Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi mending things with Adi and controlling over everything. He says okay for everything she says. Ishita looks on and asks whats happening. Ruhi says I m saying my rules to him. Ishita says he is saying yes yes. Ruhi says he is so sweet. Ishita says yes, and Ruhi is very naughty. Adi says I will go for bath. Ruhi says first me. Adi says okay. Ishita says let him go, I have to do your hair oil massage. She sees Adi and thinks. Mrs. Bhalla does hair oil massage to Rinki and Rinki likes it. Mrs. Bhalla asks is Mihir coming. Rinki says don’t know, I did not ask, I planned a vacation with him. Mrs. Bhalla says good.

Mihika comes and asks who is going for holiday. Rinki says Mihir and I. Mihika asks her to have rasam, she got it, and whats decided. Rinki says its

not decided. Mihika suggests Spain and Morocco. Rinki says lets see. Mihika says I m always there if you need suggestions. Rinki says thanks. Ishita talks to Adi and says she has put extra salt to make him speak up, its his house, he can tell everything openly, its his home and he can do anything he wants, get free. She tells everyone how Adi was agreeing to Ruhi, why, elder brothers don’t get bullied by younger sisters, don’t be afraid, don’t let her rule, she is attention grabber.

Ruhi says I don’t do anything. Ishita says she is good gundi, very bad. Raman looks on and says whats she doing. Mrs. Bhalla tells Adi that she said right. Raman asks why is she making them fight. She says I know how to deal with them, and they argue. She says I m making them psychologically strong.

Raman gets scolded by the clients, and talks about the workers payment pending. Suraj and Ashok look on. The men say they don’t believe Suraj and Ashok. Raman says calm down, I will talk, please sit. He gets a call and says keep papers ready, I will make it done. He calls Ishita and says I have much work at office, send Romi and make him collect family health reports.

Suraj scolds Ashok, and Raman comes to them. Raman says we can sell the units and Ashok scolds him. Suraj says wait Ashok, hear him first and then react. Suraj asks Raman what can they do and he feels Raman is right. Raman says should I look for clients. Suraj says hold on, let me think, till then focus on workers union problem and resolve it. Raman says fine and leaves. Sujata comes there and says she wanted Raman’s sign on Ruhi and Adi’s custody papers. He asks her to come in his cabin. She looks on.

Mihir tells Rinki that they will be disturbed if he stays at her home. She asks will he be alone. He says I have much work, I won’t stay at home for long, don’t worry. Ishita looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says its fine, then you can go for holiday. Mihir asks what. Mrs. Bhalla says they planned and takes Rinki along. He says holiday. Ishita talks to him and says how are you. He says same busy in office. She says you are idiot, what to do to give you sense, you guys are unromantic. He says romance, what are you saying. She says Rinki wanted to spend time with you, you are leaving her here. He says I m thinking for her comfort.

Romi comes and gives her the family health report. He leaves. Mihir says I agree with you, we have friendship but not romance. Ishita says she is your wife. He reminds her and Raman’s time, and now they are inseparable. He says give me some time, I think it will be fine, give me some tips. She says love differs for every couple, some people show love grand way and some show small feel good moments, you need to make love in your heart for her.

They see Raman’s report and his sugar high, and Raman comes and asks whose report. She says its mine, some sugar level is high. She says don’t worry, I m doctor I can manage. He says you are dentist, don’t get happy saying you are doctor. Mihir says why did you say you have sugar, its Raman’s report. Raman asks Mihir to throw all sweets and no one will have sweets now. She smiles and asks did he understand. He leaves. She says this is love, if I told he has diabetics, he would have not controlled his sugar, now he made everyone do dieting for me. Mihir says very smart of you. She says that’s love, he will not do anything for himself, but he will do anything for me and kids. Mihir says I will my love Guru if I need help. She laughs.

Its night, Ishita talks to doctor and asks how can she do it, she is on wheelchair. He says I know, you have to give seminar, you are good at it. He says I will send email and Dr Subramanium is also involved, talk to him and take all the idea, he recommended your name, I confirmed him you are coming. She ends call and says what nonsense, why did he recommend my name in this. Raman asks what happened. She says Subbu recommended my name in dental conference, I will not talk to him, let him stay in guilt, I don’t care.

Ishita gets tooth pain. Raman says it started again, how will you sit like this if Dr Batra does not come. She says it will be fine. He says I will just come and comes to meet Subbu. The servant asks him to sit as Subbu is busy in puja. Raman says tell him its emergency. He says I care for Ishita, its just Subbu who can help her. He sees Subbu and Sujata praying and doing puja, and sees a woman and baby’s pic with garlands.

The pandit says may your wife and child get peace. Raman is shocked. Subbu and Sujata see him. Raman says I m sorry, I did not know. Subbu says I lost them in plane crash, my plan changed in last minute, its like what you sow is what you reap, I left Ishita as she could not give my child, and then I lost my child and wife, maybe this is my punishment, I can’t change my past, I m happy that I united Ruhi and Ishita, I want her to forgive me. Raman gets flowed in emotions and thinks he did mistake, but he suffered a lot, not anymore.

Ishita asks Bala why did he get Subbu back in her life. Bala says we could not see your separation with Ruhi, and Sujata and Subbu convinced me that they will unite you and Ruhi. She says you cheated me by hiding this, you knew what he did with me, he is recommending me for dental association. Bala says I did not know this. Ishita says he wants to enter back in my life, why, I don’t want him around him, tell him straight, I don’t need his pity. She turns and sees Raman. She leaves from Iyer house.

Raman asks Ishita to forgive Subbu. She says how, he left me, see he is happy with his wife and child, Shagun is alone and suffering, why is he here, he is happy with his family and showing greatness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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