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The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita convincing Abhishek about freeing Niddhi by checking all her legal documents and case related files. Raman says it will be in her locker, you can check everything, she is honest lawyer. Niddhi worries. Abhishek agrees and says I will check everything well, Niddhi has to come along. Ishita says you are lucky girl Niddhi, Raman tried so hard to free you, all the best. Ishita comes home and sees decorations. Ashok asks how did she like it. She says nice, where is dad. He says he went for meeting. She says I will ask dad, he tells me about professional meetings. Ashok takes her phone and says don’t be shy, don’t disturb call. She says I m not shy, its my house, if dad knows. He says who will tell dad, its you and me here, and this romantic ambience. She

says marriage is not fixed, we will spend time after marriage.

He says don’t be so boring, I was thinking to check our chemistry. She says this does not impress me, I want to know you better, if dad comes, you can get surprised. Door bell rings. She says it will be fun to have champagne with dad. She opens the door and sees Ruhi and Shravan. She asks what are you two doing here, with whom did you come. Ruhi says we have a request, Vandu is not well, talk to her. Shravan says please talk to her, Vandu will feel well. Ishita says I m so sorry, I can’t come, I don’t know Vandu, what will I talk to her, please go home. Ruhi asks her to come for some time. Ashok asks the kids to get lost.

Niddhi, Raman and Abhishek are at her office. Staff checks file. Inspector says tax is paid time to time, she is honest. Niddhi says did you see everywhere, I m honest lawyer. Abhishek asks is there anything else. Raman highlights the locker. Abhishek asks whats in this locker, open it. Niddhi says there is nothing in it. Raman asks Niddhi to open it, there is nothing right. Niddhi opens locker using her fingerprints. Abhishek checks the papers. Raman looks for the chip. Abhishek asks Dubey to make document list. Abhishek says this is clear, Raman you need to do bail, we can’t release her like this. They take Niddhi. Raman says there is no chip here, where is it.

Ashok flirts with Ishita. She asks him to leave, her mood is bad. He asks her not to react like Ishita. She asks him to leave. Ruhi takes a candle stand to beat Ashok. Ishita sees this and slaps Ashok to save him from Ruhi’s attack. She scolds Ashok for touching her, and asks the kids what are they doing here, was Ruhi beating elders, you should be sensible, if Ashok hit her then, go then. She asks them to just leave, call elders and don’t talk to any stranger outside. Ruhi and Shravan leave. Ishita asks Ashok will he go with another slap. Ashok leaves. Ishita cries and says why doesn’t Ruhi understand, why did she come out alone.

Ruhi smiles. Shravan asks why are you smiling, that aunty was scolding you. Ruhi says I understood she is my Ishi Maa, she scolded me as she did not wish me to do any wrong work. They smile and come home. Shravan says don’t tell anyone that we went to Shanaya’s home and she is Ishita. Ruhi says yes, if she is doing drama, there will be big reason. Shravan asks her to keep this secret. She asks him to go now. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi where did she go, did her homework end. Ruhi happily says yes. Mrs. Bhalla asks you look happy, whats the matter. Ruhi does not say and says I have stomach ache, I m going to Iyer house, I will sleep there. Mrs. Bhalla thinks whats the matter, and asks Neelu to give milk to Ruhi. Ruhi says sorry Dadi, I can’t tell you, I have to help Ishita in her drama.

Ishita is sleeping. Raman walks in and she gets up tensely. She asks who is there, help…. Raman says don’t shout Madrasan. She says you are so bad, you scared me, you should have come by calling me. He says I have hidden and came to meet you, you look good in this look too. He removes her wig and loosen her hair. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….. plays……… he says this is best look of the world and hugs her. She says I missed you a lot. He says me too, that’s why I came like thief to meet you, I have two in one, one bob cut and one madrasan. She says I have to put that wig always. She asks did you come for romance, whats the matter. He says chip was not there in locker, I think we have to do something real that Niddhi gives us the chip herself. She asks how.

Ishita tells what Ashok did today. He says I won’t leave him. She says I will manage, I have to tell about Ruhi and Shravan, they asked me to talk about Vandu, I m worried. He says yes, sorry I m just busy in this matter, I will manage Niddhi. Raman asks Ishita to manage Ashok and he will see Niddhi. He says I will meet Niddhi, lawyer is in jail, think how it looks, I will come later. He goes.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla makes Ruhi’s hair pleats. Ruhi says I have stomach ache. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to take rest and not go to school. She goes to call doctor. Shagun comes home and says I went to give breakfast to Manoj and came here. Mrs. Bhalla says good, I was calling you now, check Ruhi, she has stomach ache. Shagun says I will call Manoj. Ruhi says I don’t want doctor, I have stomach ache which can’t be shown to doctor, when do girls get stomach ache. Mrs. Bhalla says when we have a secret in stomach, then it aches, it means you have a secret. They tickle Ruhi and ask her to tell them. Ruhi tells in Mrs. Bhalla’s ears. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad and hugs her. She then tells in Shagun’s ears. Shagun asks what and gets glad.

Raman goes with Ishita in room and shuts the door for meeting. Niddhi thinks what was need to shut the door. Sarika warns Niddhi to be careful, else Raman can kick you out of his life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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