Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Nikhil where is Shagun. She asks Raman where is she, it was his plan. Raman asks what’s wrong with you, I don’t know where is Shagun, call Adi once, please. Police takes Raman. Aaliya cries seeing Mani. Mihika says I have sent you there to sort out things. Adi says I went, but Shagun did not let me talk to her, Nikhil was there, mom was sending her out, mom called him to cheer up Aaliya. She says sorry, Aaliya is sensible, I don’t know why is she behaving such.

Ruhi comes and asks Adi did he meet Mani at home. Adi says no, he was not at home. She asks when did you go there. He says around 9, why. She says actually….. Adi gets a call and gets shocked. He asks what, how can this happen. Mihika and Ruhi ask what happened. Mrs. Bhalla comes

home. Adi says Mani got murdered, Raman is arrested for this. They get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mihika asks where is Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla shouts no, Raman can’t kill anyone.

Mihika says I will come along Adi. Adi asks her to stay at home. Mrs.Bhalla says I will come and meet Raman. Mihika asks Ruhi to take care of kids, I have to tell Ishita too. They cry.

Ruhi says what did I do and cries. Ishita comes to police station and asks inspector to let her meet Raman. He says he is arrested for murder case, we have to interrogate. She says he is innocent, Mani called Raman to talk, they are friends, how can Raman kill him, there was just little arguments. He says this happens in arguments, we feel Raman is culprit. She asks why would he stay there to wait for police. He asks her to leave. She insists. Inspector permits her.

Kiran gets kids home. Ruhi thanks her. Kiran takes Shitija to change her clothes. Pihu asks where is Ishita. Ruhi says she went to clinic. She sends her and sits crying. Kiran asks why are you crying, tell me if there is anything. Ruhi cries and says Mani is no more, he got murdered. Kiran gets shocked. Ruhi says police arrested Raman, I told Pihu that Ishimaa is in clinic, but she has gone to police station. Kiran says Ishita won’t let anything happen to Raman, he can’t do this, I know him well. Mani’s body is taken. Aaliya cries. Adi, Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla come there. Aaliya hugs Mihika. She scolds Adi and says your dad killed my dad, get lost. Mrs.Bhalla says no, Raman can’t do this. Aaliya says Nikhil and I have seen it, he has killed my dad. Adi says sometimes what’s seen is not the truth. She says you will say this as he is your dad. Nikhil says I think you should leave. Adi says who are you to tell this, its all because of you. Aaliya asks him to leave. Mihika asks them to stop it, how can they shout at this time, we lost a family member, we all are facing a bit loss, court will decide if Raman did murder or not, Adi you have to decide if you have to be calm or not. Adi says Raman did not do this murder. Mihika tells Aaliya that they won’t go anywhere from here. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we are with you. Adi says Raman can’t do this.

Raman says Ishita believe me, I did not do this. Ishita says relax, I know you did not do this, but who did this, we will get you out of here. He asks how, all proof are against me, when I went there, there was much darkness, I fell down and held the knife, my fingerprints are on it, Shagun fought with me and left, she will not held me. Ishita says I got her voicemail. They hear. Shagun says Mani asked me to be in room, Ishita has sent Raman, I know what’s right for Aaliya, its so irritating. Ishita says it means she was here. Raman says I did not reach there, maybe Shagun was there and saw this, we have to find her. She says yes, she can become witness, I will call Adi.

She calls Adi. Adi says Shagun is not here. She says did attacker do something to her, find her. Adi asks Aaliya where is mom. Aaliya says mom was not here when I came here. Adi runs to room and checks. Adi says Shagun is not here, we checked everywhere. She asks him to call Shagun. Adi calls Shagun. He tells Ishita that Shagun’s phone is off. Aaliya says did they do something to Shagun too.

Ishita asks Raman to think well, nothing can happen to Shagun, else she would have been there, try to find her, manage Aaliya, I have to talk to police. She ends call. She says Shagun will be fine, she will become our witness, don’t take tension, else our courage will break. Nikhil consoles Aaliya. Adi calls Bala and tells him everything. He says we have to find Shagun. Bala says I will ask Appa and Mr. Bhalla to find her at NGO. Inspector asks them to tell him if Raman is not culprit, they can help him. Mihika says you can get clue when you find Shagun. Adi consoles Aaliya. Aaliya cries for Mani. Adi says mom will come. He asks Nikhil to stay away from Aaliya. Nikhil says she is fainting, I got water for her. Adi says I m her husband and know everything. Mrs.Bhalla scolds Nikhil. Adi takes Aaliya. He apologizes and says I did not know things will go so far, I should have controlled my anger, I will get Shagun fine. Mihika says we will take care of her, go and find Shagun anyway.

Inspector says the vase did not have Mani’s blood. Raman shouts I m not a murderer, I did not do anything. Constable scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In logo ko Mani ke Marne ka koi dukh Nahi hai.. Raman to Jail se vapis bhi aa sakta hai par mani to vapis nahi aa payega.. Ishita ki saas ne itni gandi overacting ki aaj jaise raman ko fansi par latka rahe haii. Pta nahi ruhi ne aisa kya dekha hai jo murder se related haii.. ??

    1. I also noticed the same

  2. Hi Dia
    To answer your me its a manly thing.Flowers are more often than not is for a female. This is how its done in the west.Maybe in India it is done differently.
    VP aunty your comments always make sense.You are good at analysing the plots in Yhm.
    I look forward reading your comments Keep them coming.

    1. Please don’t get offended but i don’t think its true……i’ve seen many (im reel and real) women getting all types of flowers for their partners…..

    2. Thank you Pat

  3. azuka nkwonta

    One thing that I have to say is that the writers of crime scenes in yhm are unprofessional. They are not qualified to write crime scenes. Today I read from a report that adi was the one that hit Mani with a vase and then somebody else stabbed him with a knife and after watching this episode and the pre cap I begin to wonder which one is the truth. If mani’s blood is not on the vase then whose blood is on the vase. Yesterday’s episode showed Adi washing off blood on his shirt and on his hands and saying why did this happen, this can’t happen, no one will separate me and aaliyah, Mani did not do right e.t.c. He wanted to tear some papers and said no one must know about this matter. Why was adi confessing to himself. Whose blood was he washing off and what was that thing that happened that no one must know about. All these must be shown to us otherwise Adi is a criminal and was involved in the death of Mani and even now he can still remove evidences that can prove him as the one who murdered Mani. I am seeing wonders, even the police investigator is asking ishita if they have evidence that Raman is innocent, is investigation suppose to be ishita’s work. Even if they want to mystify us by not showing what ruhi saw then they have to reveal the mystery in order to solve the crime and if they left this crime half solved or not even solved at all then the writers of this crime scene are not worth writing about crime at all. Aditya bhalla will continue to be a criminal until the truth about the blood in his hands was revealed and what was that thing that he said can’t happen and what was that thing he said no one must know.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    We are not fools here it is time crimes get solved properly in yhm. All the nonsense that they have been writing about crime should not continue. They should get good crime writers and good crime investigators or they quit writing about crimes in yhm.

    1. Agree with you Azuka .Its not Adi for sure .. nor Raman . What happened to Shaghun ? Where is she ? Totaly rubbish they r showing .

  5. Like seriously…….ishita’s reaction……damn…….her best friend just died and not a single drop of tear rolled down her eye for mani…….i know getting eaman freed is her priority right now but mani was a childhood friend…….for mani rest others’ reaction was better and realistic except mrs bhalla…….

    For shagun… one except aaliya cared for shagun…… others want her alive so that raman can be freed……otherwise they don’t care whether shagun is alive or dead….

    I think ruhi has seen aaliya’s dad…..

    And today’s episode clarified that adi did not kill mani… of he had he would have confessed his crime seeing raman arrested…..

    1. Dia … Mani is Ishithas friend . Both for Mani and Vandhu , two persons closest to her heart , she is not able to mourn properly . Think of that .. Her trust on Raman is sooo strong … as she always says he is the life line for the family . But she is worried something happen to Shaghun … Ramans thought is … if Shaghun is not found … there wont be any … evidence .

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Ishita doesn’t love or care about shagun she just want evidence to clear Raman’s name and release him. Ishita is Mani’s friend since childhood but I did not see a drip of tears from her eyes but when vandu died she cried even though she knew that it was Raman’s car that hit her she kept crying as she wonders why did Raman do this. Raman is more important to her than mani’s death. Even if Raman is the life line of their family is that why she will not weep for her dead friend. The bhallas are selfish people in many ways and ishita is not an exception.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      Adi will never confess this crime because confessing it means losing aaliyah .

      1. Hi Azuka …. there are people who cry when you lose your close person , some wont cry too . If every body sits and cry … no body can take the next step of action … good or bad .. If Ishitha goes behind Mani and Alia … Raman will be inside only .

    3. Hey dia!!! Plz dnt mind me asking! Ummm r u a harry potter lover??

      1. Yeah….m a big potterhead….

  6. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  7. The upcoming episode of love saga Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.
    Aditya goes to meet Mani and he kills him with knife because Mani tries to separate him from Aliya.
    Aditya escape from the house post killing Mani and Raman comes to Mani’s house for meeting him.
    Aliya blames Raman for killing Mani
    But he gets stunned seeing Mani in pool of blood just then Aliya comes there and she thinks that Raman has killed Mani.
    Raman get trapped in Mani’s murder case and when Ishita comes to know all this then she decides to prove him innocent as she knows that Raman has not killed Mani.
    When Aliya comes to know that Ishita is trying to prove Raman innocent who killed her father then she get really angry and her love for Ishita turns into hatred.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  8. Hi friends… Another head scratch episode… The mystery is building… Shagun sent a voice message to Ishita… But in that message Shagun was informing someone that Raman is coming to meet Mani….I think that is the person who killed Mani…I think that blood on the vase is of Shagun….let’s see what happens…

  9. Hey yall, I am back!!! Cn u guys remember da gd old ravi?? Hehe… Yes or no, bt I ddnt 4get u guys! A very gd mornng to all da yhm fans!!

    Guys I saw ur comments on dt day and um really sorry dt I couldnt reply as I was in such worse condition back den! Nw um recovered a bit bt still feeling so weak! So to gain my strength bk um having sm bed rest atleast 4 a month ahead!! Anyways thank u soooo much my dear friends 4 ur wishes n blessings so dt I hd a speedy recovery I guess, bt as a result of dengue I wont be sitting to da exams this year which I hv postponed to da next year already!

    Alryt!! Back to da epi den….. I thnk I made my cm back inda wrong tym!I read all da updates n spoilers as well! OMG! Wht is happening? One thng is clear, dt Raman n Adi, both r innocent! Its awful to thnk dt dere will be no Mani in da rest of da story! And of course ishu dd surprise me! Is dt da reaction after seeing a childhood friends death! Impossible! These cvs r soo stupid!
    Man where is dis shagun! I mean um realy glad to nt to see her these days bt I saw da bandaged photos of hers which were leaked frm da sets! And why is dis Ruhi hiding things? Why cnt she tell anything to her parents?? These days Ruhis behaviour has made me puzzled!
    Well dere shud be a huge twist! Bt I must say, since its abt shagun taking ishus place Im gonna HATE IT!! Such tymes lyk dese um also feeling lyk saying goodbye to yhm bt da thng is dt I cnt help it!!! ??

    1. Hi Ravi… Glad to see u back..

    2. Hi Ravi. I remember you.happy to hear that you are fine.lots of twist happened n yhm.

    3. Hehe thank u guys! Anjana n mp!!!

  10. Huh
    Rithu, u have given same three four points in many comments which is really not required.
    U could even have told it in a simple way
    Anyways thnx for the updates which we already knew it through telly chakkar…

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Watching Adi before he got a call that Mani is dead I can see tension in him even when ruhi was asking him questions he was tensed about those questions, Adi’s body language is not showing that he is not guilty. Adi will never confess the crime otherwise he will lose aaliyah . He had already said no one can separate him and aaliyah. The way he treats Nikhil shows the height of his jealousy,they are stronger than his father’s own and this is the kind of jealousy that can lead to anything including murder. Adi can’t confess even seeing his father’s situation because aaliyah is more important to him than his father, even children can kill their parents. Somebody who can bear the pain of hot water burning his hands just to send ishita to jail and before the acid attack on aaliyah he sent her threat messages that made the police to arrest him as the suspect. I remember some of those threat messages says, I will never leave you with peace and I won’t see you with another man and other things he said. Adi’s love for aaliyah is strong and possessive, it is the type of love that can lead to killing someone or the person he loves or even committing suicide . And CVs have taken us through all this, since when adi was a child to his adulthood all his behavioral character has been shown us to this very day and even 15th of July 2017 episode Adi was seen washing blood off his hands and shirt and saying things that connects to the present murder issue and yet CVs wants to think that I am brainless. In fact it is the producers who wants to hide the truth about this murder. The way it is going they don’t want to solve this crime, they will solve it a little, cover it up and start another track. Ever since Ashok has been committing crimes they have not put him in prison. What I have realised is that they will not put main characters in prison even if they committed crime. Outside the crime scene evidences are still pointing to adi but they are not revealing anything to us. I still believe that adi can kill especially for aaliyah’s love. Check the way he treats Nikhil.

  12. I think ruhi know something about mani’s murder but why didn’t she speak up???
    It’s clear that Raman & Adi wasn’t the killer..
    If shagun recognized the killer he or she must kill her at once and not thinking about kidnapping or hiding her.. Then shagun may be hide some where by her herself..

  13. azuka nkwonta

    It has become clear that shagun will never be a good person to some people who watch yhm. If somebody farts they will say it’s shagun, if somebody kills somebody they will say it’s shagun, if somebody jumps off a building they will say shagun pushed him, if somebody got divorced they will say it’s because of shagun. Why do you think that shagun will kill her husband, what is her reason. Even if she does not like him anymore she could have simply divorced him, she is not being held hostage by Mani, why will shagun kill Mani, you just simply hate her and want her to be guilty of any crime even if it was done by somebody else.

    1. Ashok or Nikhil may have offered some luxury life… Also to take revenge from bhallas for insulting her… If Mani is alive he never allow to do bad…. Also if Mani is killed and frame Raman, Aliya also join s her to take revenge….

    2. Right. They blame everything one shagun only whatever the situation maybe. Ashok khanna and his partners always go unnoticed. They are the biggest enemies of bhalla family more than shagun after they planned acid attack on aalia with nidhi and many more incidents go on..But the bhalla family never think about them when there is crime scene happening…Mrs bhalla’s hatered towards shagun is just unbearable, she irritates me and whenever something happens she always overreacts and worsen the situation instead of helping .. she is useless addition.

  14. This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Irrelevant / inappropriate comment.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      This comment is deleted.

      Reason: Misusing other user’s name and using multiple identities.

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Who is using my name to write to porsha I will report you if you don’t stop it.

    2. Oh god!!!! you are not growing up….

  15. Hi friends… I am getting strong feeling that Shagun and Nikhil or Ashok are involved in this … Because Shagun sent Aliya out with Nikhil.. also she refused to go out when Raman was coming….and discuss ed about Raman coming to meet Mani with Nikhil or Ashok… I think she planned before only to kill Mani, then it became easy to frame Raman…I think by mistake she sent that message to ishu…

  16. azuka nkwonta

    The bhallas have always wants to look like they are the ones saving shagun all the time. Even if shagun lost her memory they are other ways of helping someone who lost her memory other than marrying them. People that lose their memory always go back to the past but they can always be helped in many ways but ishita and Raman always want shagun to owe them something and make her look like she depends on them all the time and that is why they chose to separate so that Raman will marry shagun. So what will happen after she recovers her memory, he will divorce her or what or plan to give her to another man? You see this is how ishita and Raman kept making shagun’s life miserable and intolerable and kept increasing the enmity between them.

    1. Don’t worry Raman never marries Shagun…. It will be a drama to get her memory back…

  17. azuka nkwonta

    Anyone who is using my name to write on this page must know that I am not a kid who plays pranks. I will definitely report you. Do not think that I am a joker.

  18. Star Plus love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.
    Ishita thinks that how will she bring Raman out from jail and how will she prove his innocence.
    Then she gets an idea, she thinks that Shagun is the eye witness and she will help her in getting Raman out from jail.
    So she tries to find Shagun but she is not able to find her, she does not know that where she has gone.
    Ishita get stunned hearing Shagun’s condition for getting Raman out from jail
    Ishita continues to find her and finally she finds Shagun, she meets her and asks her to help her in getting Raman out from jail.
    Shagun says to Ishita that she will help her but only on one condition and that is that she will have to share Raman with her.
    Ishita get stunned but then she has to agree as it is the only way to get Raman out from jail.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  19. azuka nkwonta

    This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Misusing other user’s name and using multiple identities.

    1. Oh ! Shut up ! We know who is real and who’s not ! Just cmnt on yhm and the current situation faced by Ishra !

      1. azuka nkwonta

        This comment is deleted.

        Reason: Misusing other user’s name and using multiple identities.

  20. The attacker, whoever it is, has hit shagun with the vase and it is her blood which is found on the vase…this will lead to memory loss for shagun and Raman will be forced to keep shagun in his house as his wife just to help her regain her memory so that his innocence in Mani’s case can be proved…

  21. Insane script. Every time shagun – Raman – ishita…
    triangle story.. fed up of these triangle story not again pls

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