Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dinesh delivering the diamond necklace to Suraj. Suraj tells him that Vandita should not know this and Dinesh leaves. Suraj wishes happy diwali to Vandu. Sarika calls her friend and gets to know there is one opening. She says she wants to do this job. The lady says the condition is they will hire unmarried girls. Sarika asks her to send her CV. The lady says but you are married. Sarika says I will not tell anyone I m married. The lady says this won’t be right. Sarika says please, I want this job. The lady says fine. Sarika wishes she gets this job. Mrs. Bhalla comes and gives her diwali gift, as its her first diwali. Sarika thanks and takes her blessings. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla got clothes for Rohit, come and take. She asks does Romi know you are lying to do

the job. Sarika says I have to work, if Romi can’t, I don’t want my son to lead a bad life.

Suraj comes to meet Vandu and smiles seeing her make Rangoli. He says he completed second assignment file. She says its holiday today, you would have shown this in college. He says please check, its completed, I took this course as challenge and want to complete my project on time. She says your progress is good, I m glad you are taking this serious. He says he got this small gift for her. She says I m your teacher, this is not needed. He asks her to see it once. She sees the design she gave to Dinesh. He says he requested Dinesh to make exact design for her. She says I can’t accept it. He says I genuinely want to thank you, please accept this, its small gift. She says fine, you have to take money for this, the jeweler told the estimate, I will call and confirm. Suraj says yes, I paid him 30000rs, you give it to me, no problem. She says fine and takes the necklace. She goes to get money and asks him to wait. She says its diwali, no one goes without having sweets from our home, make yourself comfortable, have sweets. She goes. He smiles and says happy diwali….

Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to help her, Ishita is busy since morning. Simmi says she has urgent work, I m doing freelancing work with my friend. Mrs. Bhalla says its diwali today, come before dinner. Simmi leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says everyone is busy, don’t know will Mihir come on dinner. Mihika comes to office and gifts Kurta to Mihir. She asks him to wear it. He thanks her. She asks him to get ready and come for diwali puja, she thought to light diyas in office and do puja here. He says he has no mood to celebrate diwali. She convinces him and he goes to change. She says everything is getting fine, Mihir agreed and Ishita is also recovering.

Ishita dresses up for Diwali, and says she has to make Simmi accept truth, today on diwali. She cries and prays Lord to make this thing easy for her. The power goes and she gets up to see. Raman holds her hand and hugs her. She says she will get candle. Raman makes her sit and gets the jewelry. Maine khudko dediya hai tujhko…..plays………….. He makes her wear the necklace, bangles and ring. They smile. He signs he got earrings too, and makes her wear it.

He gets a diya and says you know why I got this diya, diya got light in this darkness, likewise you got light in my life, I can’t say what you are for me, and hugs her. She feels bad to do all that again today, but its for his sake.

Everyone do puja. Ishita talks to kids and asks Neelu to get snacks for them. She thinks when will Simmi come. Prateek comes and wishes everyone happy diwali. Raman introduces Mihir to him. Iyers comes and Ishita hugs her family. She likes the necklace and says it would be Bala’s choice. Vandu says its her choice. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla about Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi would come before dinner. Ishita thinks Simmi has to answer me.

Ishita confronts Simmi about meeting someone special. Simmi asks what nonsense. Ishita says you went to meet my BF Ashok Khanna. Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. is this suraj started loving vadhu

  2. will someone tell me what’s going on in suraj’s mind? -_-

  3. I think suraj ke mann mem vandu ke liye kuch Kuch ho raha hai.. Dnt knw ab iyer family mem bhi fights hoge poor bala.he loves vandu alot.

  4. Omg
    Suraj has started like vandu??

  5. I think may be suraj will take revenge on vandu by acting nicely like this..

  6. I think Bala will die somehow so they r pairing vandu in advance. I like Bala character ya. Hope I am deadly wrong.

    1. No I think suraj is trying to defame vandu by telling the college administrators the she asked sura for a gift to pass him (gift as a bribe)?

  7. Meera maheshwari

    Can anyone tell me whats going b/w suraj and vandu. I missed some episodes so im not geting any link.

    1. Soraj got caught by vandu while cheating in his Pg exam, and the princi ordered sooraj inspite of giving to police, he”ll has to complete the sem by himself under the guidance of vandu. Thats why, he applies oil on the feet of vandu…

  8. Dn’t knw y both brothers likes married womans idiots

  9. Abhe sooraj kya chal raha hai

  10. Today it was diwali. Then what it day was when someone threw that stone on raman when bursting crackers.

  11. What the he’ll is going on with surah is he starting to love vandu?????????????

    1. Exactly??

  12. Love The Episode Most Especially Rahman And Ishita.Balla And Vandita Are Another Perfect Couple, Wishing The Entire Cast And Crew Happy Diwali From Nigeria

  13. nice epi.
    But this khanna brothers always like or love(I don’t know) married women. They can’t find the single girls from whole india.

  14. Aishu u murdered English today sis

  15. woww another lovllyyy epi…. the ishra scene ws soo romantic n dreamy .. uff …for me mujhe mil gya mela pulana yhm with ishra romance …. kaal bohot tention wala epi hone wali ..just like divyanka i thnk in yhm wrld divyanka also gets to skin of the chrectr whnevr she acts like shagun . simmi will say that she hs gone to meet ashoke but utne mar khane k bad v ( yes ishu will throw things at her

  16. Plz dont show vandu n suraj pairing bala is far far better

  17. I knew it was simmi who was helping that bastard ashok

  18. Yes suraj started liking or loving vandu but may be suraj must be appling butter on vandu as she is his teacher….

  19. In the upcoming episode ishita will start her ghost drama and start behaving like shagun.Everyone will be left confused as they are happy as ishita is normal from so many days.

    Ishita acts like Shagun and reveals everyone that simmi is meeting with ashok. She asks her to revel the reason why she is meeting her bf.

    When simmi doesn’t answer, Shagun(aka ishita) tries to throw a vase on her but soon prateek comes and stops her. Ishita faints according to the plan.

    Later,simmi will be target of everyone’s questions but she will not answer them.

    On the other hand, it seems that Suraj is interested more in vandita than his studies. He even gifts her a diamond necklace without informing her.

    It is still unknown what misunderstanding is going to create between vandita and bala or is he planning to take revenge ishita and raman.

    But ishita decided to continue with ghost drama in a bid to expose the member of the simmi at the earliest.

    Will ishita able to find the real culprit ? To know more keep reading for more updates.

  20. Hi every one episode was nice specially ishra scene but again that ghost drama hope k sab k samne jald sachai a jaye n I couldn’t understand whether suraj really starting like vandu or is it a plan

  21. Lovely epi…. Nd lovely ishra scene…… I think Raman knew this drama…….

    Nd hope simmi is nt real culprit….. Confused bout suraj’s intentions BT if he is really changed I will be happy… I don’t think he is planning smthing….. I think he likes vandu…!!!!!

    Nice pridction sri….!!!! I also think d same… BT I hope that they will nt kill bala’s character…. Bala is also a nice character….!!!!!!!! Nd yeah their pair is Also cute….

  22. looks like suraj has started liking vandu..nice to see him in positive character but poor bala..maybe simi is forced by ashok, her daughters life can be at stake or something but then there can be a twist later n ashoks plan will be revealed..suraj can be if help to bhallas in this n go against ashok..

  23. Ishitha’s action as Shagun’s ghost is marvellous. By doing this she would be able to get to the bottom of the murderous plots by Ashok. She could even protect Vandu by pretending to be Shagun and warn him in advance to leave her sister alone or else she would harm him. He is as vicious and vindictive as his brother Ashok and should not be allowed to harm the harmony in this family.

  24. I hope suraj has changed..
    Simi should be exposed before everyone

  25. I love story.i think suraj started love vandu.i am feeling bad about dear simmy

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