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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying everyone’s phone is off, it means Ishita played some game. Adi feeds gulab jamun to Aaliya and asks what happened, is it bad. She says no, its really good. He asks seriously, I will also taste. She says no. He eats and spits it. He says its so bad, why did you eat it, you should have told me its bad, are you mad. She says you are mad, you don’t know cooking and did this to make me happy, I never had better gulab jamuns. He hugs her. She says you did a lot for me, I can have gulan jamun for you, love does not mean that we like each other’s good things, love means to accept good and bad, like we trust and respect each other, its enough for me, I m very lucky. He holds her and kisses her forehead.

Raman sees everyone dining. Ishita stops him and

takes him away. She says you would have been in room. He asks why is anyone not coming upstairs. She asks him to go, if Shagun sees him, it will be issue. He says I made fun of you, so you did this, I knew it. She says I don’t want Adi and Aaliya to get infection. Shagun will get angry, when you drink much, you have hangover, I did not wish this. He asks don’t I have right to enjoy in my son’s marriage. He goes. Shagun sees him and asks why did you come, sit in room, we all will get infection. Raman angrily goes. Adi sneezes and takes the napkin. Ishita says not this please, its of Raman, sorry don’t say anything, Raman is upset.

Adi cries recalling Roshni and Aaliya. He drinks. He says Aaliya is so sweet, innocent, she loves me a lot, what am I doing, no I can’t do this with my Aaliya.

Ishita asks Raman why did he come, when she asked him to stay away, Adi would have got infection. He says you ruined my plans, do you think you are sensible. She asks why did you get home with conjunctivitis. He asks did I see in anyone’s eyes, you always try to control me. She says no, I just say right thing. He says you are useless. She says this is problem I always try to help you. He says you fooled me. She says I m out of it and goes. She rests in sofa.

Adi comes to her. She asks what happened to you, you are drunk. Adi sees Roshni sleeping. Adi says I have to tell you something, but not here. She takes him to his room and asks what happened.

Adi says I have to tell you something. She asks him to say. He says I m very sorry. She asks him to say her what happened, none of his mistake can be too big that she can’t forgive him. He recalls her words and cries. She asks what happened to you. He rests in her lap and says your son could not sleep since many days, I want to sleep in your lap. She hugs him and consoles. She thinks what did she want to tell me, I have to ask him tomorrow.

Its morning, Raman gets angry and throws things. He calls Neelu and asks for his tshirt. Neelu gives him. Ishita comes and sees him angry. Neelu goes. Ishita says I need to talk. Raman gets a call and gets anger out. He says world is full of useless people. She says I will not talk to him. Ruhi comes and takes her.

Ruhi and everyone surprise Ishita and wish happy mothers day. Ishita hugs Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla comes. Ishita wishes her. Ruhi says we want smile on Ishita’s face. Ishita cuts the cake and feeds to Mrs. Bhalla. Adi says good lines for Ishita. She feeds him cake and hugs him. She says I m very proud of you, I need to talk to you. Raman wishes Mrs. Bhalla and gets cake for her. Ishita thinks he is still kiddish, he is doing this to tease me. She asks Roshni to come and have cake. Aaliya tells Roshni about mothers day, Ishita clears all our problems, there is nothing like give and take. Pihu says Ishita loves us. Ruhi says she is best mum, we are most imp for her, but our character is more imp for her, she does not let us take wrong step, she teaches us to become good, we are her strength, if we get little hurt, she gets hurt, I love her. Ishita says I love you. Roshni says I did not know this. Aaliya asks her to have cake. Ruhi says celebrate mothers day with us, you are also this house’s daughter. Adi looks on.

Ishita wishes Amma and hugs. Raman tells Appa that Ishita spoiled their party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    after so many days I like today’s episode
    hi guys rithu VP Amma sindhu siddhi jaz adithya magic shivani isuri HP disha and all yhm frds

    1. Hi are you?

  2. Hi rithu, VP, Shivani, Susan, Parichary, Mino, magic, Bhagya, Khushi…. Hope you all are doing fine. Thanks Rithu for putting up the Star Paarivar results. It is sad that Raman and Ishita did not get favourite jodi or international jodi. At least they could have gotten international jodi award. Well cvs separated them too many times until people got frustrated with this old fiasco of Ishra being separated all the time.

    Coming to today’s episode, Adi should have just swallowed his pride and taken Roshini’s gulab jamun instead of throwing them away. Even if he does not want hers, he should tell her respectfully instead of shouting at her. This is not Adi. Adi is usually portrayed as gentle.

    Ishita should have given some leeway for Raman and the rest of the men. Raman is right that she controls too much. I think for this episode Ishita too went a bit overboard. Raman is a father and she should not restrict him too much. I am sure he would not get drunk. He knows his limit. There is no harm just drinking a bit of cocktail to celebrate his son’s wedding. Poor Raman!!!! No wonder he got so angry in the morning.

    Finally Pihu has arrived!!!! It is about time they have shown Pihu. She was gone for so long. Why is there no closeness between Ishita and Pihu? I don’t see the real attachment between Pihu and Ishita. Did they use body double for Ishita and Raman when Raman comes down and Ishita pulls him to the room to ask why he came down? Why do they need to use some scenes body double? I don’t understand the logic at all. Why can’t the actors just act instead of using body double?

    1. Ya Sindhi .I totally agree with you.
      Actually ishra was not nominated for favourite Jodi .Divek was nominated .

  3. At least I like today’s and yesterday’s episode. There were more of Ishra’s scenes and friendly arguments. It was nice to watch those.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Don’t blame Adi too much for his reaction against roshni because Adi is in tension he is still bordered by his forced marriage to roshni. Ishita sometimes is too controlling she should not have treated Raman the way she did. Raman deserve to have that drink party. He was told not to be at the dinner because he has infection he agreed and requested for a little drink party so why can’t ishita let him have it.
      Adi finds it difficult to tell the truth and I won’t blame him because it’s not even easy to tell the truth talk more of revealing a secret. Aaliyah came to celebrate mother’s day event with ishita and not with shagun, even her own children are not celebrating with her so I wonder,who actually loves shagun amongst the children. It’s nice to see pihu but I wonder if pihu has really bonded well with ishita because I don’t see their bond in this serial. I hope that the writer and director of yhm will create more scenes for ishita and pihu so that we can see what their bond is like.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Is ishita going to choose roshni over aaliyah after she came to know about the forced marriage. Will she look aaliyah in the face and say to her, I am sorry but I won’t support you and Adi to be married after he has been married to roshni. What a shock it will be for aaliyah who sees her as her mother I tell you this will be like betrayal for aaliyah.

    1. It’s not like a betrayal it is a betrayal for aliaa… I agree with u…

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. I think Ishita will make adi marry roshni instead of aaliya

  7. Ishitha has becoming a controlling freak and it was very unfair by her to segregate Raman and preventing him from enjoying. Adhi is right and he prepaid Gulab Jamun with lots of love so it matters more than taste and Roshini does not have any idea about such love. And Ishitha was enjoying the dinner without caring about Raman whether he being comfortable or not very unbecoming of yesteryear Ishitha. I think they lost because very controversial CV and the serial lost the essence in it.

  8. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Maybe we judge and condemn our actors in yhm alot that is why they don’t get nominated. If you watch very closely you will notice that ishita and Raman’s marriage have changed over the years especially after their second marriage. When they first got married Raman was in control but after their second marriage ishita took over gradually, especially after ruhi came out from remand home. In marriages the man is usually in control that is how God has made it and the woman helps him and not be too powerful , but ishita has become too powerful, it could also be another reason why they are not nominated. And look at ishita how she is controlling Raman now look at what she is doing to him lately. It’s not proper, she is not giving him respect enough. So why will they be nominated, they are no longer perfect like they use to be, so ishita has to change.

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu iam fine dear and gud mrng to all

  11. Hi Sindhu , Rithu , Bhagya , Shivani , Magic , Mino, Susan and all ..,,
    Its very true Ishras chemistry is fully gone …Cvs to be blamed for all the rubbish twists . The unique love story is completely gone . Alia is really very understanding . Their love also understandable . Adis and Roshinis forced marriage .. we cant blame both . Adis one mistake was leaving her alone in the park . See , marriage is not a joke . Do you all think Adi can come out ofhis guilty of not telling the truth abd cheating Allia .. I am not supporting Roshini too .. But whats her mistake . The marriage has to be stopped , give time for divorce and if Adi Alias love is strong enough …they should marry . But surely Sgaghun will influence Alia …. Mani will be upset … somebody has to take strong step to sort out and move forward , that only Ishitha can do . But Both Ishra together should sort it .Episode was enjoyable , mothers day celeberation was nice , Adi and Ishimas scene was awsone . But Ramans anger is justified . Conjectivits is not something like chicken box . He cud be seen enjoying . What is cvs upto , I really dont know . Shaghun is irritating …

    1. Ur right…. I agree with you. aliaa and adhi are a perfect match. Now the jagatmatha ishta will unite adhi and roshini shattering everyone. About shagun, she’s waiting to get ishta insulted. The reason of aliaa turning negative will be shagun and ishta because shagun will influence aliaa, ishta will support forced marriage. There are many things that I don’t like from ishta. She wants to prove that she’s right always, over controlling, her over goodness ruins all people’s lives,,, I am hating ishta nowadays….she has given more importance to roshini more than her children. I know why didn’t ishra get nominated because they have been separated, fought many times… Raman is not wrong… He just wanted to enjoy with Mani and Bala. Ishta and Shagun are annoying…..

    2. Hey VP .How are you?

      1. I am fine Rithu . How r you ?

  12. Hello everyone happy mothers….episode is nice. Lovely to c Pihu again n plzzzz more bonding between mother n daughter. Ishita is Pihu asli mama n why is she paying to much attention to Roshni instead of Pihu

  13. azuka nkwonta

    There is no where in this world that God a woman to take absolute control over marriage not even in any culture in this world do we find a woman taken absolute control of their marriage and also in control of the husband no where at all. Even in Hollywood where we see things that look like that people don’t respect such marriage and majority of them always end up in divorce.
    I know that the directors are trying to give rights to the women and improve the status of women in India but they should not do this at the expense of what a real marriage really is. Ishita should have some limits to her power especially where her husband is concerned. Copying other peoples culture also destroys your own culture too . The directors should reduce the power they have given to ishita lately and balance the marriage so that they can keep winning awards but I know that they will not do it because obviously ekta seems to be more interested in women power than she is with men power.
    I know that when the truth gets revealed that she will not let Raman make the decision about what will happen with roshni and adi’s forced marriage instead she will give it to ishita and then ishita will tell you that Raman makes rash decisions. But this same Raman is the same man that made a decision that took him from being a poor Raman to a rich Raman and up till now his business decisions is what is moving his business empire forward so why can’t this same Raman make decisions that can move his family forward. IT does not mean that Raman cannot make good decisions for the family but the truth is that ekta kapoor wants a serial that can give women absolute power against what is naturally obtainable in the society. So Raman has become a taunted husband instead of a brainy husband. Even when he was married to shagun he wants to make Adi a good son but shagun did not accept that but instead she wants to spoil Adi. Raman is a good family man and a loving father maybe he takes decisions from the hard way but he always take good decisions. It might take sometimes but they always work at the end.

  14. azuka nkwonta

    Somethings in the drama needs to be reshuffled. I agree with everyone who said that ishita gives more attention to roshni than her children. Yes!, that’s what she does and why will a good mother do that. I agree with shagun; ishita’s goody goody attitude always spoil things for everyone including her children.

  15. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have got a bit upgraded with the addition of Roshni’s character and the insecurity of Aaliya.

    Aaliya have witnessed that Roshni and Adi have been talking a little much more than friends.

    Aaliya however does not know that Adi and Roshni are married and thinks that Roshni is trying to woo Adi.

    Aaliya shouts at Roshni to stay away from Adi as Aaliya is going to get married to Adi.

    Aaiya’s bossing avatar

    Aaliya further more bosses upon Adi too that Adi is getting a bit closer to Roshni and Aaliya does not appreciate the same.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Aaliya get to smell something fishy amid Adi and Roshni?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  16. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  17. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have been getting more and more involved in controversial topics of Adi and Roshni.

    Aaliya have been off lately got to know that there is something really serious cooking amid Rohsni and Adi.

    To Aaliya’s surprise Raman and Ishita have also been supporting Roshni rather than Adi and Aaliya.

    On giving this a second though we can get to know that Rohsni is a simple girl just like what Ishita likes to stay.

    Ishita-Roshni’s tuning

    Ishita further gets an alltogather different feel with making wedding preparations with Rohsni as she fits into Ishita’s shoes very well.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Ishita’s increased closeness with Roshni set a jealousy pattern for Aaliya?

    Stya tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  18. Since yhm started this is the first time that yhm did not get maximum awards in star parivar awards. All because of these crap episodes which the CVS made .They only ruined the serial to the full .

  19. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on star plus there would be an alltogather new type of storyline been seen amid Roshni and Adi.

    Adi and Roshni’s Gulab Jamun making get to become a flop show post Adi mix something wrong in the receipe along with Roshni.

    Adi than scolds Roshni for the Gulab Jamun’s to get spoiled but in reality it was whole and sole Adi’s mistake.

    Adi gets very astonished to watch that Roshni started to cry for Adi shouting on Roshni and Adi starts feeling bad.

    Roshni-Adi’s patch up

    Adi goes to crying Roshni and asks for forgiveness and become friends hence forth.

    This decision of Adi and Roshni getting to become would be taking a new and interesting turn in the serial.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Adi and Roshni’s this patch up make Aaiya jealous?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  20. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama.

    Adi and Aliya’s marriage preparations had begun in full swing, Adi and Aliya are excited to be with each other.

    Adi and Aliya gets their marriage jetters but are extremely happy to get love of their life and are unaware of upcoming storm.

    Yes a huge storm rather truth is going to hit their marriage and will shatter things to mere pieces of dreams.

    Adi and Aliya’s marriage cancelled

    This storm will be none other than Adi and Roshni’s marriage truth which will get unleashed and thus here begins the real struggle.

    Ishita will be shattered finding truth will stop Adi and Aliya’s marriage, Adi will be forced to accept Roshni.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  21. Star Plus Star Parivaar Awards (SPA) 2017 Full Winners List

    Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female category): Surbhi Chandna from Ishqbaaaz

    Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male category): Kunal Jaisingh a.k.a. Omkara from Dil Boley Oberoi

    Dabur Fresh Face Award: Aastha from Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi

    Most Stylish Sadasya Award: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and Swetlana

    Favorite Judge Award: Karan Johar for Dil Hai Hindustani and Remo D’Souza for Dance Plus

    Favorite Beti Award: Durga from the show Meri Durga and Avni from Naamkaran.

    Favorite Beta Award: Nakuul Mehta a.k.a. Shivay from Ishqbaaz

    Favorite Saas Award: Ammaji from Mere Anganey Mein

    Favourite Sasur Award: Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    Favourite Jodi Award: Karthik and Naira from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    Favourite International Jodi: Anika and Shivay for Ishqbaaz

    Nayi Soch Award: Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Kya

    Favourite Pati Award : Chandra from ChandraNandini and Kartik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    Favourite Patni Award: Nandini from Chandra Nandini and Kaira Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    Best Bahu Award: Gopi bahu aka DevoleenaBhattacharjee

    Stay tuned for other updates.

  22. SPA 2017

    Star Parivaar Awards was held yesterday. Even though telecast would take some time, here are the results….

    Favourite Maa: Ishita (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Favourite Father Award: Raman Ballah (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Favourite naya sadasya female :Anika From (Ishqbaaaz)

    Favourite Naya Sadasya Male: Omkara Singh Oberoi from Dil Bole Oberoi

    Dabur Fresh Face Award: Aastha (Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi)

    Favourite Mazedar Sadasya : Jaggi (Saathiya)

    Most Stylish Sadasya Female: Sonakshi Sinha (Nash Baliye) and Swetlana (Dil Bole Oberoi)

    Favourite Judge Award: Karan Johar (DilHaiHindustani) and Remo Dsouza (Dance Plus)

    Favourite Beti : Durga(Meri Durga) and Avni (Naamkaran)

    Favourite Beta : Shvivaay Singh Oberoi (Ishqbaaz)

    Favorite Saas : Ammaji from (Mere Anganey Mein)

    Favorite Sasur: Naitik (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)

    Favourite Digital Star (Female): Anika (Ishqbaaz)

    Favourite Digital Star (Male): Shivaay (Ishqbaaz)

    Best Badu: Gopi (Saath Nibhana Sathia)

    Favourite Patni : Naira (Yeh Rishta) and Nandni (Chandra Nandni)

    Favourite Pati : Candra (Chandra Nandni) and Kartik (Yeh Rishta)

    Nayi Soch: Amala (Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Kya)

    Favourite Jodi International :Anika-Shivay (Ishqbaaz)

    Favourite Jodi: Kartik- Naira (Yeh Rishta)

    Guys do comment your opinion.

  23. Adi feels he is cheating Aaliya, who trusts him a lot. He thinks to tell truth to Aaliya but does not have courage. Raman and Ishita get into an argument. She leaves from her room. She sees Adi drunk and upset. Adi feels guilty and apologizes to her. She asks him what wrong thing did he do. He tells her about the big guilt on his heart. He shares his sorrow with Ishita. He gets close to reveal the truth to Ishita. He falls asleep. Will Adi speak up his marriage truth? Keep reading.

  24. Divyanka Tripathi seems to be on a winning streak. The actress not only won the Favourite Maa award at the Star Parivaar Awards 2017 but she also won our Favourite Mother poll that we had conducted on Mother’s Day. Fans feel that Divyanka aka Ishita Bhalla is the best onscreen television mother. Supriya Pilgaonkar aka Ishwari Dixit of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi became the second favourite mother among the audience. I guess others have not really impressed the audience with their mom roles on television yet. Divyanka took away most of the votes in the poll, 71% to be precise.

    Well, we’re not really surprised that Divyanka won the poll. She is, after all, one of the most loved and respected actors on the set, too. Abhishek Verma, Ruhanika Dhawana and Aditi Bhatia are proof enough that Ishi Maa is the most-loved character onscreen. The three are very close to the actress. In fact, Ruhanika even made an appearance on Nach Baliye 8 to cheer Divyanka up when she was upset after her performance. When Divyanka was out on a vacation, Aditi and Abhishek posted crying videos and selfies outside her personal green room. That is incredibly cute, isn’t it?

  25. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita have become over controlling lately. A situation where a daughter – in – law controls everyone including her mother – in- law she does not even make decisions anymore, she has to fear ishita not been happy with it. She cannot even drink because of ishita. And her father – in – law cannot dispute her decisions thereby making ishita have absolute power and she can treat anyone anyway she likes.
    Up till now we don’t know the bond between ishita and pihu. Even the track about her custody was not well concluded. At the end they did not unit ishita and pihu as mother and daughter instead they left a gap between them because up till now pihu still see shagun as her real mother instead of ishita. Shagun to her is still her real mother and ishita her second mother.
    The character ishita has changed alot from the time she was little ruhi’s mother to now that she has grown.

    When ishita first got married to Raman what she was doing that time was uniting the family and treating everybody well. But today what she does is controlling everybody and making them to fear upsetting her; who would have won the best bahu award with a character like ishita, the viewers are not foolish and the voters, voted well.

  26. I am soooo happy.The episode is very nice. After long time piho has come back and I saw Adi ,Ruhi,pihu’s affection with our loving Ishi ma.

  27. Hi all Raman and Ishitha did not get awards only becoz of cvs . They butchered these two gifted actors . They can deliver what cvs give them . Still whatever they did was amazing . And if the space and importance given to any one in a family … automatically that persons words are taken . Really I felt sad for Raman .. his excitement in preparing the drinks was awsome … his anger is justifief .

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