Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita tries to explain Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi looking for a file. Mihika gets juice for him. He says work got high these days. Ishita asks will you find out about Adi. Raman says I hate thinking about some man from our house having an affair, I doubt on Romi too. She says Adi loves Aaliya a lot and Romi is possessive about Mihika. He asks then is it my affair, you don’t know men, maybe Adi got carried away when he had a fight with Aaliya, and Romi can’t change. Adi gets a call and gets busy. Mihika arranges his clothes. She finds a woman’s hair on his shirt. She thinks Aaliya is not here, how did this hair come.

Ruhi asks Nikhil won’t they give us flat, why, we will see any other flat, I m not tensed. She sees Ishita and says I will call you later. She ends call. Ishita keeps her clothes. She

says we can’t share things now. Ruhi says the flat owner doesn’t want to give us flat now. Ishita says maybe he learnt you want to stay in live in, people are conservative, I know its weird. Ruhi says world is changing, I don’t care. Ishita says yes, you guys can survive, you must have told Riya, you have some duty. Ruhi says we will tell her. Ishita says she will ask did you become her mum now, can she tell everyone in school, maybe her teachers have old thinking, how they react and how it affects Riya, you can try much, go to her school in meetings, stay as guardian, but you will never be called her mum, Pooja will be her mum officially. Ruhi says I know, we will tell her. Ishita says tell this to Nikhil. Ruhi agrees. Ishita hopes Ruhi thinks well and changes this decision. She goes.

Nikhil gets angry. Parmeet says just a flat is gone, you will get other one. Nikhil says I love Ruhi and can’t see her in pain, I want her to leave her house so that her parents know the pain to get away from a daughter. Parmeet says I will try to arrange a flat for you. Nikhil thanks him. Parmeet says I m doing this for lovers, its a good deed, I will leave for office now. He gets a call and asks for a flat. He says I will target Ishita using Nikhil.

Raman talks to staff and asks for all details of Romi and Adi’s visitors, their schedules. He says they shouldn’t know about this. Romi comes and asks is there any problem, tell me. Raman says you can’t help in this, I want Pooja’s number, I have to talk. Romi says I have her number, I meet her to take help. Raman asks what, you meet her. Romi says yes, do you also meet her. Raman says why will I meet her after Nikhil’s matter. Romi asks which Pooja are you talking about, I m about about Pooja Mishra, family consultant. Raman says I was talking about Pooja Garewal. Romi goes. Raman says Romi doesn’t know him, then its Adi…..?

Mihika does shopping. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla about Mihika’s good shopping. Mrs. Kapoor comes home. Ishita asks Neelu to make tea. Mrs. Kapoor invites them for puja. Ishita sees Ruhi. She asks Mrs. Kapoor did she invite everyone. Mrs. Kapoor says I didn’t invite a couple. Mrs. Bhalla says you did right not to invite that couple who are staying together without marriage. Ishita says its called live in, you should have invited them to know culture. Mrs. Kapoor says they don’t know culture. Mrs. Bhalla says if they love each other, they should marry and live. Ishita says such relation has no commitment and vows like in a marriage, live in is a way to run away from a commitment, my patient was in a live in with her partner for four years, she had a baby, the guy got bored and walked out, it was easy, if family was along, person tries to keep relation, now family didn’t support the girl in her decision, now the girl is managing baby alone, they didn’t think of consequences, they are out of this love.

Mrs. Bhalla says they are doing all this in fashion, we respect relations, marriage is a pure relation, it joins two families, keeping marriage is tough, if love is pure, everything gets easy, Mr. Bhalla and I fell in love, he has sent his mum, we got married, its 40 years now, our love didn’t get less, when love is true, nothing is difficult, you did right not to call that couple, don’t know from which family they are, they got wrong upbringing. Ishita says no, parents give good values, children change seeing things around, they take decisions on own. Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask society to remove them. Ishita says no need, they are mature to decide. Ruhi hears them and goes.

Raman comes to Adi’s cabin and doesn’t find him. He calls home and asks Mihika about him. Mihika says he would have gone factory. Raman says fine, I will call to him. He asks Shweta about Adi’s meeting in factory. Shweta says there is no meeting, he is not in factory. Raman says where did he go then. He calls Mihika and asks when did Adi leave from home. She says don’t know, why are you sounding worried. He says Adi didn’t come office, he is not in office. She says I feel Adi’s behavior is weird, Aaliya said he has no time for her. He worries and says I will talk later. She says I didn’t tell Raman about that hair matter, he would have thought wrong. Raman says it means Pooja and Adi, no, I have to double check. Ruhi comes from shopping. Ishita asks her did she get gifts for friends. Ruhi says no, Nikhil and I went for shopping for our new house. Mrs. Bhalla asks whose new house, you did Diwali shopping, why did you get kitchen stuff, we have plenty of it. Ishita asks Ruhi to say.

Ishita says the day you will leave from here, Mrs. Bhalla will know it. Ruhi says I can’t tell her now, she will be hurt. Nikhil says I will convince Ruhi, we love each other, then Raman and Ishita will know the pain to get away from a daughter, we did our new house shopping today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    This ishita is just dragging things even worser than I think.Why is she moulding ruhi verbally by considering her with Nikhil as an unknown couple.instead of clearing out things she s just ruining it.cvs stop this of butchering ishitas attitude here,i don’t like it.she could ve given a silent treatment to ruhi not by pre assuming things telling her about the consequences,that is also a better idea but don’t u think its getting a little bit bigger day by day
    Okay i agree that she s trying her best to convince ruhi but not threatening her,just a piece of advice was enough not her lecture.its not right feeling at all according to me,but nonetheless I still am left boundless but to stand up in her support of repairing that dumb ruhi s mind
    Hope raman doesn’t doubt over his son and its good that mihika didn’t tell anything about that long strand of hair which was found in adi s suit otherwise things could get even worser and later its would ve made raman misunderstand the situation.thank goodness that didn’t happen in todays episode
    Somehow I kinda feel weird when ishu tries things in a harder way although she s just so concerned of her Ru(ruhi) daughter.please end this long twisted over created track soon as possible because not only its getting too boring but even uninteresting to watch nowdays for everyone.
    Parmeet must be exposed of his true colours and revealed and I bet ishita and shagun will join hands together in bringing out his real face.It must take place coz old dramas repeating back again and the same villain,aaagh I get somewhat irritated by that Ektas useless and waste of moneyless serials created by her own mind of thinking

  2. Shreya Shetty

    Thank you soo soo much VP,Charu aunty and Akiatta bro.i am glad that atleast the three of you have given your real examples of understanding the life s harmony and happiness
    I just hope that sooner one day on the other I will be able to become the topper soon and achieve my dreams and chase them further
    And especially Charu aunty and Akash bro,i went through both of u r life s situations as u ve mentioned in ur comments and I feel really sad on knowing that u both too also underwent the real pain of losing a person and how u were able to continue the present happily assuming everything is fine and normal
    Don’t worry akash bro,i too have reccived numerous beatings from both my father and mother just like how u got from u r dad since many years and due to all those insecurity feelings I began to feel uncomfortable living with them and yes I am struggling to make sure that my horrible previous past doings shall not affect my present self nor my future and so I am trying my level best to be best in studies and prove my mother wrong of what she criticizes my weak points.i am not at all weak in myself and I believe that one day I will be successful in my aim.Thanks to charu auntys nice example and Vp mams hopes and concern I can slowly cross the borders of fears and despair to the thoughts of secure and freedom
    Sorry akash bro if I tried to boast off anywhere,like u I too faced the same fate and yes the way u dealt with u r father was absolutely correct.a silent action of throwing him out was correct but it was kind of the effect behind u r parents separation.
    I pray that u and u r brother and u r mother as being the only three may live happily and god give u the strength to overcome through all odds,after hearing u r story it s too sad and bearable

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Shreya. Nice to hear back from you.

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Its really nice to hear that you are going for your goal anf want to prove the people wrong. That’s really a nice goal. I really hope you achieve what you aim for.

      Thanks a lot for your prayers. It’s really nice cause we have been doing really well now and I am doing stuff that I am happy with, making me feel nice.

      Also, VP and Charu, your lives are truly an inspiration.

  3. Oh I really dnt want to think dt its adi or romi! With dt hair n thngs all da blame will cm to adi! Bt I strongly believe dt there must be sm hidden motivate in it!
    In Ruhis case, of course! Its too late to brng dicipline in Ruhis life! Bt the family is trying their best! And nt only abt ruhi nw this poojas matter is also affecting ishra badly!
    Dts hw yhm is! A problem after a problem! If dey get all da probs solved dt happiness will only lasts for 2 episodes! Maximum 3!!! Bt when it cmes to stupid dramas,oh nooo!!!it will just go on and on!!! ?

  4. I will choose to go anonymous for this comment

  5. I will choose to go anonymous for this comment.

    The track of blind love which YHM is showing is very realistic and true in which Couples take harsh decision in these blind love.
    This is happening in India also.
    Love jihad.
    Where a hindu girl falls in love with Muslim women.
    At first that Muslim man promise her that he will never force her to change and love her lot blah blah..
    Parents tries to stop their daughter. But then their daughter become stubborn like ruhi has become here. Parents then break off the tie with their daughter.
    She get married. Her husband never forces her to accept Islam but through love brainwashes her to accept Islam. Girls being a little weak in love accept Islam after 8-10 years , without any force and even their children also follows Islamic
    ritual. And at the end she tells that she was not forced, she accepted Islam at her own will. This become a win situation for that Muslim guy.
    This case of love jihad is happening in India.
    In Islam it is prohibited to marry non Islamic person.
    In my locality a Hindu boy falls in love Muslim girl . But the first condition which that girl put forward was that he has to change his religion from hindu to Islam. But thank God he decided to consult first before doing anything. After talking with us and elders he decided to leave her, his family were ready to accept that Muslim girl as Islam but they were not ready for his son to change his religion.
    Even i have noticed that In a marriage between Hindu boy and Muslim girl their children choose to follow Islam under Hindu name.
    In my opinion a marriage between
    Hindu girls vs Any non Muslim guy is ok. Same for Hindu boys also but Hindu vs Muslim marriage is not ok. This i have learnt from my experience.
    Rest decision is all yours!!

  6. azuka nkwonta

    I must say that ishita has good points to give to ruhi about living together with a man without marriage but she is doing it the wrong way. Instead of using mockery to speak to her about her decision she should have spoken to her one on one about the problems and consequences of living together with a man without marriage. In real life situations majority of men who are in this live in situation stopped valuing the girl or woman after one or two years living together with them. In this case I can see the expression on ruhi’s face, I can see that she is frustrated with ishita talking about her situation so openly and even in a mocking way. Ruhi as a proud person will like to show some stubbornness first by believing that her decision is right and I think she will still think about ishita’s conversation with others later but not now and that will be when her stubbornness has left her. Nikhil is now using ruhi’s mind and love to blackmail her so even if ruhi talks to Nikhil against their live -in decision Nikhil will still convince her to accept it. As an adult I can tell you that once a man begin to use that language” show me that you love me, prove to me that you love me” begin to question that love immediately. Men always use this language when they want to use women for their benefits but here ruhi does not even recognize it when Nikhil uses it.
    I don’t think that adi is having an affair with pooja, iam beginning to think that its Romi who is having an affair with pooja, adi is a deflection here. Even if adi is meeting anyone it must be for work and adi has a wife and neelu to help him with his clothes so if mihinka finds a woman’s hair on his shirt it could be neelu’s hair and I think mihinka should go and investigate her husband. Lastly adi has some projects to finish before ruhi so its a very wrong time for him to go on trip with aaliyah.

    1. Totally agree to you Azuka ! ishitha being straight person she cud have told it straight . But may be being cool with her Ruhi felt Ishima is supporting … but it was very much needed to makeher understand. Ishithas approach is totally changed … not at all convincing !

  7. Charu prakash

    You are right Azuka.Ishita is trying wrong tactics even if she is so sure about it.Ruhi has calmed down.She being Ishima cold have done a straight forward approach to Ruhi.All these mockery or duping is not gonna do any help.Ruhi might go for a court marriage which can be disastrous.And about the affair with Puja,doesn’t make any sense at all.Just to keep the viewers guessing!!

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