Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi asking Pihu to come with him. Raman asks Ishita does Romi know. Ishita says yes, Romi and everyone know, I told them, it was imp to tell them, I asked them to behave normally with her. Pihu asks them to come and see the good surprise. Mrs. Bhalla says we are celebrating lohri. Pihu says I like Lohri a lot, we will wear new clothes. She asks Ishita to get matching bangles. Ishita says why just bangles, we will get new suit for you, Ananya and Ruhi. Raman says yes, we will get new clothes. Pihu asks Ananya which color she wants. They talk. Simmi says thank God its Lohri, now I have reason to not send Ananya to Parmeet. She tells Ananya that they have to cancel tomorrow’s plan. Ananya says I have an idea, invite Papa here, I can meet Papa. Please call him. Simmi

says no. Ananya asks her to call and goes.

Ananya says Pihu, Papa is going to come tomorrow to celebrate Lohri with us. Everyone hear it. Raman asks Neelu to take Pihu and Ananya to room. He asks Simmi what is Ananya saying, I told she can meet her dad outside this house, not here, I send her to Karnaal to meet them, what’s this drama. Ishita asks Simmi to answer Raman. Simmi says Parmeet came Delhi and wanted to meet Ananya, I told her to cancel the plan as its Lohri, she is a kid, she heard Papa saying we will invite family and friends, she insisted we invite Parmeet. Ishita says dad is hero for every girl. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Raman says I don’t care, let Parmeet come and meet Ananya, if he does anything, I will burn him in Lohri fire.

Amma makes laddoos for Ishita. Ruhi helps her. Romi and Adi check arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu and Ananya to ask Amma is laddoos are ready. Ishita says I m glad seeing Pihu happy, I hope she recalls what she has seen. Mr. Bhalla says Pammi’s phone is not connecting, did her number change. Mrs. Bhalla gives number. Ruhi asks Mr. Bhalla did you invite Suhail. Mr. Bhalla says sorry, I forgot, I will call him. Ruhi says its fine, I will invite him. Ishita asks Raman to be on Ruhi and Suhail’s side, and watch them.

Suhail smiles seeing Ruhi’s call and answers the call. He flirts with her and says I love you a lot, I can see you in front of me, Ruhi its strange, we met some months back and our hearts met. She says you will get chance to meet me tonight, we are celebrating Lohri, I m inviting you. He says your mom, will she not have problem. She says she knows, this invitation is from family, please come. He says ofcourse I will come. She asks him to wear punjabi dress. He asks her to wear indian dress. She says sure, I will match with you. He ends call and says now it will be fun. He sees the guard outside and says they think they will keep an eye on me and I will not know it. I know to fool them, I will make sure they can’t find anything, what will Raman and Ishita do now, Ruhi invited me home.

Aaliya talks to Ruhi and says so Suhail is also coming. Ruhi says yes, don’t tell this to Ishita. Aaliya says fine, but tell her if you are serious. Ruhi says no, its not right time, I will tell everyone when I m comfortable, I want to enjoy this moment, its my first love. Aaliya says you are excited. Ruhi says you are also getting ready for Adi. Aaliya says Ishita asked me to get ready well and come as punjabi bahu. Ruhi says Adi will be glad seeing you, don’t shock him. Aaliya says I m excited to see you, I m almost ready, I will see you. Aaliya ends call and says don’t know Adi will wish me or not, I just hope no one knows about our breakup. Mani calls her. Aaliya says I m ready. Mani smiles seeing her and compliments her for looking a punjaban. Shagun comes and says I m ready, lets leave. Mani says you both go, I won’t come. Shagun asks why are you behaving like this, just let go. Aaliya asks Mani to come. Mani asks them to go. Shagun asks what’s your problem, you said we will behave like husband and wife till Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, what will Bhallas think. Mani says I don’t care what they think, I don’t want to go with you. Aaliya says please let Shagun come for my sake. He agrees.

Mrs. Bhalla compliments Ananya and Pihu. Parmeet comes there. Ananya runs to him. Everyone look on. Simmi comes asking which earring shall I wear. She sees Parmeet. Raman asks Ananya and Pihu to go and see dhol people. Parmeet asks Ananya to go and gives her gift. Ananya thanks him and goes. Parmeet returns Simmi’s jewelry. He says I know you are not happy seeing me here, I just came for Ananya, I have no wrong intention. Ishita says Raman, Parmeet changed for Ananya.

Amma comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla to come fast. Raman and everyone go. Everyone smile. Kids play. Aaliya waits for Adi. Adi sees Aaliya and thinks she looks so lovely, its better I stay away, if I compliment her, if she misunderstands, I will ignore her. She hopes he compliments her and they can talk. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to give snacks to guests. Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and Ishita compliment Aaliya. Amma asks are you finding Adi. Aaliya says no. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla makes Aaliya wear bangle. Aaliya asks what’s this. Mrs. Bhalla says its shagun, you and Adi will do puja together today, this is your gift, you will become Bhalla bahu soon. Aaliya says thanks, but I can’t take this, take it back. Adi looks on. They get shocked.

Pihu screams and cries. Mihika hugs her. Raman rushes to Pihu and holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi sindhu,rithu,shivani,magic,shreya,saba,mino,priya,riya,pinku,susan,nisha,madhu,bhagya,mahi,ridika and all other yhm fans..hope all are fine..

  2. Feeling bad for pihu…..Sohail get lost from the show…ruhi is a fool…she believed in sohail’s word so easily……

  3. Hello all yhm fans.Magic,rithu,marin,sindhu,madhu,priya,riya,shreya and r u all.

    Poor pihu.Feeling sad for her.Hope she gets fine soon.I can’t bear sohail.Ruhi should get into some sense.

  4. Cvs please make the story more interesting.they r loosing viewers by this stupid track.Coming one by one villian in this show.ashok,shagun,nidhi,now sohail.stupid track!

  5. Maybe pihu screamed when she saw suhail?ruhi what happened for your love for pihu!

  6. Asammi

    A small story about my Purani soch..
    Am a girl of age 21, am independent, earning for family. Working in a reputated company. I had a relationships with couple of boys. But still i never went behind my parents’ wish. See this is purani soch and safe soch. This is what happiness is, they are parents for a reason. No girl in india goes against their parents even if they are married. But star plus is showcasing girls as villans as manipulators, selfish and much more.
    So, starplus please stop the stupidest track of Ruhi and please continue Ishita and Raman’s story.

    1. very true Assami …. Agree with you

  7. Same Asammi…I agree

  8. Hi all yhm.yes yhm losing viewers, they should end the show and start another show.based on love.

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai marin hi ridika iam fine

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i hate this track and what did mani said he didn’t care about the feelings of bhalla’s but in bhalla’s family his best frd ishu also there he didn’t care about the feeling of ishu also

    1. How can he Bhagya ….. how could she convince him to marry Shaghun . It was totally wrong of Ishitha … even now I cant get an answer for that .. was it to see Shaghun is secured or Mani to have a married life or if Shaghun is married Ishitha and raman are safe … such a characterless woman shaghun is …. from begining … I feel Simmi was the best choice … not Shaghun ..

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where the friendship between mani and ishu? where is the sisterly love between ruhi and pihu? where is the pure love between adi and aliya?

  12. Interesting episode.

  13. Superb ishita.. Senseless woman.. Why do you poke nose in everyone’s life and making their life hell.
    U got rinki married to mihir and he lost happiness and finally rinki died.
    Already u supported again, and now Mani lost his happiness and life.
    When Raman blamed suhail, u supported suhail.
    Now u are saying parmeet is changed for ananya. So u want to unite simmi with param and make her life hell.

    Oh my mata ishita.. Already u have lots of problems in ur own family.
    Ruhi is under danger of suhail.
    Pihu is disturbed.
    Adi is under stress due to break up.

    So solve your family problem, Don’t spoil life of simmi. If u can’t then tell ekta maiya, she will introduce leap with separation. After leapt, U and raman get away.
    Let ruhi goto niddhi.
    Let mani and shagun divorce and pihu stay with shagun.
    Adi and aaliya too will get away ,who knows they might get married to someone else too.
    Simmi and param again separated and ananya is with param and simmi suffering.
    Get romi and mihika sepereated too.
    If possible separate vandhu and bala too

    Thank God, Mr and Mrs Bhalla and Mr and Mrs Iyer are not separated.

    One more, if possible unite ishita with inspector abhishek, so there won’t be need to use body double for hugs.

    and let title be


    1. Well ..I really liked your comments … to some extend agree with you .. Mairu Boss . Manis with Shaghun cant be accepted … Simmi knows how to take good decision …. better to allow her to take her own decision ..If Raman could take the help of Shaghun for surrogancy , he has to treat Param too in that level .

  14. Hi Magic Rithu Shivani Sindhu Mino Susan Khushi and all yhm fans … it was really a very wrong move of cvs to bring this sohail Ruhi track . Its a request viewers cant watch our matured Ruhi like this … spoiling Ruhis character … When she told Alia dont tell ur amma , I was wondering … how can she tell about her Ishima . Ruhi convinced Pihu about Ishima .. even to Adi .. how badly framing her … 17 year old girl in love … cvs are more interested in that .Ishitha was looking stunning .. v beautiful so too Raman . If Raman can entertain Shaghun why Param cant be ? I dont like Param but he is Ananyas father . Beautiful storyline is damaged to the core . Other two lories Raman and Ishithas scenes if compared here they have nothing much to impress us . Shaghun too looked very beautiful . Aliya is much loyal to her amma … I hope Adi -Alia will be able to clear the mis understandings they really love each other .Alia is really matured . Cvs please dont make us hate Ruhi … when she was insulting her Ishima for being with Nidhi , we cud justify her pain .But please show the audience the girls openup everything to their mothers . How come Ishitha was in Saree than in Punjabi suit …

  15. Why do people hide things, adi and Aaliya hiding breakup, it gets out eventually. Now shagun will use it to her advantage and blackmail adi. Ruhi believing everything sohail says. Surely today ishita should’ve guessed something was wrong between Aaliya and adi.

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai vp mam sry iam not supported shagun i felt that mani and ishu frdship was getting spoiled because of shagun thatswhat iam feeling.sry if i hurt anyone feelings

    1. Bhagya its not supporting or not . It is really Ishithas mistake …. nobody will be too good like this …. now when u watch star utsav you cant digest Shaghuns character . But AH is a good actress negative

  17. Sorry. But I am really disappointed in some of yhm fans comments. How could u guys blame Ishitha for Shagun Mani marriage. In fact. It not Ishitha mistake. During the first leap Shagun made her sacrifices but her sacrifices were ignored. Because of that she became became insecured, possessive jealous of Ishitha. She thought Ishitha was the reason. Ishitha only thought abt Shagun-Mani marriage because of her and her husband 2 people life got disturbed. So Ishitha felt guilty. Wats happening in Shagun Mani life Ishitha can’t be responsible.

  18. Bhagya. I don’t think Mani and Ishitha relationship would jeopardize. Actually. Mani would have been hurt. That is normal.

    1. True Reghu .. Nobody is responsible .. but knowing Shaghun Ishitha should not suggested . And Bhagya its not becoz of Shaghun their relationship is spoiled . Situation changed for Mani after marriage and due to Alia Adis love Mani took a wrong decision of supporting Shaghun for the custody of Pihu .. that was Manis wrong move . He is a noble gentle man .. did not expect it

  19. VP. Your looking at Shagun before the initial 400 episodes. See these things could have been easily avoided if two things had happened. 1. Shagun could have easily married Manoj and still taken care of pihu. 2. The way Shagun got treated by the iyers and bhallas and iyers. Everyone apart from Raman, Ishitha, Adi and Mr. Bhalla never cared abt Shagun feelings. Is it right?

    1. Raghu … what was Shaghuns intention of marrying Mani ? As there is a say a dogs tail even if you put to make it straight for years , it cannot . Its defficult for a persons character to change .. and I believe in one thing if you like or love someone genuinely … whatever it is his happiness is important even if you have to sacrifice your happiness . Ishitha was and is like that . Her judgemental on people are wrong . But Raman looks for immediate solution . My view in life is like this . And I do try my best to practice the same in my life. Ishitha is too selfless … its a serial only … but if cvs cud bring realities in serials , well and good . And Bhagya … cvs damaged value of the frienship Ishu and Mani …

  20. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes raghu and vp mam i agree with both of you but i felt that after mani and shagun’s marriage only ishu and mani frdship getting spoiled ofcouse situations also likethat

  21. Stupid track..please remove Sohail…ruhi should get some sense really…

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