Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita reaching the ashram. Raman asks for the Baba. The man says he is in puja, and asks them to wait. Ashok tells his informer that everyone will know Ishita’s drama and she will admit she lied to the, she can’t bear the tortures. He ends call and says congrats for the failure Ishita. The man asks Raman to make his wife have bath with cold water. Raman says its already cold, is this bath necessary. The man says don’t talk between rituals, put water on her.

Ishita sits. Raman pours water on her and gets sad doing this. The man asks Ishita to change clothes and come for the puja. Raman takes Ishita. She changes her clothes and comes to Raman. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He apologizes and says I m sorry to hurt you, I m doing this for

you, if I could, I would have taken all your sufferings on me. She says please, you know I won’t let you do so. She hugs him. yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………….

He takes her for the puja and they sit. Iyers and Bhallas (Amma, Appa, Mihika, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla and Sarika) come there to see Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla is he sure that this is the temple. Mr. Bhalla says lets go inside and see. She says if anything happens to Ishita, what will I do, and cries. Amma says don’t worry, I m sure Ishita will be fine. The man ties Ishita’s hands. Raman asks him is this necessary. The man asks him to wait and does the rituals. Raman says she is getting hurt. The man says this pain is not hurting your wife. He asks Ishita who is she, and leave the body, else she has to bear much pain.

The man takes Ishita out. The families worry seeing people there. A man tells them that Agni Pariksha is happening inside and is very tough. Ishita is taken to the hot coal. She gets shocked. Raman worries and asks whats all this. The man says your wife has to walk on this. Raman says her feet will burn, she won’t walk. The man says its necessary, else this ritual won’t be fulfilled. Raman does not agree. The man says this can’t be stopped midway. She cries and thinks Ashok wants me to break, but I won’t break, I will give this Agni pariksha, its superstitions, but I will walk on this hot coal for my husband. The families come there and ask whats happening. Raman says they want Ishita to walk on this hot coal. Amma and everyone cry.

The man says all this is necessary, this is only way to make your wife fine. Ishita thinks Ashok’s informer is between them and waiting for me to break, but I won’t move back, I can’t lose, there is no way, I have to do this to save Raman. She walks ahead. They all cry and ask her to stop. Ishita screams standing on the hot coal and walks ahead. Everyone cry seeing her feet burnt and bleeding, and her pain. She falls down after stepping out and cries.

They all run to Ishita and hold her. Shagun worries for Ishita and gets stomach ache. She screams and calls hotel staff for help. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita’s feet are burnt, we should call doctor. Raman apologizes to Ishita. Appa says there is no network. He asks Ishita to open eyes. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the man. The man says calm down, apply this lep, thing will happen to her. Raman applies the lep and cries.

Raman talks to Baba and says whatever problems we have won’t get solved in this, I did not see Shagun’s spirit, Ishita is getting hurt, stop this. Manoj comes to check the patient/Shagun. She gets shocked seeing him at the door.

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  1. sona

    Sarika is the informer of Ashok who again attack on ruhi in her room in a same way as attack in school when ishita n Raman was in aashram – saas bahu saazish

  2. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Please use this page,only to leave your comments about this teledrama/episode.DON’T FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER! Each one’s ideas are belong to themselves and please don’t use this page to fight with each other based on your personal matter

  3. Hii friends…

    This crap pls stop it…Epi was very heart touching…Feeling bad for ishita….Informer maybe between mihika sarika…But i read somewhere in Sonali jaffer interview that informer may be revealed in new year…

    • Ya u r right. Heer. They r just dragging and no sign of informer still. If its sarika I will b pissed off. As they dragged this much to show informer which we knew from beginning.

  4. swathi

    this ashok mad guy and tell the informer fast ishita and ramn should not be separate if they are ishita should marry acp abisheikh

    • Randunu

      I won’t agree with you Swathi.If they’re to seperate,Ishita will live alone with Raman’s memories.If they’re to seperate in the future and Ishita to marry abhi won’t do the justice for the topic of the serial YHM.It will make YHM so much “POPULAR” among fans and they will enjoy it by shutting down their televisions.

  5. Mastani

    This is completely overboard . Why can’t Ishita open up about her plan?The more time she takes the situation gets more worse.

  6. Sana

    What is the need for Ishitha to do this act ? Keep the butter on top of the crane, it will melt and get on its eye then they will catch the crane. What nonsense, when they can keep the butter on the head of the crane they can also catch it. Complete crap, they have a ACP as a friend, why don’t he put some police or unofficial police men to watch Ashok and catch him. Man this is complete crap, they think the viewers are 100% dumbs.

  7. why the writters too much dragging without any sense in future raman knows about ishita did all this for him and the family he definetely feel quilty not only adi ruhi feels quilty for giving more pain to their ishimaa this will create problem in ishra’s life

  8. Reshma

    before doing all this. when they have doubt on ashok, ishitha should give complaint to acp saying herself & her family is in threat by ashok… he shud take that complaint and file FIR.. when he has the complaint, he can track the calls of ashok…

    leaving all these aside. they are giving value to the superstitions.. first they opposed, now they are encouraging the same by bringing another baba, that too ashok’s plan making work.

  9. I feel really sorry for Ishita.Why doesn’t ishita and shagun tells abishek to catch ashok because he is a acp. For how many more days will ishita have to gain this pain.
    I think sarika is the informer . anyway doesn’t she /he have a heart otherwise why will he/she do something like this being in same family.
    I hope after knowing the thruth Raman and others want get angry with ishita.
    Ishita is doing a lot for Raman and all the family members. I feel sort for her.?????.

    What’s the crocodile scene will something happen to Ishita?

  10. Emotional episode.patha nahi manoj shagun ko dekhega ki nahi .ab toh atleasr ishitha ko raman ko sab sach bathaa dena chahiye .i felt like crying . Sab ro rahe the .precap was ok.

  11. Episode was emotinal.precap was ok.ab toh ishitha ko raman ko sab keh dena chahiye . aaj ke episode ke baad sarika culprit nahi lag rahi hai toh aur kon ho saktha hai .i felt like crying after watching today’s episode.patha nahi manoj shagun ko dekh paayega ki nahi.

  12. diya

    episode was really sad and bad . the only good thing in todays episode was divyanka’s xpressions they were priceless . the way she protrayed those painful xpressions wr vry natural . karan wasnt upto the mark today . his xpressions that real . dunno y today raman dissapointed me . why didnt he stop ishita .?? who was holdng him?? nyway they ended all this torture in a single episode . precape was good shagun nd manoj togethr …. xcited!!!

  13. diya

    no seperation is not gonna hppn .nyway .. btw hello rithu , faya , eera , natasha , jhanvi , darshika nd yhmians

  14. Nasrin

    Romi is the informer. Because of his height . Everybody was there when ruhi was attacked but romi is not there. Romi is not anywhere in most of the ishita scene. Romi can drive big vehicles. When he try to attacked Raman.

  15. Diya

    Hi ppl iam back..I felt so sad seeing today’s episode.. It’s 4 days challenge but they r dragging a lot..Raman knows ishita is doing this for him then y Raman supporting this??..I wish shagun and Manoj meet tomorrow..
    I think they will disclose the khabri on Jan 1 as a new gift..and don’t say again stop dragging even after new yr..sarika is the culprit I think but even romi..iam getting mad thinking about the khabri..I think ekta didn’t still decide who to make as the informer..

    Hi frnds..
    Rithu,jhanvi,diya, darshika, faya,siddhi,nimrit, parvathy, fathi,Natasha,cham,cindy, etc..

  16. diya

    will romi wear a saree nd wear nd wig or hve a soft skin like a womn . they hv clearly shown its a womn. no doubt its sarika . i dnt understand y cnt ishita is getting this point …

  17. VSD

    This all is soo stupid.. Rather than becoming a victim to Ashok, ishita can share all the truth with raman and the. Together they can find the infomrer in house.. As it is there is no real threat to raman now and its more to kids.. Too dragged episodes and making it boring.. Just finish this track and move on so that it still has essence of suspense and fun.. Even raman cant understand ehat his wife is hiding and make her reveal all truth. They keep talking nonsense.

  18. Randunu

    Maybe Ashok is using not only Sarika but also Romi!Ashok is using both of them as informers.He must have blackmailed both of them.Romi for big work and Sarika or maybe Mihika for the small work in Ashok’s plan like wearing a saree like Ishita.And when we compare Ishita’s height with Mihika,she is the only one matches to it.Because Sarika is shorter than Ishita.It’s only my prediction and let’s see what is coming up next.

  19. gopu

    for our surprise mihir was changed to lady style and doing ashoks work because maker’s are always following hit movie sequence’s now they r following murder 2 villain style….

  20. Jhanvi

    Hi everyone….. Lil busy…
    Gd mrng to all…

    Emotional epi…. Poor ishu… Raman was feeling so helpless…. But she can stop this by telling d truth at least Raman..

    YHM sad tune Nd sad song is jst awsm makes d scene more emotional…..!!!!

    Dfntly it’s only sarika …in SBB they told that ishu will soon get to know d informer’s name ( they told sarika ) Nd will confront her ….awaiting for that…..

  21. Jhanvi

    Awaiting for crocodile track also…..
    Guys any upcoming news…???? What will happen after crocodile track…????

    • Prince

      Hlw Jhanvi How R u …??? I’m not that prince … Itne dino Se me srif aap ki comments dekha …
      U sAiD “nO ” I respect uR decision …
      Plz don’t misunderstand me …

  22. AKSHAY C S

    The culprit who was trying to kill ruhi was wearing saree observe it properly…..
    And when they gathered to comfort her there was only one women wearing saree and that women is “ESHITHA’S MOTHER “.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.