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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man saying Raman backed out, so this contract goes to Romi Bhalla. Ishita comes and stops him, saying I got late, but I did not back out, I studied the proposal, our company did not use Sodium bicarbonate, I don’t know why did Ashok raise this question, he has our business proposal, every businessman has duty to read proposal well and ask questions, Ashok is not a good business, or he does not Pihu industries or a woman to get this contract.

Ishita introduces women activists to Mr. Murthy. She tells what Ashok feels, that women can just go in kitty parties and are made to manage home and cooking, I m not suitable to sit here in business meeting. The women ask Ashok does he not know to behave with women, maybe he has no women at home, so he does not know

to respect women. Ashok says no, Ishita is mistaken, I respect women, I m happy that Ishita is representing Raman’s company, I told Murthy to give contract to Raman. Murthy gives contract to Ishita. Everyone clap. Ishita thanks Raman in her heart and thinks if I did not think as Raman, I would have not dealt with Ashok.

Raman says I did not think I know to make kids happy. the kids clap. Raman smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays……….. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Ishita at home and praises her. Adi says I told the news to everyone. Mihika says I m so proud of you. They all praise Ishita and say we did not inform Raman mumma. They laugh. Ruhi says I made Neelu call Raman to ask what to cook for Pihu. Ishita says principal is strict, I hope Raman did not have any problem. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, he is very smart. Amma comes and congratulates Ishita. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue. Adi asks them not to argue, we will celebrate and organize a party. Ruhi and everyone like the idea.

Romi comes. Mihika tells Romi that Raman got contract because of Ishita. He smiles and goes to his room. He says my family is strange, they are celebrating for Ishita, what about my failure.

Mihir and Aaliya have a talk. He says he has much work and she asks him to take some time off. She tells about some concert and they discuss their taste of music. She asks what music does he like. He says I like different type of music, old filmi songs, Lata Didi, Kishore Dada, soulful melodies and lyrics. She says I m sorry, who are they. He asks are you serious, you don’t know, you have grown up in Australia, but they are national treasures, their songs are too good, I love Kishore Da’s song Hum hai rahi pyaar ke. She smiles. He gets a call and talks. He asks where were we Aaliya. She sings. He says I have to get back to work. She says yes and looks at him.

Mrs. Bhalla says we are partying for Pihu. Ishita says yes, we will just have family get together. Amma says I will ask Vandu to make drinks. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad. Amma says I mean cold drink. They all laugh. Shagun comes to meet Pihu. Ishita stops her and asks what is the matter, how do you come suddenly. Shagun asks can’t I come, I want to meet Pihu. Ishita asks her not to come, else Pihu can’t adjust with us, she has to get comfortable. Shagun asks can’t I meet my daughter, am I any criminal, I m worried for Pihu. Ishita asks are you not criminal, do you worry for Pihu. Shagun asks how dare you, I won’t talk to you, I will meet Pihu and go.

Ishita says I won’t let you meet Pihu, I know Anil wrote that letter, your name was written in it, you kidnapped me, this drama won’t work infront of me. Shagun asks her to shut up. Raman comes and asks whats happening. Ruhi asks where is Pihu. He says with Shravan. Ishita stops Shagun and says you make the confession that you kidnapped me, else I won’t let you meet Pihu all your life. Shagun asks why should I confess if I did not do anything. Ishita says I know you kidnapped me, you wanted to kill me, you don’t remember, confess this.

Shagun pushes her and says let me meet my daughter. Raman says enough Shagun, you did favor on us to manage this house for 7 years, but I won’t bear my wife’s insult, I understand you are going close to Pihu so that she gets away from Ishita, I m not saying you are criminal, but I banned you from meeting Pihu in school so that she gets close to Ishita. Shagun says she is my daughter too. He says you just gave birth to her, she is Ishita’s daughter, just leave. Raman holds Ishita. Shagun sees them, gets angry and leaves.

Aaliya reads the lyrics of old song and says Mihir was right, its good meaningful song. She gets Mani’s call and talks to him. She asks him to take care, Shagun did not come home, maybe she is busy in Ngo work, fine I will tell her. She ends call. She says if I told Appa that I m checking old songs, he would be shocked, what would I say that I m hearing these songs as Mihir likes it.

Simmi asks Neelu did she make just tinde. Pihu says I don’t like this. Neelu says I asked Raman, he told me, so I made this. Raman comes. Everyone look at him. Raman asks what did I do now. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman why did he say Neelu to make tinde, you know Pihu dislikes. Pihu says I won’t have this. Ishita thinks Ravan kumar got stuck. Raman says its yummy and healthy, and makes her have it saying her serial heroine’s name. She likes it and says its not so bad. Everyone smile.

Shagun is angry and says Ishita called me a criminal, I will show what I can do and become criminal, see how I use my Brahmastra, I will make you away from Pihu, Raman and family, I m going to destroy you Ishita.

Raman tells Ishita that he knows to rectify mistakes. She asks so easily. He says lets make a fresh start. She laughs. They both introduce each other. He says there is name confusion, we are not husband and wife from today. She asks what do you mean.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First time tears rolled down from my eyes when Raman said shagun she is not mother but just gave birth but I want shagun to earn Pihu with love over Ishita then I hope it would be interesting. This serial is going down I want Pihu to choose shagun over Ishita after knowing she is not her mother

    1. I think u r wrong Saagun is a criminal
      She got Ishita Kidnapped and even tried to get her killed and u want her to go to such a
      Low person .This matter could have been resolved properly but no Shagun gets really horrible and shows her true colour again

      1. Did shagun murder anyone? how can u call her a criminal?

    2. Aruna … i feel you are wrong .. if Shaghun had not turned negative … agree She has the right of Pihu … but she uses her children … no mother will do

      1. Y did she turn negative? Who provoked her to be negative? Raman was about to marry Shagun can u imagine how it feels for a girl if her marriage is ruined? on top of that Ruhi always runs behind pihu to tell her that Shagun is not her real mother & Ishita is her real mother. Obviously shagun will feel insecure. Initially Shagun was just bothered of pihu but now CVs created as if she is mad for Raman just to make shagun demon and Ishita a mahan. Mother is like god. I cant see a mother like shagun(ignore her past) to suffer that way. Ruhi insulted earlier and now raman insulted shagun. Yoiu keep insulting ppl & expect them to be good to you.

    3. Khushiarvind

      Hi vp, aruna, indira
      Aruna as u saide too felt lil bit sympathy for shagun as her negativity is the outcome of her insecurity and bcose of bhallas nd ramans ungrateful attitude. They only knows to sideline people
      Ramans behaviour also lil strange.
      Actually cvs shlould ne blamed
      What was the need of making shagun for reuniting ishra shagun shld turn neg.
      eventhough i dnt justify her criminal behaviout and manipulating children by sometimes feel lyk whars hapning to her is wrong.
      In that case ishitha too dnt have the right over pihu bcose she left her as an infant and remained anonymous for 7 yrs. so whts the point in cuming back now and claiming her daughter.
      If shagun remained positive i would really like her to win pihus custody
      Bt cvs made her mire nd more neg.
      so many missing threads are there
      Aftr leap nothing is intrstng going on
      They just keep some ishra scenes when we get fed up nd trp goes low

  2. It was cool…

  3. Sorry shreya for yesterday ? I didnt mean it that way I thought I could friends like u all are but sorry please forgive i was not insulting I think it was harsh joke actually I am not good at jokes sorry ?? please ???

  4. I was not insulting you it was a joke okay I think it was very harsh ? But sorry yaar I don’t know u guys or u r way to talk now I am sure I am the making mountain out of Molehill but I just wanna say sorry ?? else I won’t stop telling sorry ?????

    1. Laya you dont have to say sorry … even I too put it in nice way … Shreya … you are not kimberly type …Laya even I dont like to come to this site even bad language is used by anyone … out of frustration .. we all will feel …but the decency is not to use bad word …

  5. CVS ?fr trp they changed Raman mind with in 2days….?lol…Raman wat said was ryt she gave birth..nt her real mom?but I think writers failed in this scene bcz ishita askng shagun n shagun ishita cat k…but dat shld nt raise qstn on motherhood is wat I felt??situation doesn’t demand dat dialogue 4m Raman…instead dat dialogue would have been fruitful if…he had believed ishita words at frst n if he done some jasoosi against shagun n if with proofs if he has supported ishita ..the episode would have been bangggg on episode of da week? lse today he would have jst asked shagun to stay away 4m pihu 4some days as she gets time to attach with ishita….n slowly if they show shagun completely transformed to criminal it would b Nyc….dis is wat I felt…?writers r failed to great extent in diz episode …..finally let us show Raman literally asking forgive 4m ishita…plz…bcz a woman needs some self respect…n cvs think about ruhi studies also ?

    1. Yes Nandu we are all waiting for Raman to apology to Ishitha … cvs are not touching that though they are into more positives after the trp drop and fans protest . Even KP said they are just tools … follows instruction , respect them … altogether its turning good but ad you said dialogues are not that appropriate to the scenes some times . After marriage when Ishitha started , I felt from her side a distance .. they are also human beings …they have their own personel feelings … but now she is back to the fullest .. Kp Dt Aditiand RD nails the show … great acting

    2. Khushiarvind

      You r right nandu… Me too eagerly waitng for raman’s apologies
      Dnt think they will ever show that
      I want to see ishu as a women with self respect not lyk this. Hw could she firgive such insults so easily without apologies nd startd romancing.

  6. now this stupid shagun is ruining the serial…. what is her brahmastra?

  7. I dnt understand raman& ishita’s logic.shagun gave birth to ruhi but she is ishita’s daughter;coz shagun left newborn ruhi & ishita took care of ruhi for some tht when ishita left newborn pihu & shagun took care of her then also pihu is ishita’s daughter.they even wanted adi’s custody when he was child.matlab inhe ruhi bhi chahiye adi bhi chahiye pihu bhi chahiy. in short ishra think all children belong to them.only they hav right over the child.nobody thinks of shagun.k shagun did some bad things.but she did some gud things also.&most importantly she gave birth to all 3 of them.she raised pihu& adi when ishita left. so she also has equal rights on them.

    1. Yes anu r i agree with you. They r insulting Shagun like hell. They r provoking her to become negative. What is the reason to stop Shagun meeting Pihu. Ishita loves children so much she is d best mom she is mahan I agree. But Y do they want to snatch Pihu from Shagun. When Ishita was away Bhallas used Shagun. Did they forgot how she took care of pihu. Everybody here talks about Shagun’s past she is criminal she is a demon she is a vamp. Pls people think before you say something. I bet 200% ppl who r in Shagun’ s place in real life will do the same. how can a mother stay away from her children. Im a mother and i know that very well. Truth is mahan like Ishita wont exist in real life but character like Shagun does. Please dont insult shagun so much. She deserves Pihu its not Ishita. Please Ishita for godsake leave atleast pihu for Shagun. U have raman ruhi adi

    2. Also please dont judge ppl on their past. Everyone will have a past that doesnt mean u cn crticise them based on that. Shagun was a demon earlier bt not now. please dont insult shagun

    3. Exactly, Same thoughts are running in my mind. If Ruhi and Adi can be ishita’s children why can’t Pihu be shagun’s. Now shagun and Mani got married at present they can’t have children for themselves. So she doesn’t have anyone for her and in today episode I felt pity for romi why don’t this family think of others other than Raman and Ishita. But romi is right he expects some one with him in his failure but they are celebrating ishits’s…

      1. Khushiarvind

        Ys ishithas negligence towards pihu 7 yrs before can never be justified. She didnt evn thought abt pihu all these yrs while shgun brought her up as a gud mother. Bhallas nd raman are the reasin for making shagun neg. ishitha was thnkng abt shaguns good only. She nvr wantd to snatch pihu. Bt bhallas nd ramans behaviour turnd her to the old vamp. What she said is right she turned positive nd got nothng but evryone avoided her aftr ishitha is back. So whats the pount of being positive. Ishitha being innocent devi types what she got in life always problematic life .. Lot of enemies nd a husband who sometimes luvs her nd in the nxt sec distrusts her. Nvr feel it necessary to apologise aftr insulting her. He luvs her bt nvr respects her. Nd here villians like ashok always prevails nd escape frm punishments aftr doing severe crimes… This serial is giving wring msg to society that goodness doesnt give us anythng in life bt sadness nd hurts only

    4. Hi Anu and Friends,

      I am just trying to share my point of view. No offence to anyone.
      Before she got to know about Shagun-did-kidnapping, Ishitha always says Pihu is Shagun’s daughter, later only her daughter. She told that many times, she has even stopped Ruhi from telling Pihu truth.. All She wants is Pihu being friendly with her, that’s it. She doesn’t want to snatch anyone from anyone. Even Ruhi/Adi. For Ruhi, she tried to give Ruhi to Shagun in starting episodes. She took a different decision only when she got to know that Shagun has no interest in Ruhi, just for revenge sake she wants Ruhi. Here interesting thing is Ruhi chooses Ishita over dad, mom n entire family. No one forced her.
      For Adi, Ishu only tried for Custody when she got to know tht Adi is emotionally being depressed, feeling insecure and All Shagun was doing is just increasing the fears in him fr self(ish) benifits.. Here interesting part is Adi choose to go away from Shagun , thats his decision and no one forced him.
      Yet, Ishitha always gave Shagun’s importance in Ru/Adi’s life being their mom. She convinced Ru to attend Shagun’s marriage. She has never hidden the truth/nor instigate any one against Shagun.
      Good thing happend. Shagun was changed. She gave birth to Pihu. Here, Ishitha didn’t leave Phu for some handsome, rich man. She saved pihu but lost her Dil-ka-Tukda(/ruhi), then lost Husband’s support too, felt guilty and committed suicide twice[but not gone for luxurious life]. She then saved by Mani, and HAD to LIVE as he lost his leg-support[spinal-injury while saving her! She is indebted].
      Here Shagun, changed- yet because of her insecurities she didn’t let Pihu know about Ishitha. She didn’t like Ishitha-Pihu spend some time together. She always says bad about Ishitha to Pihu, and She is injecting insecurity and fear in Pihu just like She did to Adi. Pihu is losing her secure feeling/peace bcz of Shagun’s insecurities. On top of that She even wants to kill Ishitha?
      What does she think? Pihu will go running to Ishitha just bcz She is her actual mother? Forgetting all love Shagun gave her till now! No, Pihu will never do tat and Evn Ishita doesn’t want that[keeping shagun away, if she is good].Actually it wouldn’t have happened if she doesn’t play these nasty games.
      All and Ishu[even we] want is Pihu to know the truth n to accept Ishima also has her own place in Pihu’s life[today or tomorrw one should know this]. why cant pihu have two moms just like Ruhi? Shagun mumma n Ishima..Afterall Pihu is someone that Ishitha never thought she can get, after all those taunts, failed-love, broken-engagement, and never ending-shadi-search[befre Raman]…

      1. yes Swa you are right . This is what I too have to tell Anu , Diya and Aruna . yes Bhallas were very happy with Shaghun and once Ishitha came ignored her .. it is wrong ..If Shaghun was not behind the kidnapping … Pihu will be with her only …Shaghuns target is Raman … how can she expect that when she knows he doesnt love her … she always barks …, Isheeeetha snatched my Raman and children ? Tell me is that true ? who left him ? she cant be a mother at all …Ishithas … mahan .. is too much … whom to blame cvs … before yhm has naturality … as in case of Ruhi and Ishima .. now its not there …Also cvs made Raman characterless .. now also he is with Ishitha .. I feel their opening up is yet to see

      2. Yes swa i agree Ishita is truely great. but Pihu should be with shagun.. Y r they seperating them. Shagun truned into good for Pihu sake. Shagun didnt tell Pihu abt Ishita just coz everyone thot Ishita died. It might break pihu if she knows her bilogical mom died. Did u forget Shagun searched for Ishita when Pihu said she has seen “haar waali Aunty”. Shagun was good my dear. But now suddenly they turned her into negative just to show Ishita as greatest. anyone is shagun’s place will feel the same insecurity. Pihu should be shagun’s child ruhi will be Ishita’s child. This is what i feel. We cant just use ppl n throww thm out like trash they will hit back the same way as shagun did

      3. I am not against Ishita but with bhallas… I want old yhm back and not the separation of Pihu and shagun

  8. Hi all yhm fans. Episode was nice. Raman and ishita are just too good together. Precap was also nice.cant wait for tomorrow ?

  9. Boring

  10. What the heck

    1. Hi all my dearest YHM family. I am beginning to so enjoy the programme again. I am just a big suckered for Ishra scenes and when they are getting on. Love it.

  11. Hi yhm fans! This is my first time to comment I hope I don’t offend anyone. Shaun shud realize she signed a contract for the surrogacy so why shud she want pihu back .and yes ishita left but she saved her daughter and because of Raman behavior she left . Raman and his family could take care of pihu even without Shagun

  12. Adityakiran

    Even RAMAN Supported Well.
    Aise hi Dheere Dheere SHAGUN DOOR Hojayegi PIHU SE
    Well Done ISHITHA

    Ahliya Choti SHAGUN Banri

  13. Adityakiran

    Hi Aruna!
    Are You From Andhra Pradesh?
    I Mean is Your MOTHER TONGUE Telugu?
    Just Asking Please Don’t Mind

    I WISH ALL The Members of The GROUP

    1. Yeah Aditya I am from AP. Happy Raksha bandhan to you too

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi adi,
      Hw ru doing?
      Am keeping well…busy with my job nd my kid…
      Life is going on awesome as always
      Pretty happy ad its weekend..time to enjoy
      Happy rakshbandhan to you..
      By the way i didnt askd yet what you
      do? Studyng or workng?

      1. Adityakiran

        At The Same TIME Preparing for GROUP-2 EXAMS.
        It was Very NICE to Hear That You Are Married And Even Blessed With A CHILD.
        GOD Bless You.

        Dear Shreya Don’t Do This
        Whatever Happens Let it Happen
        But You Don’t Quit The GROUP.
        Always Be As COOL AS MS DHONI.
        Tonight I Will Wait for Your COMMENT 18/8/2016(THU).


        Adhi Kooda Oka NAATIKA PAINA.


  14. Finally it’s like there old romances again

  15. shreya shetty

    I am leaving this group guys.sorry for hurting any of u due to my insulting bad language.i wont comment anything here anymore now so I am going to quit.nobody likes to talk to me because of my rude behavior so please don’t feel bad on my was just like I was angry.bye I am quiting this group forever

    1. Hey Don’t get upset. none of the YHM Fans get Angry we want u here.. Once in a way u loose it but u apologised so what’s the Problem.. Just don’t take it Personally.. forgive & Forget it Ok.. God Bless U

    2. No sherya aisa mat kaho yaar tumari zaroot hain humein pls don’t go

    3. Shreya dont do this … we all are angry at times … be with us … you can comment negatives also in nice way ..,

  16. Hey what does brahmastra mean?

  17. Hi aruna if she really loves pihu she would not have kidnapped ishita.before leap shehad promised ishita that both of them will look after the baby. so why is she so insecure and manipulating pihu against the whole family. don’t you think it’s wrong.she wanted to kill ishita.for your kind information children only choose ishita and not ishita choose the children.

  18. A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan to all group members

  19. Hi EVERYONE……Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Siddhi Aditya Jaz Monique Khushi Az Saritha Nandu Nish Shreya snd all YHM fans….

    I don’t know why, but for the first time, i really felt sad for shagun..she came to bhalla house to meet pihu,but ishita didn’t allowed her….then she went to school,again came to bhalla house…but raman throwed her out… It would be unfair not to let shagun meet pihu…i know ishita have no other option to save pihu,as she knows shaguns evil plans…

    I completely agree with you anu…but ruhi and adi chose ishita over shagun…ishita never forced them to choose her….here shagun forces pihu to do things that favours her…adi and ruhi knows shagun is their real mother,but they supports ishita…so let pihu know that ishita is her real mother and let her choose whom she wants….till then only shagun has right on her…

    1. Khushiarvind

      I also felt the same shivani… Its cruel to deny her from meetng pihu… Nd ramans wirds lyk she is not her mother these all will add fuel to her insecurities and villanious attitude only. They shld hav let her meet pihu bt only in their presence not alone so that she didnt getba chance to beain wash her. Keeping shagun all away frm pihu will affect pihu also nd will make shagun plot against ishiu nd raman again.
      Nd where is the apologies frm raman. Till yatrday he was supporting shagun nd nt believing ishitha suddenly fir trp he changd nd romancing with ishitha. Cvs are degrading ramans character and ishithas too. The same they did with mani and shagun. Aftr all these insults ishitha is blindly believing him and romancing him with out sincere apologies. Dnt knw when he will be back to his arrogant avtar nd insult her again?
      They are nit completing a plot and before that bringing another creating much confusion among viewers.

  20. Hi….all YHM fans..I’m 4m andhra Pradesh??

  21. First I thought Shagun was wrong to kidnap Ishita…. But now I don’t… Because no matter what happens everyone is gonna support ‘Jagat maata Ishita’ all the time! The Bhalla are such ungrateful people, especially Raman! How dare he say that Shagun only gave birth to Pihu and Ishita is her real mom! What did Ishita do for Pihu? Nothing! She was living a happy life in Australia for these 7 years… This serial sucks! Shows how ungrateful people can be

    1. First of all sorry, Ishita was not happily living in Australia. Ruhi’s memory was haunting her. She was missing her family. Don’t say she was happily living.

      1. Yeah RUHI’s death was haunting her…. She didn’t care to find out about her own daughter… Did she? She got to know about her only after bumping into Mihika…. And if she hadn’t… She probably wouldn’t have known at all.

    2. yeah.. even i feel d same.. everyone will have insecurity if in shagun’s place. everyone love mahan ishita but not shagun. They provoke ppl to be negative and say they r demons and vamps. I dont get the logic behind ishita stopping shagun from meeting pihu.Ishita is mahan and no one finds it wrong. Its obvious that Shagun feels insecure. It might be wrong thing to poison child’s mind but her intention is justt to get Pihu back. Thats not wrong according to me. Ppl just want ishita to be happpy with raman and all the 3kids. Nop one bothers about Shagun. She changed for good y ppl point out on her past i dont understandf. Also now Cvs will change the track and ruin everything. They will make Shagun more n more demon and Ishita mahan.

  22. Nice episode guys happy to see ishra back and happy raksha bhandan to all yhm fans

  23. I don’t think ishita is completely wrong she had no intention of snatching Pihu from Shagun she always said Shagun is Pihu mother first then her we can’t blame her for decision for Christ sake Shagun kidnapped her and ordered for her to be killed so yes ishu has right to behave the way she does as for Raman what he said was wrong Shagun is Pihu mother so is ishita the have equal rights I know Shagun method are wrong but they shouldn’t say she is not Pihu’s she is really gonna kill ishu. I really can’t wait for future episodes love Ishra loved the way Raman hugged her after the confrontation loved his dailogue sometimes I really wonder he doesn’t like when someone insults or disrespect his wife but to me he is the highest person who doesn’t respect and insults her anyway love them to the core ??? and can’t wait for the upcoming Romance

  24. Monique_D

    Happy Raksha Bandhan everybody
    Aditya Jaz Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Manju Siddhi Shivani Khushi Az Saritha Nandu Nish Shreya Disha radhika, parvathy,supergirl, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, ,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat , honey priya, pradishma

    Jaz,Adi and all of you how are you guys today?

    1. hi monique di, Happy RakshaBandhan to you too.
      i am good how are you

      1. Monique_D

        Im always good when YHM is on fire…

    2. Hii monique l am good ? ? how r u

  25. pranathi induri

    Not bad

  26. Ishitha b*t*h.u just left pihu.nd now you want ruhi aadi.nd pihu.I dont inderstand what kind of women u are.Raman thum tho yek stupid nahi nahi double stupid.nd I hate b*t*hing couple

  27. I think its time for IshRa to shoot an intimate scene,this Pihu drama is too much,we nid something to take our minds off the this Pihu drama. Ishita doesnt have a problem with Shagun meetin Pihu as long as she doesnt influence her badly,she has the ryt to know both her mothers without bad influence and make her choice,so as long as Shagun is bad she should not meet Pihu,IshRa made a good decision for Raman to be Pihu s caretaker coz none of the women is influencing Pihu she will make a decision based on truth. i dont thnk Shagun is being sidelined,Pihu has to come first and thts jus my point of view.

  28. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma
    Nd all my dear frnds
    Sorry if i missed any names
    Hope all are doing good
    Weekend is on the way… So enjoy guys
    Stay happy always… Wish all the best for all of u nd ur families…
    Spend happy time with frnds nd relatives this weekend…
    Happy rakshbandhan to all…
    May ur brothers blessed with a succesful lyf and always protect nd luv u…
    May this rakshabandhan make ur bond stronger
    Enjoy the day…
    Iam one nd only child so didnt get a chance to tie raksha to my brother, as i dnt have one. Bt i really lyk the message conveyed by this special day..
    So enjoy guys.. Once again happy rakshbandhan

  29. Too much boring these days.

  30. @ Sarik – Remember the first time it took Raman 433 episodes to finally say I Love You and 518 episodes for the consummation. But I did so enjoy all the romance and njok njoks leading up to this. I really hate Shagun but I do feel that they should allow her to meet Pihu BUT JUST NEVER ALONE in that way Shagun will not be able to instigate Pihu. On the other hand I just can’t handle the way she always barges into the house and shouts Pihu Pihu.

  31. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  32. Monique_D

    Hey all who is on twitter …
    @Davids_MoniqueA follow me if you want there are loads of clips of coming scenes….

  33. Shaghun is not allowed because Raman and Ishitha knows she will poison Pihu …Otherwise they would have allowed her . Ishitha allowed Shaghun to meet Adi and Ruhi ….. Hi … shaghun being Ruhis biological mother was very angry when Ruhi returned …can you imagine that ? Viewers have learned a lot from the character Ishitha … Raman too was also very fair except the fact he cant see his JKR with Mani …Happy Rakshabandan day to you all … Where is Sindhu and Rithu today ?

  34. Hi….its not about blaming shagun..shaguns way was wrong..she misunderstood that they vll Separate shagun n pihu …ishitha always wrrd for shagun she always felt she is snatching shaguns ryt…bt shagun kidnapped ishitha and tried to harm..thats wen ishitha reacted…it was all created bcz of shagun misunderstanding and insecurity…

  35. Yes are right.

  36. The Bhalla family is just disgusting and thankless. They should start worshipping Ishita. This is such an unreal serial. 😛

  37. Very nice

  38. veryyyyy veryyyyy nyccc episodes good job ishita???

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