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The Episode starts with Ruhi coming to Bhalla house. Everyone welcome her and is glad. Pihu hugs Ruhi and asks did you come back. Ruhi says no, I came to invite you for my birthday, no one would remember, anyone from your family can come, I will wait for you. Ishita goes and stops Ruhi, saying we all remember your birthday. Ruhi asks her to stop acting. Raman comes there and says I know you are annoyed, trust me, could we forget your birthday, tell me what you want, party or… Ruhi says don’t waste time, I don’t need anyone’s favors to celebrate birthday, Niddhi did all arrangements for me, she knows what I like and what not, don’t try to bribe me.

Raman says we are your parents. Ishita says tell us what you want, just anything. Ruhi says if you can’t give then. Raman says

just ask anything. Ruhi asks them to return her 7 birthdays, you can’t give me my past, I will ask something else, just leave me alone, I m happy with my life, I compromised with my life, so just leave me. Ishita says we are your parents, think about us, you want to stay with Niddhi, she tortures you, we want to give you family. Ruhi says that family who keeps on fighting all day, you tell me are you happy, that you are showing me big dreams, tell them to love each other, then they will think of me, send Pihu in party even if you guys don’t come. She leaves. Ishita asks Raman not to worry by her anger, we will go close to her, we will attend this party, its good if she gets her bad feelings out, then she can see our love, Ruhi and Pihu are our support. Raman says we have less time. She says yes, we will not waste time, we will shower all the love on her.

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Mrs. Bhalla shows a necklace to Simmi. Simmi likes it and asks when did you buy. Mrs. Bhalla says I bought this as Ruhi liked it, I will give this surprise to her. Pihu comes and sees necklace. Simmi says its Ruhi’s birthday gift. Pihu says wow, its nice, what shall I gift Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says pink teddy bear. Pihu says she is not a kid, and runs to tell Shagun about makeup or handbag gifting to Ruhi. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla wish both sisters stay together with love.

Niddhi asks the men to have grand decorations, its my daughter’s birthday. Ashok smiles and says you took my advice well. She says yes, Ishita is getting mad to get Ruhi. He says just show Page 3 life to Ruhi, she won’t go anywhere. She says Ruhi is changing, we need to do something, I have to become her friend and share her pain. He agrees and asks what about Ishita, she is very clever, Bhalla family should not unite, we need someone. She says you know it better. He says its tough, but not impossible. They smile.

Shagun buys makeup kit for Ruhi and tells Pihu. She says I m reaching home and ends call. Ashok greets her and compliments her beauty. He asks about invitation. He invites her in Ruhi’s birthday party, you are her mum. He says Ishita has taken your place, its fine, I m your old valuing person, come to our side, then no one can save Bhalla family. Niddhi smiles. He says I always think for you, Raman and Ishita left you. He taunts her. Shagun says if I hear your nonsense, its better, it does not affect me, I m glad Niddhi is with you. She asks Niddhi not to fill her ears, you have damaged enough, stay away from me. She leaves. Niddhi asks Ashok did it affect Shagun. Ashok says yes, surely a bit.

Raman gets a gift for Ruhi and shows the family. They all get teary eyed seeing the photo collage, and like it. Raman says its all memories of the moments I spent with my daughter. He says this is small note for Ruhi, she does not talk, so I wrote this. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to read. Raman reads, Ruhi Papa loves you, we have missed you a lot, come back to your waiting, complete this family, forgive us, we love you very much. They all cry. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi’s anger will end, trust Mata Rani. He says this board will complete with our family pic, when Ruhi comes back. Mrs. Bhalla blesses him and says our family will get united. He says I have spent 7 years with the support of these pics, and smiles seeing Ishita.

Pihu does homework. Ishita meets her and they talk about her fav show. Ishita gives her milk, and smiles seeing her. Pihu asks what. Ishita signs about the moustache. Pihu smiles. Ishita asks will you come with me to wish Ruhi on her birthday, we will make south Indian dishes for her. Pihu agrees and asks how did you know this. Ishita says she was staying with me in my flat, she used to order south indian food. Pihu says we will wish her first. Pihu hugs her. Pihu says even Ruhi would have hugged you same way, you like her a lot right. Ishita smiles and hugs her.

Its morning, Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to pack the Prasad and halwa fast. She says I will keep halwa separate for Ruhi. Shagun asks about Pihu. Simmi says she went with Ishita to wish Ruhi. Shagun says its enough, Ishita should have asked me, Pihu has test today. Ruhi wakes up and sees Ishita. Ishita wishes her happy birthday. Ruhi smiles seeing her and decorations. Ishita asks for a hug. Ruhi says I love you Ishi Maa and hugs her. Ruhi hugs a pillow and is dreaming. Servant wakes her up and asks her to have breakfast. She asks him to go. She says why is Ishita coming in my mind again and again.

Pihu feeds the food to Ruhi. Ishita smiles. Ruhi also feeds Pihu. Niddhi comes and gets shocked seeing them. Pihu asks whats this Komolika aunty doing here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Cvs PLS end this niddhi track as soon we can’t TOLERATE and pls unite ishu ruhi soon..

  4. O god when will this niddhi drama end its too long now

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    why everyone telling pihu should goto shangun???you guys cant remember past episodes.raman somehow wanted tohave a baby to ishitha.then shagun promised raman and ishitha she will give the baby after dilivery its ishith” of raman ishitha had to leave leaving pihu.y shagub sacrificed and lookafter when she left ruhi six months old but sumhow raman lookedafter ruhi.y he couldn’t look after pihu alone.he akways want some women.also writters always forgot to explain things properly.till bow they didbt explained ishitha did sucide twise and mani saved her and his leg too injuered seven years.raman abn all think she find mani and went

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