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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rinki and Mihir coming in the function. Romi tells them about Salman’s presence in party. Mihir goes to meet Raman. Rinki introduces her friend Shamit and takes him to Raman. Ishita thinks about Rinki’s change. Shamit talks to Raman. Raman says he will send Mihir to Australia if he opens work there, he works for me. Shamit asks did Mihir and Rinki meet by you. Raman says Mihir is linked to my family, he is a nice guy. Ruhi takes Raman. Shamit says so Mihir is not any entrepreneur, he just works for her brother.

A lady thanks Ishita for keeping Eid celebrations, and shows the moon. Ishita asks the significance of moon sighting. The lady says Allah accepts prayers made by moon sighting. Ishita wishes that whatever Raman has troubles, she has it first, and wishes

for Raman’s wellbeing. Raman comes to her. Raman says he won’t say Ameen for her prayers, as he knows what she prayed, to have all his problems, I don’t wish this, I would have wished you stay fine always to take care of my family. She says our family, and holds him. She says I wish we pray for our happiness seeing the moon, together. He wishes her Eid Mubarak and hugs her.

Rinki asks Shamit about Raman. He says he spoke to Raman and came to know all the truth about Mihir, you were showing off that Mihir is CEO, I came to know he works in Raman’s company. She says so what, he is CEO. Shamit says its house’s company, it does not matter, he works under your brother. Rinki argues. He fills her ears and asks her to see Mihir and Raman. Rinki gets angry. Shamit says I know its family business, you lied to me, I m your friend.

Raman asks Mihir to take over his responsibilities in office. Mihir says I know you want my good future. Romi says Raman made Salman lose. Raman asks them to enjoy party and focus on work. Rinki says how could Raman say that Mihir works under him. Ishita sees Rinki sad and talks to her. Rinki argues and says she is okay, and yesterday’s topic is over. Ishita asks why is she reacting like that, it was her mistake, did she tell Mihir. Rinki asks why is she talking in authoritive tone, just because Mihir works for Raman. Ishita says we can talk in low tone, we are family, Mihir is like Raman’s brother.

Rinki says she won’t come in her words. Ishita says you are not in your senses, no use. Rinki asks her to go and complain to Raman. Raman comes to them and asks whats the matter. Rinki leaves. Ishita says I think Rinki and Mihir have any fight. She thinks to find out whats going on in Rinki’s fight.

Its morning, Pathak comes to meet Raman and says he made papers ready, but why is Raman doing this. Raman says no one knows about life’s guarantee. Pathak asks why is he saying. Raman says disease was not known before, and today symptoms are unknown, a man can die anytime. Pathak says nothing will happen, I m saying. Raman says whats problem in this, she is my wife. He checks the papers and Pathak says this will need two witness. Rinki comes to Bhalla house and Mihir calls her. Rinki talks to her, and thinks Ishita won’t be at home at this time.

Raman asks Rinki what happened to her. She says nothing, and talks to Neelu. Raman asks Rinki to sign on some imp papers, and takes her sign. Rinki leaves. Pathak says you fooled her, you won’t get second. Raman calls Neelu and asks for her signs. Pathak asks Neelu? Raman says she is part of our family. A man comes for Raman and Pathak takes Neelu’s signs. Raman pays the newspaper man and also gives some chit, and sends him. Raman tells Pathak that no one should know. He tells Lord that he will come.

Pathak asks the man what did Raman give and checks the paper. He gets shocked. He says I have to tell Ishita. Pathak comes to meet Ishita at her clinic and asks is Raman fine, he is saying he is going to die. She asks what, he jokes. He says its not time to joke, he is serious, he did company on your name and made will also, he has given obituary note and pic, saying some killer virus is the reason of his death. She asks what, I don’t know what happened, I met his doctor, its simple allergy, he is researching on net. The patient boy reacts on their conversation.

Pathak says I will go and make the will. Ishita says don’t worry, nothing happened to him, I will handle him. Pathak leaves. She thinks to tackle Raman now.

Raman sits for drinking. Mr. Bhalla asks how did he sit for drinking today and that too got wine from his collection. Raman says whats the use to save it. Mihir, Bala, Appa and Romi join them. Raman talks negative and asks them not to be serious. Mihir says its good news and time to celebrate. Raman says every good news has bad news behind it. Raman says life is there, and death happens, everyone has to die. Mr. Bhalla asks whats the matter. Ishita says I will say it. Raman looks at her shocked. Ishita says Raman feels he is going to die. They all are shocked. She looks at Raman angrily.

Ishita cries and asks Raman why did he not share his anxiety, he just prayed for her happiness, but she gets happy sharing his pain, why does he not understand. He says I did mistake and promises he will never hide anything from her, that he will give her and their kids a happy life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  32. Balaji Teleflims Productions Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has completed
    Successful Journey of 500 episodes.
    The show is a masterpiece in itself
    and which which depicts the different
    hues in a relationship between Raman
    (Karan Patel), Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and cute Ruhi (Ruhaanika
    Dhawan), has an enviable popularity
    Based on Custody, Ye Hai
    Mohabbatein is a mature take on
    delicate relationships. A failed first
    marriage later, hot-headed Raman
    Bhalla and sensitive Ishita Iyer are
    brought together by destiny and
    Raman’s daughter, Ruhi is the heart of
    the show.
    An elated Mihika (Mihika Verma) told
    us, “500… Wow it’s just happened so
    quickly! There are good shows and
    great shows, long running shows and
    path breaking shows and then there is
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – the most
    loved show on television. It has
    touched millions of hearts worldwide
    and I am confident that it will continue
    A big thank you to all our fans for
    standing by us through our ups and
    downs, highs and lows; both
    personally and professionally. A big
    thank you to Sandeep Sikand, Sonali
    Jaffar, Ritu Goel, Ritu Bhatia and Ekta
    Kapoor – the pillars who were brave
    enough to bust stereotypes and give
    television a superb content. Jay Mata
    Di!”quoted by TellyBuzz.
    The soap, continuing its successful
    run, completed 400 episodes
    yesterday and given its strong plot, no
    doubt will go on to air many more in
    time to come.

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