Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update – *Ghost entry*

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok and Suraj talking to Shagun. Ashok looks worried. Abhishek tells Mihir that he will get Shagun’s body. Ashok comes to claim her body and says Shagun did not do suicide, she is murdered. He says Ishita was with her at that time. Mihir scolds him and says we all know Ishita well. Ashok says you have no sorrow to lose your sister. Abhishek says I was there at accident time, I know Ishita is innocent. Ashok says you look personal ACP for Bhalla family, I will get to the roots of this.

Mihir blames himself and says its all his mistake, he is not a good brother. Mihika pacifies her. Adi asks Sarika why did we come back home. Sarika says you go, I will tell you. Adi and Ruhi neighbors saying they lost their mum. Adi and Ruhi run to see Ishita. Amma and Mrs.

Bhalla pacify Ishita a lot. They send her to change. Amma says Mihir’s phone is coming. Mihir tells Mrs. Bhalla that there are some formalities, I will get Shagun’s body in some time. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to bring the body home. Amma says why, whats the need. Mihir hears Amma saying about dreams staying unfulfilled, when someone commits suicide, the soul wanders, we have lost our Rinki and now Shagun, its said if two deaths happens in same house, third death can happen too. Ishita comes and hears them.

She asks what are they talking and takes the phone. She asks Mihir to get Shagun’s body to Bhalla house, she was Ruhi and Adi’s mum, we will send her as our family member. Mihir says fine and cries. Ruhi and Adi come home and ask about Ishita. They cry. Ishita hears them and comes to them. She hugs them. Adi asks why was everyone saying about you. Sarika says they were talking about Shagun. The kids cry and ask about Shagun. Ishita says Shagun did not survive, I m sorry. She consoles the kids. Simmi takes Ruhi to room. Ishita says so sorry, we tried to stop her but she left. Adi says its all because of me, I m sorry, its my mistake, I m bad son. Ishita and Raman say its not because of him.

The family mourns for Shagun’s death. The pandit asks was she married or single, if she was married. Then she will need all suhaagan items. Ishita says she was married, she was Raman’s first wife and my children’s mum, she will go as suhaagan, I will make her ready. Amma stops Ishita. Ishita requests them to send Shagun to her room. She goes to her room to make Shagun ready. Amma says this is not good. Mrs. Bhalla says she has much courage. Amma worries. Ishita makes Shagun ready.

They take Shagun for final rite and Ishita sees Shagun’s hand outside the woods. She goes to put it inside the wood and turns. Shagun holds her hand and Ishita turns in shock. She sees there is no hand and tells Raman that Shagun has held her hand. Raman asks her to go. Amma tells Mrs. Bhalla that she feels something bad is going to happen. Adi gives the fire to the woods and does the final rites of his mum. Ishita cries and looks on. Raman asks Ishita to come.

Ishita says Shagun was Adi and Ruhi’s mum, I will stay for sometime more. Ishita sees the marks on her hand and gets thinking of that moment. Its night, Ishita is sleeping and recalls Shagun’s suicide. She wakes up and Raman asks is she fine. She says she will get water while he stops her. Ishita goes out and sees a lady crying. She gets shocked and screams.

Raman comes to Ishita and asks what happened. Ishita says someone is sitting there. He asks where. She points to the lady in bridal dress. Raman holds Ishita as she faints. Raman is unable to see the lady and just sees the place. Raman says there is no one there and takes her to room. He comes back to see the same place and opens the lights. He sees no one there and switches off lights. He leaves. The broken bangles are shown.

Raman gets shocked seeing Ishita sitting in the compound and says Ishita…. Ishita lifts her head and says she is not gone, she has come back. (OMG!!)

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jhanvi

    Epi was sad…. Adi nd Ruhi !!!!!!!! Oh God that part was really sad …nd Ruhi !!!!!!! Love u …..soooo much…..

  2. jhanvi

    Again Ashok come….!!!!!!! How can he claim for shagun’s body…..someone has lost her life, nd he still only thinks abt to trouble Raman nd Ishita……. Jst hate him….

    Epi was really scary nd horrible…. We don’t want dis nd end this part soon …..Plsss writer stop all dis…..

    We want our old YHM back…..

  3. jhanvi

    I really hope that it’s not a real horror track , only a trap for sarika, nd Shagun is only helping acp to rlvd d truth….!!!!! Nd I really hope that Shagun is nt turn into ngtv…..

    Finger crossed..!!!!!!!

  4. chiki

    before it ws shagun alive who troubled raman and ishita…and now it will be her ghost!!!! how stupid!!!!!

  5. shreya

    funny full.I need just laughing.yhm wants to provide allllll.comedy,family,thrilling,adventures,suspense…..haha….only ghost was that is fulfilled too.

  6. bhagi

    yar ye ho kya raha hai show me mujhe tho kuch samaj me nahi aa raha hai i mean pehle vo surrogacy ka drama aur aab ye bhooth drama its disgusting i mean how can starplus entertain this type of draman ye kya naya soach hai yar……….. lagtha hai ki bhooth ishu par nahi ektha par chad gayi hai poori yhm ko barbaad kar diya inlogom ne yar plz hame hamari poorani yhm vaapas kar do its somthng out of the world mastii mazaa entertainmnt nd lovely romantic but now a days only rona dona aur uper se e bhooth preeth etc etc etc nd kya yeh hai mohabnatein hai ya tho phir simar ka sasural 2 hai

  7. doll

    It’s not now ye hai mohabbate but it turns into aahat and fearfiles?.
    Now since it became horror show so it’s time slot shils change to mid nite show?

  8. kajal

    Yar ho kya ra
    Ab shagun ku twin sister omg
    Yr mihir bhai hi hai ma ki koi anjan
    Ab ek aur naya drama hate u ekta

  9. Roshan

    They are remixing all thing first romantic n emotional after that bomb last,killing,suicide, n now horror after that what no one can imagine

  10. diya

    i couldnt undrstand the precape . whn ishita said thise words was she possesed by the spirit ?? hvnt seen the episode it . i am find this track interesting 🙂

  11. Ann

    Jhanvi …pls tell me y did u say that dis horror track is to reveal d truth of sarika ….n if its a plan then how can Shagun enter ishita’s body…pls tell

  12. sweety

    Is Mrs Bhalla Mad ???? What rubbish track is going on ?? First mrs bhalla destroys subbu’s home , by creating misunderstanding… Scolding subbus wife and she commits suicide and same thing now…. She scolds shagun without any evidence and she commit suicide …. Pagal mrs bhalla.. Uss time maafi wagere mangi thi na ?? Ab fir se wahi ??? Stupid writers !!!

  13. cutie

    Yar kya bakwas banake rakhe h serial ko..?!! Writers r u gone mad? Serial ka title kya h?theme kya h? Ab ye horrific twist necessary h? Barbad karke rakha h serial ko

  14. Dr J

    oh my god please stop this the track is not going well at all its really boring cant the serial go nicely always it needs some or the other drama

  15. Darshika

    My god…..! But I like this. Interesting…..!!!!

    But ashok….! After the loooooooooooong time he has come to his ex girlfriend…..!
    Lol….! Lol…..! Lol…..! Very funny that scene.

    Waiting for next episode. I’m exited….!
    From SL

  16. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Twist
    We bring to our readers a latest hot gossip
    news for star plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    According to some serious gossip and
    rumour, Shagun is apparently faking her
    death to trouble Ishita (Divyanka)….

  17. The upcoming episode Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Shagun’s sprit possessed Ishita’s
    body and help to catch Rinki’s murderer.
    Ishita finally reveals Rinki’s murderer as Romi’s
    wife Sarika.
    Sarika’s truth revelation brings shock for
    everyone but they get left dumbfounded seeing
    dead Shagun coming back.
    Shagun again start her evil plans to ruin the
    happiness of Bhallas.
    Shagun is dead but her twin sister of Shagun
    Shagun and her sister got separated and brought
    up by their father in Australia.
    Shagun twin sister will return to avenge the
    death of her sister.

    • Cham

      How can this happen? This Ektha wants to keep Shagun anyhow in the show.Her TWIN SISTER? Does Mihir know this?I felt really happy thinking that Shagun is dead but now..what’s going on??

  18. Sumitisharma

    It’s not at all nice…I get much scared of ghost serial or movies..y did ekta always ruin the show like this. ..I’m hating this’s my fav show..I see only one show n that too this lady has spoiled..?????

  19. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

  20. nash

    Such disgusting track. …can’t beleave…how can star plus prolong like this… I mean ghost…chi

    This serial actually resembles my life..but thank god…no first wife interference… lolz…this is become stupid drama

  21. want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    in yhm plzzzzz….. ekta and makers .now the
    whole serial has too worsen .

  22. old yhm was far better and too good from the present yhm .whatever they are showing is scary and i cant watch it anymore . i am not even understanding also. its too confusing and unentertaining.plz ekta and makers return us our old yhm.plzzzzz…..

  23. Cham

    OMG! This is really very scary!Feels like quite interesting but please don’t drag the track. Better to end it shortly and to start new , beautiful and romantic tracks.
    from SL

  24. star plus mein zyaada bhooth vooth ka drama air supernatural powers sab nahi dikhaathe .yhm bilkul ssk ki tarah dikh raha hai. i dont know how could star plus encourage such things .yhm is just copying some film by named krishna cottage or sak serial .star plus moto is rishtha wahi soch nayi .but here there is nothing amazing new tracks that are shown.neither the show presents to be innovative nor it is entertaing too much.

  25. plz ekta and makers plz end this horror track as soon as possible .too scared to watch it .plzzzzz….. end this horror track and atleast now give it a positive turn.

    • diya

      plz.. dnt evn thnk of ending the serial . u may not be a fan of this series but some of us . it ‘s a part of our heart . we may protest if we don’t like the track but we can’t thnk in our dreams that its gonna end so soon. atleast 3 – 4 years it should run cause its a mega serial consistant in the top 10 . no way its gonna end so soon. if u dnt like it dont watch it . it will not affect the trp at all. but better not say it should be ended. thanku >_<

      • DaNnY

        Hmmm yA uR abSoluteLy riGht..I aM aLso a BiG faN oF Y.H.M… if I caN’t sEe thE epiSode aT 7:30 thAn I wiLl defiNitely sEe thE reCap aT 11:00 pM…:-)

  26. Demi

    I am actually kinda loving this track but can somebody plzz tell me what is this track all about? I mean why sarika will murder rinki and twin and ghost ? If shagun is helping ishita via ghost then why is she acting so scary I mean bangles and marks etc ????btw hi guys ..but I love this track ..cheers to yhm fans ✌??? and plzz explain?

  27. DIVA

    f**k these pple for havin F***** a very good serial

  28. Avi

    Hey guys..the latest gossip is that abhishek and sarika are helping shagun in faking her death..shagun knws sarika’s secret so they agree to be partners in crime with shagun fr takin revenge against ishita….sarika gives some drugs to ishita wich vl make her behave strangely..but nothing is confirmed yet..hav to c whr vl dis lead to

  29. diya

    so hello all yhmians …. for a past few days yhm is quite in the news for the recent high voltage drama nd twists happening in the show . first rinki’s mysterious murder ..dn surrogacy track nd now this supernatural one.
    i hv seen all the recent episodes ( i hv seen all 581 epis .never missd one 🙂 )
    nd read all the recent and old spoilers nd external links related to this show .
    well, the recent track going in these show is all about shagun’s suicide nd later on possesing ishita’s body .
    but in many spoilers it is said that shagun hasnt died . she is actually taking revnge from ishita blah blah.. u kno the rest of it. accordng to me … there is somethng more to it . i dnt think its cmpltly a supernatural track .
    1 – if i blv .. shagun is still alive nd is taking a revng on ishita dn how her body was takn there at bhalla house. ishita dressed her and the last rights r performed . not possible ishita dressd her nd hd nt seen her face . rt ?? shagun has died . nd now she is troubling ishita if the track is purely supernatural . may be in this context … i mn the way am describng the track or the makers r
    . shagun spirit is gonna help ishita to xpose sarika . nd dn finally her charecter is gonna end.. but i really dnt thnk ekta itni imp charecter ko ahse bhoot banane k bad khatam kar degi. i still do not blv in this twin sister spoiler . neither commendable nor commently .total rubishh .
    2 – okay ..the 2nd which cn hppn in this show is shagun is actually not dead . she , ishita nd abhiskh ..maybe raman ( i dnt thnk ! ) have made a pln to xpose sarika . well … on this context the hints can be abhisekh looking a lil fake aftr shagun’s death . like he is not bng himself. shagun’s dead body not shown yet . reason ? ekta only knows. ishita dressing up shagun .only hand is show . manoj not shown after raman broke the news to him. maybe miihir is also in ishta nd shagun’s team cause he had the brought the dead body to home. tbere r reports that the horror track is not totally puro it has sm more to it . its actually there to creat some hoax and suspense between the viewrs nd also raise the trp . ekta is not evn allowng the media to enter the sets to keep the latest track under cover .

    i really don’t know which one prediction comes near the actual story line of the show . i personally wNt the 2nd one to happn . but i will reqst u all not to blv all the spoilers comng ths days . most of them r inncorrect nly somethm r true to sm xtnt . u cnt relay on the spoilers totally . this show is vry impulsive nd unpredictable . spoilers r not that helpful i guess. u need to watch the show to know wts gonna hppn nxt . sirf spoiler padhne k bad commnt karna thik nhi hai .watch the show ..thnk and thn say nythng .:)
    okay . i thnk i hv said enough for today .
    plz commnt which option among 1 or 2 u thnk is more relevnt . bcz am pretty sure smthng is going to happn related to my these 2 predictions . keep watching yhm.
    #yhm_alwys_rocks :*

  30. Karthika

    Episode z really interesting. …….but rinkys muder still its a mistery????? Who killed rinky……

  31. tottaly stupid tracks these days…At first Mihika accidently killing sarika & sagun committing suicide for such a stupid issue.sagun’s suicide track is so unexpected & its also can have a bad influence on girls…as long as we know shagun she is super materialistic but not stupid…why she would suicide when she has two kids,raman & manoj’s support with her,only to take revenge from ishita?

    & for ishita’s mom I would say its MIHIR who lost two of her family members not ishita’s…when mihika killed rinki you didn’t say anything about ghost,now what happpened?rinki’s death was also accident. but you feared of rinki turning ghost..

  32. what the hell yaar ekta and makers .roz roz kyu backwaaz dikha rahe hai .ishitha ki miscarriage baad toh story bahuth kheech rahe hai aur jo bhi dimaag mein aaya usse buss show mein thoos the jaa rahe hai .aur ektaji aap hi kehthi thi ki serial mein freshness ki zaroorath hai lekin hum veiwers aur fans ke liye humaara puraana yhm lao toh wahi humaare liye freshness hai .toh plz ekta and makers stop all this crap.plzzzzz…..

  33. Darshika

    WTF…..!!! Twin sister……??? Nonsense…..!
    Dumb ekta,don’t do this. If you want to keep anita in this story, plz let her be as positive……. But she should never involve BADLY in between raman and ishita…….!!!
    And if she alive, it’s ok….. But no surrogate baby. If there is a baby, IT WILL BE THE BEST AND THE BIGGEST JOKE IN THIS WORLD…..!!!coz according to the accident, baby can’t survive…..!(happy)

    And yes, there’s something fishy….!
    First, abhishek removed ALONE death body.
    Second, they never show shagun’s body after taking hospital or in the hospital.
    Third, (THIS IS BIG ONE) ishita ask from abhishek ” could you please take her in my room”(I can’t believe this ) why only abhishek ?mihir or someone should help for that.
    Forth, shagun was dressed up by ishita. But they didn’t show shagun’s body. Only show her hand. We don’t know that her face covered by something because of the accident.
    Fifth, shagun was dressed up by ishita ALONE.Why alone….? At least only one girl should’ve helped her. But ishita didn’t ask from anyone.

    I’m really exited. !
    And again, please no twin sister. !
    Coz she will also be like evil shagun…..!
    Please don’t go back to the past……!!!
    From SL

    • jhanvi

      Ya totally agree with u yar….that’s y I think that she is alive… Nd I really hope that’s true… No ngtv Shagun again Plsss nd no twin sister track…

      Finger crossed..!!!!!! Jst eagrly awaiting for d next epi… Ishu is doing well….!!!!

      I m sooooo exited BT actually I m worried also….!!!!

  34. Star Plus’ daily drama Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) is all
    set to present a MAJOR twist that will
    leave you all shocked and surprised!
    The current track on the Star Plus
    show is focusing on Shagun’s
    pregnancy. A huge fight has ensued
    between Ishita and Raman over the
    revelation that Shagun was carrying
    Raman’s baby. Ishita slammed Raman
    for not revealing the fact that Shagun
    was carrying their surrogate baby.
    The Bhallas upon learning about the
    paternity of Shagun’s child, will bash
    her with strong words. Ishita will also
    give her a mouthful.Fed up with their
    words,she will take a nasty turn with
    Shagun jumping of the roof.
    As we mentioned earlier that
    Shagun’s Spirit will posses ishita to
    create havoc in the Bhalla
    family.Ishita does all the rituals for
    On the other hand,On learning about
    shagun’s death Ashok gets angry.He
    confesses that he loves Shagun
    despite of everything he done with
    her.He decides to take revenge from
    ishita for shagun’s death.
    If Spoilers are to be
    believed,Shagun’s suicide,Ghost and
    everything will be a plan of ACP
    Abhishek.It seems that Abhishek will
    take Shagun’s help to find out the real
    murderer of Rinky.
    May be he is doubting ishita as she is
    the last person to meet her or may be
    he is thinking anyone in the bhalla
    family might killed shagun.
    Will this Ghost Drama find Rinky’s Rel
    murderer Sarika? Will Raman and
    ishita able to get their child?
    We still need to wait for the confirmed
    news.Until then keep reading this
    space for more updates.

  35. Soniya

    Wonder why all of the YHM (Shagun (she is a devil for sure), Sarika, Rinki, Ashok, Suraj, etc…) and even Ekta and her team targeting Ishita OR try to take revenge on her only.

    We know its a drama, but the makers must show it in such a way the viewers to believe the story. This is a total bullshit.

    I thought YHM will be a loving family story but now its worst than a bad commercial movie..

    Home movie has turned into a horror movie

  36. Soniya

    I thought shagun got truly killed, at least then Bhalla’s could have done something to0 get away with shagun’s ghost by using a good pandit. It would have been a great relief for YHM fans.

    Fake death means shagun will continue to harm ishita as a living ghost forever.

    Why not ekta unite her favorite shagun and raman together and end the story

  37. Darshika

    And one more thing…., I’ve missed it.
    After the shagun’s death, abhishek only checked shagun’s pulse rate.
    I know that it’s weird and sad situation. But ishita is a doctor. She should’ve checked shagun’s pulse rate at least once…..!
    And yesterday ishita was doing nice job.

  38. ch

    I don’t know why, but I didn’t like ishita’s some qualities and behaviour from the beginning. Actually I hate her.(i know she is good, but….) And I like shagun. So I am not happy about this shagun’s death. And I think writers will not kill shagun because she is a lead character in the show.

  39. V P

    Ishitha , Raman , Shaghun in fact the whole team of Yhm is good actors . Shaghun is good or Ishitha is not the question here …. Creators are stuck up with surrogancy …..doesn’t know how to move on …. Horror and all not required at all . To find our Rinkys murderer such a big move of Shaghun committing suicide . Then another big flow from creators . Shaghun quite characterless from beginning and Ishitha with a fair and decent character . In fact the theme had given good views to audience but now failed . Either stop the serial …. However you try to bring out positiveness to our old Yhm , due to surrogacy track , it is not easy .. Now not interested to watch at all

  40. Amisha

    Its very interesting now. Its very screaming. I can not miss even an episode of yhm especially this track. I love it.

  41. suji

    i love YHM. from the starting. but now i hated it for shaguns death.i love shagun even though it is negative.plz do anything and bring back shagun.

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