Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika asking Adi not to worry for Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to find Shagun. Ishita tells inspector that Shagun and Mani knew Raman is coming. He says yes, but it does not prove that Raman is not a murderer. She says he can’t do this. He says Shagun can tell us about real murderer, pray that we find her, else sorry. She says I have to find Shagun, this is only way to save Raman. Ruhi sees the kids playing with Kiran.

Pihu asks where is Ishimaa and everyone. Ruhi says Ishimaa got some work, she will come in some time. Kiran says I will tell you where they all went, they went in rain dance party. She lies to them. She says Ruhi and you all have to attend school tomorrow morning. Pihu says we want to go there. Kiran says fine, we will take permission from your

friend. Kids hug her. Kiran sees Shitija. They go to sleep.

Ruhi gets worried and thinks of seeing someone. She says how can say this about a dead person, I can’t hide this too, what to do. Mihika talks to Ruhi on call and says Shagun is missing. Ruhi worries and says I should have told everything to Shagun, why did I not tell her. Mihika hears her and asks what are you saying, is there anything you want to say, are you hiding something. Aaliya wakes up and hears Mihika. Mihika asks Ruhi to tell everything, maybe it can help in investigation. Aaliya asks Ruhi where is Shagun, tell me. Ruhi says I don’t know anything and ends call. Aaliya says why is Ruhi lying. Ruhi say I won’t tell anyone, police will investigate and know it. Constable says the vase we got, the blood sample does not match with Mani’s blood. Inspector asks them to call Aaliya and Nikhil, did murderer kidnap Shagun and take her. Inspector calls Aaliya. Mihika answers the call and says Aaliya is resting. Aaliya takes the call. Inspector asks about anyone’s blood group, AB positive. Aaliya says its of mumma. He says the vase had that blood group. She says it means mumma, did anything happen to her. She cries. Mihika asks what happened, if you get any info, call me.

She asks Aaliya not to cry, nothing will happen. Inspector says it means Shagun is also hurt. Constable says Raman is saying he does not know anything. He goes and taunts Raman. Raman gets angry. Adi talks to Shagun and says Bala and everyone is finding Shagun, she is nowhere, they have no idea.

Adi and Bala check the compound. He tells Ishita about some truck coming to that building, maybe Shagun jumped from the window into the truck, her saree cloth is found here, we will take number of that guy from watchman and follow the truck, don’t worry, I will inform you. She asks him to find Shagun. She sees Raman’s pic and says we will free you. Bala asks Adi not to worry. Guard gives the number. Bala calls the man and talks. He tells Adi that they should go and check the trucks. They leave. They reach the place and look for Shagun. Bala and Adi ask the truck driver about their belonging, which fell in the grass truck. Adi says its imp. Bala gives the address of the building. The man says that truck did not come till now. The truck comes.

Bala and Adi check the truck. Adi sees blood on the flower pot. Bala catches the driver and asks where is the woman who was inside the truck. Adi says there is blood, it means mom was here. He asks driver where is his mom. Driver says leave me. The guy asks what’s the matter. Bala says a woman was attacked, she was hiding here to save her life, now she is not here. I will call police. Driver says I really don’t know anything. Bala asks how did blood marks came inside. Driver says I m not driver of this truck, ask Shamu, he called me and asked me to park truck here. Adi asks where is Shagun. The guy says I will take you there. Bala asks Adi to call Ishita and not tell everything. Ruhi wakes up Ishita. Ishita says Adi did not call yet. Ruhi says what did this happen, have a sandwich. She pacifies Ishita.

She says we have to find that murderer and free Raman. Ishita says I can’t believe Mani is no more. She gets Adi’s call. Adi says we are going to find that truck. She asks him to find Shagun. He says I will call mom, we have much work, we have to free Raman, Mani’s culprit will be punished. She cries. She says I will get ready and meet lawyer. Ruhi worries.

Adi says we did not get mom, will Raman get out of jail. Bala says yes. Shagun is the eye witness, she will give statement and free Raman. They leave to meet the driver. Constable says you are still in jail, your wife could not help, don’t stare at me, you are a murderer. Raman says I m not a murderer. Constable scolds him. Raman shouts I m not a murderer.

Mr. Bhalla says Adi got news about Shagun, she will be found soon, don’t tell anyone, I will keep you informed. Raman agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell is this ruhi doing??? Her father is in jail and she keep quite like an idiot…

  2. yeh bhalla family to puri paagal hai.. bas inko raman ko jail se chudwane ki hi padi hai ye to dekhte nahi ki inke close relative ki death hui hai.. uski dead body ka kya hua.. uske last rituals bhi perform nahi krenge .. Raman to jail se vapis aa jayega kaunsa usko abhi faisla suna ke sazaa mil chuki haii.. Shagun ko bhi yeh log apne profit k liye dhund rahe hai.. Nobody is sad for mani’s death and shagun’s situation.

    1. But i think dead body is for post mortem and all….cz its a murder….

      Rest all u said is absolutely correct

  3. What ruhi knows is getting me super curious…….

    Kiran managed the children well…..sge lied a lot but what can anyone do in such situation…..though rain dance party was very exaggerating…..

    Shagunn……where is she?

  4. Hi friends… These episode s were shot to cover DTS absent…hence it’s dragging… Hope from tomorrow it goes fast track… going by ruhis words and behaviour, it looks like Mani was having an affair…very excited to watch this mystery getting solved… Also if Shagun has memory loss , how can she give statement in Raman’s favour?… I think ishu gets some proof to save Raman…. If Shagun has memory loss, then she should be staying with Ashok… Because pihu is playing as Ruhi… Also she was Shagun Arora when she was with Ashok… If they start from day 1 , then they has to show from ruhis custody case only…hence they will show ishra unmarried… But they can’t show Raman as shaguns husband…this would be the plot… So they can’t show sharam romance…also Anita said no ishra separation, Shagun interference is just a part…she tries to snatch Ruhi…this was Shagun in day1 .. of yhm

    1. I think they forgot the past

  5. Hi everyone…
    So it means that what ruhi had seen is related to shagun…what will be it…why can’t she tell anyone about this…if she tell everyone want she had seen it may help their investigation…

    1. I mean if she tell everyone about what she had seen it may help their investigation of finding shagun….

  6. Wat did ruhi see.. I think ruhi dint see mani .. if she saw mani y she will come immediately home to meet mani.. she saw someone else

  7. I hope the Nidhi is not back and taking revenge from Mani, Shagun, Raman and Ishita!!

  8. Shreya shetty

    Porsha u better control Ur nasty slanging tongue of urs
    I mean it’s seems that u r parents have not taught u good moral values nor ever brought u up properly at all
    Sorry to insult u miss demon but as per my view u might not be knowing even I too am a short tempered person here also
    Just because spitting such bullshit here doesn’t prove that u r great and mahaan here Madam Porsha
    Besides whatever Parichary said abt u is totally true u have no brains at all
    And please accept the fact that u r coming from a piggy place and not me who silently tolerates all that slangy shit u give upon all of us here
    Learn to talk with mannerism and behave well, get me right

    1. Shreya … just ignore my dear .Please … whoever it is whatever it is if you reply like this what is the defference . Being angry with some one will spoil ur day . Just ignore please Shreya ..Just write your comments … enaf ..Many of us are Ishitha fans same way many are shaghuns … no more discussion …on these … how nany people are reading these comments . Be decent … Keep a tight security on the gate of your mind so that only positive thoughts are allowed to enter and words of wisdom will exit from your mind . Seriously keep this in your mind when you get angry .

  9. Shreya shetty

    I won’t keep my mouth shut until u stop bluffing nonsense abt anyone here in this site
    U better understand coz I too have the power to make u feel so bad that the next time u wouldn’t ever think of attacking anybody of my friends here in this be love family
    Respect each and everyone here and that too Duplicate azuka with dark green icon
    Don’t try to type as actual azuka here
    The azuka I know is the one with light gren icon who comments depending upon her thoughts
    So please both of u porsha and duplicate azuka stop making me low by throwing nonsense here at me

    1. Don’t worry shreya ! TU has deleted their rude cmnts and banned them ! That’s a good punishment! See the previous page cmnts!

  10. During the beginning Shaguns bliss group was O positive and now AB positive.

    1. Yes very trueRana … Shaghuns blood group of o when She was asked to give blood to Ruhi .

      1. How you two remember this all…??

    2. Yea ! I remember that too when ishita got married to Raman and she brought her pet dog muttu swami to little Ruhi and Ruhi got hurt while playing with the dog! Then the doctor said she need blood and shagun said she can’t give coz hers is O ( not sure about +-) how the makers forgot that ! ?

      1. Exactly ! Yes Rani .

      2. Yeah……she had O+…..she is the universal donor so ishita asked shagun to give blood……..but ashok had B+ which was as same as ruhi…..

        O+ can give blood to any blood type

        (????sorry for being I-AM-SUPER-GENIUS sort of girl)

      3. Ok I just asked bcoz I am not remembering all this..
        Any way good memory power….(for all of you)

  11. Siddharth

    Hi i think when adi went to mani’s house again there was argument between shagun and adi and he hit shagun by vase but who killed mani is a big mystery . Btw friends there was a spoilers that romi wl die by accident is it true .

  12. 455
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohababtein will show that Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) missing, Mani’s murder and Raman’s (Karan Patel) arrest drama have already brought many twist in the show.

    Ishita is very much disturbed not able to save Raman while Adi and Ruhi are hiding something big from everyone.

    Adi and Bala mange to get information about Shagun and fid her in the hospital.

    Doctor informs them about Shagun’s brain injury so that she has forgotten many memories of her life.

    The real twist unfolds when Shagun calls Raman as her husband and doctor suggests everyone not try to force her recall everything.

    Ishita allows Raman stay with Shagun

    Ishita being a kind heart woman allows Raman to support Shagun and Raman unwillingly agrees for this.

    The question is that if Shaun really lost her memory or it is her plan to take revenge from Ishita.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  13. it is shagun’s plan to take revenge from ishita, she can do anything to destroy ishita

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