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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Pathak and asking him to meet her at clinic, and not tell Raman. Raman comes and asks is she going to clinic, he was thinking to go on lunch date. She says she has a date with Varun Dhawan. He says he will drop her to clinic and they leave. Raman signs on the papers and asks Abhishek to punish Chand. He says I m helpless to not get Ashok punished, he is a creep, he has broke my marriage, hurt Ishita and kids, and now I lost a baby, I wish I was not related to him, but some people are there who are part of life unwillingly. Abhishek asks him not to worry. Shagun hears Raman and goes.

Abhishek says he will manage everything. Shagun stops Raman and apologizes to him. They have a talk. She blames herself. He says its not because of you. She says

thanks and sorry once again. They shake hands. He says I have to go. She says Ishita deserves all the happiness, I know you will keep her happy. He leaves.

She gets Pathak’s call and he tells her that he met Ishita, and asks her to help. Shagun says I can do anything to help, and fixes meeting point with him. Raman comes to the clinic. He waits as Ishita is busy with patient. He hears people talking about Ishita losing the baby by saving her family, she conceived after much difficulty. Raman scolds them for gossiping about Ishita and him. Ishita comes and stops him, saying we should not care. Raman asks her to sit with them and make them laugh on herself. She says we will go on lunch. Raman cancels the lunch plan and leaves. She thinks she has to make Raman feel better and hopes Pathak does something.

Manoj meets Raman at his office. Raman says he wants Ishita to have her baby, as many people taunt her being childless and infertile. Manoj says so I have come here, there is a way that she can become a mother. Raman asks are you serious, and asks him to say how. Manoj tells about surrogacy, this is the only way now. Raman says it means my and Ishita’s baby… Manoj says it means the baby will be carried in other woman’s womb, its well known technique. Raman says I want to make Ishita get happiness to carry a baby.

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Manoj says becoming mum is emotional experience, than physical, we will keep Ishita’s fertilized eggs in other woman’s womb, it will remain your baby. Raman asks who will do this. Manoj says there are many woman who do this, she will have legal tieup with you, and have regular checkups. Raman says I will try to talk to Ishita, I don’t know how will she handle this. Manoj leaves. Raman sits thinking.

Shagun and Pathak meet and talk about Raman’s guilt. His guilt will go when Ashok gets punished, Ishita wants some proof to trap Ashok and punish him, if you can help us, I did not tell Ishita I m meeting you, Shagun agrees to help and says no need to tell Ishita. Shagun says Ashok’s weakness is his business and tells about some factory, she is sure he runs illegal business.

Pathak informs this to Ishita and says Ashok is using children and cheap labor there to run his illegal business. Ishita says such a cheap man. Pathak says we will do something. Raman is on the way and recalls Manoj’s words. He comes home and says will Ishita agree for this, and thinks over it. He says he will convince Ishita.

Ishita says whats wrong, I know the meaning of surrogacy, we already have Ruhi and Adi, I understood I m happy and content, I don’t want any child, I know we have seen dream to get a child, it was Lord’s wish. He tells about the business party. She says she can’t come, she has to be with kids and asks him to go without wife in party. She asks him to wear heels to flirt with girls. He says who said flirting can happen by just standing. She laughs and goes. Raman says I can see your pain clearly, our dream will get true.

Simmi comes to some café with Ananya and sees Rinki. She says maybe Rinki is chatting with Mihir and joins her. She asks Rinki why is she not coming home. Rinki says she is busy in studies and did pest control at home too. Simmi says Mihir might be missing you, so you are chatting with him. Rinki gets messages and says she has extra classes, and leaves in hurry. Simmi says she is strange. Mihir calls Simmi. Simmi says maybe Rinki told you to call me. Mihir says I miss the food you make, and asks her about Rinki. Simmi gets thinking and says Rinki went for extra classes. Mihir says he will come soon, he got many gifts for Ananya, tell Rinki I left her a message. Simmi thinks whom was Rinki chatting with and why did she lie to me.

Raman comes in the party and minister talks to him about the accident. Raman says his family is fine. A man says he wanted to meet Ishita and applaud for her bravery. Raman says she wanted to come, she is at home to see kids’ studies. The man says you are indeed lucky Raman to get a wife like this.

Ashok and Raman get into a heated argument in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. episode was not good .raman toh maano poora pagal ho gaya hai .itnaa kyu surrogacy ke baare mein soch raha hai aur ishitha convince nahi force karne par thula hai aur ab toh shagun se dosti bhi ho gayi.

  2. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to bring some more new twists and turns in the show and Surrogacy track is going to begin.

    In the coming episodes of the show, Manoj tells the alternate option that will help Ishita get pregnant again surrogacy. It means another woman would nurture their child in her womb.

    When Raman tells this to Ishita, she turns down the idea completely. As per Ishita, she is happy with their two children, Adi and Ruhi, and doesn’t want the surrogacy to happen.

    Raman who blames himself for ishita’s accident goes out and Drinks Alcohol to forget his pain.He drives the car in that state and he will be caught by police.

    Somehow Neil comes and releases him from jail.Ishita will be upset on Raman for his irresponsible behavior and decides to teach him a lesson. Next Day,She sits before Raman in her room and mixes Coffee with Alcohol.On seeing that Raman gets shocked and stops her.She insists that she want to Drink it.

    Later He apologizes for his behavior and asks ishita what she thought about Surrogacy.Ishita gets angry and shouts on him that she don’t want any other child as she is happy and content with her kids. But As all know that Raman is Stubborn and he will not leave the matter easily.Now how will Raman convince ishita is yet to watch.

    Watch this space for more updates.

  3. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman attends a party where he gets drunk.

    Ashok uses this situation and talk about Raman and Ishita’s baby loss. Raman loses his control on hearing Ashok and fights with Ashok and gets arrested by cops. Because of Abhishek Raman out of the bars and seeing him like that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) start to behave like him.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) brings her coffee and tries to mix alcohol in it. Seeing her like that Raman promises from now on wards he will not drink.

    Furthermore, Raman takes Shagun (Anita Hassanandini) for surrogacy secretly and hide this from Ishita and feels he will say at the right time.

    • tahira

      Kya rithu ye sach h ki raman ishita se chupke se ye sab karwayega its totally out of control wo pagal ho gaya h bache k gam me cvs ne raman ka character bhi ganda kar diya shagun ko achha dikhane k chakkar me mujhe toh gussa aa raha h uske upar

  4. jhanvi

    Do hell with u Ashok Khanna….. Jst hate u…

    Shagun shagun shagun….. Why sooooooo much importance….

    Bad epi…. Nd bad precap….
    Us kamine ki wajah se Raman aur jyada pressure me ayega aur jyada guilty feel karega…. Oh God….. Bakvas

  5. Child artist Ruhaanika Dhawan will reportedly ring in her eighth birthday in Disneyland in Hong Kong in a whimsical world of
    cartoon characters with a puff of magic.
    Ruhaanika, who shot to fame with her character Ruhi of ” Yeh Hai Mohabbatein “, will turn 8 on September 25. She will fly from
    India on September 20 with her family and friends.
    “Ruhi is particular about her studies and doesn’t miss out on anything in school. And because she was getting holiday on
    occasion of Ganesh festival, celebrated in Mumbai, her parents took this opportunity and are set to fly next week. Ruhi will
    be finishing her part of the shoot by Sunday,” said a source from the production house.
    The source added: “Ruhi wished to have Divyanka (Tripathi) and Mihika (Verma) on the trip, but they could not join her due
    to tight schedule.”
    However, the cast and crew of the Star Plus show are planning a surprise for her once she is back.
    (Source: IANS)

  6. jhanvi

    Mihir us gaya hai ya Himalaya me??? Aur pata nahi wo Rinki ab kya kar rahi hai…. Rinki don’t dsrv life partner like mihir….

  7. Ishita is in pain and appears to be normal and happy so that Raman does not get sad. Ishita takes care of Raman and
    entire family to show she is happy with them and losing the baby did not break her. Ishita does not like the
    surrogacy idea and is against it, as she already has children. Everyone in the family is sad, but Ishita is content,
    that the family is safe and also her children. Raman gets determined to agree to Manoj’s suggestion and convince
    Ishita for the surrogacy step. He takes her Ishita to meet Manoj and hopes she agrees. In upcoming track, Raman
    would be thanking Shagun for agreeing for helping Ishita.

  8. yash gupta

    How dey always get d reason to teach a lesson to Ashok. I don’t know why he is performing such a role. Villain r supposed to be stronger, he should have a better nd powerful role, hw can he becomes victim too easily

  9. Kajal

    Yar ye kya drama hai kyu kar rahe ye sb .agr ishra ka baby dikhana hai to why dont u guys let it be from ishita . Why the crap surrogacy . No sorrogacy , nor from shagun or any one else . Please dont make the serial a crap. Love the serial like it was dont bring melow drama.
    And wtf raman will have surrogacy procedure without informing ishita. Cant the makers have sense. Making it senseless like matsh. Pleasssssssssee dont make it crap

  10. Kajal

    Pkease take our comments into consideration otherwise show trp will fall on ground, it will be in decimals, no one will prefer to watch it. Me to will hate wathing the crap sorrogact and shagun too as sorrogate .
    If shagun is this much imp so let her marry that monoj and make her imp. But dont make her imp in ishra life espicially as a surrogate

  11. tahira

    Pani sar se upar ja raha h yaar shagun ko bardass karna toh ab aur bhi muskil ho raha h pata nhi ye raman aisa kyu kar raha h shagun se toh ab dosti ho gayi h koi apni x-wife se dosti rakhta h kya ye sab dekh dekh kar sar phat raha h mera sare hope khatam ho gaye mere

  12. jhanvi

    Ha tahira sach me shagun ko tolerate krna aur bhi jyada mushkel ho raha hai… can Raman do dis….??? Nd how can he force ishita for surrogacy????? Nd how can he accept shagun as a surrogate????

  13. Anu

    i think this serial has bcome one of the saas-bahu rona-dhona saaga. i feel like they are making a way for new show from the same production house by bringing stupid tracks in this. obviously some will shift to that new show and it will gain viewers. after sometime they wil change the track of this to keep viewers wooing.. its a publicity stunt for new show.. its my opinion guys.. i dont wanna bash anyone.

  14. tahira

    Ha jhanvi kuch zada hi ho gaya aaj ab pata nhi aage aur kya kya bardass karna padega mai hi thi jo sab ko believe rakhne ko bol rhi thi ki ye surrogacy track nahi ayega par mere sare hope khatam ho gaye ab bahut gussa aa raha h kal se koshish kar rahi hu is show se man hatane ka lekin nahi ho pa raha h mai toh pareshan ho gayi hu apne aap ko kosh rahi hu ki kaun se bure ghadi me mujhe is show se pyar ho gaya had ho gayi h ab toh

  15. roshannnn

    This serial is very nice first I was excited to watch every episode but now it is stuck in only one part and that is ishita Ka baby please change the track as soon as possible

  16. Vini

    This iam continuously sayg tht makers of yhm are not bothered to our comments. Kindly dnt waste time by.commenting.
    surrogacy …. Leap…. Shagun blackmail all will happen…. we would be waaste ah commentg

    Note; Iam also a fan of yhm tht much i watch the serial twice each episode.

  17. sharmi

    Seriously, some people’s (Indian nationality especially) mentality is so dated.

    This show is trying to deal with the reality of many people out there who have medical problems and can’t carry their own child, hence the reason for surrogacy. It just means a person has volunteered to be a baby incubator for 9 months. The child is going to have the real mother/father DNA/genetics. The child will either look like Ishita or Raman and have their qualities. Don’t you think there are many Indian families probably have to deal with something like this privately. This show is trying to explore the reality of the world and how families come to terms and deal with these issues. Carrying a child yourself doesn’t really make you a woman/mother. It’s how you care for the child. Take Shagun for example. She carried her children for 9 months, didn’t make a difference to her when they were born. Yes now she is changing but at the early stage of their life a mother’s love would have meant more. i APPLAUD THE WRITERS TO TAKING THIS STORY ON THIS JOURNEY.

    • hello sharmi we are not against surrogacy is ishra dont have child means okay
      they have adi and ruhi also bhall have another grand son rohit why surrogacy must be
      shagun after surrogate happen raman should take care shagun a lot this will hurt ishita
      she is normal lady only she is having feeling as she is a good women in nature why
      this want to be happen ishita’s life. better raman divorce ishita in that way only she will
      be happy because raman never loves ishita he loves shagun only.
      if surrogacy means why shagun why they use simmi or mihika as surrogate. this wont
      create any problem with ishra life

  18. why raman forcing ishita for baby what ishita said raman,adhi,ruhi’s love,care and support
    is enough for her life.
    If you need a surrogacy that also means shagun again you will take care of shaugn becuase
    she is carring your baby this will hurt ishita a lot and she feels like alone without your
    love and support
    If you cannot understand this means still you are loving shagun only not ishita you just
    use her love for your family welfare only selfish raman better ishita live raman and stay
    with ruhi and adi happily

  19. Anu

    sharmi, u have to consider the whole situation of the story.
    1. is there any neccessity for surrogacy for ishra, despite having two children?
    2. pregnancy is an emotional bonding rather than physical bonding. ishita was bonded emotionally from the core of her heart with her 2children.
    3. is there any need for 3rd baby???
    4. raman is adamant and is going for surrogacy seeking help from ex-wife. if we xontinue there will be many flaws in the show and reasons why we hate this track.

    U CANT CALL INDIAN-PEOPLE MENTALITY DATED…. plzz no offense language about indian people..


      • sharmi

        As I said, this story is awesome. I am also Indian living the western world and have family member who is old fashion as well as new age thinking. Our comments are being reviewed before publishing so I don’t think my comment was offensive to anyone or they wouldn’t have publish it. Just stating the facts. Sorry, if anyone feel personally offended.

        Writers are definitely doing a great job with the story. How much can one watch just love scenes with no other substance to the show…

  20. roshannnn

    Ishita ko baby nhi chayiye Then also Raman is forcing to have. Raman he ishiko ko guilty feel krara hai Pressure de uske family me se bhi kishe ne nhi force kiya ishita accept that its god wish

  21. mari

    How silly it is for the writer to make ishita feel the feeling of beimg a mum through this surrogacy track…i seee no difference the samenold story…. shagun delivers ishita adopts… no difference between this baby and ruhi and adi… how sillyyyy….hahahaa
    And more over….now shagun will surely demand her kids to give this kid after delivery….so obviously ishra wil be betrayed and then same old custody case drama….. hahaha oh writers….plz sleep well and rest well then write…..coz this show is very stupid now a days.

  22. mari

    Actually i agree how the writers try to encourage and help ladies with fertility problems by this track actually that is a good thing and i believe and hope god should bless everyone with fertility ability. But my point is that involving shagun is silly and it willl damage the good apeearance she has in our eyes. Bcoz i like the new shagun. But im sure surrogacy will make her bitter again. Plz dont do this. Surrogacy is ok but happys endings plz ..hehehe

  23. jhanvi

    Sharmi ….nobody is against surrogacy nd it’s not only abt surrogacy it’s abt SHAGUN…..
    There is no need of 3rd child bcoz ishra already have children Adi-ruhi….everyone want ishu to be pregnant so that she can feel d happiness of pregnancy….. BT if she is not able to do dis it’s OK….nd if they want to introduce surrogacy if there is only one women in d world for surrogacy Raman’s ex-wife….??????

  24. Darshika

    How could raman you say,those days was happiest days of my life and you give adi and ruhi to me…… Yes,that’s may be true…… But don’t you understand this.? One more time you indirectly say that you can’t get this type of happiness from ishita……really sad about your mentality. So can you get this happiness from surrogacy…….?
    Guys, I think,you all have seen new promo. And I think, it’s not shagun. That lady may be shagun’s NGO lady…… Whoever is that lady,same thing will happen. That lady also will listen to shagun’s words….. That’s it…..then again custody…….! Do this cvs’ think that we are fools……?
    And stupid raman.,no no stupid cvs’…… Why do you try to show to ashok and whole world that ishita can be a mother……? LOL…..! ! ! They always want to hurt ishita,nothing else….that’s it…….
    Once again,This surrogacy is unsuitable for THIS STORY…… Please ekta madam, create new drama for surrogacy……please don’t connect it into yhm……!
    And I said this, they are ruining raman character now.
    From SL

  25. Anu

    i dont understand why ekta always prefers shagun(anitha). i know they are good besties,but y to give such importance in the show?? is ekta again planning to bring custody case(ishra’s surrogate baby) track in this show as it was based on the novel CUSTODY???? repeating the same for long years makes evry1 irritated…

  26. all are saying apceltuly right .whats the need for third baby and that too not only surrogacy but forcing somebody to opt for surrogacy and if the dont want to opt the without their permission by hiding how can the show like that in the show.and in show also raman always will be telling ishitha that mera aur tumhara baccha .what does this mean ruhi aur adi ishitha ke bacche nahi hai just because she is their step mother and shagun is their real mother .its too much they are showing in yhm.its gonna be terrible to watch such a crap . agar yhm flop ho gaya toh almost many of the yhm fans are going to boycott all ekta serials .then the makers can know the value of one show.

  27. show ka main motive tha ishruh rather than ishra .tho agar iss ishruh ko hi nakhalke phek denge toh yeh show sirf raman shagun surrogacy drama ho jaayegaaur inn sab ke beech ishruh toh patha nahi kaha hoga.

  28. khushiya duniya ko dikhaane se nahi hothi hai toh raman kyu ishith ki khushiyaan cheenna chahtha hai just because to show the world . aur bilkul pagalon jaisa behave kar raha hai.

  29. Siddhioo

    Raman always use to ay to ishita my and your child actually raman kabhhi ishita ko ruhi ki mom accept hi nahi kar sakta

  30. Darshika

    No,not yet chithra….. Sometime Cvs may do different thing which we can’t imagine. But if they really start surrogacy for ishra, not only you but also I leave this show……
    I herd that there is a surrogacy track.But not for ishra. And new doctor may come. May be a lady doctor. And cvs may try to join mihir and mihika. Because rinki has a another affair. Those are spoilers……so I think,we should watch……
    But if there is a surrogacy for ishra, definitely I leave this show.

  31. really guys i think the serial was apart but now that ridiculous really
    if u wanted t make shagun so important then it should be ishita out of the serial
    don’t get me wrong guys but see shagun be the surrogate mother n will not give the kid another drama it so wastage of time
    it should be ishita being the mother she is the one who needs t feel the emotion of being mom the baby inside her
    then y all of a sudden this track instead of ishita always suffering feeling inferior its better she is not in serial as i really appreciate her acting she damn good that y i said her not be in the serial
    else it would be ishita not go in this surrogacy plz humble request
    if possible the producer reading our comment we around the world watching the serial plz don’t let feel its a crap
    don’t involve shagun again in the life of ishita n raman n the kids plz
    else truly i stop watching this serial
    the feeling the wish t fulfill should be for ishita being the mother inside her not another woman

  32. chithra

    You corract Darshika, but I didn’t think they changed story. They shooted surrogacy finally. Promo shoots are really put into also drama.

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