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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with media covering the student suicide matter. Suraj says we want justice, get that principal out. Reporter asks will the student get justice, will you get justice by protesting. Ashok comes there and sees this. Students protest against Vandu. Ashok calls Suraj and asks him to come to him. Suraj goes to Ashok. Ashok asks whats happening, is this college or veg market. Suraj says nothing, I m settling scores with Vandu, she slapped me and now she will not be able to do anything. He shows the black color and says I m going to blacken her face infront of college and media. He goes. Ashok smiles.

Ishita feeds Rohit. Raman says I have imp meetings, be with mummy. Ishita asks Rohit to sleep. She plays tv and gets shocked seeing the breaking news, about Vandu and student’s

suicide. She calls Neelu and gives Rohit. She says Vandu can’t do this, whats happening. She sees Suraj and says it will be Suraj’s plan against Vandu. She calls Bala. Bala gets shocked and says you know Vandu well, I don’t understand. Ishita says I m going there, I will call Raman. Bala says I will also come there.

Mihika comes to Mihir and asks why did you call me urgently. He asks her not to panic, and shows the breaking news. She gets shocked. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to go, Raman’s number is not reachable. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go, and says I will go and be with Amma, I m fine now, go fast. Ishita says take care and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla prays everything gets fine. She goes to Amma. Amma says doctor told you to rest, are you fine. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I was feeling lonely and came here to talk. She asks her to make coffee for her. Amma asks since when did you like coffee. Mrs. Bhalla since I started liking you, make some idli vada for me as well. Amma asks her to sit, and asks her to watch tv. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I wish to just talk. Amma insists and asks her to sit. Mrs. Bhalla hides the remote. Amma thinks Mrs. Bhalla got old and does not want to see tv.

Raman talks to Chadda and asks whats problem now. Chadda says we have to find that woman and take her personal consent. The dog barking disturbs Chadda. Chadda asks Pallavi about that dog. She says maybe he is hungry, I will give him food. Chadda says you know how to control him and sends her. He says sorry and continues talking to Raman. He says till we take the woman’s consent personally. Raman says I think dog is hurt he is crying. Chadda says no, his tongue would have got burnt, he drank hot milk, next time he won’t make noise now. Raman says that’s unfair, he is an animal, everyone knows dogs are loyal than human, I have a dog at home, we don’t beat him, we take him for walk too. Chadda says we humans don’t have equality, that’s just a dog, this is my house, and my dog, I will decide how to treat him. Raman gets a message and gets shocked. He says I will leave, and rushes.

Suraj and students get inside the college. Vandu and the committee hear the protests. The guards stop the group. Vandu worries. The man says students are coming here, they are saying they will punish principal madam. The committee worries as situation is getting out of control. Ishita and Bala come there and stops them. Vandu hears Ishita. Ishita says I have seen Vandu standing for you all as your friend and guide, she is so dedicated. The student asks who are you, we will not listen. Ishita says you all have to listen, I m her sister, I have seen her dedication, Vandu and Bala paid fees for poor students, they gave extra tuitions for free, your batchmates have become toppers, she always encouraged you. She reminds one student about coming to Vandu to get free classes and pass in his exams, Vandu taught him for 2-3 months to bring him on track, and he is here to protest against her.

She asks why are they protesting, for that student who was stealing exam papers, is this right thing, he tried to commit suicide, but Vandu did not do this intentionally. Suraj says a student gave his life because of Vandu, its not less thing. Ishita says that student is alive and stable. Bala says you all know Vandita, I request you all not to listen to any stranger, listen to your management. Suraj thinks my plan won’t fail so soon, I know what to do.

Sarika asks Neelu where is everyone. Neelu says Raman went office, Ishita went out, and Mrs. Bhalla went to stop Amma from seeing news about Vandu. Sarika asks her to make tea. She thinks there should be some drama to have fun. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla sit talking. Mrs. Bhalla thinks how long will I make her busy in talk, Ishita should come soon with Vandu. They talk. Sarika comes and asks Amma how can this happen with Vandu, how can anyone blame her. Amma asks what are you saying.

Sarika says college students are so angry, see the tv. Mrs. Bhalla stops Sarika. Sarika gets remote and plays tv. Amma gets shocked seeing the news, and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing will happen to Vandu, trust Mata Rani. She gets angry on Sarika. Sarika smiles.

Students get angry on Vandu. Suraj takes blank ink to apply to Vandu’s face. Shagun breaks a bottle and asks all of them to move back, and not dare to come close to Vandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I missed few episodes.

  2. Hate pallavi have any affair before marriage

  3. New Delhi: It looks like it’s time for more plausible drama on your favourite show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’. Wondering what will happen?
    Well, according to reports ‘innocent’ Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will turn murderer in the upcoming episode of the show. A promo has been shot by the makers in which Ishita is seen holding a knife and screaming loudly.
    However, it is not yet revealed that why and for whom Ishita took such deadly step. Meanwhile Raman(Karan Patel) will be seen approaching a lawyer to handle Ishita’s case. Actress Paitra who was last seen in ‘Geet’ will be portraying the role of lawyer Nidhi Chhabra who loves power, paisa and fame.

    Well, we must say makers do not want the drama on the show to end. In other news, the Bhalla family will soon get to know about Rohit’s mother.

  4. Episode is ok. Precap is ok. But i watched a vedio in YouTube ishitha and she had a knife and her hand is bleeding. I don’t know what’s that. Plz guys do you know why is that??? However i wish all the very best for divyanka ‘s engagement.

  5. I will say episode was interesting . I loved ishita today . the way she stood beside her sistr today was worth watching. nd today it is proved that though mr chadda is a shrp lawyer , he is not a good human being . he treated his dog bruno vey wrongly today . evn his way of speaking to his wife was quite rude I felt . nd sarika she has turned so mean . just like the old shagun . Nyway waiting fr tmrws epi . nxt track will b accusation of murder on ishita .

  6. Wow shagun u rocked it… What the hell this khannas doing?
    Vandu’s problem Rohit problem..
    I think this Chadda ll be cruel once he get to know Pallavi ‘s truth..
    Anyways will wait to see what’s happening

  7. Congratulations Divyanka and Vivek . I am glad she moved on.

  8. Sarika is doing too much she should take revenge for Romi only why Mrs.Iyer what sin she done for her. What is Romi doing bcos of him ishra and all the family suffering a lot from Sarika but Romi don’t have any guiltiness he dont have any reaction for Sarika just he think about himself only not for others what a selfish brother

  9. plzz stop this non sense drama zat ishita will go to jail…stop this murdering scene plzzzzzz…for god sake stop this….

  10. Firstly congtats to divyanka and vivek
    May they lead a very happy married life

    Todays episode was ok ok
    Waiting for tomorrow

  11. Divyanka looking awesome in her engagment…..i wish a happy married life

  12. episode was ok.precap was bad .but i missed the episode.

  13. hey guys darshika jhanvi vp misty faya fathi sabrin ude ramchin nimrit parvathi diya ( both the diyas) riya naaz nivedha zaara and all yhm friends.

  14. wow ! divyanka got engaged .congratulations .

  15. shagun rocked today and she is rocking from when she became positive.

  16. High voltage drama is
    going to unfold in the
    upcoming episode of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbtein.
    Rama and Ishita are
    trying hard to take
    Rohiot’s custody so they
    are finding his real
    Soon, Ishita gets a call
    not try to find about
    Rohit’s parents otherwise
    she will put in big
    Ishita wants to give a
    good life to Rohit so she
    continue her mission
    searching Rohit’s
    Apart from this, Ishita
    unknowingly murder of
    someone which makes
    Raman shocked.
    Ishiat gets arrested and
    Raman tries to find a
    good advocate who can
    fight of Ishita’s case.
    Raman meets a high
    profile advocate Nidhi
    Chabra played by Pavitra
    Raman requests Nidhi for
    fighting Ishita’s case but
    she refuses fir it.
    Raman is broken down
    for unable to save Ishita.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  17. Yhm is now turning bakwas why the makers do with ishita character is she not important in the story well I think so makers vo hi kara na chatay hai jo nahi hona chaiya separation ishra.well I also think so that yhm will again become interesting .

  18. Todays episode was OK suraj and khanna brothers are nonsense. And all the best to ishra and yhm for upcoming twist .

  19. Oh No YHM is going back to its crazy scenes. I read Raman is going Back to Shagun & some one has commented to end the show without breaking IsRa. hope that is not true.. what’s the point in all the drama of IsRa’s love going through so much for the love of their family members fighting the Kannas to end this way.
    Anyway what Vandu did was just correct a boy from doing wrong.. she over reacted a little but the committee is scolding Vandu. that is giving a wrong impression to students at schools. she only corrected the wrong the student did. & Suraj allowing & instigating students is very wrong & the real school school children will think this is right way to the do things.
    Oh No Ishitha has come this far they can’t create a murder scene.. How much suffering & trouble can a wife, daughter in law go through.. pls let this story have a happy ending..
    Now that Divyanke is going to get married don’t finish it on a sad note. we want IsRa till the end of YHM & for them to be have a happy Married life with all the love they have for each other & their kids. Hope others have the same opinion.
    We as YHM Fans will be the happiest

    1. Mino totally agree with you … Latest development if true can’t accept it . Ishitha to b portrayed as a murderer ? Why they can’t go in the positive vibes . Very happy to hear about Divyankas engagement . Congratulations and wish her all the best to happen with Vivek . Finally she is happy so too we fans are also . May god bless them .

  20. hate the latest development In the story . why can’t the makers show something positive ? I cnt see ishra brokn . it hurts like hell . I hope they dnt get seperated. well sbs said that miss chabra will fight ishita’s case . nd she will b freed hopefully . but more drama is twist is going to hppn in the show . feeling frustrated .

    sm tymes u ask myself that y did I got so attached to the show this much ? I cld hv remaind a regular fan or veiwer of the show . 🙁

    1. Yes Diya I too ask the same question to myself ? Very attached to this serial only becoz of Ishra

  21. yhm is not off airing .

  22. was just watching the old episodes on hotstar . I was watching those epis whn ishra left the house nd the nxt day toshiji camw nd slppd raman nd later in that part of the episode only whn toshiji nd ishita had a heart touching convo nd they promised each othr tht thwey will make evry thng well nd good . though thr wr tension in the story still it wads so nice nd beautiful lly shwd nd positively portraited. I hope yhm comes bacl to the right track soon . though the current track is sensibl .but the recnt upcoming track of ishita being a murderer or alleged bng a murderer is not good . I hope after finishing that track they show us sm happy momnts nd plz makers finish all these shit before ishra’s second anniversary . we wnt sm positive ness nd romantic moments btween them nd sm celebration also . plzzzz dnt seperate thm nd dnt give shagun much importance .. better after all these show us manoj nd shagun’s grand weeding ..plzz …o fingr crossd . hope evty thng goes according to my saying only .plzzzz god!!!

    1. Yeah Diya I like that romi n Raman reunion.. By Romi offering lift to Raman..Romi informing about puncture to mechanic..
      Raman replying indirectly.. N cutely..
      Asking him to wear helmet..
      Offering money n Romi asking sorry
      Their cute hug..
      Cute scene…
      Love YHM

  23. Better to boycott the show?

  24. What is happening..??
    Ishu murderer….!!! No ways…
    I loved yhm full of uniqueness Nd positivity.. I feel it has lost somewhere….
    Plzzzz don’t spoil d show Nd show like other crap serials…. ITT was unique Nd we loved that…
    Want old yhm back.. But I don’t think we will get that back….

    I feel that they r again showing Shagun mahan.. No offence plzzzz but I feel that..

    Yes diya me too, y I attached so much with it..?? A hug for u baby..

    1. Really Shaghun they are coming back as Mahan ….. I really hate it . The uniqueness in the episodes before surrogancy is too amazing totally rare and millions are attracted to this . And this is the one serial audience so interested in naturalism …. That means how alert and serious the viewers are …. It looks Khannas have no other work … Too much interference ….. Can’t imagine Ishra suffering that too for their family members ….Divyanka. I am totally happy for you that you got engaged cud move forward in your life …

  25. Hey guys want to share a happy news.
    I got job.. From Feb 1 I am going for interns..
    Feeling happy

    1. Hey nivedha …..all d best dear
      Congrats.. Be happy always

      1. Thank u jhanvi

    2. Congratulations….. ur an engineer..wrt….govt or private..

      1. Private only happy..

  26. Such a crap show… Always the fan of yhm have to wish for ishra’s togetherness… All da time viewers of yhm are in panic for not separation of Ishra… How funny!!!! Ekta Kapoor is really making fun of yhmians… She is not showing no moral values on her serials… All da time drinking n fighting and conspiring against each other. R.I.P #YHM

  27. Now all serial are getting boring…… yhm sawaragini…kb dbh …all..insbs it was show ki the lawyer know ishita from before and the lawyerwill mke a cheap demand wht it will be…is not shown??? ………….. she willask raman to divoce her or something like that (probably)????

  28. Yhm come back on track of ishita raman please

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