita from goons and men then men attacked Raman then raped Ishita and Ishita screamed. Raman woke up and shouted for Ishita. Ishita woke up and get shocked and ask Raman what happen. Raman then silence and pull Ishita with side hug to make sure that Ishita is saved. Ishita consolled Raman then ask Raman to sleep. Ishita cooed Raman to sleep then Ishita sleep on Raman’s shoulder and her arm on Raman’s chest and Raman hold Ishita hand.

  5. HI Rithu, VP, MIno, Siddhi, Shivani, Monique, Khushi, Magic, Bhagya, Jaz, Kiran, Az and many other YHM fans. Oh I can’t believe Shagun…she is buying Pihu with the love of money. Dadi should just slap Shagun. I can’t believe this. This is ridiculous. How can Shagun teach such bad morals to Pihu? I hated one of the spoiler where Shagun will state one condition to Ishita if she gives Pihu to Bhalla. That Ishita has to leave Raman. What does that got to do with Pihu? Shagun is already married so she should just stay out of Raman and Ishita’s life? I don’t understand why she is bugging Ishita to leave Raman. If Shagun can’t get Raman, no one should get him is it?

    Raman is really silly for not wanting to tell Pihu that Ishita is her real mum. What is worng with Raman? When do they intend to tell Pihu? When Pihu is Ruhi’s age is it? Silly Raman….

    1. yes Sindhu same thoughts went thru me ….how can Shaghun lay such a condition to Ishitha ? I doubt this remarriage just a promo for trp … if it happens well and good ..,,,Raman … what is he scared of ? Such a big business man can not keep Shaghun in her place whom he divorced and she is now married to Mani … Today the episode was a filler … Dt was very beautiful and back to herself … Raman from begining spineless … really feeling sorry for Kp who is a marvellous actor too …

    2. shreya shetty

      ohhhh I didn’t know that this shocking precap would turn out to be a dream instead magic and ranbir!!!thanks for telling us this,hahahahahahahah silly me I got too serious when raman pushed ishita with a force and she fell off from the balcony for sure,which made me feel surprised by his intention

  6. Yaaayyyyy!!!!! Am the first. Omg precap…….

  7. shreya shetty

    OMG!!!!Iishu fell off from the balcony all because of that senseless raman ideology!!!what the heck is wrong with this mister idiotic rammy can he not think that ishita is next to the balcony and he should instead hold her by preventing her from falling.this raman should be charged for accusing a young girl from accepting the relation of her wish like that moronic raman had opposed over aaliyas wish,thats it this is going way to far.shaggy is indeed a no 1 expert in spoiling small children like shes rottening the pihu giving 5000 rupees to her will make her feel even more luxurious and would forget her importance of ishimaa quickly.but as long as aaliyas dadi is there to repair that evil daughter in law shagun for sure

  8. shreya shetty

    I feel like kicking shagun one in my foot for giving such a large amount for a small girl to spend in.what values are these being shown to children and mothers who are watching this show.please bring back the old charm by making pihu overhear the plans and manipulations shagun was thinking so that she ll hate shaggy and return back to what has happened to these cys and writers first they were good in mind in introducing aaliyas dadi to shaggy and now raman,hell nooo

  9. Tvfan1

    Don’t worry the precap is a dream. Saw it on spoilers

  10. As Ishita is not able to understand that what should she do to win the pihu’s heart
    Ishita is not able to bear that her own daughter hates her so much that she does not even want to see her face
    Ishita also feel that because of he raman has got separated from the pihu so she think that she will have to do something.
    Maybe in upcoming episode –
    Ishita think of only the aaliya’s did who can help her in getting her daughter back as she stay with pihu in that house.
    So she will approach her and ask her to help her in getting her daughter back

  11. Ishita and Raman are worried seeing the tantrums of PIHU and wily Shagun. Till now they have not made any attempt to check with the hospital and other records to prove that PIHU is Ishita’s daughter. Ultimately PIHU may find the chaector of Shagun and return to the Ramans. I have a Plot.. When Tsgitta and Raman are in good mood, Ishita wants to tell some thing to Raman and tells him that if he does not like that she will with draw her suggestion. She whispers some thing in his ears..Raman is surprised and says I too was thinking about the same. Then both of them say why not to snub Shagun. They after some time rethink where to go for surrogacy?. Both of them agree to worry about that when the time comes. After a few days Ishita gets uncomfortable and they visit Dr. Mukherjeee and glad to know that she is preganant. and the dooctoralso confirms that this time there is no necessity for surrogacy. Further it is for your story writer.

  12. Hi all yhm fans.episode was nice.precap well let’s hope raman learns a lesson from it.anyway dadi should shoot shaggy .shaggy u waggy Haggy go to ashok pasok for your plans and go to jail forever.really cvs take out shaggy truth.

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    nice episode I loved the scene that dadi scolds shagun .if anyone scolds shagun that scene was 100% super such a bad mother she was ????? and Mani y he dislikes adi he is his best frds son anyway today Mani said thanks to adi its nice

  14. when raman was ready to tell the truth to pihu then ishita wasn’t ready and now when ishita is ready then raman isn’t..
    when they are supposed to reveal such a big thing to pihu..

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu VP Sindhu jaz az Monique Supergirl magic aditya khushi saritha reshma sunitha khushiarvind shreya Shetty siddhi Sara sobana sunitha ishveerian ranaji and all yhm frds Gus 9t guys

  16. It seems like Raman wants Ishita out of the way to get pihu back

  17. Guys ishitha before telling pihu that she mother open the case tell the incident it no mistake keeping a child lock inside a car and that to in no parking place they can show DNA manoj Paul that man and take pihu custody backna so simple

  18. Hello bhagya how are you? And what about RP PROGRAMME have you send proposal or applied in any uni. From where are you? And if you are intersted in lacturership (teaching) than you should apply for CBSC UGC NET i think you have to find out who conduct the net jrf for (csir or ugc) i think csir conduct but i am sure you applied it before i told you because you are very aware and intelligent girl so, do it and gd night

  19. Rosemary Durodola

    This is d right time to tell pihu who the real mother is, Shaggy maa can never teach good moral to this young girl, if Raman and ishita really loves pihu this is d perfect time to tell her the truth and save her from destruction.

  20. shreya shetty

    shagun should get exposed in front of pihu and this pihu should keep her mouth shut by front of the entire family shaggy is forced to speak out the truth when ishu threatens her that she ll tell everything to pihu about her birth and so shaggy tells about her evil plans and intentions.the bhallas get shocked and they decide to start up the pihu court case custody again by which pihu will finally declare that she wants to go with her ishimaa after hearing the real story about her birth and how ishita left her for 7 years.the court grants pihu to be with ishita and raman again happily and shagun will be sent behind bars permanently for poisoning a little girls mind about her own mother.adi and aaliya will soon get married in a grand manner and as well as ishita and raman too with mixed combination of madrasi and Punjabi marriage along with adi and aaliyas engagement.the show ends with season 2 for a year leap and then should begin with season 3

  21. I heard that dadi asks ishra to remarry if they want to see adi aliya together…actually this spoiler little disappointed me….because i thought remarriage is Ramans decision….but its ok ,all i want is ishra remarriage…

    Like ishra and ishru ,simi ishita bond is also nice to watch….the way they support each other is really commendable…

    Dadi too realized that shaguns is a careless mother…when will mani realize all these things…..i think now dadi may reunite ishita and pihu…infact i heard that ishita will seek dadis help to win pihus heart…..
    Laya said right…when pihu asked ishita to leave from bhalla house , raman was ready to disclose all the truths but ishu stopped him….now ishu too wants the same,but raman stopped her…but i think raman is right..its NOT the right time….because pihu hates ishu to core…

    1. Whoever decision it is but it is good news shivani

  22. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai magic I am from andhra Pradesh magic dear i already saw the notification but i have so many doubts recently I am completed my 1st year .and now I am studying 2nd year pls tell me if I am eligible for this test nobody told this to me yar 17 the Nov is the last date pls rly me pls clarify my doubt because i am very eagerly to write that exams I love that kind of exams

  23. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai magic I am from andhra Pradesh magic dear i already saw the notification but i have so many doubts recently I am completed my 1st year .and now I am studying 2nd year pls tell me if I am eligible for this test nobody told this to me yar 17 the Nov is th last date pls rly me pls clarify my doubt because i am very eagerly to write that exam i love that kind of exams

    1. Bhagya i have told you before that i will help you as a best friend and yes 100% you are eligible for the test because you have cleared your 1st year right and you got 97% in first year but you have to tell me that in which stream are you studying in and from which uni or college because your uni/college must affliated by ugc and naac because in engineering study you have to find out you don’t need to tell me if you can check yourself and after pass the test you have to submit the dmc of to ugc within two year’s otherwise you will be disqualified that all i am telling you because you just completed fist year so, study hard and apply for net i have also cleared net in my first year so, good luck my friend and plz ask me for everything i want to do help you and evryone because i am also studying in higher education

    2. Lakin bhagya tumhe bhi mujhe batana hai ye rly ka kya matlab hai aur ap mei “17th nov the” ko “17 the nov th” likhte hai kya hahahaha

  24. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Vandu’s mother-in-law insults Raman (Karan Patel)-Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) during Adi-Aliya’s pre-wedding rituals

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where everyone is happy as Raman has also agreed for Adi-Aliya’s alliance.

    Ishita somehow convinces Raman to accept Aliya as Adi’s happiness lies in Aliya, Raman finally agrees.

    Aliya’s Dadi thus organizes a small pre-wedding ritual according to Tamil rituals and all gets ready in traditional style.

    Adi and Aliya sits for the pooja ceremony, Pandit Ji asks Raman and Ishita to sit for the proceedings.

    Raman-Ishita gets insulted

    Vandu’s mother-in-law creates drama and stops Raman-Ishita from sitting in rituals, everyone gets shocked.

    Vandu’s mother-in-law says that Raman-Ishita were away from each other for seven years and they are not really husband -wife.

    Aliya’s Dadi gets upset hearing this, Raman-Ishita has nothing to say as all she said were true.

  25. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thanku magic I will definitely applied for this exam my CLG also affiliated by ugc and naac

  26. Hi yhm fans,Bhagya,Shivani,Magic,Sherya,Rosemary,Laya,Leila,Shibir,Super girl,Rhitushere and al yhm fans,i love this episode.i hop Pihu realise how is Shagum is bed person.what do u tink yhm fans?

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