Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun helps Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita greeting everyone. Raman comes downstairs and asks who’s this, Shagun. She says she is Shanno, she stays in a small village, she is illiterate, her husband tortures her, she wants to work in a joint family so that she feels secure, so I got her here. Mihika says take her to Amma’s house, Ishita will help her. Shagun says Ishita refused to me, its urgent, I have to keep Shanno at a safe place, she is my NGO’s responsibility, if I keep her at my home, her husband will find her, she cooks delicious food, keep her, she can help. Ishita starts the drama. She begs Raman to hire her, she will cook tasty food. Raman says okay fine, explain her the work, Simmi, we should let her be. Simmi asks Ishita to show her face. Ishita says I won’t show face to strangers.

Simmi says you are going to work for us, you have to show your face. She lifts the ghunghat and gets scared seeing the burn mark on her face. She gets back and asks what’s this. Ishita says that’s why I refused to show my face, my husband burnt my face, he is very cruel.

Shagun asks Simmi what’s her problem. Raman says she didn’t mean to hurt you. He asks Simmi to make her feel comfortable, show her room. Simmi says a servant room is vacant. Ishita blesses them. Shagun says come, I will show you everything in kitchen.

Shagun and Ishita come to the room. Ishita smiles and says this house is my heaven. Shagun says you are amazing, even your voice couldn’t get identified. Ishita says I had to speak Haryanvi, thank God Simmi lifted the ghunghat this side and saw this burn mark, she won’t try to see my face again. Shagun says you can go to any extent for Raman. Ishita says for Raman and kids, I can’t see them in trouble, Raman did this for Pihu, he had become Gulabo, even if our idea flops, its useful, we can remind Raman that he had become Gulabo in the past.

Simmi says I don’t trust Shagun, she is Ishita’s friend, maybe they are planning something against us, we have to keep an eye on Shanno. Shagun says its tough to please Simmi, its not going to be easy. Ishita arranges her clothes. She says I have to be around Raman, I have to know how the pills are fed to him, I won’t break the promise by keeping the ghunghat. Shagun asks what about the tone. Ishita says I will talk in Haryanvi.

Shagun says Parmeet will try to know about Ishita. Ishita says we have spread the news that Ashok and I are going abroad for work trip. Parmeet tells Simmi that maybe Ishita went with Ashok for his treatment, we need to be alert about Shanno. Simmi says Shanno’s voice is like of Ishita. He says you think about her, I will be updated you about Ashok and Ishita. Ishita thanks Shagun. Shagun says just pray that everything happens well. They go out. Shagun thanks Raman for his help. She asks Shanno to take care of Raman. She asks Neelu to explain everything to Shanno. Raman asks did Ishita really go with Ashok. Shagun says yes, why, is there any problem. He says she is my business partner, she should have informed. Mihika thinks to tell Simmi that Raman is missing Ishita. Shagun thinks Raman is missing Ishita, but he won’t accept this. She leaves.

Ishita gives water to Raman and asks him to have food. He says Simmi didn’t have food. Ishita asks Simmi to have food. She feeds Simmi and says its good right. Everyone looks on. Raman says you did a great job, pack the food for me, I will have it in office. Shanno asks Simmi to have food herself. She packs the food. Romi says Shanno is great, she fed them food, amazing.

Ruhi pays the pizza delivery boy. She says Shweta tell everyone that lunch is from my side, send peon here. Shweta asks what’s the need for this. Ruhi says I want to keep everyone happy, don’t make the storeroom video viral. Shweta asks when will you replace petty cash. Ruhi says before lunch time, don’t worry. She calls and orders more things. Shweta worries. She hopes Raman doesn’t come office soon. Simmi asks Neela is there cornflour. Neelu says Raman didn’t ask if Shanno knows work, why did he keep her. Simmi says Raman did good, you don’t cook food well. Neelu gets upset. Simmi says let Shanno prepare food, we will see how she cooks. She goes. Ishita shows her face to Neelu and says I told you everything on phone. Neelu says I was doing acting. Ishita says your acting was good, get back to work.

Raman comes to office and asks what’s happening, get back to work. He goes to Ruhi. He asks Ruhi can’t she handle a meeting with Mr. Mehta. Ruhi asks was it today, I thought its tomorrow. Shweta says meeting is tomorrow. Raman says fine, prepare the presentation. He goes.

Mihika says Raman was talking to Shagun about Ishita, its strange, Ishita loves Raman a lot, she has gone with Ashok. Simmi says we have to find out. Ishita comes to Pihu’s room and cleans things. She sees her progress report and smiles. Parmeet comes. She gets worried.

Ishita searches for pills. Simmi comes. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope she find wat she is looking for n frame Simmi n see how it feels

  2. Shrilatha

    Is this Ruhi mad …to impress she is showering them.with gift and food…I don’t think any employee wants that …how come simmi became so intelligent initially when param and Subbu were cheating on her she was so dumb now she is ahead of Ishu and Shagun also..I really wish simmi and param meets their bad ends soon

  3. Wow how selfish is this simmi, infront of raman she is pretending she did not eat anything, because of it raman is not eating, but these simmi is such a liar, she was eating pizza.

  4. Raman himself is a fool knowing param so well. Ishu being educated how could she come down to the new avatar, there are so many other ways to trap simparam. Since her children , aliya adi and romi are her support. Im sure they will help her. Mr.and Mrs. Bhalla, cannot see their Simmi screaming at everyone in the house. She should be told to control herself. Param s job being in gov. service could be a big question mark as he s involved in drugging, amounting to murder kidnapping, extortion defamation etc. Anyway its only a tv serial, w e care less for the story. Whoever wants to harm the family, ishra is only target, separation.

  5. Ishra both of them are such brilliant actors, given any role they shine. Dont spoil their characters. Simparam dont seem to miss their child. They are enjoying their life, torturing the family, their greed and lust for the property, money etc. Are they not aware, whatever they are doing their daughter will not come back. This is the height of foolishness. Where is the morals, what Mr. & Mrs. bhalla cant see what happening.

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