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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming home. Ishita says I forgot to call the doctor and is surprised seeing him come out with Appa. He says Amma is fine now. She asks Appa about him. The doctor says Raman called me. Ishita and Raman have an argument about Amma and Shagun, again the court case comes in between them. She says if you cared for her, you would have supported her, I don’t know who are you, what are you, what you want and whom. She leaves annoyed. Raman gets angry. The people talk to Ashok in conference hall about Shagun, Ishita and Raman, where does he fit in this matter. He tells Ashok that a young chick suits you. Mihika comes and says if your presentation is over, lets go out. Ashok says she is right, lets work if you want to gossip, some home in evening, we will talk.

Ashok eyes Mihika and smiles.

Simmi comes to Raman and shows him the pic to prove Shagun was in the shopping mall. She says see date and time, 10th june, 8.12pm. He says this will proof Shagun was at mall and did not do the accident, thanks. She says now everything will be fine. Raman calls Pathak and says there is 100% proof. Pathak says its good news, we will prove her innocent tomorrow, you relax now. Raman says I will tell this to Shagun. Shagun says Simmi saved me, now they will know I was in mall, keep the pic safe. Raman says I m happy we will win the case with this case. Shagun says thanks Simmi.

He keeps the pic in the drawer and Ishita comes there. He leaves from the room. Its morning, the court case starts. The judge asks Pathak did he make use of the time given to him. Pathak says yes, see this pic which will prove Shagun was in mall at accident time. The judge sees it and asks what type of joke is this. He turns the pic and shows puppies pic. Shagun asks how did this happen. Raman says I don’t know. Mrs. Bhalla laughs that Shagun looks like this in pic. Pathak says I m sure someone changed it, give me some time. Kaur says he is wasting our time.

They argue. Pathak says why will I hide the pic if it can free Shagun. The judge says fine, I give you four days time. Raman says where did the pic go. He talks to Pathak and says I kept it in drawer. Shagun says you should have seen it before bringing. She says the pic was exchanged, from your bedroom, Ishita did this. Raman says what. Shagun shouts on Ishita and says whats your problem, I did not do this crime and you are punishing me, I had the proof and you stole it, you want justice, so why are you doing injustice with me. Raman says don’t blame Ishita for this. Pathak takes Shagun.

Raman talks to Ishita and says I will drop you home, come. They come home. Raman comes to his room and checks the drawer. She says thanks for today. He says sit here please. He says see we are worried for this case, but this is home. I know you are understanding. She says yes. He says then you know what I m trying to say, what I want. She asks what do you want. He says fine, I want Shagun’s pic which you took, which can prove she did not do the accident. She is shocked and cries, asking you feel I have stolen this, when Shagun told you this, you scolded her, and now you are blaming me, how could you.

He says this room is ours and no one comes here, the pic was here. She says I did not do anything wrong till now, I did not even see that pic, what is it, as Shagun told this, you thought this. She says if she is innocent, will I get her punished, how can you tell this, for Shagun, when you scolded her, I felt you care for me, but no, there is no feelings. No respect, you know why, one reason, as you love Shagun a lot. He says oh God damn it. She says I don’t care for this, its alright, love her, she is your first wife and you are unable to forget her. She says but she has hurt you so much, how can you praise her, and don’t need anything for us and against her, you are feeling her pain, what about Amma’s pain.

She says you will do as Shagun says, I don’t expect anything from you, whats our relation, its only a contract for Ruhi. She says your name is linked to mine, I value it, but you value only her who left you and your name, you care for her and dance on her fingers. Its ok with me, but please don’t blame me like this, I m not like this. Raman says enough, I m not in a mood to hear your lecture, don’t give the pic if you don’t want, I m still strong to prove her innocent. He leaves banging the door. She cries. She says he doubted on me.

Ishita looks for the pic everywhere in the room. Mrs. Bhalla comes and shows her pic sahying you are finding this right. Ishita sees it. Mrs. Bhalla says I have hidden this. As I want Shagun to go to jail. She says you know Raman doubted me for this pic. She says Raman is mad, she has ruined him, I heard Raman and Simmi talking so I have hidden this, but sorry, now he is blaming you. Ishita says we are fighting for justice, if she did not do accident, then how can we punish her. She says this pic is a proof and we have to give this in court.

Mrs. Bhalla says she deserves to go in jail, the truth is she will do new drama everyday. She says you are Raman’s wife, let her go to jail. Ishita says this fight is not between me and Shagun, but between me and culprit. Mrs. Bhalla says you are very good and one day Shagun will use it. Ishita hugds her and says I will do what is true, tomorrow you will realize what I did was right. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her crying and leaves.

Parmeet meets Simmi at a café and she sees him wounded. He says I fell, don’t worry. She says I m worried for Raman. He says yes, he is losing the case. Who took the pic, will the truth come out by it. Simmi says yes, it proves Shagun was not at accident site, don’t know who took it, Raman doubts on Ishita. He says don’t worry, I will try to get second copy of that pic. She gets a call from Mrs. Bhalla. She says I m on the way, coming home. She says I have to go, take care, don’t fall like this. She hugs him and leaves. He says she is innocent, she does not think if Shagun was in mall, Ashok was with me in office, whose crime are we hiding, whom is Shagun trying to save. He thinks about Adi….. and says Shagun is taking blame on herself and Raman is helping her, Adi did the accident, if Ishita knows this.

Shagun scolds Adi and warns him not to touch the car. Adi cries. Ishita hears the truth about the accident and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ramann! nooooooo! just tell hr!ishu </3
    mrs bhalla-way to go!
    I read on tellychakkar that raman wil himself prove that adi is the culprit n send him to juvenile custody coz he wants his son to turn out well…hmm
    ishitha <3 stay strong!

    1. I hope Adi turns good atleast dat way !

  2. finally ishu come to known the truth.waiting for trw yaar.thank for fast update.

  3. its getting interested

  4. Yeahhh…….. finally ishu will turn to the truth. I’m waiting for 2marrow’s episode.

  5. ishu plz give some lectures to adi, simmi,and let them turn good

  6. It seems mihir is d culprit!! Dey showed it in telly buzz this is holy shit..he is shaguns brother n so wants to take revenge!! Total shit

    1. I’ve also read this,bt i don’t think mihir aesa kr skta h,he is so sweet yr,i think its a prank,adi is d culprit

      1. Seriously I hope he is not

  7. atleast ishita will know the truth….thnk god.simmi is a donkey,iss ka kuch karo yaar…so much irritating….

  8. I hope ekta kapoor doesn’t spoil the show by making mihir the culprit….n adi itself is d culprit

  9. from where does this question arises that mihir is the culprit . please tell me i want to know.

  10. f**k offf ,…. Thats frm where we got it..

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