Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala talking to Roshni in her village language. She smiles and says don’t tell anyone I made sweets. He asks her not to worry. She goes to change sweets. Adi comes and stops her. He scolds her for spoiling all functions and now the gulab jamuns he made. She says I was not spoiling it. He trashes the sweets made by her and asks her to stay away from his life.

Raman teaches Ishita about making drinks. She tries to remember things. He asks are you making rasam, you have to add mint, don’t add any chutney. She says fine, mint and lemon soda. He says you can’t do this, leave it. He says you are my expert husband, teach me. He says this is imp, once more. He teaches her. She laughs and asks how does this matter.

He says everything has some way, do you eat

rajma with idli. She says you have a point, I m learning it. Bala comes and asks Raman why did he not say about plan change, Ishita said party will happen here. Raman says don’t know how she became doctor, I m telling her about making drinks. Bala says teachings are done before exam, not on exam day, send bottles here, we will make drinks. Raman says yes, simple. He gets a call from Mani. Mani asks how are your eyes, did dinner preparations happen. Raman says Ishita is not allowing me, Bala is here, drinks party will be in my room. Mani asks did Ishu agree for this. Raman says yes, its good if she does not help, is she really doctor, maybe you can make better drinks, come soon. Bala says I will go and tell plan to Romi. Raman asks Ishita to just break teeth. She says you will make my room bar, fine, you will get everything, happy. He says I m really lucky, I wish everyone get a wife like you. She says you will get everything. He thanks her. She goes. Raman says Bala saved me, else I would have passed by.

Ishita and everyone welcome Aaliya and family. Shagun says we are taking precautions. Ishita says don’t worry, Raman won’t come down. Mani signs Ishita. Ishita thinks I won’t let this party happen, they all are excited for drinking wine. Aaliya asks Adi where is the special dish. Adi says you will get it after dinner. Mihika and Ruhi come and tease them. Adi says no one is guessing where we are going for honeymoon. They all guess. Ruhi asks Aaliya to say, where they are going. Bala says Raman would be missing this, we will go and meet Raman. Ishita says you did not talk to us, Raman is resting, go later. Dadi asks them to sit, I was thinking we should do something for Adi and Aaliya, we should give a special message. Bala says we will go after this special message. Appa says I want to say first.

Raman sits waiting for them and gets excited. Appa says when Ishu came here, situation was different, she has won everyone’s heart, they all accepted her, Aaliya is welcome in this family, she will get a daughter’s place. Aaliya thanks him and says I love you. Everyone clap. Dadi says I was seeing Aaliya’s marriage dream since long, thanks Mani for making her your daughter, Ishita is becoming her saas, I know she will keep her well, Aaliya will learn everything, I can’t believe Aaliya has grown up and going to become someone’s bahu, I m so happy. Everyone clap.

Ishita stands to say. Shagun says Ishita please, we will have dinner, it will get late, Aaliya has to sleep, she has to look fresh. Ishita says you are right, everyone has to sleep early, let’s start dinner. Aaliya asks Adi about her surprise. Roshni looks on. Ishita asks Bala and Mani to have dinner. Mani says we will just come. Dadi says have dinner first.

Raman makes drinks. Roshni gets food. Mihika says Roshni and Ishita made dinner today, Roshni made all special dishes. Shagun thinks Roshni is like marriage’s chief guest. Mr. Bhalla asks how will we go out. Romi says we will go. Bala says we will send Mani first. Romi says Ishita is looking at us, we will make teams. Ishita says men should get priority, we will make them taste food. Romi says Mani and I will just come. Ishita says its special dinner, we want Mani and Shagun to start having food first, you all have to be with them. Mani says no problem, we will have food.

Bala says Ishu come, I need to talk about dessert. He asks Ishita why is she doing this than helping them have drinks, Raman has set the bar in room. She says Dadi is strict, I can’t talk about drinking, relax. She asks him to have dinner. She says we will raise a toast for Adi and Aaliya. Mani says to Adi and Aaliya, be happy. Ishita says now they won’t have any party. Aaliya asks Adi about the special dish. Adi takes Aaliya to his room. He surprises Aaliya and shows the gulab jamuns. She asks did you made this without anyone’s help. He nods. She says we will tell everyone. He says no, I made this for you, I want you to taste this first. She asks him to feed sweets. He feeds her.

Ishita argues with Raman and says I was helpless to do this, you know you have hangover when you drink much, I did not wish you to stay like that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved todays episode . Ishra scene was amazing . How cute the scene was . Felt sad for Raman and the other men . It was nice to see … quite enjoyable . Just see how Ishitha managed the men … thats the strong character of Ishitha . Shaghun annoying … Adi Alia no charm at all … I like their jodi but nowhere to Ishra !!!

    1. Hi VP yes even I feel same ishra have a very special charm which is not seen in any other jodi like adi alia ishra scene was awesome

  2. i love shagun for doing this to ishita.. ishita actually is very annoying and dominating.. always try to over rule everybody. First she stopped raman coming to dinner by promising that he can have drinks party in his room when he agreed to do that then she was trying to act smart by not letting it happen.. she has opinions statements on every damn thing.. always forcing decisions on others. She wants everything to be her way.. I am with shagun absolutely

  3. I hope that Ishita would get more awards in star pariwar award as last year. Favourtite jodi should be Raman and Ishitha.But what happend. Newer mind please make nice episodes. Everyday Ishitha and Raman should be main characters in yhm. As sri lankan I request you to create as ealy episodes.Bacause this tellydrama has been bonded with our souls.

  4. Quite good episode.But it was not interresting as previous eisodes.Create something diffrent onece.

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Everybody should know that ishita is a selfish person. I did say before that ishita cannot always be right but the directors will always make her look as if she is right. Ishita can be annoying sometimes that is why she will always have shagun to deal with her but on this dinner night I think shagun is wrong to have stopped ishita from making her speech. I wonder how that gulab jamum Adi made taste like.

  6. Lovely episode. Love Ishu Ma.

  7. Nice episode…I like Anita mam’s(Shagun) acting….. love you

  8. Agreed with u sewwandi n yashu. Int’l jodis should have been theirs also???. Lovely episode n plzzz bring back pihu as it is Raman n Ishita’s daughter.

  9. SPA 2017

    Star Parivaar Awards was held yesterday. Even though telecast would take some time, here are the results….

    Favourite Maa: Ishita (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Favourite Father Award: Raman Ballah (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Favourite naya sadasya female :Anika From (Ishqbaaaz)

    Favourite Naya Sadasya Male: Omkara Singh Oberoi from Dil Bole Oberoi

    Dabur Fresh Face Award: Aastha (Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi)

    Favourite Mazedar Sadasya : Jaggi (Saathiya)

    Most Stylish Sadasya Female: Sonakshi Sinha (Nash Baliye) and Swetlana (Dil Bole Oberoi)

    Favourite Judge Award: Karan Johar (DilHaiHindustani) and Remo Dsouza (Dance Plus)

    Favourite Beti : Durga(Meri Durga) and Avni (Naamkaran)

    Favourite Beta : Shvivaay Singh Oberoi (Ishqbaaz)

    Favorite Saas : Ammaji from (Mere Anganey Mein)

    Favorite Sasur: Naitik (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)

    Favourite Digital Star (Female): Anika (Ishqbaaz)

    Favourite Digital Star (Male): Shivaay (Ishqbaaz)

    Best Badu: Gopi (Saath Nibhana Sathia)

    Favourite Patni : Naira (Yeh Rishta) and Nandni (Chandra Nandni)

    Favourite Pati : Candra (Chandra Nandni) and Kartik (Yeh Rishta)

    Nayi Soch: Amala (Kya Kasoor Hai Amala Kya)

    Favourite Jodi International :Anika-Shivay (Ishqbaaz)

    Favourite Jodi: Kartik- Naira (Yeh Rishta)

  10. Sad and disappointed to see Yeh Hai Mohabbatein losing it’s three year streak.

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