Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu coming to meet Ruhi. Ishita consoles her and says I trust you, you can’t do this with Ruhi, and asks her to meet Ruhi. Bala looks for some thing and gets the wine bottle. He recalls Romi got it to Bhalla house, and thinks its same brand, what happened to Vandu, how could she get it from Bhalla house, what will Raman think. Neelu tells Mr. Bhalla that Bala got this wine bottle to keep it in Raman’s room. Mr. Bhalla says Raman’s client got this for me, fine, I will keep this. He asks Neelu to make tea for them. He asks Bala why is he worried. Bala says I don’t know, Vandu took this bottle, I m sorry, don’t share this with anyone.

Mr. Bhalla says I m sorry, Mrs. Bhalla told a lot to Amma yesterday, I know Vandu can’t hurt anyone, but she has

something in her heart, be with her, she needs you, I make drink for Mrs. Bhalla, its fun to drink together and express things, we share and solve problems like friends, you try this, I m sure Vandu will share her problem, keep this bottle. Bala says thanks, I will try this.

Mrs. Bhalla does Ruhi’s tilak and ties a spiritual thread. Ruhi asks her to tie the thread to Ishita’s hand as well. Mrs. Bhalla ties it to Ishita’s hand and takes Ruhi to rest. Ishita says I found peace seeing the kids, where is Rohit, what happened Romi. Romi says actually… Sarika says did anyone not tell Ishita that Rohit is not here, he went to his real mother, I gave him to Pallavi. Ishita asks why suddenly. Raman says let it be, Rohit is fine, atleast Pallavi won’t use him. Ishita agrees and taunts Sarika. Sarika goes.

Muttu meets Ishita. Amma comes there and stands at the door. Ishita asks her to come inside. Amma says no, I don’t want to, I got this sweets for Ruhi. Amma looks at Mrs. Bhalla and goes. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman. Ishita says much changed here in my absence, what is happening here Ishita goes to her room. Raman comes there and hugs her. He says I know room is messy, but you have come, things will be fine. She says I will make this right, what about the problem between Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, we will keep an anniversary party, they both can’t refuse. Raman gets a call and says I have appointment with Niddhi, I told her what you want. He gives her a surprise and shows the sonography reports, baby’s pics. She says its our baby Raman and smiles. He says you are world’s best mom and hugs her. He says I wish you became best wife and teases her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……….

Raman and Ishita meet Niddhi and thank her. Niddhi says you paid for my work, so this had to happen, use this special permission for some good work, like social service, we have to show your positive image, Amar Chadda was reputed lawyer. Ishita asks her is she doing something about that matter. Niddhi asks her to wait. Ishita says fine, we will wait.

Mrs. Bhalla sees some people seeing Iyer’s flat. The lady asks Mrs. Bhalla about this society, how are the people here. Mrs. Bhalla says its good, why are you asking. The lady says I m Mrs. Kapoor, maybe we will shift here. Mrs. Bhalla says Iyer family is staying here. The lady says agent said that family is vacating this flat. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says strange, they are leaving but why, no one told us, does Raman and Ishita know this.

Pallavi brings Rohit there. Ishita meets Rohit and asks Pallavi why did she do this. Pallavi says I came as you wanted to meet Rohit. Ishita says I want to know, I saved your life, you did not support me. Pallavi says I m sorry, I could not help you, I love my son, I got him now, I can’t lose him, I did all this to get him, so sorry. Suyyash comes there. Niddhi shouts what are you doing here.

Suyyash says you are asking this to me, by calling my client here, you felt I will send Pallavi alone here, I m not a kid, and how did Ishita think Pallavi will help her, you killed her husband and ruined her life, is this not too much, I came here to warn you, don’t call my client and record any statement, else I will turn the case such way that Niddhi will forget practice, I know Niddhi called Pallavi to change her statement, this won’t happen, I advice you to leave this case.

Suyyash says you can’t make me lose, never. Niddhi says you just care to save your client, it was all her idea to dispose body and burn it, you are supporting her. He says but Ishita did the murder. Pallavi asks them to stop it, Suyyash can we leave now. Suyyash says spend these final moments well, its priceless. Raman asks him to find a new job, as once Ishita comes out of jail, I will shut your lawyer shop.

Raman tells Ishita that you just think about yourself, did you think what will happen to me, if you wanted to go jail, you would have told me, we would have done the crime together, atleast we would have stayed together. They hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for fast update Amena…

  2. Sharon shrivatsav

    Guys I just don’t want that leap and ishu – abhi scenes we all are happy with ishra then why this leap and all plz….tell me guys is it true….and one more thing why are they changing the title from…yeh hai mohabbatein to yeh thi mohabbatein…… disgusting they are planning to bring down the best show to worst show…… I hope so there is no leap and I really what only ishra…..and if raman is doing that fake murder to save isitha it is OK…..we want her to be saved but not that leap and all that….???

  3. nice percap hope all I get fine between them

  4. Yup….nice precap but it only last for maximum of one day

  5. And Raman will shoot Ishita tommorow according to the promo

  6. The new spoilers say that Ishita is going to be hanged for the crime she hasn’t done…..seriously the writers are making a laughing stocks out of themselves #RIPYHM #BoycottYHM #IshRaloveiseternal

  7. Amma? is really mad what the hell she is shifting cos Mrs. Ball ha told her that vandu mite have accidentally dropped it as she disturbed these days and

    I really hope ishu won’t go back to prison ?
    And I was just jumping into conclusion cos I’m really sure that appa mite have not agreed to such a stupid thing like that?and the moving out for some other reason and I hope mihika will come back soon

  8. not yet see the serial only to watch 11’o clock precap is vey touching awaiting to watch kp and div

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hahaaaa true one day one epuside…lol…

  10. I hope pallavi and suyyash to be exposed

  11. episode was ok . kuch bhi ho pallavi jaisi khudgarz aurath aur koi nahi ho sakthi .ishitha ko uski jaan bachaana hi nahi chahiye thi .jisne jaan bachaaya ussi ko jail mein daal di uss khudgarz pallavi ne .agar pallavi ne ishitha ko bachaaya hotha aur court mein sacj bol diya hotha toh uss din usne ishitha ko bachaaya bhi hotha aur ussi din jo usse sarika se rohit mili woh ishitha se mili hothi aur maamla khatam lekin uss murkh mahila pallavi ke dimaag mein toda bhi akal nahi hai .pagal kahiki.

  12. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi and all
    yhm friends.

  13. The upcoming episode
    will show that Ishita got
    bailed for 24 hours on
    Ruhi’s illness ground.
    Ishita and Raman are
    happy together and spend
    time together.
    But their happiness
    doesn’t remain for all as
    Ishita has to go back to
    Ishita’s case hearing has
    been scheduled Raman
    and Ishita both are tensed
    for judgement.
    Ishita has been given
    death penalty and has
    been charged in murder
    Raman is shattered
    knowing this and Ishita is
    also tensed.
    Raman comes to meet
    Ishita in jail, Ishita asks
    Raman to close his eyes
    and bid her goodbye
    Raman and Ishita’s life
    has taken a big twist,
    let’s see what more
    comes their way.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  14. Some how it end of yeh hai mohabattien (IshRa)

  15. what is this news and plz makers ekta or cvs dont do all these in yhm . yeh sab show se uski bahuth saare fans aur viewers cheen lega aur iss show ko barbaad kar dega . show ki lead ko inspirational hona chahiye na ki iss tarah jail mein sazaa kate ,woh bhi uss gunah ke liye jo ussne ki hi nahi . agar makers ko show mein sirf negativity hi dikhaana hai aur morals ki agar koi value nahi hai toh yhm , yhm nahi rahega balki iss duniya ki sabse worst serial banegi . iss show mein police ko dikhaaya aur local police acp se bhi acche kaam karthe hai aur jo acp hai woh nikamma hai aur iss show mein shaadi ko mazak bana ke rakh diya hai .jisse dekho toh buss do theen shaadiyan aur iss show mein acchayi le saath accha hi nahi hotha aur law ko toh aise dikhaa rahe hai ki ishitha prove bhi nahi hui ki usne chadda ka murder kiya phir bhi usse saza sunwaa diya . chadda ko mare hue kitnee din hue lekin uski body ka forensic report tak nahi aaya aur sirf ek fingerprint ke bal par keh diya ishitha khooni hai . kanoon toh saboith maangtha hai aur bina sabooth ke phaisla suna diya . wah! itee bewakoof makers iss serial ke aur kisi bhi serial ke nahi ho sakthe .

  16. stop this crap in yhm .plz makers ekta or cvs .plzzzzz…..

  17. Nooo……they can’t do like that..If this is what going to happen,then what’s does the promo indicates???Anyway parol is not given to a person who is sentenced to death…Then how will Raman plan a fake murder….Or the story may be a dream and afraid of such a condition Raman plans a fake murder…Actually I didn’t understand anything….What’s actually going to happy???Fake murder drama is this…….Ok fine…..if ishita has been sentenced to death by the court and Raman decided to do anything for saving her and he came to find that ishita is not the real culprit and if he finds the orginal culprit and saves ishita,its okkk

    But plzz don’t drag too much

    It’s starts becoming boring

    Don’t make it a big flop

    Dragging will only worsen the show

    Plzzz ekta mam it’s a request from all yhm fans

    Now Karan’s and Ruhanika’s acting is the only thing that worth watching

  18. Kuchh bhi…Pallavi Pallavi nahi pragati he…usne uske husband l khilaf case banaya tha ye sab shagun janti he…Kya isase judge k samne prove nahi hota k Pallavi uske marital life se khush nahi thi

  19. Either bring our old yhm back or plzz end the show

    We can’t see YHM like this
    We didn’t find any sense in Raman going jail in charge of ishita’s murder
    Let Raman came to know that real culprit is not ishita and let him find out real culprit and bring him/her in frontof law and save ishita

    That will be good other than this crap

  20. saw the sbb nd sbs segmnt today nd i cldnt control my emotions . ishra scene was highly emotional . can’t take this stress . though both sbb nd sbs said that ishita won’t b hanged nd at last evrythng is gonna b fine ..maybe by the fake murder drama or smthng like tht . nyway but still this is mt acceptbl. dnt seperate ishra or else yhm will b destroyed . plzzz ….

  21. On the whole episode is good. Ishu Vandu scene is good love n believe between two sisters is great. Ruhi’s love care for Ishimaa is touching. I Iyer’s are leaving this flat to solve Bala’s financial problems. I can’t understand why Ishita wants to meet Pallavi. Rithu are you sure Ishita will be given death sentence how can Nidhi loose this case. Plz writers don’t show good people will always loose n bad people always win. Writers don’t spread negativity. Rithu I hope what ever you wrote is wrong this time. I hope n Nidhi will save Ishita. We viewers don’t want to see Raman behind the bars.

    1. even i hope summi whatever wrote be wrong . we just want ishraruhadi together and yhm not ytm and no leap.

  22. I hope sarika rot in hell with palavi n suyyash

  23. This serial is a crap right now…..its better to boycott this show until the writers realise that that the reviews have fallen down and they should create a new track…..hopefully Ishita won’t be hanged for the crime she hasn’t done

  24. Flop serial

  25. When i hear these news i just feel

    1. And cn any one say me whats the meaning of ‘thi’ in yeh thi mohabbtein?

      1. i hope pallavi last moment par ishitha ko bachaale.

  26. Thi means something exist before & its no more now.

    1. Thanks summi fr saying the meaning of thi. And the whole meaning of
      yeh thi mohabbatein means ‘there was a love like this’ am i correct summi?

  27. Episode was just ok..fed up of the current track..waiting for the old yhm back….hai rithu:-):-):-)

  28. Raman adorns jewellery on Ishita, and hugs her. He fills her maang while a romantic song plays. Their happiness have returned and they got a chance to get romantic again. Their love is strengthen with the love. Ishita hugs him. Sarika is keeping evil eye on them and is again conspiring against her. Simmi comes to meet Ishita and greets her happily. The family is about to celebrate for Ishita’s return, but Police comes and arrests Ishita again shocking the kids and family. Kids hug Ishita and cries. All the Bhalla and Iyer family are confused and think what compelled Police to arrest her again. There was a sad moment follows after Ishita is taken away by Police. Ishita too gets teary eyes.

  29. hey guys good morning .

  30. Why this moderation?? it is very irritating .. stop this moderation.. we r not abusing anyone / any actor.. frustrated by this moderation…

  31. Its time to clear up the mess caused by Pallavi – Ishitha should be acquitted from the case totally.

    Sarika – finger prints should be taken for poisoning a person is murder.

    Fling her in jail and throw away the keys – she should not go scott free for this crime

  32. hey guys good afternoon.

  33. sbs mein dikhaaya ki ishitha ko phasi ki saza sunaayi jaathi hai aur log jail ke bahar ishitha ke khilaf naare lagaathe hai aur ishitha family se akhri mulakaath karthi hai . sab rothe hai aur phir sbs mein kaha ki acp ishitha ko jail se bhaga ke leke jaayega .

  34. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness a major
    twist in the story line in the
    upcoming episode.
    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) got bail for 24 hours due
    to her daughter Ruhi’s health
    Now it seems the time has come
    for the final verdict from the court
    where the judgement regarding the
    murder case will be given.
    It is heard that to every ones shock
    Ishita will be given a life penalty,
    hanged till dead.
    Apparently this news comes as a
    shock to Raman (Karan Patel), he
    is shattered to know that Ishita will
    never come back to him again.
    Next we see Ishita in the jail and
    Raman seems to be helpless as he
    was unable to get justice for his
    The upcoming episode will be full
    of emotions.

  35. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    going to take tragic turn for Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman’s
    (Karan Patel ) life.
    It is known that Ishita is jailed
    under the charges of murder of Mr.
    Ishita gets bail for 24 hours on the
    grounds of Ruhi’s ill health.
    Ishita and Raman celebrate their
    anniversary together happily, but,
    Ishita needs to return to the jail.
    In the upcoming episode, Ishita will
    have the final verdict of the murder
    charges on her.
    Ishita will be sentenced death
    penalty which will completely
    distort Raman and Ishita.
    Ishita and Raman will be highly
    emotional and will meet up in the
    Ishita will ask Raman to say final
    farewell and will ask Shagun to
    look after the kids.
    Ishita will ask Amma to prepare
    payasam for as her last wish.
    Ishita will get drown in past
    memories in jail.
    Let’s see if Ishita gets saved from
    this punishment.

  36. what the hell is this news .i hate the makers ekta and cvs . sbb mein bhi dikhaaya air poora bhalla iyyer family ro rahi hai aur ruhi toh bahuth ro rahi hai .i cant see all these in yhm .i thought at last moment pallavi would chqnge her statement but yhm makers just want to show only negative because their mind is filled of only negativity.

  37. Does commenting here actually get to the ekta and her team. I stopped watching this nonsense a long time ago. Just stop watching and let ratings fall, as it is comments are on deaf ears. Ishita and Raman are the perfect couple in YHM.. why separate them? and so many of u are right – this series is portraying that being bad makes a better person. Good just gives u more problems.. what utter nonsense!

  38. Yhm.has becum worst tv show nw…better nt to watch….abhishek is name sake acp he doesnt interrogate fr truth at all…

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