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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita waiting to meet her doctor and being tensed to know the result. The doctor comes and says sorry to make you wait. She says Ishita has donated the blood, so something came in her reports, so she wanted to tell them about some complications. Raman asks what happened. She reads the report and they come to know there is nothing serious. The doctor says her hemoglobin count is low. Raman gets angry that they built tension. The man Srinivasan says he did the tests and… Raman asks is he Tamil and scolds him.

Adi talks to Vinni and thinks about the party. Raman asks Ishita to come and sees Akash Mehra, a kid and recalls Raman’s words about his crush. Adi calls Vinni and talks to her mum as Raman Bhalla to seek permission from her to allow Vinni in

the party. Adi says he has to tell dad about this. Ishita asks Raman to meet Roopam Mehra and Raman feels awkward seeing her. He says we are getting late. Ishita asks them to talk. Roopam says Raman did not ever tell me he likes me. Raman gets speechless and says he has work at office. He leaves and Ishita laughs.

Adi gets ready to go for the party. Ishita asks him not to make late and have food on time. Adi says fine. Raman gifts him a watch and Adi thanks her. Adi hugs them and leaves. Adi meets Vinni in the party and other guy thanks him for coming. He says there is a surprise, and says its kept in Adi’s honor. Adi dances with them and takes Vinni along. Dance Basanti……..plays…….

Ishita is tensed about Adi. Raman asks her not to worry, Adi will come. Abhishek comes to her and says he is here on duty. He calls Aditya. Ishita asks Adi what happened. Raman comes and says Abhishek, what happened. Abhishek says police has shut the party, as it had loud music, neighbors complaint, is this good for Adi. Ishita asks Raman. Raman says I m sorry Abhishek. Adi says I m sorry, I did not know party needs permission and cries. Raman says sorry, and thanks to get him. Abhishek says Adi is ours, but be careful. Ishita says we will be careful. Abhishek leaves. Mr. Bhalla asks everyone to go and sleep. Ishita stares Raman.

Abhishek bumps into Mihika outside the door. He leaves and she says so rude, he has much attitude, why did he come here at night. Ishita asks Raman how can he take everything light. They argue. Mihika comes and hears them. Adi says sorry Ishi Maa and goes after her. Mihika gives the contract papers to Raman. Raman goes to sleep and Ishita keeps on nagging. Adi says he did not tell dad that he called vinni’s mum by his name and goes to tell him. He hears Ishita saying she is worried for Adi, and arguing. Adi says all this is happening because of me, if they know about call, they will get angry and stop my science class. Ishita thinks kids need guidance, Adi needs me.

Abhishek talks to Mihika and she argues about Adi defending him. She gets annoyed and ends the call. He says she is strange. Its morning, Raman asks Ishita to stay cool indirectly. Simmi says she decided she will apply for woman entrepreneurship program. Ishita says she will have food later. Adi talks to Raman and goes to apologize to Ishita. He does sit ups. Everyone smile. Ishita explains Adi and says its parents duty not to let kids go on wrong path.

Raman also apologizes and she laughs. She says she totally trusts Adi. She knows his friends would have forced Adi, company matters, it defines character, we should have good friends, you can choose your friends, be careful, don’t be with those friends. Adi promises. Raman takes Adi along. Ishita drops Adi to the class and reminds his promise. She sees his science kit and says he forgot it here.

The boy apologizes to Adi. The teacher asks them to keep kits on table. Adi realizes he did not bring his science kit. The boy offers his kit and Adi denies to take his help. Vinni asks Adi why is he angry, they are saying sorry, become friends again. Ishita comes and says no Adi. Adi says Ishi Maa, you here. Ishita says no need to become friends with such kids and you don’t give advice to my son.

Ishita asks Adi not to make such friends. Adi says stop it Ishi Maa, they are my friends, she can’t interfere in his life, Shagun never used to do so. Ishita gets stunned and teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate you stupid Adi!when will you learn respecting your elders ?I hope ishita will be ok ?

  2. Dont seperate ishra…………..yar but tosays episode is nice

  3. abhi kuch confirm nahi hua hai.hume bass apna protest jaari rakhna hai.par atleat fans ko confirm toh kar sakthe hai sbb ya sbs mein .why are they not confirming officially.atleast we will not be misunderstanding.

  4. Ishita has no symptoms of tobercloss (TB) like excessive waightloss,sweating,coughing feeling feverish all the time etc she doesn’t complain about any weaknesses so she’ll be okay! I guess ?

  5. Maybe she’s having harmonal disorder that is why she can’t conceive

  6. Adi is totally spoilt by ashok and shagun but his ishi maa will make him a good INSAAN???????

    1. Raman's sweet heart

      I know u billi ?

      1. Oh so sweet of you !queen?

    2. Raman's sweet heart

      Ikr I’m queen #Gree 😉 ?

      1. I thought if you r ramchan (mis you ruhi)?

  7. yah rithu u r absolutely correct aur hame vo har ek mumkin koshish karni hai jis se hame ishra separation rhok sake……… aur ham ye protest karthe rahenge jab thak official conformation na mile

  8. ha ishitha ko pehle tb hua tha aur cure bhi ho gaya tha .ab toh ishitha vrath bhi nahi karthi aur blood donate karne ke baad usually sab one day week feel karthe hai aur ishitha was looking normal and even the doctor looked normal.but in yesterdays episode raman had a bad dream then whata that all about.what is it hinting.

  9. ha bhagi hume hamara protest jaari rakhna hai yaar.agar humare paas twitter ya fb account nahi hai atleast hum fans ko influence aur request toh kar sakthe hai ki woh sab twitter par protest kare.aur hamaare bina kahe hi millions of fans protesy kar rahe hai. par atleast hum apne taraf se jitnaa ho sake utnaa toh kar hi sakthe hai.har woh mumkin hum zaroor karenge till the last moment.

  10. agar confirm hua toh hum kuch nahi karsakthe hai but only to leave yhm. aur shatad hum sabko zindagi bhar yaad rahega ki yhm ke liye humne kitnaa protest kiya tha because we did not want to loose our favourite show.

  11. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu ramchin angel bhagi and all yhm friends.

  12. Ishita ko agar kuch bhi hua to ye show ekdum dekhna chor denge hum sab

  13. This serial is just losing it . Pls don’t this ekta kapoor .

  14. M not well anand raaz feeling too sick I lost my voice aap batao aap kese hoo

  15. Ye to confirm hai k leap we pehle ishra separate honge….ishita k jagah shagun enter hogi bhalla family me…ishita apne ex_bf subbu k sath Australia chali jayegi kyuki use last stage tuberculosis hoga or vo pretend kregi k uska or subbu ka affair chal RHA hai……Raman or puri bhalla family ishita se hate kregi…. In short yhm is going to most worst track… After Raman ishita intimate scene.., I will stop watching this show……writers ruin this show… Didn’t expect this from the makers of this show… short I’ll soon say….. Tata bye bye to this show.

  16. Yeh b hosakta hai k ekta mam naughty hoga I ho and hamare saath prank kar rahi ho leap ki news de kar ✌✌

  17. I think that lyk other serial isihita will die and grown up ruhi wil be another ishita ….(DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY IT IS ONLY A GUESSING )what do you think?

  18. Stupid ekta….go to hell…every good shows…u were dragging… First kkb nd matsh now yhm…….

  19. Ekta Madam, agar ap this show audience keliye banaya to please dont separate Ishita & Raman, dont play with our imotions…………….

  20. I hate Adi… don’t know why makers are giving so much importance to a fellow like Adi… like his shagun he also doesn’t know how to talk….Why don’t you get rid of that stupid kid and get back Ruhi.. Adi gives a bad example for kin at his age….

    BTW, Vinny’s mom is more cute than vinny …

  21. hiiiii guys…….gud mng every one………muje twitter pe account hai rithu mi vaha sari mumkin koshish kar rahi hu…….aur vaha poora 120k tweets ho chuki hai………

    1. now it crossed 125k

    2. thats so gud muje tho lagtha hai ki jab tak ye log official news nahi dega tab tak 200k ho jaye ga


  23. Heart broken fan of yhm

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Dreams Losing Ishita; Sarika To Return?

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s latest episode showed that Sarika, who has disappeared from everyone, being ACP Abhishek’s cousin and he is desperately searching for her. Also, Raman (Karan Patel) will be seen dreaming of losing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi). He wakes up frightened of Ishita leaving him forever. After the whole Subbu-trying-to-kill-Simmi debacle, the Bhalla family is slowly coming back to normalcy. While Simmi is still picking up the pieces and trying to figure out what she needs to do with herself, Raman and Ishita encourage her to consider her own business so she can live independently.

    ACP Abhishek and Romi are in search of Sarika. The lady who got cheated by Romi and got pregnant. Sarika has disappeared from everyone including her family and now everyone is in search of her. Does this mean they will find her soon? Ishita volunteers to donate blood for an emergency operation and the routine tests done on her blood reveals information that will shock her and Raman. Though only the upcoming episode can tell what is the issue that has come up with the blood test, the latest spoilers suggest, she will get diagnosed with Tuberculosis. The latest Yeh Hai Mohabbatein spoilers have said that the illness will make Ishita deciding to leave the Bhalla house. Yes, she is said to leave Raman, Ruhi and Aditya and go away to Australia to get treated. Also, it is said that she will bring Shagun to replace her in the lives of Raman and the children. Let’s wait and watch if the spoilers come true on the show.

  24. wwoww wel done bhagi & kp…..aaisehi lage raho…..kuchh bhi ho jaye but ishra seperation & leap nahi hona chahiye……we want only ruhanika dhawan not anyone else instead of her……….

  25. least every1ill stop watching this serial

  26. one thing is for sure.. We all tweeting & calling them 2 stop this Leap & IshRa separation. If they still continue 2 pursue it they ll lose bulk of fans for sure.. Who r all n twitter tonight @ 9pm we r trending #DontTakeLeapInYHM come& join us

    1. Raman's sweet heart

      Hi kp can u post it in dtb site ➡ plz

      1. Sorry buddy I m outside..If u registered in that site, U can post on behalf of YHM fans from twitter & India-forums.
        With regards-Kaarthikk

  27. Heart broken fan of yhm

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: OMG, Ishita to leave Raman Bhalla for Subbu

    If you love Ishita and Raman Bhalla’s love story in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein then we have a bad news for you. In the upcoming episodes of your favourite show, Raman and Ishita, played by Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi, will get separated.

    Shocked to hear that? Well, the show is supposed to take a leap and before that this twist will spice up the show. The track will go like this: Ishita will be informed that that she is suffering from Tuberculosis and her chances of survival are very less. Now Ishita being an ideal bahu, will think abour Raman and their kids future and will decide to bring back Shagun ((Anita Hassanandani) in Raman’s life. Shagun will return to the show as a positive character and Ishita will move to Australia with Subbu. Raman and his family will be made to believe that Ishita cheated on him and left them for Subbu (Amit Tandon).
    And all this will happen after the couple gets intimate for the first time since their marriage.

    Ofcourse being a daily soap, nothing can be normal in it. Ishita can’t tell her family about her illness, she will act bad so that everyone hates her and although her chances of survival are less, we will see her all fine after the time leap. You never know, Ishita might be shown raising Raman’s baby – a result of their one-time intimacy in the show.

    We hope eventually the two get back together but for now a few sobs and lots of melodrama is in store for us.

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