Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita hearing Mrs. Bhalla scolding Shagun. Ishita argues with Shagun. Shagun gets angry and says she has risked everything for this baby, even her future, she has no place to go, I will not give this baby, its my problem now. Raman stops her. Shagun says this time I will leave this country, you can’t do anything, my BF Manoj has the surrogacy papers, you all don’t have any proof, this is my child, I thought to give this baby to Ishita, you don’t deserve it, I will not listen to anyone, Raman is all yours now, I m not after him, you saved my children during earthquake and I thought to return your favor, but Bhalla family don’t deserve this, I m not great like Ishita, now this baby is mine, Ruhi and Adi are also my children, remember this, and see they

will come to me for sure, as Ishita did not have anything of her own. Raman asks her to listen. Shagun says leave me, let me go and leaves.

Ishita cries and goes to her room. Mihir tells Raman that Shagun can do anything and informs Abhishek. Raman worries. Abhishek comes and says he did not get to know about Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not know Shagun would do this. Ishita says Shagun has sent a video message. They all see the video. Shagun says I m at airport Ishita, I m going very away with Ishita’s child, you will never know how the baby looks and stays, just I will know it as I will be his mum.

Ishita asks Raman and Abhishek to find her. They all rush to airport. Abhishek says I will see Shagun, security won’t allow you. Abhishek stops Shagun and asks her to come with them. He takes Shagun along and brings her to everyone. Shagun acts to slip and runs from there. She runs to the terrace. Ishita stops Abhishek and says let me talk to her. Ishita stops Shagun and apologizes to her. Shagun says so you are apologizing to get the baby. She says see what I do now and Ishita stops her as she is carrying a baby.

Shagun says leave me, I will win this time, I will not let this baby go to you, you will know the pain to lose the baby. She pushes Ishita and jumps from the terrace. Ishita shouts Shagun….. and gets shocked seeing her fallen on the ground. Raman, Mihir and Abhishek come there. Ishita says Shagun was jumped down the terrace. They get shocked.

Raman says my baby… Abhishek says come down with me, nothing will happen. Ishita goes to Shagun and everyone come after her. They look at Shagun fallen dead. Abhishek checks her and says she is dead. Raman holds her and is in shock. Ishita cries and says she was affected by our words, I m sorry, I tried to save her. Mihir pacifies her. Abhishek asks Mihir to take Raman, he has to take Shagun’s body for postmortem. He asks the guard to note the death time, 1.15. Abhishek sends all of them. Raman comes home with blood on his shirt. Mrs. Bhalla asks him did he get Shagun, whats this blood, I told you Shagun will not give us peace. He says enough, she is dead, she gave up her life. They all get shocked. Raman asks did they get peace now, his unborn baby also died along her. Ishita tells Amma that she tried to stop Shagun, but she jumped from the cliff, what will I tell Ruhi and Adi. They all pacify Ishita. Raman goes to meet Manoj. Manoj asks whats this blood, are you okay, how is Shagun.

He says how will she be fine, she was so insulted. He packs his bag and says he is leaving this home, the neighbors insulted her, they don’t have any humanity, I was coming to your home to take Shagun, come on lets go, I arranged a new house, I will stay with Shagun there, tell me is she alright, why do you look sad. Raman cries. Manoj loses patience and asks him again. Raman says Shagun is dead, she did suicide. Manoj gets shocked. Raman says I could not save her, I m sorry. Manoj sits in shock and cries.

Its night, Ishita is seen sleeping. She wakes up and asks who is there. A vase falls by the wind and she picks it up. The clock shows 1.15. Ishita notices the time and checks the clock. The clock stopped and she wonders how did it stop, she has changed battery yesterday. She recalls Abhishek saying the time 1.15 and checks the time in clock. She says Shagun has died on this time and the clock stopped on this time. She drops the clock.

The pandit asks Ishita about Shagun. Ishita says she was married, she was my husband’s first wife and my children’s mum, Shagun will go as suhaagan. Ishita does her final rites and Shagun holds her hand. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Luvlin

    Ekta might b much admired by conjuring film it seems.. She s using some scenes from it.
    Trying to change love track to horrific track..
    Might she forgot d serial title

  2. bhagi

    arey yaar ye show ko kaha se kaha tak pahunchaaya……..aaj ka episode show me aaj tak ka badaa disaster tha……its such a crap i mean koi soach bhi nahi saktha yhm me esa bhi kuch hoga sivaayi EKTHA KAPOOR ka i salute u mam for this successful disaster jab shagun ko pehle se hi pathaa tha ki gharvaalom ki reaction kya hoga tho phir aab ye noutanki karne ki kya jaroorath thi yhm me esa kuch hoga e tho mai apni buri se buri sapne bhi nahi dheka e sab aatma vaatma ye sab ho kya raha hai yar #ekthainspiredbysasuraalsimarka

  3. bhagi

    aaj ke episode ke baadh mujhe ektha par aur yhm ki writers cv’s sab par itna hassi aa raha hai kya bathavoo……e show ek romantic family entertainer tha aab e kya bana diya show ko…..????? lagtha hai yhm ki saari cv’s apni dhimaak OLX me bhej diya tha……….

  4. gopu

    Ektha mams love towards anitha was great ….she developed shagun as mahan and destroyed all the characters even ishitha and Raman…. she wants to see her close friend in her show even by crushing the show to the bottom of damage …spoiling the theme of the show … just one word ” jeete raho “

  5. Sowmy

    Very much disappointed after watching today’s episode… Leap was better than shagun spirit taking revenge on bhalla family in the upcoming episodes… Worst show is star plus now…few months ago this show was directed beautifully… I had felt this show was near to reality… Ektha u spoilt this show….

  6. jhanvi

    Today I watch YHM after many days….!!!

    Raman ishita nd Shagun , all of them acts so well… Especially Shagun…!!!

    I MST say something abut Shagun, she is Good as pstv BT she is d best as ngtv… She acts ngtvly so well..

  7. omg….i think ekta s giving more time to yhm ….ishita pregnant,bus blast n ishita loosing her baby,rinkis death, shagun surrogacy,shagun death, now horror,
    bt i just hope they wont drag to prove sarika guilty ……..fingers crossed

  8. bismi

    it is better to quite the show, instead of continuing such a boring, unrealistic story.. plzzz……✋

  9. hello YHM kindly note that shagun came with raman as empty hand no purse,mobile etc
    then how can she able to arrange flight tickets, mobile, passport etc. you are making
    a serial without any continuity Ekta mam you are a big person in telly serial but doing
    so many continuity mistakes so cheeply.

  10. you are people saying shagun has changed how can its possible. ishita also one of the person to save adi and ruhi from the bomb blast bus accident. if really have some feelings
    with her children means she should meet ishita personally say thanks for saving her
    kids and sorry for her miscourage but she never did that because of her ego she never
    want to down her self respect before ishita she always wants ishita should down in front
    of her so that she decided for surrogacy.
    Also she always used other’s feeling and emotions for her sake so she made raman to
    accept her as a surrogater by convincing him
    She needs only Raman’s friendship,forgivness etc., but she never asked friendship or
    sorry from ishita if she did this with ishita means ishita can try to believe her. but she did not do this she always wants Raman should concentrate on her only
    but she may be good or bad the society and bhalla family cannot do with her like this they both should think about the un born baby as a humanity what mistake the un born baby done especially bhalla family must think she only gave the birht of ruhi and adi so i feel really bad for this

  11. sanju

    this is a total failure. all the people deserves second chance. ishitha is wrong this time. Shaun looses her every thing. even her children. when she want to repent her mistakes they should give her a chance. and this show gives negative vibe to the society telling ishitha is the only one who is right. that is not. please when making a show like this be at least 50% real. this show should end now.

  12. ishandy

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Shagun gets sad and jumpsfrom the terrace after her getting insulted by Ishita and Bhalla family.Ishita apologizes toShagun for misunderstanding her.Shagun in a fit of rage jumps from the terrace to take revenge from Ishita.Shagun is hurt as all the Bhalla familythinks her wrong.She has died with the heir of Bhalla family in her womb.Shagun delivers Raman and Ishita’s babyIshita gets in shockseeing Shagun committing suicide.Raman, Mihir and Abhishek reach there.Raman tries to saveShagun but Abhishek does not let him go. This is actual Shagun conspiracyto take revenge from Ishita.Shagun will not die so soon, and will deliver Raman and Ishita’s baby, very far from Bhalla family.

  13. aaa

    y abisheik s helping shagyun… dnt show him as negative……i want mihika nd abisheik to b paired…..pls

  14. barathi

    Bhalla family overreacted.. they should dont ve ryts for taunting a women like ths. Even shagun changed…. and wHt s this stupid track yaar… ek tham conjurin vaisa. Banth ķaro yeh sab tamash.. ek beautifull love story turns in to higher of stupidity drama… dont want to see this ghost drama… earthquake… rinki death… accident… miscarriage… suicide… finally ghost. U all people done a very gud job as spoiling yhm…

  15. jhanvi

    Guys I think Shagun is not dead… There are 2 things are going in my mind…

    1. I think d first news was right that this is a trap for sarika not real horror track..I think acp came to know abt sarika so that he did this… BT I can’t understand what’s d need of shagun’s death…. Nd y he took her help….???? After this drama they will took ishu’s help.. To trap sarika..

    2 . nd d second thing shld be Shagun left d cntry along with d baby after long time.. BT in doing t this y acp helped her in 1st situation I can understand acp helps Shagun to show her death BT y in second situation….

    It’s nt true it’s jst my pridction… I think nd hope d first situation will be proved true.. Coz if dis is a really horror track it’s nt good ..

    Coz today I feel that Shagun is not dead..!!!!!

  16. What a crack this is we don’t want shagun to die wat a stupid writer ekta ma’am wat are u doing for this whole thing its really getting bored seems dat u r looking forward to concentrate on Anita’ s first film krishna cottage

  17. episode was really scary .though a person needs to be given a second chance but here in this situation ishitha is not al fault because she came to know about surrogacy and all just then itself which takes a little time for everyone to understand the situation .and the whole incident was due to raman but once again mrs.bhalla badmouthed shagu. which led to a second suicide from her.first lakshmi and now shagun.let ot be anything but the present track is not all entertaining neither interesting.

  18. i dont think that shagun is dead because it does not seems to be like that and i read an interveiw of anitha hassanandani aka shagun telling that whatever happens she will never leave yhm and even ekta wont take her best friend out from the show but just trying to just add everywhere shagun in the scripts and give her role a big importance.

  19. The upcoming episode of
    YHM shows that Shagun
    jumps from terrace and
    get died.
    Raman accuses his
    family for Shagun’s death
    and tells that now he will
    never get his baby.
    Shagun gets suicide due
    to Raman’s family
    accusation on her
    After death, Shagun
    returns in Raman Ishita
    life in mysterious way.
    Shagun turns a ghost and
    imposes Ishita body so
    that she can keep Raman
    and Ishita separate
    Ishita starts behaving
    beardly in front of family
    members and they feels
    that gets a shocked after
    Shagun death.
    Will Raman get
    successful to free Ishita
    from Shagun evil
    Stay with us for further

  20. aaj ke episode dekhke bahuth sad hoon lekin utnaa hi gussa inn makers par aa raha hai .kya haal banaake chod diya inn logon ne yhm ka .poore serial ko surrogacy ke baad ekdam se roz barbaad karke chod diya . roz koi na koi news .pehle rinki ki murder aur extramarital affair phir inn sabse bhi pehle ishitha ka miscarriage phir sarika ka negative hona phir ab yeh sab aur roz koi naya news ya spoiler ya toh ghatia duss saal ka leap ya ishraruhadi seperation.really fed up .ab buss band kar deejiye yeh sab.

  21. What u guys r saying omg plzz read the comments of last few episodes u all were completely against shagun n now what is this ??? OK I agree every one deserve a second change n also
    Bhalla family overacted but shagun did completely wrong agar WO real me change ho gii hotiii to kya us un born baby k sath as e kartiii ishita ne ek bar niii kahi bar Adi ruhiko bacaya shagun ham esha ishita ko taunt kartiii thi but ishita ne kabhi Adi ruhi k sath kuch gal at niii kiya aur shagun yuuukkkhhhh WO kabhi change hoii hi niii thi n guys for your kin d information shagun will give birth to Raman ishita child far away so aur ishita ne shogun ko boht bar sorry Bhi kana
    Sorry if I hurt anyone

  22. sonu sowmya

    Omg such a crap n disaster. . Please yar dont get into horror track… yhm i never imagined this show to twist like this.. m nt gng to watch this show again ever .. byebye

  23. yeh jo horror track hai woh kisi krishna cottage film se inspired hai jisse anitha aka shagun ne hi lead mein act kiya tha aur toh yeh film ekta ki hi produced hai .wah ekta aaj tak tumne jo bhi film baanaaya usme ek role anitha ka raha hi ab ussi ke act kiye hue film ke story ko usse hi yhm mein phir se lagaa rahe ho.aur toh yeh film 2004 mein tha toh ab 11saal baad story liya yhm mein toh anitha ka hi woh bhi anitha ke liye aur veiwers ko pareshaan karne ke liye.

  24. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

  25. abhishek aur uski harkathe dekhkar toh yeh saaf dikhtha hai ki shagun ko kuch nahi hua hai.aur mein surprised hoon ki shagun ko kuch bhi ho achaanak ekdam se woh negative ya aise kaise ban sakthi hai.too confusing.

  26. Cham

    First I thought that this would be interesting,but it’s so scary!I am a Sri Lankans who is watching this serial at 11.00 p.m and it is the repeated telecast. It is a horrible time and don’t know what will happen in the upcoming tracks, but hope to be relax and calm.

  27. diya

    ye horror track utna bhi kharap nhi hai.. good xpressions divyanka .. par agar anita show kavi nhi chodengi to kya bhoot ka unlimited chalega ?? ho hi nhi sakta .. so lets wait nd watch … btw dis is bttr than surrogacy track…nd interstng dekhne mein bhi. par i hope they dont stretch the track like ssk . agar bhoot dikhaya to maha pamdit nd yogya bhi hoga. nd sarika xpose bhi ho sakta hi .
    bhailog yeh #yhm hai
    yeha kuch bhi ho sakta hain

  28. ab buss bhi kardo ekta hume pareshaan karna .apko jo bhi jitnaa bhi dosthi nibhaani ho woh aap bhi nibhaayiye show mein bhi dikhaayi lekin iss show mein aur bhi hai aur dekhne wale karodon toh plz aap show ko dekhne waale aur show ki puraani story aur trp ko dekhiye toh aapko pathaa chalega puraane aur present yhm ke beech ka farak aur puraana yhm ke liye tph kitnee bhi acche words use kare utnaa kam hai .plz return us our old yhm .plzzzzz…..

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  30. Venkat

    Ishita loves adi and ruhi but not her child in shagun womb,this something disgusting then her love on ruhi & adi is also Not true but just a understanding to be in relationship with raman, ekta kapoor has turned ishita into negative role,and this bad for the show

    • shagun earlier always blamed ishita as a bunch and aaya how can a women tolerate
      those who blamed like this as a surrogater of her baby that is also with in a moment
      she is also ordinary women shagun give some times to ishita should realize the truth and take decission
      Shagun was with bhalla family nearly 10 yrs she may be able to knew bhall’s behaviour
      shagun wants to help ishita and raman only not for bhalla’s Raman already believed
      her and gave a chance now ishita’s time
      your people saying ishita should give a second chance to shagun and blaming ishita was
      wrong. ishita does not use a single hard word like bhalla’s against shagun till the end
      but she need time to realize the truth and take decission shagun wont give chance or time
      to ishita but ishita wants to give her a chance without thinking what a logic you are people
      Raman also first immediately not believed shagun he also used some horrible words with shagun after Dr.Manoj explains only he understood everything and believed shagun
      So raman is believing shagun and support her and fought for her with mother also
      shagun was think that and wait for some time to ishita’s turn but she did not listen any
      single word from ishita and argue with her she is helping ishita and raman only why
      should she bother about bhalla’s.
      Even she ready to use Manoj love also for her sake this is her basic character should use
      others feeling for her welfare.
      Manoj does not know fully about shagun and raman life earlier so he believed shagun blindly so he took the decision for surrogacy for shagun’s happiness against his profession
      that is not informing to ishita
      So Manoj and Shagun only first reponsible for all those things raman is a second one

      • jhanvi

        Agree with u tottaly I m nt appreciating bhalla family’s behaviour BT I also want to say Shagun shld not took such a horrible decision in anger….

        My point is only they need some time to accept d truth nd Shagun shld give them sometime, after ishita said sorry she jumped with baby…

  31. top three mein jitnee bhi serials hai woh sab ek hi rashmi sharma telefilme ke profuced hai aur ekta ki ek bhi serial top one ya two mein bhi nahi hai balki ekta serials ke number zyaada hai phit bhi makers ki kam akal aur bewakoofi ki wajah hai ki aaj yhm top five mein nahi hai aur seventh position par hai .agle hafthe toh aur bhi kam hoga .tab tak toh lagtha hai ekta khid apnee saare serials ko yaa toh top five ya toh sab trp chart se hi nikaal degi .ab shayad unhe akal aaye ya phir yeh log ab veiwets aur fans ke power ko jaanenge.bahuth ho gaya aur bahuth dikhaq diya yhm mein .sab pareshaan hai phir bhi ekta apne aap mein hi busy hai.toh ekta lage rahe aur hun bhi trp aur kam karne mein lage rahenge.

  32. V P

    Shaghunwanted to become good only she and Raman knows . Actually Raman has to be blamed for Shaghuns death . Evil spirit should come to his body . Ishitha when she went to see Shaghun with Simmi also not opened her mouth . Even in Bhallas house when Raman brought Shaghun Ishitha went up to talk to Raman , becoz she felt he has to say something though not acceptable . Bhallas and all started taunting Shaghun , hearing the loud noises she and Raman came down . That time Shaghun started attacking Ishitha with all nonsense . Here we don’t understand where from the story gone to …. She left her husband , she went with Ashok troubled all at Bhallas and even her kids ….. What is she deserving ? Sympathy ? Bhallas and Iyers without knowing about the surrogacy shouting , after knowing also they are not able to accept it . Story very badly framed … Ghost is coming now …never ghost will enter into a good person . May b with a shock and knowing Ishitha loses her child , she can be psychologically affected . How come Shaghun not dying ? Is it true …. Today felt very happy thinking no more Shaghun seeing in the serial . Ishitha acted superb …..but today’s episode was very bad . Near future you can’t expect something good . Shaghun too good in negative …..

  33. sonal

    Hey guys why r u blaming shagun character she is just playing the role n yeh sab ekta ki wajah se ho RHA hai

  34. Saathiya..wTH.. Its all the same agn.. Gopi ahem fight
    .. N meera n vidhya as gopi n rashi.. Daughter in laws of same house.. All same same.. Yuck.. N this serial has top trp..cant blv

  35. diya

    evry one is bashing yhm .par ye no 1 #saathiya its the worst pf all . kharap actng wala show . story bhi kintni bekar . cz pura gujrat ka population yeh show dekhta hai.. stupid show frm the beggining .. show ka nam hai sath nibhana sathiyaa .. par sathiya to 10 sal pehle mar gayi . plz .. guys watch yhm trp is falling if u want to save this show frm drowng ..atleast top 10 mein rehna zaroori hai

  36. Roshan

    I just hope that its a bad dream nothing else because I don’t think that ekta will quite shagun from show

  37. Jane Austin

    this was only one show that was going beautifully. Ekta has no blo*dy brains where has the serial gone to why cant they just make short serials like Pakistan !! Abs crap

  38. party time

    Hahahahhhh ? shagun died I enjoyed. Hope she will never return in ishra life. I don’t want that baby too so happy that baby too dead ?. Don’t get shagun back . And please made ishu pregnant please please.

  39. Darshika

    I never appreciate all balha’s and society’s ruthless and shameless actions. At least they should’ve thought shagun’s situation.(pregnant situation) They did same thing what they had done to subbu’s wife.
    balha family and society are NOT lord buddha or god to do CORRECTLY everything….! So they did very wrong thing THIS TIME.
    Mihika commited suicide in the past. When all family members and mihir supported her, she didn’t think about them and she commited suicide because of stress,tension,depression.
    Now shagun commited suicide. Difference is,no one with her for support. How much tension,stress, depression did she have? So what else can she do except suicide….???
    Manoj and raman try to help her,and definitely ishita will help, if she know about surrogacy EARLY….!
    Finally everything have happened,only only only because of raman. ! At least raman should have told early ishita about surrogacy.
    Actually, It’s useless talking about this now.It’s over now.Waiting for next epis…..!
    I don’t know this shagun really dies or not. Shagun may be alive, but definitely there’s no baby.
    And ishita,mihir,raman have acted fantastic….! Shagun also has done good job.
    From SL

    • jhanvi

      No need of sorry dear… BT if she is really changed..she shld respect Raman’s trust ( in past one who suffered a lot coz of Shagun it’s Raman, yet he trusted her again coz he knows her good deeds ) so only for Raman’s sake I think she shld respect his trust nd try to cnvnc them they needs some time to accept d truth, Raman was trying to cnvnc ishu nd after t that she dfntly will help Shagun, so I think Shagun shld give them a second Chance also…. She jumped to take revenge , …..she has given so many chances by ishita..this time she shld also give her a second chance nd try to cnvnc her nd family…

    • jhanvi

      Nd ya I agree they shld not bhv like dis with a pregnant lady..BT it’s Shagun ‘s past , not allow them to blv her..

      We blvd Shagun coz we know her good deeds.. If we don’t know abut her good deeds, we also nvr blv her…. D same thing is happed in d show Raman is blving her coz they know d truth nd family didn’t trust her coz they know nothing abt her good deeds, what she did for ishita..


  40. Vinu

    I loved yhm, but not I hate it because it’s going to be a scary teledrama with ghosts. Now I have stopped watching this disgusting drama. Pls make ishita pregnant and no more scary events…..( ;

  41. jhanvi

    Shagun is not dead , she is alive BT don’t know why she did this drama nd y acp helped her BT I m exited to know d reason behind d death…..

    I hope it’s only a trap for sarika , actually I m 90% sure it’s trap for sarika ,……’s not real horror drama…. I think soo…

  42. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Twist
    We bring to our readers a latest hot gossip
    news for star plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    According to some serious gossip and
    rumour, Shagun is apparently faking her
    death to trouble Ishita (Divyanka)….

  43. shagun mari nahi hai aur precap mein bhi uska chehra nahi dikh raha tha .aur shagun koodi lekin kisi palang ya bed par giri hogi jab ishitha neeche aayi toh palang ko nikaal ke apne uupar blood daal ke so gayi hogi .i think so kyunki building bhi bahuth bada tha aur shagun ka poora girna usne nahi dekha hoga ya shayad ishitha bhi shagun aur acp se mili hui ho.

    • jhanvi

      No ritu I think , jab acp ne Shagun ko airport pe pakda tabhi usne use help k liye mana liya hoga aur usne Hi ye drama krne k liye kaha hoga taki wo sabko yakin dila sake ki Shagun mar chuki hai, fir sabko bhej diya, taki kisiko pata Na chale ki wo jinda hai……aur ab shayad wo ishu ko batayega aur uski help lega Shagun ki rituals hone k bad….

  44. Darshika

    you are true jhanvi. I agree.
    But shagun has no time to think about raman or baby. Suddenly she decides to suicide….. If she has had time, first she would think about adi and ruhi……! And this is not for take revenge. It happened because of shagun’s anger.
    Everything was messed up by balha family……! Balha family over reacted.

    And sometime I feel that this is a plan of makers for remove surrogate baby. And she will live so secretly.Later she will come out for manoj. At that time ishita also have her own baby……..I don’t know.This is my prediction.
    But that horror drama, still I can’t predict about it.

    • No shagun has not changed basically she is always very emotional and use other’s
      feelings for her welfare If she thought of adi and ruhi she personally met ishita before
      and thank to her for saving adi and ruhi from the bus accident .Ishita also a reason for
      saving her kids
      How can you said she has changed bhalla family use horror words against her but what
      Manoj did done what she said she can use manoj’s love also for take revenge from bhalla’s
      is this the way she respect manoj love? manoj loves and cares for her after he knew about her past but what she returns to this love she thought use the love to take revenge only
      she cheated on raman’s trust and as well manoj love
      Accoring bhalla they should think before using words becuase Romi and Rinki are not
      good persons in that house.

    • jhanvi

      I think it will not take long time , I m sure d reason behind shagun’s fack death will be revealed very soon…… Coz of surrogacy fans were calling to boy cott YHM , nd Ekta Kapoor is not d one, who will give up soon , that’s y she is doing dis only for to grip our attention …nd she also stopped media to come on YHM set, jst to keep dis suspense, that she is alive…….

  45. Alpha

    I can’t believe it! Shagun, at last you have made an end to all the stress you have been suffering.May your soul rest in peace, dear! Sometimes there won’t be anyone to see our good nature and deeds. BYE DEAR Shagun!

  46. how can bhallas badmouth shagun .jab khud ka sikka khotaa ho toh doosron ke baare mein bolna bhi nahi chahiye warna duniya unhi par hasegi .romi bhi kaayi baar galatiyaan ki aur rinki ne bhi .mrs .bhalla jinhone sabse zyaada boli unki wajah se lakshmi ne suicide ki aur ab shagun ka patha nahi lekin khud ek aurath ho kar yeh nahi samaj paayi ki uska situation kya hai aur woh toh sirf raman aur ishitha ko madad kar rahi thi . shagun ne bale hi kitnii bhi galathiyaan kiya ho lekin iss tarah se usse humiliate nahi karna chahiye tha .ha agar woh ishra ke beech aathi toh keh sakthe the lekin yahaa surrogacy ki baath hai aur waise bhi surrogacy ko laana hi nahi chaahiye tha .these makers have just made it a crap .

  47. Darshika

    no, shagun has changed FOR NOW….. That’s why she agreed for surrogacy. She agreed it for ISHITA AND RAMAN. But ishita doesn’t like Shagun surrogacy. It’s not shagun’s problem…..raman got surrogacy decision ALONE…..! If there’s no surrogacy, shagun never interfere into ishra and shagun will live with manoj. Ishita will think about her own baby after the sometime.
    Why did shagun get angry ? Balha family over reacted and insult her too much. Because of her anger, she turns as evil shagun again……
    Ishita slapped ashok few weeks ago. So ashok tried to take reveng from ishita. This is also same….. Balha’s insulted shagun by crossing their limits…… So shagun got anger…… If she want to take a reveng from ishita, she will kill baby herself…… And most importantly, WILL SHE LOSE HER LIFE for any reason, if she is old shagun……??? Please Remind earthquick scene. If this is old Shagun, she never lose her life. Everyone know, If she is old shagun, FIRST she think ONLY about her life……!
    Again everything because of raman.

    And I don’t know about future shagun, if she alives. But now she has changed.
    And if shagun is going to be evil again,it’s because of Balha’s and society.

  48. Darshika

    I’m sorry yar….. I really don’t want to hurt anyone…… And I love karan and divyanka so much. Actually I don’t have words for express my love for them…… But this time I can’t blame to shagun…..

  49. Ramshah

    Guys, chill

    Shagun is still positive.
    She got to know about sarika.
    She asked abhisheik and ishita for help in exposing sarika.
    She will pretend to be in ishita’s body and will scare sarika.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.