Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman calling out Ishita. She says she misses him so much that she is hearing his voice. She will change now and he smiles thinking she will come to cupboard. She sees the night dress on bed and he gets angry. He asks her to open the door and shouts on her. She screams. Everyone hear her and say why is she shouting. She says Raman, yes he is shouting same way, how did he come. He says he came one day before, can’t he come. She says keys are in purse, its outside, I will bring. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Ishita. Amma says she is fine. Mrs. Bhalla asks what kind of mum she is.

They all come and ask Ishita. Ishita says Raman is locked in cupboard. Amma says why did he hide there. They ask did she knew. Amma says Raman told only her. Raman asks them to open the door

fast. Ishita gets the keys and tries. He asks what happened. She says key is stuck. He asks what did she do. Romi says key broke. He says they will break them. Ishita says what to do. He asks her to call key maker. Romi goes. Ishita says relax. Raman says I want some water. Ruhi says I will get. Raman says I can drink if I come out. Simmi gets water. Ruhi says she has an idea.

Ishita says we are thinking how to make him drink. Ruhi passes a straw inside and holds the glass. He drinks the water. Ishita asks does he water juice too. The key maker comes and asks is there any thief inside. Raman says he will beat him and scolds him. The man tries to open the lock. Raman finally comes out. They all get glad seeing him. Ruhi asks why did he go in cupboard. Raman says I was mad to think to surprise Ishita, fire Neelu. Mrs. Bhalla says who will work for us then.

She asks him to come. Ruhi hugs him. Raman asks Ishita to give him some food. She says come. Ashok gets irked seeing Suraj’s call. Suraj asks him to come in his new company launch party. Ashok says he snatched his money and enjoying, he will not come. Suraj says Raman bought his company and now Ashok is jobless, and asks him to come and pass time. Ashok says just shut up. Suraj asks him not to waste time after Shagun. Ashok gets angry. He says you felt your life will be full of happiness.

Raman talks to Simmi and asks her to move on in life with Subbu, and hugs her. Adi and Ruhi get his bag and ask what gift he got. Raman says I did not get anything. Ruhi says he is lying and opens the bag. They al;l get the gift and like it. Raman silently asks for I love you from Ishita. Music plays……….. She goes making an excuse. He calls Simmi and says his plan in his ears. Simmi asks Ishita to get water fast. Raman drinks it and signs her. Ruhi says I will be with Papa, he came after a lot.

Raman brings Ishita to the room and she asks how did he get inside the cupboard. He says I will show and makes her stand in the cupboard. Simmi locks them. Ishita says we are inside, why did you lock Simmi. Raman says she does not have any choice now and asks her to say it. She smiles and says I love you. He says he did not hear it, and she says again loudly I love you Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Everyone stand outside and clap. He asks why did she get everyone. Simmi opens the door.

Adi says finally Papa and Ishita aunty’s love story is completed. Its morning, Ishita works. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi to learn to cook south Indian food from Ishita. Raman asks Neelu. Neelu says she did not do it intentionally. Raman says you did a big work. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……….. Mr. Bhalla tells Ishita that maybe Mrs. Bhalla went to buy something for Subbu. Ishita thinks maybe she is hiding something, she looked worried.

Mrs. Bhalla meets Amma in the compound and lies to her that she is going to parlor. She runs taking an auto and leaves. Amma asks why is she going to parlor in morning, there is some secret, I have to see. She also takes an auto and goes. Mrs. Bhalla meets Subbu’s mum in café and says she does not trust her. She says Subbu and Simmi will get married, and I m worried for Simmi, you will not understand this, I know Simmi did mistake, but she can’t taunt her all her life. Subbu’s mum says why will I.

Mrs. Bhalla clears the matter and says she cares for Simmi’s happiness, and she has seen how she has taunted Ishita and takes her class. She says she will not bear anything, like Simmi has a part, even Subbu has a past. Amma looks on sitting far and tries to hear. Subbu’s mum says Subbu suffered a lot. Mrs. Bhalla says we should not bring our fights in between, as Simmi is not burden on me. Amma meets Mrs. Bhalla outside. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she come to follow her. Amma says she is proud of her, she took good class, I m with you, don’t worry.

Shagun comes to meet Parmeet in police custody. They have an argument. She asks him not to get after her, she has paid enough. He blackmails her and says he will tell Ishita about taking kids. She has used her as distraction and there should be some drama about Simmi and Subbu. She says I can’t promise anything, I will see. She leaves.

Ishita reads Raman’s happiness. She reads he wants to give her the happiness of the world, he knows Adi and Ruhi are her happiness, but he wants to give her their very own child. She can’t believe it and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. yar thank u kithni dher se intazaar kar raha tha finally here……….anyway aaj ka episode tho paisavasool tha just superb precap toooooo good,,………par yar love confession tho hp gaya bina kiss ya gift……..bechara raman kumar bhalla sad foor him………any way totally enjoyed

  2. Spoiler Alert: Subbu turns negative in Ye Hai Mohabbatein!Audience in the forthcoming episodes of Star Plus’s Ye Hai Mohabbatein will see a major revelation with Subbu turning negative in the show. Star Plus’ Ye Hai Mohabbatein has been ruling not only on the TRP charts but also the hearts of the audience almost since the last one and a half year. Everything so far on the show seems to be positively good with Param (Anurag Sharma) signing the divorce papers and Simmi (Shireen Mirza) agreeing to marry Subbu (Amit Tandon). Shows produced by Balaji Telefilms with no villain in it can happen only in fantasy.Revelation: Subbu turns negativeSubbu’s entry on the show has been of a good man helping the Bhalla family in their odds. High point revelation drama that the viewer will witness in the forthcoming episode is that of Subbu’s intention to take revenge from the Bhalla family. It will be shown that Subbu had lost his wife and child due to someone from the Bhalla family. His main motive to get into the Bhalla family is to make them feel what he felt when he lost his wife and child. While his feelings for Ananya are genuine, he certainly has no feeling for Simmi.Amit Tandon’s view on change in his characterI would not call Subbu as a grey or negative character but would highlight it as a real one. Lossing his family is driving Subbu crazy. He has an underlying reason behind his retaliation. Subbu had been in a relation of 12 years with Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and now that he has lost his family, he somewhere has a soft corner for Ishita. In their 12 years long relation, Subbu had never mistreated Ishita. He was on the verge of marrying her but at the last moment Subbu for the reason that she cannot conceive. As a viewer of the show, all the characters are very real and relatable. God forbid, if something like losing the family happens to us, we too will react in the similar way. We would stoop to whatever level to take revenge from the person who is behind the loss. Every person has a good and a bad side. It is not possible to be positive all the time like Ishita is real life. I have asked my creatives to form Simmi’s character in a good way so that she is not shown heartbroken again on the show. Viewer will see the change in Subbu’s character later in the coming week. Also, since I am going to US to attend a wedding, I will not be seen on the show for ten days.This change in the track will surely keep the viewer intrigued!

  3. Yeh to Amit ne kaha tha…..uska role change hoga…… …..Kuch kiya to Raman jinda nahi chhodega……..but Bhalka family me ee kisne usse hurt kiya……kahi Raman to nahi…….

  4. yar muje tho ye spoiler par vishwass nahi ho raha hai i surely believe subbu is hiding something about his childs death par muje nahi lagtha bhalla family is behind his families death bec usne kaha tha na apni galathi ki vaje se bache ko kho dena kithna painful ho tha hai…….tho phir bhalla family kaha se beech me pounch gaya aur phir usne tho ithni dinom se chennai me the na uski family ke sath……starting me usne kudh hi kaha tha ki shayad muje delhi vapaas hi nahi aana chahiye tha……….i just hope ki subbu remains positive kyom ki simmi ne bahuth kuch sehan liya apni jindagi me abhi tho usko kushi se jeena hai……

  5. yah aliya i just hope so…….jab se subbu ka entry huyi hai tab se hamesha uski bare me wrong spoilers hi aaa rahe hai,…….i just hope so

  6. Super Iam waiting for this They must have a child Shut all the mouth like shagun subbs mother param and who ever hurted her feelings. I dont feel like a show this yeh hey mohabathein.
    So really isara must get a child

  7. Yeh Kis FB par tha Spoiler….sab GB par ho to hi belive karna….& Raman Ishita YHM FB par hona chahiye…..koi bhi news sab se pehle uss FB par aati hai…..

  8. Yeh Kis FB par tha Spoiler….sab FB par ho to hi belive karna….& Raman Ishita YHM FB par hona chahiye…..koi bhi news sab se pehle uss FB par aati hai…………

  9. this is nt fair already we have lot of negative character tho nt subbu negative.waise bein new subbu ka amit doesnt suit for villan.

  10. Yeh spoiler sach hai…khud Amit ne Interview diya hai…..Insta par update kiya hai…..Raman Ishita YHM FB par video hai……..

  11. aaj ka ishu ka love confession was amazing.per raman ko bhi bola naa chaiye tha.per raman is right again they got disturb by family.give them some space guys.

  12. Yaar…..yeh log ek shaadi perfact nahi karva sakte … bhi ho shaadi ke baad…..Shaadi achche se honi chahiye…..IshRa ke romance ke saath…..

  13. tho subbu going to be negative.koi baath nayi even subbu will get beat form raman agar woh kuch ulta karthi tho.ishu bhi pehli warn kiya tha raman un ko zinda nayi chotaga

  14. xtabel

    Hi, am a Nigerian and am writing from Africa! So Ishita and Raman hav suffered a lot, the bhalia family have also suffered…pls can u (I mean the directors and producers) not make subbu a bad character? Pls… Ishima is happy…pls jst show romance of Ishita and Raman and show pregnant Ishita pls!

  15. Upcoming Scene: Ishita talking in mirror
    that she is ready to take the
    relationship further.. Raman hears it n
    come inside the room and tell that why
    talking to the mirror? Talk to me and
    started teasing her n hug her.. Ishita says door is open kids can come..
    Raman says then should I close the
    door Ishita feel shy n leave from there.

  16. gopu

    I am very sure…. Ashok was looted by suraj and param soon he will join in Raman’s company as employee….

  17. SBS ……Upcoming Scene: Ishita talking in mirror
    that she is ready to take the
    relationship further.. Raman hears it n
    come inside the room and tell that why
    talking to the mirror? Talk to me and
    started teasing her n hug her.. Ishita says door is open kids can come.. Raman says then should I close the
    door Ishita feel shy n leave from ther

  18. Rinu…kuch nahi hua…..but Ka updat late hua tha…to sab ne parso ki update pacment ki thi…iss iye…iss pge par comments ka hai….

  19. Yaar yh ACP ko roke me kisne bulaya….par achcha hi hua…Shagun ki bolti bandh kar di…us ne sab ko bata diya ki Shagun Austrelia jane wali hai….par use yeh nahi pata ki wo Ruhi Adi ko saath e jane wali hai….

    Yeh Promo bhi abhi tak telecast nahi hua…….

  20. Mere bhai ki mere aage nahi chalti…….
    Kabhi kabhi le leta hai remote…..par dekhne deta hai…..rf sunday ghar par hota hai……& wo bhi ghumne naa gaya ho to…..iss liye….Saturday YHM khtm hote hi mai remote use de deti hoo…ki jo dekhna hai…..aaj dekhlo……sunday shaam ko mai remote nahi dungi………

    • Same …yhm dekh ti hoon toh remote mere paas hota hai koi kuch nahin bolta …..Woh dekh ne deta hai par. .agar mood kharab ho toh nahin sunta hai …….par aaj toh main remote nahin dene wali. .

      • You are Elder Sister right….to sacrifice karna padta hai…….I am younger Sister…… ghar me sirf meri chalti hai…….mummy bhi mera saath deti hai……wese bhi…pura din mai akeli hoti hoo…ghar par… sirf Sunday bhai ko patana padta hai….wo bhi kabhi kabhi…..kyonki sunday bhi wo ghar par nahi rehta………

  21. 19B part aagaya. .. haan msg aaya tha. .manveer ka na. ..aaj raat mein padh tiun. …achchi lagrahi hai story. ..

    • RkbGree

      @mizun dats k dear… U deserve dat… Tanx again 4 Wu…
      yh ishu pregnancy report is +ve… Raman phir se papa bangaya ??☺

    • Hey aisa ho sakta hai ki Mihir yaa Raman buisness ke liye chennai gaye ho…..& galti se accident ya kuch hua ho…..yaad hai……IshRa ki shaadi ke pehle Mihir ne kaha tha ki wo Mihika se milne jata tha Chennai Buisness ke bahane Raman se bachne….to issi buisness me Raman bhi kabhi gaya ho………

  22. Hey aisa ho sakta hai ki Mihir yaa Raman buisness ke liye chennai gaye ho…..& galti se accident ya kuch hua ho…..yaad hai……IshRa ki shaadi ke pehle Mihir ne kaha tha ki wo Mihika se milne jata tha Chennai Buisness ke bahane Raman se bachne….to issi buisness me Raman bhi kabhi gaya ho………

  23. hey guys yeh tum log kya baathkar rahe ho chennai and it any future story ? then plz tell me guys.because i have no idea regarding this neither i am understanding what you guys are speaking pratosha and mizun.

  24. ya prayosha humare state mein 11th aur 12 th ko 1st puc aur 2nd puc kehthe hai aur hume pre-university college mein jaana padtha hai. waise you are science student right? how is science ?

  25. ya prayosha humare state mein 11th aur 12 th ko 1st puc aur 2nd puc kehthe hai aur hume pre-university college mein jaana padtha hai. waise you are science student right?

  26. Are rithushree Subbu ki wife n child accident bhalla family mein se kisi ne kiya hai toh may be raman ho. ..woh business k liye gaya ho. Chennai ..mihir ne bhi kaha tha ki woh mihika se milne chennai jata tha. ….yahi bolrahe the hum. ….

  27. Amrutha

    Hey friends I realised that ishita is “the goddess of romance” and what I said earlier it was all wrong . I’m ashamed for that now I’m great fan of ishita yesterday she looked gorgeous in confession I love?her

  28. Humare state me Science me sem. system hai….vut Commerce me Year system hai…….matab Science me 11th ke 2 sem &12 ke 2 sem aise 4 board exam hoti hai…..but commerce me sirf last year 12th ki board exam hoti hai…….ab mera 4th sem ka result aane wala hai…..usi ka tension hai…..

  29. hey guys spioler mein likha tha ki uske biwi aur bacche ke accident kisi bhalla ki wajah se and all aur woh bhallas ko uski biwi bacche khone par kya mehsoos hotha hai unhe ehsaas dilaana chahatha tha . patha nahi kis bhalla ki wajah se.

    • To usi ke bare me to baat kar rahe the….hum ki Raman yaa Mihir Buianess ke liye chennai gaye ho tab kuch galti se hua ho shayad…..kyonki Raman ya Mihir to Subbbu ko jante nahi the……..

  30. ha mizun and prayosha aisa ho saktha hai raman ya mihir .par woh dono guilty nahi hai .agar unhone kuch galat kiya ho toh woh guilty hothe aur show mein air crash kaha tha.patha nahi kya accident kya past kons bhalla and all.

  31. It currently seen on Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein that Subbu is a well-
    wisher of the Bhalla family and
    has helped them out in their
    However, very soon, Subbu’s (Amit
    Tandon) real intentions and
    motives will be revealed in the
    It will be seen that Subbu has
    actually associated himself with
    the Bhalla family as he holds
    someone in the family responsible
    for the death of his wife and child.
    Subbu wants to take revenge from
    the Bhalla family so that they can
    feel the same pain as himself after
    he lost his family.
    It will be seen that Subbu’s
    feelings for Ananya are genuine
    but he does not love Simmi.
    Subbu’s character will shift from
    being a positive one and will now
    be a grey shaded character.

  32. No 25th Mizun………age ke 3 sem ka totle kiya to 75-78 % ho rahe hai…….ab pata nahi 4th sem ka kya hoga……..& inn charo sem ke result ka 60% & JEE ka 40% aise totle karke pura result banega……..bahot confusing hai yaar yeh Modi ji ka system……..pata nahi Gujrat ke bahar India me kya system chala rahe hai…….

  33. mihir toh bhalla nahi hai woh toh arora hai aur agar uss se badla lena bhi hai toh simmi se shaadi karne ki kya zaroorath hai. toh mihir nahi ho saltha hai.

  34. Are Rithushree…..Raman & Mihir to Subbu ko jante nahi the……& accident kise kehte hai ki jo galti se hua ho…..iss liye…Unhe yaad nahi hoga……& Ishita ko shaq hua to use search karna chahiye tha sachchai…..ab dekhna…..baad me kuch bhi ho……blame usi par aayega…….

  35. Romi

    But after rinki ‘s wedding she went to book a ticket for herself at a travel agent office with mihir and there they’re talking to have someone else’s ticket . May b there is some connection-?God knows the best

  36. raman toh chennai nahi gaya hoga kyunki show mein woh mumbai gaya tha padne ke liye.aur subbu abhi abhi aaya toh recently uske biwi bacche ka accident hua hoga .agar kaayi saal purana past hotha toh woh show ke starting mein aa saktha tha badla lene. aur waise bhi show mein aircrash bathaya tha toh koi bhi bhalla piolet nahi hai aur naa hi unke wajah se air crash ho saktha hai.

  37. Mujhe lagta hain subbu ko exactly nhi pata ho kon kiya hain isse pata lagaane keliye woh simmi shaadi kar rahi ho taaki woh uss parivaar ki kareeb aa jaaye

  38. Romi

    Aur agar bhalla ‘s mai de koi pilot Hota to vo Khud b Marta. I think it’s subbo misunderstanding

  39. Video: Karan’s New Interview *** ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) Karan is asked about how is married
    life.. he says marriage is overrated.. its
    not such a big thing its normal.. he says
    its too early for him to answer how is
    married life as he was out for few days
    n as soon as he came back is busy shooting he says that if u ask me after a month
    i’ll probably
    have an answer to this.. he says that it
    should be OK if one has thought it out
    before getting married if its a carefully
    thought out decision.. shaadi hai koi taaliban nahi he says they’ll plan a honeymoon later
    coz it was juz like a short holiday..
    maybe in november not anytime soon..
    maybe sept/oct/nov sometime then
    they’ll go.. somewhere maybe Europe He says hosting is about being karan..
    yhm is about acting where raman is a
    character & that meri acting ki dukaan
    chal nahi rahi toh hosting start ki maine he says as a host he can do lots that he cant do as raman.. he says its too
    soon to answer but reel n real mein
    bahot fark hota hai asli life mein

  40. gopu

    at the same time I heard a news…. that disturbed me a lot…so I became so uncomfortable…

  41. NB start mast hai ..Jab marzi ne Chetan ko bola toh. .Chetan ko achcha nahin laga. ..par usse bhi sonch na chahiye k dusron ko bhi bura lagta hai. ..

  42. Marzi ne Chetan ko kaha ki. ..agar Chetan nach baliye ko host karsakte hai toh. .main supreme court ka judge hoon ..

  43. nimrit

    hey guys spa ke pics dekhe aap logone….kya awesme pics hai yaat…’s toooooo goooooood……divan/ishra kya lag rahe the…..

  44. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Raman and
    Ishita share romatic
    times in cupboard in
    which Ishita say I Love
    You to Raman.
    Raman also agrees to get
    Subbu and Simmi
    Bhalla family is happy for
    Simmi’s new life and
    Ishita makes over Simmi
    as south Indian avatar.
    Simmi dresses up herself
    in blue colored
    kanjivaram saree and
    also puts gazra in her
    Apart from Simmi’s
    story, Raman wants to
    take marriage relation
    with Ishita on next level
    and enters in the room.
    Raman wants to get
    romantic with Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi)
    Raman locks the door but
    gets angry to see Ishita is
    busy in her work and not
    seeing him.
    Raman sends romantic
    messages Ishita and she
    gets shy after reading
    Furthermore, Raman and
    Ishita’s romantic and
    happy times will not go
    longer because Subbu’s
    real intension is going to
    unfold soon.
    Subbu wants to take
    revenge from one of the
    members of Bhalla family
    is responsible of his wife
    and child’s death.
    Let’s see if Raman and
    Ishita find out Subbu’s
    secret and saves Simmi
    from getting hear broken

  45. hey guys kal spa ka winners list aa saktha hai.last year yhm ko hi majority award mile lekin iss baar do awards naya sadasy male aur female ka yhm ko nahi milega lekin last year favorite sasur aur saas and maa yhm.ko nahi mila tha toh iss baar aana chahiye.hope yhm ko iss baar bhi majority awards toh maine bhi kiya hai aur sab ne bhi kiya hai.

  46. nimrit

    may be kal sbs me spa ka red carpet dikhaenge…..& iske saath saath ishra ka dance bhi dikhye to jara maza aayega

  47. Dany

    preity zinta my god yaar! She is mad yaar gives 8 for evn worst performences! Shilpa mam we miss U!!!!!

  48. nimrit

    ya priyaroli maine dekhe wo pics…kitne awesme hai na… pics dekh ke to ab contrl nahi ho raha hai……pics hi itne bemisal hai to issbar ka award show no.1 hoga…..

  49. nimrit

    yaar ye kp & rd kya mast dance karte hai…short hota hai bt faaadu hota hai….especially kp ka…..

  50. nimrit

    spa awards sidheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7 June ko hai…kitna lait……..i thought ki may be 27 june ko honge..but its toooo late……………………….

  51. A N

    Amrutha u know 1 thing…. If we both comes to this site then only it crosses 1000…. Rithushree challenged me on friday tht it will cross 1000 but she lost… Though raman is back but no 1 seems like interested…

  52. rinu

    priyaroli,wow!wat a good news.yhm ‘s first award….ruhi looks so cute.hope we will rock.

  53. Yeh Anushka pehle hi Itni lambi……upar se hills pehne the….to Humara Karan uss ke saaamne kitnaa chutku lag raha tha……

  54. RkbGree

    I hope yhm ll win all awards in SPA… Congo ru… Ik def ishra ll win fav Jodi international award… ??

  55. Amruta n an hum yahan par koi competition nahi khelre jo 1000 comment pure karke hii sukoon ki sans lena hai if u gys come it wont be 1000 comment ultha humara site unpure horaaha hai

  56. patha nahi kyu aise log aathe hai jo sirf iss site ko kharab karne.A N tum jo bhi ho maine sirf ek din challenge kiya tha aur haar gayi .iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum hamesha taunt better mind your business.aur ek main baath yeh hai ki tumhare aane ki wajah se 1000 comments nahi hue.balki hum yhm fans ne milkar 1000 comments banaya. jab tum log yhm ko hate karthe ho toh dekhthe hi kyu ho .aur zaroori nahi hai ki hamesha 1000 comments hi ho.

  57. Ur ryt ritu kine baar bola sunte nahi mera temper high hojata jabhi wo log ka comment padti hoon ek bar bola theek hai 10 bar bola itne baar bolne ke baad to hadd hoti hai

  58. ya angel.aise log aake sirf humara dimaag kharab karthr hai. roz ek hi comment karthe hai rithushree lost .lost my foot . if i am lost then lost.roz bathake irritate karne ki kya zaroorath hai.yaha sab friends hai aur sab positive hai aur yeh log sirf negativity laa rahe hai.

  59. Amruta

    Hey guys mujhe maff kar do mery zaban mai kery pare Jo mai ayenda kuch bakwass Karoo mujhe need nahi arahi mai pata nahi kiyon tum logo ko tang karty hoon mai kutty hon plz ma’am kar do AN to mere chamchi hai mere joty chat ti hai kameeni

  60. nimrit

    yaaaaa……dt ko 3 & kp ko may be 2 mile hai…..DT -1-digital sadasy award… 2 – best jodi …3 -best international jodi…..wwooooowww cangraaaaaaaaaaaaaasss DT…KP….

  61. After having distinctive love confessio
    Raman and Ishita have entered within
    the love world in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman wants offer all happiness to
    Ishita that she deserves. However, Ishita thinks that she
    incorporates a complete family once
    obtaining Raman’s love, kids like Ruhi-
    Adi and wonderful in laws. Ishita feels back with Raman’s closenes It will currently be seen that Raman
    turns terribly romantic once knowing
    that Ishita will conceive once more. Raman tries to induce nearer to her
    however Ishita feels back and
    maintains distance from him. Raman can currently be seen doing
    entertain Ishita at each place whereas
    Ishita tries to flee from Raman. Let’s see if Raman gets eminent to
    show Ishita near him romanticall

  62. Raman is happy after confessing love
    to Ishita. They are spending some
    romantic quality time together. Ishita
    gets shy and asks him to hold on his
    romantic spirit. When Raman is away
    from her eye sight, she talks to him
    being alone. Raman tries finding
    excuse to talk to her. He is lost in his
    own romantic world. He is trying to
    take their relation to next level when
    Ishita’s test report came postive.
    Ishita recalls their happy moments
    and gets Raman’s call. He tells her
    that he is planning to give the
    happiness of the world, which she did
    not expect till now. He tells her about
    planning a baby and it will be their
    very own baby, also saying Adi and
    Ruhi will always be special for her.
    Ishita gets surprised and stunned
    hearing this and gets under a bit of
    unbelief. Raman pacifies her growing
    Meanwhile, Simmi will get married
    soon and this will bring happiness
    time in Bhalla house. As of now Simmi
    gets engaged to Subbu with her family
    members around her happily standing.
    Subbu and Simmu’s roka is done.
    There is a twist to spoil their relation.
    Shagun gets exposed by the ACP
    partially. He did something to
    blackmail Shagun. He asks her why
    you didn’t go to Australia, but didn’t
    tell that Shagun was trying to take kids
    along with her to Australia. Shagun
    gets scared as her truth may come
    out. She is not happy as her plan is
    failing badly. Will Shagun succeed in
    her plans? Keep reading.
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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein • Tagged
    engagement, ishita, new, Raman ,
    Simmi, spoiler , Star Plus, Subbu,
    surprise, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, YHM

  63. yar rithu e spoiler pad ke tho lag raha hai ki shayad hame kafi ache divan scence dhek ne ko milthe hai aur trp bhi bad jayegi aur vise paeshaan bhi ho rahi hu ye soach ke ki agar ishra ke baby ho jayegi tho kahi ishru ke relation me koi prblm na ho…….

  64. Yuppee divan ne best jodi and best international jodi award phir se jeeta. Ye awards toh divan k hi the. ………congratulations divan. …….

    • Aur digital sadasya award bhi jeeta. ..divan ne……woww ab jald se tv par telecast hojaye. ..June bahut late nahin hogaya hai telecast k liye. .

  65. Amruta i am sorry….mujhe pata…hai yaha tumhe tang karte hai…..iskeliye..main sabke taraf se main ….maafi maang thi hoo…Prayu meri kaam wali bai hai….aur Rithushree meri chamchi hai….mujhe maaf kardo…main maan thi hoon ki isita….overacting karti hai…main ek kutty+pagal hoon…

  66. Evn i am sorry…Amruta ji….n.. A N ji….aap sahi keh rahi hoo…ishita behenji lag rahi hai….ek dum old fashion..main isliye positive cmmnts deti hoo ki Mizun meri maalkin hai….she is dog ..buffaloe…etc…i hate her….dnt talk 2her. .i wnt 2 bcme ur chamchi…

  67. 4:24 wala cmmnt maine hi ki hai…i am srry Amruta ji….aap mahaan hoon….actually main joote chaat thi hoo…Bhagi ke…aur sab ke…aapke bi joote chaatungi….mere muh me goobar tha isliye main bakwaas kar rahe thi…

  68. Anshi were r u..yaha sabko humari baat ab sahi lagi..Mizun nd rithushree…humse maafi mangna chahte hai..maine maaf kar diya….aap bi maaf kardo…bechare…bikari..hai…aaj kal ke bikari ko b phone..ayaa…

  69. nimrit

    DT got 3 awards & kp also got 3….dono ko same awards mile hai….jo dt ko mile hai 3…wohi 3 kp ko bhi mile hai…..

  70. nimrit

    hey guys dt ke performance ke pics aa gaye hai yhm fb pe ..kisine dekhe???…..waiting yaaaaaaar for dt’s performance…..

  71. nimrit

    YHM got 5 awards…..YRKKH got 5 awards… patni ka gopi ko mila hai… it deserves only & only DT…..

  72. Wat DT prfmnce…Dt jaake guter main gir jaana chahiye…shi is so black..yukkk…agar mere saamne aayi tho wahi use tukde tukde kar doongi…fir kabhi b Dt bolna mat…warna tera b wahu kar doongi..

  73. Y cnt I say….i hate this…anoder shows r much bttr dan this..they shud get more dan a award…i dnt no this is called a serial??…Y u guys dnt like oder srial..and want dis serial 2 get awrds…

  74. Ishita kya kiya…gopi ne apna pura 10 saal jail me kaata hai..aapne parivaar ke liye…agar ussko ek awrd mila b to…ishita ko dena chahiye…??

  75. Yeh hamara mizun nhi hain coz humara mizun kabhi ishra ya yhm ke baare mein bura nhi bolta yeh koi aur hain jo mizun ki naam use kar rahe hain

  76. RkbGree

    I’m damn sure dats not mizun… Whoevr use her name Dey r really freaks … Ishitha is best… I dono whos gopi nd all juz stop u ?… Till now I respected evry1… But not anymore …

  77. RkbGree

    Juz shame on u guyzz… Shame on u….y cmntng wid diff usernames ha ? 😡 👿 … Yhm is best Yhm cast is best… Yhm fans are d best… C we ll talk after SPA…


    • fan

      mizun nd evryone wait that TU cmnt is fake its only a reader like us coz TU cmnt wid a tag author written in green so its fake

    • RkbGree

      Are vadiley gopu. Manaki telusu Adi mizun kadani… Nenu vere site lo cmbt chestanu… But pakka serial vallu eppidu inko serial Valla page lo cmnt cheyaru… Its really bad… No cmnts @haters

  79. I am nt a fan of sns…but gopi deserves it…coz she hav dne much mre dan ishita….and u say u respect any1 den y r not respecting oder serial…if she got also an awrd…..u wnt it 2 b ishitas nt gopis…SHAME ON U…..SHAME ON U…

    • romi

      No sorry to contradict u but is it a is much better than that rothru gopi because ishita doesn’t tolerate wrong rather she stands against it !like that in param’s case whereas gopi silently endures her insult like her own sister,husband, mum-in-law,aunty,her daughters and the list goes on………at least I won’t b like that looser gopi?

  80. RkbGree

    I’m 24yr old I tink I’m elder Dan u ammu and ansh… But dono y u bhaving Lyk dis… If u dnt lyk yhm den lev… Y always after it… I’m really sry guys if I hurt any1… I got few gud frens here… Tanx to 1 and all… I dnt disturb any1 u guyz ll cmnt watevr u want… Who am I 2 stop… I juz tell u not 2 abuse… I cant stop u na… Its ur wish … Allah hafiz ?

  81. Amruta N an tum log apne aap ki tarif karna band karo khud ki tarif apne muh se achi nahi lagti aur zzindagi mai mene itna bura kisi ko nahi bola

  82. Amruta ermadu

    I’m sorry friends my mental condition is not good isliye mey aisa comments kar rahi hu gopi is Kamini and her nose sucks a b*t*hy nose gopi is really b*t*h

  83. nimrit

    hey kisine sbs..sbb dekha…..maine kaha tha na ki,aaj spa 2015 ka red carpet dikhayenge…..aaj sbs me sirf yahi dikha rahe hai…..super hai ….

    • RkbGree

      Wow 😀 … I hrd Ruhi won award 4 choti sadasya 🙂 … Our rock* deserves dis 🙂

  84. nimrit

    sbs me jo red carpet dikhaya usme all yhm team thi but romi & toshiji hi kahi dikhe nahi….i wnt to see both of them….

  85. It was a star studded event last
    night, as one of the biggest
    television awards took place in
    Star Parivaar Awards celebrated its
    15th anniversary last night. The red
    carpet was rolled out and the crème
    de le crème of telly industry was there
    to commemorate the event whether
    they won an award or not.
    Well we got a few names of stars that
    bagged the award last night and the
    one who walked away with the
    maximum awards for the night was
    Divyanka Tripathi . The Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein actress won three awards
    – Favourite Digital Sadasya, Favourite
    Jodi and Favourite International Jodi.
    Even last year the actress won three
    awards at SPA. Her onscreen daughter
    Ruhi aka Ruhanika Dhawan bagged the
    favourite Chota Sadasya award.
    Her co-star Karan Patel also won the
    Star Parivaar Digital Sadasya award,
    which was a new category added this
    year and the jodi awards. Rajan Shahi
    was awarded a special award.
    Devoleena Bhattacharjee of Saath
    Nibhaana Saathiya won the favourite
    Patni award. Rupal Patel, who plays
    Kokila Modi walked away with the
    Favourite Saas award. Sanjeev Kapoor
    received the award in the Favourite
    Judge category.
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ’s Naitik aka
    Karan Mehra won the Favouriote Pati
    award and his onscreen son Naksh
    played by Rohan Mehra won the
    Favourite Naya Sadasya award. Hina
    Khan who plays Akshara won the
    Favourite Bahu award
    Stay tuned to this space as we’ll soon
    be back with the full list of winners of
    the Star Parivaar Awards 2015.

    • RkbGree

      Hmm I hrd dat romi(aly goni) grand mother passed recently… So romi is out of spa I think… But not sure @thachu

    • RkbGree

      Right side top corner lo ok symbol/pic vuntundi chudu… Dani meda click chey den u ll get logout option… @pragna

  86. naima

    After having unique love
    confession, Raman and Ishita
    have entered in the love world in
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Raman wants give all happiness
    to Ishita that she deserves.
    However, Ishita thinks that she
    has a complete family after
    getting Raman’s love, kids like
    Ruhi- Adi and lovely in laws.
    It will now be seen that Raman
    turns very romantic after knowing
    that Ishita can conceive again.
    Raman tries to get closer to her
    but Ishita feels shy and maintains
    distance from him.
    Raman will now be seen doing flirt
    with Ishita at every place while
    Ishita tries to escape from Raman.
    Let’s see if Raman gets
    successful to turn Ishita close to
    him romantically.

  87. ???

    Ishita looks so cute she is a successful dantist and Delhi ‘s top CEO wife still she lives a simple life she isn’t materaistic v should learn from her but some nasty ppl call her bhikaran which she is not. Pls mend your ways she’s a good example for the new generation respect her?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.