Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raman searches for Pihu. He asks around. One guy says she went to pastry shop. Raman rushes to the shop. Ishita is passing by from there. They bump into each other, but fail to see each other as Raman leaves in rush. Ishita is annoyed as her pastries are ruined. She thinks not to buy again.

Raman finally finds Pihu. He asks her where she went. She says she saw a pastry shop. He says she should have told him. He was so worried. He takes promise from her not to leave him again like this. He asks what pastry she wants. She says she already got it. Aunty gave her. He asks who? Pihu thinks she can’t tell him about Madrasi aunty and lies that it was her friend’s mum.

Ishita is still frustrated as her pastries got spoiled and she didn’t even get sorry. Aaliya is angry

with Ruhan, but Ishita cheers her up.

Mani is playing piano. Ishita goes to him and watches him. She asks him what happened? He asks her if she remembers that Indian company who was interested in purchasing their company. Their owner has come to Australia and he wants to meet him. She says he decided not to sell, right? Mani says but it’s a good offer. He wanted to discuss with her. This way, they can start something new and give compensation to their workers too. Ishita says she still feels his company has potential. She is not convinced with selling the company. Mani says at least he should meet that owner. Ishita says she will also go along. She doesn’t have business knowledge, but she can recognize people. She wants to see who wants to purchase the company. He agrees.

Raman is getting ready to go for a meeting. Pihu comes asking how she’s looking. He asks why Indian dress. She says she wants to look different. He says he has a meeting and asks her not to get lost. They leave.

Ruhaan is sleeping. Nidhi comes there and says she earns money for him. She is under her control and Raman doesn’t even know her daughter is alive. She wakes her up saying she has to go for recording. Ruhaan asks her to let her sleep a bit more. Nidhi asks what she does that she wants to sleep a bit more work? All work is done by her. She asks her to get ready without arguing with her.

Mani and Ishita come for meeting. They are early. Ishita says he didn’t even let her do prayer. He says she already went to temple. Ishita hopes everything will go fine. Mani says her tilak/powder in forehead has spreaded and asks her to go check. She comes to washroom. Pihu is stuck in washroom. She calls for help. Ishita goes to help her. Pihu is panicked. Ishita tries to calm her down. She feels she sounds like Ruhi. She tells Pihu to wait for a minute. Pihu says her not to leave her. Ishita says she won’t go anywhere. Pihu starts crying. Ishita remembers her one of first meetings with Ruhi in a similar way when Ruhi was locked in a room and she helped her. Ishita tells Ruhi’s childhood and her story to Pihu to keep her calm. Pihu is impressed. Ishita says it’s world’s best story. She gets emotional. She wipes her tears and tries to open the door. A worker comes there. Ishita asks her to get the keys. Mani is wondering why so much time in washroom. Nidhi comes there to meet someone. Mani and her fail to see each other.

Raman is waiting for Mani. He notices Pihu is not around. He searches for her. Mani is searching Ishita. Raman hears workers talking about a girl getting stuck in washroom. He rushes to washroom.

The manager is opening the door. Mani comes there asking Ishita if she’s inside. Ishita leaves telling manager to take care of Pihu. Ishita tells this to Mani and then they leave. Just then Raman comes there. He is relieved finding Pihu. Pihu says an aunty came and told her stories. She called manager and rescued her. He asks where she went. She says she went outside. They look for her, but she has gone. Raman recalls Ishita saving Ruhi same way before.

Mani and Ishita sit for meeting. Raman’s associate says he just went somehwere. They will have to wait a bit now.

Ruhaan also comes to the same place. She wonders where Nidhi went. She wants to use washroom. She wonders if she should go. She sees Ishita and is shocked and angry. Ishita puts her hand on Mani’s shoulder saying him to relax. Ruhaan says, “You forgot everything so easily, Ishita Bhalla. I hate you”.

Precap: Something happened to Ruhaan. Raman carries her and is taking somewhere. Ishita hears his voice and think it’s like Raman’s voice. She goes to check.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Nic episode waiting for next ??

  2. Its so sad to watch ruhi’s hatred towards ishita…ruhi also thinks ishita has moved on in her life ?… no wonder if raman also misunderstood ishita…

    1. I too felt so sad watching yesterdays episode … I dont know why …, Ishithas own child …. she cud talk …. but not seeing … Ruhans hatred is too much …,

  3. Nice episode ? waiting 4 more interesting update on yhm

  4. Where r remaining updates when will they post

  5. Amazing… Pihu and ishita scence was amazing super…

  6. hi,can somebody plz tell me.mihika ka kya hua?i was not waching ths serial from last 2 weeks

    1. Mihika is going to marry romi

    2. trupti hi mihika is with Romi staying with hI’m in his house for the past seven years .now both are going to get married soon

  7. It was nice watching the relation between Pihu and Ishita. There will be a lot of hits and misses between Ishita and Raman. I am not sure why Ishita will slap Raman. At one point Ishita will slap Raman. Is it because he mistook that she was married to Mani and perhaps insulted her saying he had not married because he only loves her and now she ends up marrying Mani. I know it will be a misunderstanding but I don’t know whether Ishita will explain or walk off angrily. Oh dear….. then it will be a drag. I really hope Ekta does reunite them together.

    1. hey sindhu .how are you? evn really hope there will be a reunion of them together fastly .

  8. Ple unite all I want ostha to meet pihu n Raman n ruhi gets to know e reality n vets her parents back

  9. episode was ok.precap was also ok.

  10. why so less comments here today?

  11. Hiii rithu….any new updates…??….

  12. hey guys jhanvi vp darshi darshika naina diya ( both the diyas ) sachie shivani lavanya fathi ude naaz nivedha sindhu parvathi riya nimrit ramchin anakha siddhi reshma zaara meghana sowmy summi sam tansuri and all yhm friends.

  13. old ishruh flashback and ishpiho part was good.

  14. ruhi ya ruhaan ko jald hi ishitha aur uske uss saath saaal pehle incident aurb\ uske bad jo bhi hua ,usse patha chalna chahiye .

  15. where are you guys jhanvi meghana sam siddhi sachie nimrit anakha sowmy summi reshma fathi ude and many?

  16. asalu ee serial ni nashanam chesaru ……….

  17. Nice ep.

  18. Plzzzzzz….reunite Ishra soon i hope Everything will be fine soon and nic precap seeing Raman with ruhaan\ruhi????????????????

  19. Love this serial!! Waiting 4 nxt episode??

  20. How sad it is…pihu called ishita “aunty”…why raman didn’t told pihu that ishita is her mom..if Raman wants shagun to move on, then wat was the need of playing the drama as married couples infront of pihu?…they must have told pihu all the truths atleast when she asked about their wedding album….instead of saying the truths they gave the old album to her…and convinced her that her mom dad are married…and now raman says he gave shagun’s details to the bureau for proposals…if pihu heard all this, what would she think….her papa wants her mom to marry someone else…?…

  21. Fathima Rameeza Rafeek

    I hope all the misunderstandings will fade away soon and Raman, Ishita, Ruhi and Pihu gsets reunited and go back to India together to give a surprise to the home people.

  22. The episode was OK.. Want ishra ishru and ishhu (ishu and pihu) to join soon.. Hey guys can I join u all here?? Pls..

  23. please ekta mam unite ishita raman ruhi pihu aditya in coming story…..dont separate them in coming episodes..

  24. Ishra is mot going to unite ..,, more twists and as Ektas and cvs mind works negatively .. …, more of melodrama can be viewed . Ishitha is not blessed to be happy ….. whether unite or not …..

  25. this will b intrest when ishita or raman will see nidhi….will b more interstng

  26. I’m very sad about this faltu story… I think same will be repeated before isitha met ruhi nd Raman and ishita got marriage for ruhi… After 7 yrs it was repeated for pihu.. at last they unite for pihu…in that past Adi hates ishita before he understands her.. Now ruhi in same situation…. How the story turned worsetly .. Nd the couple’s also not correct mihir nd mihika are great lovers.. But now mihika gng to marry with romi.. Mrs bhalla wants reunite Raman nd shagun.. How worst it is… I hate it.. Mani wants to marry ishita… Even I can’t imagine…first Raman have to change his short temper….

  27. Please flashback when ruhi and Nidi survive in acident car.

  28. I’m from Brazil but I live in London.can i enjoy with u guys? My daughter love yhm she only 11 years old.

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