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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaur keeping her statements infront of the judge. Pathak says there is a point which Kaur did not see. He says this is accident reports of Amma, as its states her mental health was unwell when the accident happened. Kaur says atleast spare her. Pathak says it’s a fact, she was in depression and took anti depressant pills too. He says she goes to a psychiatrist and she took a tablet, which reacted and she got a headache, she went to meet Ishita and hit the white car, the car did not hit her. Ishita says what. Kaur says then why did she did the case. Pathak says her daughter Ishita did the accident. He asks Amma to come in witness box.

Raman says wait, all this is nonsense. Pathak says Bhai please…….. Raman comes in witness box and says I m sorry, Amma does

not have mental illness, she is fine, so don’t point on her Pathak. He says I n sorry on my lawyer’s side. Kaur says great, see him, what a drama. Pathak says give me some time, a break, to talk to my client. The judge gives a 15min break. Raman talks to Pathak and asks why did he do this. Pathak says Amma told me to say this. Raman says what, Amma told you. Pathak says you know amma took care of Trishna, she blames herself and does not want you and Ishita to get separate because of this. Raman cries and says what am I doing.

He says Amma is thinking about me and Ishita, I m so selfish, I m cheating and hurting many people because of Adi. Shagun asks him not to get weak and think about Adi, we are doing this for our son. Simmi comes and hears them. Rama says don’t point on my family, Amma Appa and Ishita. Pathak says I promise you. Simmi thinks I can’t see him like this, Lord show some way to save Shagun. The judge asks Pathak to present anything if he has to say. Pathak says take the date ahead. Kaur says no, end the case soon.

Pathak says its about my client’s life. The judge says fine, you can get time till tomorrow. Simmi informs this to Parmeet. He says don’t worry, Pathak will do something. He asks her to buy baby clothes. She says yes, I m going for shopping, can you come, fine Raman is coming, I will talk to you later. I love you and ends the call. Simmi tells Raman that she is going to buy clothes for Ananya. Raman says fine and she leaves. Raman tells Shagun not to worry, as he will talk to Pathak and find a way out.

Ishita asks everyone to go home, as she will discuss with Kaur. She asks them to take the car, she will be late, they need rest. Shagun taunts Mihit for cheating Raman, for Ishita, where is your loyalty, disgusting. Mihir says I m doing this for him, for his wife, Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, no one matters to me. Ishita hears them. Mihir says I m with Ishita, when you are ready to come back, you can, I m sure you will come back, we will wait for you. He leaves. Bala takes Ruhi and Shravan from school and give them icecreams.

Ruhi tells him about her and Roshni’s plan to make Raman and Ishita dance and win the prize. Bala is surprised and asks whose idea was it. Ruhi says it was Shravan’s idea. Shravan says I m smart, thanks. Ruhi kisses Shravan and thanks him. Kaur tells Ishita that Raman stopped Pathak on time, I m seeing this for first time. You both are together but apart, you can’t see anyone point on his character and he can’t hear anything against Amma. She says our case is strong, judge feels they are lying, just stay strong, we will win. She leaves.

Ishita comes out and sees Raman standing near his car. He says Ishita where are you going, I will drop you. She says I will take rickshaw. He says I will drop/leave you. She says you have already left me, how much more will you leave me. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……….plays………….. She goes ahead and Parmeet comes to tease her. She asks him to back off and goes away. It starts raining. Raman sees him teasing Ishita and starts beating him. Ishita is shocked. Pathak and Mihir stop Raman. Ishita says Rama, please. Shagun comes in between them and holds Raman’s hand. He takes his hand back in anger and goes to hold Ishita’s hand.

He takes Ishita from there. Parmeet gets up with his shirt torn. Ishita says leave my hand. He says I won’t leave, you are my wife. Bandh gaye ye bandhan ek hue do dil…………….plays…………….. they have an eyelock. He says sit in the car, come. He hits the car in anger and blood comes. She says your hand is bleeding. He says I know, so what. She says so give me the keys. Yeh hai Mohabbatein……….plays.He says sit in the car now. Shagun asks Parmeet what did he say to Ishita that Raman went mad, whats wrong with you, it this the right place for this. He says Shagun ji….. She leaves.

Raman and Ishita are on the way, he is unable to drive as his hand is bleeding a lot. She asks him to stop the car. He says after we reach home. She shouts on him, and says don’t worry, I m not going to run from here. She says give me your hand. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………… She tries a cloth to his hand. He looks at her. She says come this side, I will drive. He gets down the car and sits in next seat. She drives the car home. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………..He looks at her again.

Simmi brings few people home and says they have some to take Ananya’s pic for cute baby contest. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes them. Simmi says take her pic. I will make her dress well. The girl says if she wins, her pic will be on our magazine’s cover. They like Ananya. The girl takes her pics and the guy shows her photo album. She sees Shagun’s pic in their last event. She thinks of Shagun’s words and thinks she really went to mall. She asks when was it taken. He says 10th june, at 8.40pm. She thinks Shagun did not do the accident, so Raman will win now.

Pathak presents the pic to judge to proof Shagun was at the mall. The judge asks whats this joke.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. <3 awesome!this is love ishra :)stupid shagun,you know you are cementing our lovely couple's bond,dont you? 😛

  2. O god! this simmi is so irritating!

  3. i hate u simmi

  4. raman ur just amazing yaar.ur really rocking the play superb.the way u beat param for ishu handoff to u raman.

  5. and this is why I watch yhm <3 lovelovelove the new love thats blossoming amidst all the thorns in ishra's life 🙂 ruhi trying to un-katti her papa n ishima was awesome!now dear simmo-bimbo will prove tht it was adi who hit amma :)aaahhh this show 😀

  6. I am waiting for 2 marrow ‘s episode

  7. thank god! finally the makers r focusing on the love aspect between ishra. a few scenes here and there will not do. this is the best jodi ever and the chemistry between the 2 is unbelievable. a classic love story is wat we r expecting. have the best love scenes between the 2.

  8. i hate today’s episode!
    same blah……blah…….blah

  9. simmi looks like a man herself she looks butters when ever they have a special event and par meet is one of the most disgustingest characters I’ve ever seen

  10. Plz resolve this accident matter soon,n simmi parmeet shagun adi,hate them…
    n whr is mihi-mihi

  11. Good episode best of luck ishu

  12. I love this boy raman ..or karan .i loved his role everytime

  13. Awesome luv story……..
    ishitha n raman r cute couples…….
    they luv each other but they cant realise it ……
    whene time comes they realise it…..
    but b4 that som issues will com in their life……..
    wat a faith…….

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