Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying seeing Ruhi. Ruhi removes the chunri, and says I liked it Pihu, thanks, I need to leave. She leaves with Niddhi. Adi asks Pihu to go to Amma, she made south Indian food for you. Pihu asks really, can I go there for lunch. He says why not, go and have food there. She goes. Ishita hears Raman and Romi arguing. Raman scolds Romi and blames him for making Ruhi leave, you don’t take revenge this way, take money and get lost. Mihika says stop blaming others, we all did mistake, I told Romi to come here, we arranged money as backup plan. Raman says you said we will take this charity, I can get Ruhi alone. Mihika says we are younger and you always saved us from problems, don’t we have any responsibility towards elders.

Raman asks Mihika to leave. She

cries. Romi asks Mihika is she happy now, she wanted me to help Raman. Ishita asks Raman not to shout, why is he angry on family. He says my daughter is getting away, can’t you see my helplessness, Ruhi does not want to see our face, just because of Romi. Romi says enough, one day your ego will ruin you. Raman says fine, get lost. Romi says I m not a kid now, forgive me, I m married now. He hugs Raman and says sorry. Raman says get away. Romi says Ruhi is standing behind. Raman controls anger and smiles. Ruhi says I forgot to give chocolate for Pihu.

She keeps chocolate and leaves. Romi says I did drama as Ruhi came, else you would have said I did this drama also, I m leaving, are you coming Mihika. Ishita asks Romi to end all this and not leave. Romi says enough and leaves. Raman angrily goes to his room. He throws things and says everyone will teach me to become a father, Ishita is root of all problems. Ishita comes and asks whats the problem, tell me. He says you are the problem. She says you have problem, you shout on everyone who love and help you. He says then you hug everyone, Romi is my brother, not yours, when Ruhi comes, everything will end. She says I know, I m not interested to hear your shout and see your face. He says then go, wait, I will go, else you will go out and shed tears to blame me again.

Niddhi says your family is such dramatic. Ruhi asks her to stop it, your problem is you think you won, as I m staying here, this is your biggest mistake, I have my own reasons. Niddhi says Ishita saved you, you got feathers. She raises hand, and Ruhi holds her hand. Constable asks whats happening, any problem. Ruhi says no, I m at home, I m safe and secure, thanks. Constable says I m standing out. Ruhi says I have bear a lot, judge gave me security, if you try to hurt me, I will open my mouth, you will go to jail, have control on your hands.

Ishita apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla and says Raman behaved such because of me. Mrs. Bhalla says if I was a good mum, I would have explained him. Ishita says I m responsible for this. Romi comes and says its my mistake, I promise I will get Ruhi back, I will do what you say, don’t fall weak. She thanks him and says I will not fall weak. Raman comes and sees them. Romi asks Mihika to wait in car, I will come. Ishita goes out and thanks Mihika for getting Romi here. Mihika says don’t thank me. They hug and cry. Ishita says I m lucky to have you. Mihika says feeling good to cry like this. They laugh. Mihika says I m sure Ruhi wants to come back to you, she needs to get courage, this will happen soon. Ishita says I wish that time comes soon, its Ruhi’s birthday tomorrow, I celebrated her birthday keeping gifts near her photo frame. Now she is with us, I hope we celebrate birthday with her like before. Mihika says this will happen, just inform this to Raman, and call me, I will manage all arrangements. Ishita thanks and hugs her.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Ruhi changed completely. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to degrade her health. She says I just want my Ruhi, my life. Pihu comes there. She asks Mrs. Bhalla did she miss her really. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Pihu says everyone is talking about Ruhi, no one is missing me. Mrs. Bhalla says we are busy because of Ruhi. Pihu says Ruhi’s house is in Australia. Mrs. Bhalla says Niddhi does not love Ruhi, but Pihu loves Ruhi, so Ruhi will stay here. Pihu asks where will Ruhi stay, Ishita aunty is staying in Papa’s room, why, she is not mumma, tell me. Adi hears them. He says Papa and Ishita aunty are playing a secret game. She asks what, tell me, I won’t tell anyone. He says they are bringing Ruhi back by saving her from Niddhi. She says I understood, and asks Raman about the game to save Ruhi. Adi signs Raman. Raman says yes, we are playing a game, I m bearing that aunty to get Ruhi back. You have to help me in this game. She agrees and says I love Ruhi, I will help you. Raman goes.

Niddhi tells Ashok that Ruhi is getting out of my hands, sorry. He asks her not to worry. She says I have to leave India soon, understand, help me, do something. He asks her to relax. She says Ruhi held my hand when I raised hand on her. He says its because her family is here, do something good so that she gets touched and likes you, she will obey you once you go back to Australia. She asks what to do, I have to trouble her family, Ruhi’s birthday is coming. He says we should throw a grand party, Bhallas will get jealous.

Ruhi asks whats all this. Niddhi says your birthday invitations, I don’t forget your birthday, we celebrated for Ruhaan, and not we will celebrate for Ruhi’s, I know I said so bad things, I m stressed by court hassles and all I m sorry, go and get ready, its your birthday. Ruhi asks for an invitation card, and goes. Niddhi smiles and says I know where you are going, I also wanted this.

Raman says we are not giving greed, give us right to celebrate your birthday. Ishita says ask anything, we will get it. Ruhi asks them to return her 7 birthdays.

Update Credit to: Amena

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