Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Adi. Ishita asks Adi not to make such friends. Adi says stop it Ishi Maa, they are my friends, she can’t interfere in his life, Shagun never used to do so. Ishita gets stunned and teary eyed. Mihika and Vandu come to the café and Vandu shows Abhishek with some girl. She says is she his GF. Mihika says he did not tell me and gets angry. She goes to greet him. He says she is Shalini, my GF. Shalini gets puzzled too. Mihika asks GF? Wow, you did not tell me. He says I don’t share personal life with anyone, we were friends before and now it turned into love. Shalini says yes, friendship turns into love. Mihika says not every friendship and passes some taunts to him. She asks him to carry on and goes.

Shalini says Abhishek Sir, why did you not

tell her I m police officer, we are on mission and I m married too. He says let her know what am I, let her get jealous. Mihika asks Vandu not to care. Vandu smiles seeing her anger and jealousy. The investor talks to Raman and Mihir. He asks him to do anything for their profit. Raman refuses to do illegal work, he will decide how to work, he will give the profits. The investor says you are insulting me. Raman says no, I m teaching you ethical business, choice is yours. The man leaves. Mihir says he can create problems. Raman says we will see what he does.

Abhishek sees some men and asks Shalini does she remember them. Shalini says they do drug dealing. Abhishek catches them and beats them. Mihika and Vandu get shocked. Shalini also beats them. The goon puts gun at Vandu’s head. Mihika cries and asks Abhishek to do something. Abhishek asks Rocky to leave her. He throws a bottle and hits his head. He beats Rocky. The police takes the goons. Abhishek asks Vandu is she fine. Mihika thanks him for saving her life. He says it was his duty, thanks does not mind. Mihika thinks so much attitude.

Ishita tells Raman that Adi felt angry when I explained him. Adi says why did you scold him infront of everyone, kids make mistake. She says fine, it was my mistake. He says fine, I m wrong, you both are right. He gets a call and thanks Lord that he has meeting in office, and says he is coming now. He says he has to go, what will he eat if he does not eat, idli sambar, I m sure you will patch up. She says no, you come back and talk to him. He leaves.

Vandu tells Bala that ACP is strong, he fought like filmy hero and he is so handsome, dashing. Bala says it is his work, he has been trained to do this, how did your track change. She laughs seeing him jealous and says Mihika is jealous too. She says she is sure Mihika has some feelings for this ACP. Shalini thanks Abhishek for his help to catch Rocky. She says she felt that Mihika maybe…. I mean she felt bad when you said I m your GF. He asks do you think she was jealous. She says maybe. He asks her to get a file and sends her. He says so Mihika was jealous, not bad and smiles. He thinks to call her and talks about Vandu.

Ashok talks to the investor and says I heard Raman misbehaved, he does not know business sense, he was my employee. He says he knows it does not matter to do anything. The man says I know how everyone do business, its between me and Raman, I will see him. His wife says he is such a sweet person, Raman called me and he is a good person, he is big businessman and gets time for family, kids went in party and he asked me to send Vinni in party, he said he will also attend and take care of Vinni. He says he was in conference with me, and calls Vinni to ask.

He asks her was Raman Bhalla there in party, who called, he knows she lied. She says Raman uncle did not come, his son Adi came and he called me. He scolds her and Vinni goes with her mum. Ashok asks him to see Raman’s real colors, he did not teach anything to his son. He asks him to deal himself and leaves. Ishita says Adi will eat dinner in his room. She sends the plate by Neelu. Raman says Ishita does not know to get angry. She says he has to learn to talk to mum. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to end their fight.

The investor comes their home and talks to Raman. He says you said about principles in office and this is reality, did you teach your kids to lie, your son called my wife and lied, do you teach this to your kids. Raman and Ishita look on. The man says my daughter is spoiling because of him, call your son and ask him did he call my wife as Raman Bhalla. Ishita says he does not lie, maybe someone else called. Raman says the same. The man asks him to call him. Raman says he is not at home. The man says I will call my daughter, she is waiting in the car. He calls Vinni and asks her to come. Vinni comes there and Ishita sees her.

Ishita says this is the girl who was provoking Adi to get friendly with spoiled kids. The man argues and says your son has done crime. Raman asks her to say. Vinni says Adi called as Raman and talked to my mum, to seek permission. The man leaves with Vinni. Ishita calls Adi. Raman says wait, I will talk to him.

Ishita tells Raman that they have to explain Adi, he lied to them. Raman says relax, I will talk to him. He talks to Adi. Adi says I know she cares for me, but why did she scold me in class, everyone will feel I m mumma’s boy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hey guys good morning.have a nice day.

  2. hey all muslim friend happy ramadaan. enjoy the festival guys.

  3. Ye hai mohabbatein fan

    Ruhanika dhawan not quitting ye hai mohabbatein

    Yes viewers,we got this big news from ye hai mohabbatein.Now the track of ye hai mohabbatein is going about the love story of adi and vinni.The show is all set to take a leap.We already said that ruhanika and gautam quitting because of leap.Now a new news we got that ruhanika not quitting.She will be shown as the daughter of raman and ishita after they take the leap.This will be a great news for all ye hai mohabbatein fans

    1. Heart broken fan of yhm

      What?From where did u get this news?

    2. absolutely great news….

    3. Happy 4 ru. 😀 Sad 4 ishra seperation. 😥

      1. ruhi is very charm girl…she can unite the ishra…

  4. but still we dont want leap and ishra seperation.

  5. First of all Ishita must understand that Adi is different from Ruhi… After all he is not a kid he is a devil that’s why he wanted an affair @ age of 12 .. after watching this, most of the kids at this age will start having or assume having a crush openly… May God bless to all of the classes / schools.

    ishita better keep her limit with Adi, better give him in the total control of Raman n Bhalla’s who adore Adi like a God.

  6. Ekta kapoor bore hogayi hai serial bana bana kar…… Woh ek hi concept rakhti hai har serial mai…. Starting mai serial accha rahta hai after it mk worst….

    1. Thats her trend.. Just watch 1st 200 episodes of her shows.It ll be really good & from no where Leads ll be separated & re-united after a leap..But our YHM is unique. We wont easily allow her to make our show a normal drama. Today also trending #DontTakeLeapInYHM @ 8pm IST.

  7. The way Adi treated Ishita is not good, well this is not the first time he behaved even worst in the past… But did ever Raman or Bhalla’s THOUGHt that Adi is wrong?

    They always saw Ishita’s fault and always try to protect Adi… Whatever it is when it comes to Adi n Ishita, Raman always tale Adi’s side as he was Raman’s first love’s child… Well if Raman can chose/ give importance to that useless adi over his own loving daughter Ruhi, who is Ishita..

    Sometimes I wish ishita to reunite with Mani.. and let this stupiod drama end with shagun ramn n adi

    I hate adi adi adi…

  8. So sad 4 ruhi hAr janam mai iski kismat mai parents ki separation hi likhi hoti hai par yeh separation ekta baji ki taraf s enforced hoti hai

  9. u r right ayesha

  10. Yupp kalanjali……

  11. yipeeeee finally ruhanika is baaaaaack frm dubai……….ab jaldi se ruhi ko bhi lao yhm me……

  12. aaj sbb sbs me dikhaya ki NB ke finale me sari soap queen aai thi…ex. ishani /RV…..abhi pragya…jodha akbar….ishita& raman to pehle se hai waha……ekta kapoor..jitendra……sabhi log bohot enjoy kar rahe the….yaaa such me ye grand finale dekhne me bohot bohot maja aayega…..

  13. Guys today also we are trending #DontTakeLeapInYHM in Twitter @ 8pm IST.. Come &join in protest.

  14. News For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein FansLatest news and gossip from the showsuggest that Shagun returning back toRaman and his family is not yet confirmed.The leap is planned and they are working on it but nothing is confirmed till now.Anita confirmed this on her twitter account when asked by one of YHM fan.Lets see if the makers of the show decide to separate Raman and Ishita or they may do some changes before finalizing the post leap script.Stay Tuned for more telly updates.

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