Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman teaching Pihu. He sees Pihu sad. Ishita comes there with milk and tea. He asks Ishita to listen. She looks at him. Raman says its your test, tell me what did man in stone age discover, fire or water. She says oh its so embarrassing, I studied in childhood and forgot. Raman says Pihu, help your mum, she does not know. Pihu says its so simple, stone age man discovered fire, as water river was already there. Ishita says so intelligent. Raman asks Ishita to go, don’t waste time, time is money. Ishita goes. Raman teaches Pihu. Ishita looks on and smiles.

Shagun asks how is new Nanny. Ishita says its good Poonam got caught on time, I was feeling guilty that Pihu got hurt. Shagun says it was my mistake, I selected her. Ishita says Gulabo is very nice, she

knows to handle kids well. Pihu comes and says I did homework, aunty explains like Papa does. Mani comes. Shagun asks him to meet Gulabo, Pihu’s new Nanny. Mani greets Raman. He gets Niddhi’s call and worries.

He says sorry, its imp phone call. He goes. Shagun says Mani stays in stress these days. Raman thinks its not work stress, is he talking to Niddhi. Shagun checks Pihu’s homework. Raman says I will check Pihu’s diary. Mani asks are you mad, how do you get chance to call, let me think. Niddhi says you will drive the ambulance. He asks why will I. She says I don’t have anything to lose, don’t try to double cross, your family is at stake, I will tell you time and date. She ends call. Raman looks on. Mani worries.

Raman says I will inform Abhishek, its about Ishita and children, Niddhi can do anything. Adi stops Aaliya from going and asks if she is forgetting something. Aaliya says no. Ruhi asks Aaliya to go to Adi. Aaliya asks Adi is he mad. Adi says its valentines day, even we should go out somewhere far. Aaliya says I find all these days stupid, is such day needed to get romantic, you can get romantic anytime. He says you are so unromantic, what’s wrong to dedicate a day to love. He gets close. She gets away and says not now, valentines day is for lovers, we love family too, why don’t we spend time with family. He says you are copying Ishi Maa. She says I want to become like her and unite family like her. He says fine, I love you. She says I love you too. They smile. She goes.

Ishita apologizes to Pihu. Pihu says you saved me from bad aunty, Gulabo is nice, she teaches me like Papa, when I m with her, I feel I m with Papa. Ishita asks her to sleep now. Ishita sees Bhalla family pic and gets sad. She says I miss you all so much, I m sure Pihu is missing Raman, so she is seeing Raman in Gulabo, its our anniversary tomorrow. She recalls Raman and says we are missing him, is he missing us, I can’t force myself on him.

Raman calls Abhishek and says be alert, Niddhi is upto something. Abhishek says don’t worry, I m keeping an eye on her. Raman says I will call later, Ishita is calling Gulabo. He answers Ishita’s call. She asks him to come late. He says why, its valentines day and maybe you are spending time with your husband. She says nothing like that, I have appointments, my husband does not know to express love, he would not even remember, anyways leave it, come on time. He ends call. Adi comes and looks around, saying I heard a girl’s voice, is anyone there. Raman asks did you go mad. Adi says no, I heard a girl, tell me.

Raman says you doubt a lot, I was seeing video. Adi asks him to come for dinner tomorrow. Raman asks him to go with Aaliya. Adi says Aaliya and I have valentines day daily, come please. Raman agrees and hugs him. Adi asks is there no girl. Raman says sleep here. Adi says fine, happy valentines day. He sees Ishita’s pic and says you said I don’t remember, I will express love that this valentines will be memorable for you.

Alarm rings. Raman wakes up and gets ready. Mrs. Bhalla asks him where is he going. He says I have a meeting. She asks him to have breakfast. Raman goes to Divya and gets Gulabo’s makeup done. Raman runs on road and catches a bus. He reaches Manu’s house. Ishita asks Pihu to wake up. Raman says sorry, I got late. Ishita says no, you are on time. Raman says I will wake her up, our bonding is necessary. He wakes up Pihu and makes her ready. Ishita smiles. Raman feeds Pihu and takes her to school. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…………

Shagun talks to Ishita about Mani. She says Mani was caring at first and now he is not asking about me, its valentines week, he does not care for he, he just cares for baby. Ishita says no, else why would he call me here, I think his work became difficult, I can see it. Shagun says don’t know, when women get pregnant, men change. Ishita says I don’t know about this, men change without reason, see Raman, its valentines day tomorrow, its our anniversary today, he does a lot for children, now he is not doing anything, he is missing since 2 days, he does not even call. Raman comes and tells Ishita that someone has sent beautiful flowers for you, shall I get it. Shagun says now no need to complaint, go. Ishita says let me see who has sent it. Raman says yes, find out. He smiles.

Raman says your husband has sent it. Ishita says my husband is not romantic to take me for dinner. Raman says all couples go on dinner on valentines. She says yes, they have love between them. He asks don’t you love your husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi to all yhm fans!!!! I am back! Hi Sindhu, VP mam, shivani, Bhagya, rithushree, Priya, mino, susan, Khushi, Shreya, reshmi and all!! I don’t remember some names.. Hope you remember me and doing well… I really missed you a lot for 2 months!!
    I did well in my 2 mid semester exams .. finished yesterday… But thought I can make a fresh start today.

    So much happened in yhm… Ruhi sohail love, breakup,Ruhi arrested, sohail arrested, then Nidhi’s blackmailing drama started… Who the hell is Shagun to decide pihus nanny as if she did any good responsibilities towards her children? She is one spoilt woman transformed into a goody person. And why is ishita staying with Shagun? Mani is going to be trapped…CVS made him a senseless man. Don’t know what the CVS are upto… Yhm in 7th position… I am not seeing the bond between ishita and pihu that much strong… There are some loose ends. Too much freedom is given to nidhi to do a crime in the jail bars by blackmailing via phone. It is nice to see the bond between Gulabi aka Raman and pihu… I am a great fan of KP and DT. That’s why I watch yhm… No screen space for ishra, only for Shagun!! Ekta’s most fav Shagun character. I want to see ishrarudipihu together!! I think Param is changed for Ananya. Gaurav is upto no good.. their scenes are unwanted. Ok my comment is long… I shall finish here…

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Magic, marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susa, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many YHM fans….

    Priyamvadha congrats for doing well in your semester exams. Glad you could join us back in this telly sites with comments. Yes you must have read our comments. We all feel the same. No actual bond between Ishita and Pihu. It is totally lost. The chemistry between little Ruhi and Ishita was really awesome but the chemistry between Pihu and Ishita is gone. In actual fact I expected Pihu and Ishita’s bond to be excellent as Pihu is her real daughter.

    Abhishek always makes empty promises about tracking NIddhi down but in the end Niddhi will get what she wants. I do agree that the bond between Raman and Pihu is really great. It is the father and daughter bond that looks very natural not Ishita and PIhu. Ishita seems to be like a counselor instead of her mother. When Ishita talks to her, her face is always shown very stressed but in the old YHM she looks so approachable that anyone would be drawn towards her. Apart from this there is nothing great in YHM except to watch the Gulabo which KP has pulled off well. At least Ekta has made use of his talents well. Poor DT does not have really a good role but Shagun get s the meatiest role.

  3. i am enjoying ishra pihu bond and adi aliya ruhi bond. but trp’s are not support to good scenes. i hope yhm may back to own position. some how i accept it no screen space for ishra. but raman’s care and ishita concern is very nice.
    hi friends how are you? i hope u all remember me??????????

  4. Hello everyone….i am also YHM fan and follow your comments daily… it the way each one of you discuss about each episode and Raman Ishita….Please accept me as one of your yhm fan friend…?

  5. I am not understanding. Why is it that in 90% of Ishita and Pihu’s scenes they are using body doubles. Is there a problem between Divyanka and Ruhanika. Maybe that is why in their scenes we are not feeling the bonding. Yes Shagun and Abishek getting a lot of screen time these days. Actually. There are such a lot of things about YHM that is irritating me. Shagun, , Niddhi, Gaurav, Parmeet, body doubles, Mani, etc. So you might be thinking then why do you even bother to watch as 95% of the show is irritating you. Wish I had that answer. Maybe I am looking for that other 5%

  6. Dat is so sweet of Raman

  7. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  8. ishita should be able to no dat gulabo is a man nt woman

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