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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi talking to Pihu and asking for her help to talk to Raman. Raman is worried. Pihu goes to him and says I know you are not getting sleeps, this is my fav bedtime story book, I will read a story for you and make you sleep. She reads lion and a rabbit story. Raman smiles. Ruhi looks on and smiles. Raman sees Ruhi. Ruhi shuts door and goes. Pihu falls asleep. Raman says thank Lord, our daughter did not get away from us, she can’t see us in pain, I hope Ishita is fine, Ruhi wants her Ishi maa, come back Ishita for me and Ruhi, I will get you, I promise you.

Its morning, Shagun asks Mr. Bhalla to have juice. He refuses, Everyone worry for Ishita and pray. Raman asks them not to worry, I promised Pihu that I will get Ishita, we need some info from Niddhi. Mihir

says I have a plan, I will try to know from Ashok, I will tell him about our differences. Raman says no, he knows you are more than brother for me, he won’t agree to you. Mani comes and says I m not your family, we are business rivals, he can talk to me. Simmi asks what about Niddhi, and stops saying seeing Ruhi.

Ashok asks what, how can you be so foolish. Niddhi asks why are you so hyper. Ashok says Raman and his family are worried, Ishita is missing, just Ruhi can say whats happening in Bhalla house. Raman asks why did you all get silent, you feel Ruhi will tell this to Niddhi, she is my daughter, I know her, she will never put us in problem. Tere dil se….plays…………Romi tells Raman that he will get Ashok for meeting. Raman says I will come with Mihir. Mani says good, I will come and act as if we have rivalry. Shagun says I will meet Niddhi. They hope this plan works.

The goons got Ishita to new place and think to go and have food. Ishita tries to get her phone. She calls Raman and says Raman, they kidnapped me. Raman gets shocked and says Ishita…. Where are you, where did they keep you. The phone falls. Romi asks what did Ishita say. Raman says call ended.

The goon says I forgot the phone, and goes back. He takes phone and warns Ishita not to do this. Raman asks Mihir to track phone and get location. Simmi says atleast we know she is fine. Mihika says we should wait for her call. Raman says no, anything can happen to her. Goon traps Ishita inside the sack again and says now I will see what you do.

Raman says we don’t have time, tell me when did Ishita go. Simmi says I will check time, I called her before she left. Raman calls police station to file missing complaint. He gets angry. Raman gets call again. The goon asks him not to think about going to police if he loves his wife, if he acts clever, then he will kill Ishita. Raman says no, we won’t go to police, I beg you, listen. The goon ends call. Raman says Niddhi is clever. Mihir tells Raman that I hired private detective to keep an eye on Niddhi, there is nothing suspicious about her, it can’t be her. Raman says she is very clever. Romi says we will know from Ashok. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Ishita and cries.

Romi and Ashok talk in the meeting. Raman comes with Mihir. The meeting starts. Mani comes there. The man says sorry, I did not inform you, Abhimanyu has also bid for this contract. Raman argues with Mani and says he maybe big businessman, but a cheap man, he is after Ishita’s kidnapping. Romi says Raman starts anywhere. Ashok smiles and asks Raman to keep his personal problems at home, problem is in you, every woman leaves you. He asks Mani to sit. Raman thinks we should trap Ashok today, and Shagun would also know things from Niddhi.

The man likes Raman’s work and says I m glad your company got this contract. Mani tells Ashok that this is big project, Raman insulted me, I won’t let him win, we can join hands, I want this contract, do something. Romi asks Ashok to agree. Ashok says we will get this project. He tells the man that he is ready to do this project in less quotation. Raman says I got it now, its not a game. The man says now bidding can’t be done again, if Raman does not fulfill the commitment on time, then anyone else can get this contract. Mani says Raman did not fulfill his commitment with his wife and family, what will be do. Raman argues. The man asks Raman to behave well, and takes contract back from Raman. He gives contract to Mani, and asks Mihir to take Raman. Mani thanks Ashok. Romi smiles.

Raman asks Mihir do you think Ashok will get trapped. Mihir says hope so, Ashok was looking glad. Shagun goes to meet Niddhi. Niddhi gets shocked seeing her and asks what are you doing here. Shagun says you were right, Raman has no feelings for me, I felt Raman cares for me, I did a lot for him, I gave my 7 years, Raman just said Ishita’s name, she went something and they all are after her, I went to shopping, my credit card did not work, when I called Raman, he did not answer, as he was busy finding Ishita. Niddhi thinks is Shagun acting. Shagun says you maybe thinking I m acting, but I m genuinely very upset, they did not value me ever, I m fed up of Ishita, I decided to take revenge with her, I came to join hands with me, I need your help, give me one chance, I won’t disappoint you. Niddhi agrees and shakes hands. Shagun smiles and thinks I don’t feel Niddhi is thinking I m acting, maybe this plan will work.

Niddhi asks Ashok who took Ishita, someone has taken her, how did this happen. Raman says it means Ashok and Niddhi do not have Ishita, someone else kidnapped her. They all get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi everyone finally this site opens I tried a lot to open this site many times from few days but failed but finally it opens eposide was OK kp was very good as usual his love for jkr best part was ruhi n pihu praying for their mom I am damp sure shagun is behind this kidnapping coz in yesterday’s episode when she came to know that rupi r
    going najafgar she calls kidnappers n kidnappers shifted her n also in today’s eposide when they all were talking to inform police immediately that news reaches niddhi I read in
    spoilers that Raman will tell pihu about ishu that she is her real mom but I think its not true well waiting for ishu to come back want to see some happy family moments n waiting for shaguns truth to come out

  2. Ruhi sent pihu to Raman ruhi really loves n care for her ishimaa n papa but not accepting her just can’t want for ishita n ruhi reunion now want to see ishru love as was before leap

  3. I really don’t like ruhi calling ishimaa as ishita very bad Raman or any other family member didn’t correct her I notice in yesterday’s n today’s eposide that ruhi start calling Raman as papa instead to Raman before yesterdays she sometimes calls Raman by name but now she is completely calling her papa I feel may be ruhi is calling ishimaa as ishita coz she don’t want to call her maa n was feeling odd in calling her as ishita aunty ?but whatever the reason she shouldn’t call her ishita I can’t even think to call my mom by her name

  4. I think so shagun is behind ishita kidnapping…..damn sure….how can she suddenly change from bad to good….she was always insecure with ishita….

  5. Shaun kidnapped ishithA

  6. Oh finally we got rid off that fat dhonghee stinky b*t*h Ishita… I don’t get it y she look horrible now and always do overacting… Earlier when she used to do Zee TV’s serial “Banu Mai Teri Dulhan” she used to look so sweet, plus at that time she had a slim figure. But now she looks like “Aunty/behengi/mother of two three child”. Sorry if I hurt any1 but its a true fact… DT should take a diet chart from Hina Khan. Akshara is so slim n s*xy… Still now Hina khan is maintaining her figure very well. Deepika Singh is also much better actor than Divyanka Tripati..

    1. OK so let I tell u something u r talking about hina khan so if u look earlier episodes of yrkkh see that akshara I think divyanka is 1000 times better then her hina khan looks better now only coz of make up if u compare dt n hina khan both in looks n acting DT is much better then akshara n DT is not fat she is the best n u have no right to use kuch bad words about DT go n plllzz watch yrkkh earlier episodes

      1. Please dont react Siddhi just ignore .. if we return in same tone what difference …. maintain our decency always …

    2. What the hell you think of yourself ??
      you people just believe that a person with slim figure is best
      but let me tell you one thing very clearly a fatty person don’t have figure but they have beauty which can just win the world

      what do you guys think????

    3. and yes if you don’t like DT then plzz no one is forcing you to watch yhm

    4. I guess she is Kimberly 2 …..hahahhaha… guys don’t pay heed to them…….let them get their heart out …….

      1. Best one…. Hahaha

    5. Hi Johnny nobody has right to call anyone blo*dy fat … that is too rude … Dt delivers beautifully and in yhm she is three kids mom … after 35 ladies put wait … you cant compare anyone … and its your choice but be polite … we all yhm fans appreciate that … hope you understand …

    6. Johnny, You can stil be a Fan of Hina Khan without abusing and trying to put down Divyanka Tripathi. The very fact that you chose to do so clearly depicts and confirms that even you know and feel that Divyanka is better actor and more beautiful, attractive etc. BTW she is anyways doing the role of a mother of not two but three Kids 🙂

    7. hope johnny you will not dare again to say such rubbish about DT otherwise this was just a trailer all the fans of DT will show you full movie ?

      1. What nonsense is this?! R u guys slaves of DT. I have a right to give opinions about celebrities as I am also a fan of them.. Sometimes our opinion can be positive, sometimes it can also be negative. It depends on our point of view… But who the hell are u people to deprived me of my rights. ?????

    8. Johny I think u should see u mom is she slim or I ask u don’t u have any so called fat women in your family if yes then do u hate her

      1. My Mom is slim. But there are some female members in my family who are also little fat but that doesn’t matter at all/not related with this topic discussion bcoz they are not TV Celebrity. Media personality celebrities must have to concentrate on their respective figure to be in a good shape while going for a acting onscreen..

      2. Tanu.............:-)

        Well mr/miss Johnny who the hell u are , I dont care but remember this point throught out your life
        I agree that we have right to voice our opinions but no slangs are used and it will not matter to u whether she is fat,tall,slim,short or anything . It is her personal wish to become fat ar thin. U don’t have any right to question her or use dirty words at her
        And u see If u point out 1 finger at her the other 4 fingers will point out you
        It is dt’s career and she have her own planings.
        And if u compare hina khan and divyanka tripathi
        What matters is inner and outer beauty
        Everyone have there own favorites
        And if u r yrkkh fan then just watch that only nobody forced you to see yhm
        Many fans are there of yhm than yrkkh
        So u better keep ur mouth shut and stop using slangs on yhm actors or fans
        U better understand this

  7. Make this shagun’s truth out soon .Pls make the ballha parivar complete

  8. I thought comments where reviewed before publishing. All bad language not to be published. Johnny your upbringing is bad why will you call somebody such bad names. If you have nothing nice to say about DT shut the f**k up. She’s someone else’s wife, sister & daughter. What gives you the right to insult her. Whatever you said same to you!

    1. Exactly Mercy

    2. I didn’t tell anything to u. For a characterless celebrity, y r u misbehaving with me… I think u didn’t learn any manners from ur home that is why u r behaving like spoilt brat. Its the effect of watching badtameez serial #YHM, where there is no moral values. Younger person are addressing elder one by their name. Such a dysfunctional daily shop. Already got ban in many countries for extreme level of vulgarity, evilness, dirty rivalry… etc…

      1. Tanu.............:-)

        Ek kutta ko ek bar keh ne se samaj mein Nahi ati hai
        Kya kare???
        Tumse hi seekha hai yeh language Johnny

  9. omg shagun turning negative again , so bad. shagun is good in a positive role .

  10. Hi everyone, ok I think that D T is stunning. But yes I do agree that she has pit on weight. I though she would lose it for her actual wedding cos every girl does that. But she did not.
    But she is still gorgeous and a super super super actress.

  11. No year DT ka lately shadi hori Hai na ISSI kushi meh she becomed fat.but her husband is better Dan her.

  12. People r saying that DT is little fat while Hina is so slim… It’s true but what I think is DT is as much fat that suits her role… I mean she looks like mother of adi, ruhi, n pihu..
    While on other side Home herself look like daughter of naira… Atlest DT is posing the true identity… If we see 3 yrs old yhm we will feel the difference in DT… Like in serial change needed… DT change herself too… But Hina maybe in serial becomes 60 yrs old she will look 18 yrs like always… Every function she dolls herself and overacts… Sorry if I hurted someone… But my feeling are like this only… Everyone is good at his/her place… Plz don’t use harsh words or bad language….

    1. Agree with you Rajat … you cant compare Dt to anyone … and all her wedding pics … she did not look that fat and stunning .. millions are admiring her … Both off screen and on screen she is beautiful … All actors and actresses deliver their best .. we cant compare …

  13. hey guys don’t pay heed to Johnny dt is a drop dead gorgeous diva and we can’t compare hina and dt both are gorgeous ladies can’t wait to have her back on yhm the show is nothing without her who says she is fat if you look at some pics and videos she looks and cute for instance the airport video and her last day shoot and the pic she took with ankita Patel she looks great she is an all rounder in looks,acting and personality infact she is a nice human being love her to the core wish her all the best in her new life with her cute and handsome hubby wish them all the best

    1. yes Ebodelle Vivek is perfect for Dt , cute and Handsome … love them together .. wish them the best always …

  14. Dt looks stunning guys don’t pay attention to Johnny he doesn’t know what beauty is!!! She is drop dead gorgeous and s*xy cant wait to see her back on sets without her trp is dropping and she and her hubby compliment each other

  15. Gd morning Adu monique az naaz rithu vp shivani shona salley susan super girl mino nish molu megha bhagya bhgi and all members of yhm group

  16. Hi all Rithu shivani Sindhu Mino Ninsh Az JAz Aditya Simmi and all … Episode was really nice to see Ramans concern and love for Ishitha . KP rocked … Excellent acting …Ruhi is really upset and concerned but calling her Ishima as Ishitha cant be tolerated … cvs to be blamed … Pihus innocence was so clear and it shows she is Ishithas blood …even now I doubt Shaghuns intention … reason being after talking to Nidhi she just thought in mind …like Nidhi is convinced that she is not acting … I dont know .. if she turns … I really dont know when Ishra will find happiness

  17. shreya shetty

    heyyy guys I am back only hows everyone????finally am I and all of u soo eagerly surprised to hear that ruhi is finally going to stay in the bhalla family forever!!!!what the hell do u think of urself johnny dare u have the guts to compare divyanka tripathi to that to of hina khan.according to my opinion divyanka is the best and as for u stupid johnny if u really hate this serial and as well as dt,then who told u to come here and bluff bad words against ishita huh?????shes actually the real mother of three children and so sweet and caring also loyal towards her family.JOHNNY PLEASE GET URSELF KICKED OUT OF THIS WEBSITE IF U HATE YHM!!!!!!WHY DONT U KEEP UR MOUTH STICHED WITH A ONE SLAP????NEVER AGAIN TRY TO HURT YHM FANS FEELINGS AND ALSO INSULT DIVYANKA AKA ISHITA GOT IT.KIMBERLY WAS ALSO JUST LIKE U AND NOW U VE REAPPEARED AGAIN AS KIMBERLY 2.

    1. How dare u call me dog! ? I think ur upbringings were not proper. That is why you always spoke so rudely with other members. Pls grow up and get a life…

      1. shreya shetty

        then keep ur mouth shut and don’t insult any of the characters of this show other than villains got it johnny boy!!!!!the name dog suits u coz u behaved very stupid towards ishita

    2. First see your upbringing the words u use for DT tells about your upbringing

  18. shreya shetty


  19. Again shaugun villan what the same story ekta mam is repeated ….

  20. Hmmmmmmmmm….nyc

  21. Dt is better than hina i watch both the serials everyday but akshara and naira look like friends and moreover naksh looks older than her but dt has changed according to the storyline and dt looks like mother of adi but even if hina plays sixty she will look like eighteen

    1. That’s the charm of #Hina Khan of being young\pretty\elegant where Divyanka Tripati lacks far behind than Akshara..

      1. I think johnny is a mental patient just like kimberly. No difference is there between johnny and kimberly. Johnny is an attention seeker.

  22. hope johnny you will not dare again to say such rubbish about DT otherwise this was just a trailer all the fans of DT will show you full movie ?

  23. Good Morning JAz AZ Naaz Rithu VP Siddhi Monique Sindhu Shona Shreya Megha Radhika And ALL The Members of The GROUP.Am Not getting Some Names.

    With Your Loved Ones
    Have NICE FOOD
    Whatever You Want You Eat And ENJOY.

    Take Care GUYS

  24. Siddhi Even I Tried So Much for This Site Yesterday
    I Didn’t Get. But Siddhi Yesterday’s EPISODE Was NICE And EVEN MY DAY Went WELL.
    Everything Was FINE for Me.
    I Even Studied 800 GK Questions

  25. Well done Aditya. God bless you in your studies.

  26. Dt is little fat but she looks elegant….
    absolutely stunning in her sarees specially in pre leap episodes ….. and her acting is also good….specially her expressions…

  27. Hi DT, yes I agree with you. I think she is just very happy in life now. She is content as a wife now. She does not need to impress anyone. Definitely kushi meh…which is natural. She is still gorgeous and looks much much better than Shagun.

  28. The episode was really good,big up to all the cast of YHM,they are acting so well. DT is gorgeous,she is beautiful and suitable for her role. I dont understand why Johnny feels the need to compare her to other actresses cz its not neccessary. She is her own person and doesnt nid to be like other people.


    YHM Guys I Think Apshagun is Not Behind This
    Yesterday After Shaking Hands With Siddhi
    She felt That NIDHI Believed Her And
    Now We Have A GREAT CHANCE of Receiving Her.
    Let’s Take ADVANTAGE.
    I Think Shagun is Not The Culprit
    At least 90%.

    Good Afternoon YHM GUYS.

    JAZ Monique Where Are You?

    1. Hey Adu monique

  30. It seems in the upcoming episodes, Aliya will fall in love with mihir…omg!! I pity adi…..

  31. Episode was ok..

  32. Aditya I definitely will remember you in my prayers. Blessings and best wishes always
    I have three sons who are also studying so don’t worry a mothers prayer is never refused.

  33. Monique_D

    Good Morning JAz Shivani Aditya AZ Naaz Rithu VP Siddhi Monique Sindhu Shona Shreya Megha Radhika And ALL The Members

    This server maintenance just kept me away.

    What’s all this talk about DT and her weight …I would suggest that we keep the comments to the story and not anything personal.

    She is beautiful just as she is.

    Story was a bit boring but at least we are making progress story wise.

    How you guys been?

  34. I think Shagun and Ishata planned this kidnapping drama just like ghost thing so that they get more time to stop Ruhi

    1. Anything is possible in this serial now …As Advocate is involved … but then why to hide her in the sack … they can hide her without hurting Ishitha too …

  35. Whatever u guys says she puts on so much of makeup.i mean if u guys taljs abiut reality that she has to look like mother of 3 childrens that tell me who the hell applys this much makeup in dailyroutine.

    1. I don’t know but am sure even the other actresses put on as much make up and it fits her you should check other shows and it’s not about make up plz stop criticizing her just watch the show and enjoy

    2. Easy darling, I m not abusing her, even I like her acting but makeup actually looks overloaded & as a fan dont I have this much right even..after all a correct critic is the reason of growth… I dont like flattering … its staight.

  36. HI YHM Guys!
    Hi JAZ
    What Are You Doing?
    Where were you Today?
    You Didn’t Come to This Site
    You Would Come Daily.
    How Is Your SUNDAY?
    Did You ENJOY Your SUNDAY?

  37. I don’t like this stupid ishita

  38. shreya shetty

    mind ur language anam khan and get lost if u hate yhm!!!!

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