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The Episode starts with Mihika and Romi working. He asks her to have food. She says she has pending work. He says I will go washroom and goes. He gets food and asks him to eat it, she has to take medicines too. He insists and says I will keep this laptop. She eats the food and likes it. Mihir sits to have lunch and likes the food. He says Mihika will be glad seeing this tiffin, she will be happy, I will share this with her. He goes to Mihika and smiles seeing Romi taking care of Mihika, and finding both happily dining together.

Vandu is tensed. The lady says student is stable now. The college committee is angry on Vandu for this matter. Vandu says I should have informed you, when I saw him stealing papers, I got angry, I was already worried. The lady says you got your anger and frustration

on that student. Vandu says you mean that student did right. The lady says no, but you should have not reacted that way, we could have made him realize his mistake, you shouted on him and she jumped from window, he took this wrong step, he tried to do suicide, you should have controlled your anger. Vandu says I m teacher, will I not scold him on his mistake, don’t blame me. The man says media will use this matter, student union is also angry, we have to solve this matter. Vandu hopes the matter does not get worse.

Ishita tells Raman that its good we got consent form. Chadda and Pallavi come there. Ishita says good you came here. Pallavi says Amar was dropping me somewhere and I came with him here. Chadda checks Rohit’s documents. Ishita asks Raman to learn something, Chadda takes his wife everywhere, you don’t take me in meetings. Raman says fine, I will work on it. Orphanage manager asks them to sit. He asks what will they have. Chadda says tea. Ishita says tea for me and coffee for Raman. Manager asks peon to get two teas, one coffee and one black coffee. Pallavi gets tensed. Chadda asks how do you know Pallavi likes black coffee, do you know her, did you meet her before.

Pallavi says yes, I came here once for my NGO work. Chadda says you did not tell me before. She says maybe it slipped from my mind. He holds her hand and says that’s what I m thinking how does manager knows your choice. Ishita looks on and thinks there is something, its not like it appearing.

Sarika says where did Ishita and Raman go happily, and asks Neelu. Neelu says Ishita got phone from orphanage, she went to meet lawyer. Sarika says fine, go. She worries thinking are they planning to adopt Rohit, I will not have anything here, they will kick me out, I have to stop Rohit’s adoption.

Suraj instigates to provoke student union against Vandu. The students agree with Suraj and say we will not be quiet. The man asks Vandu to hear the student union protest, how did you become irresponsible, you should have taken leave if you had stress, you should keep personal problems at home when you come for work. The media gets involved. Suraj says Vandu slapped me, now see the result.

Chadda says consent form is right, but is this signs of baby’s mother? Manager says yes. Raman asks is there any complication. Chadda says no, we don’t need to give ad now. He asks Raman to see the signs, it should like done intentionally fake, check the date, its 5 month old and sign ink is fresh, this person is clever, but we have to find about it. Ishita sees Pallavi worried. Chadda and Pallavi leave. Ishita thinks why is Pallavi nervous, whats the matter.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman says Chadda is sharp lawyer. Ishita says yes, indeed, he knows women well, on the contrary, my husband does not know me and my birthday. He says I know you very well. She says it can’t be. He stops the car and says you don’t challenge me, and flirts. She laughs and hugs him. He says police will cut challan if we romance on romance. She says yes, they will think we are GF BF, lets leave.

Mrs. Bhalla gets unwell. Amma and Mr. Bhalla take care of her. Ishita and Raman come home and ask what happened. Mr. Bhalla says her medicines are missing. Raman goes to get medicines. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to rest in room, and goes to Sarika. She checks for medicines and says this was my room before. Sarika asks where did you go, do you plan to adopt Rohit. Ishita asks how can we adopt him, you adopted him right, we went to lawyer to make property papers, you want your share right, do you want to ask lawyer. Sarika says no, I trust you, great you are doing this for me. Ishita takes Rohit and gets Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines in toy box. Sarika says how did this come here, I don’t know how it came. Ishita says yes, these boxes have legs to come from cupboard and mix in Rohit’s toys. Sarika says you got it now, take it silently. Ishita angrily leaves.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to rest, as she had medicines. Ishita brings medicines and specs and says she got this in Sarika’s room. Raman says it means Sarika did this. Ishita says I want to sort out Rohit’s adoption, Sarika should not know this, she doubted on me, I lied to her. Raman says we should do something soon.

Ashok asks Suraj what happened, is this college or a veg market. Suraj says I m settling scores with Vandu, she slapped me, she will not be able to show her face to anyone. Suraj takes black color for Vandu. Ishita stops Suraj and he pushes her towards the wall. She falls down. Shagun comes and holds Ishita. Ashok smiles enjoying the scene.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. murder mystery in yhm . new promo shoot – upcoming I dnt know who . but ishita murders sm1 accidentally ( she won’t do it intentionally ) in the promo shoot it is showed that ishita has a blo*dy knife in her hand nd her hand is full of blood . she is looking devasted nd equally shockd .that how can she murder some one
    she is crying and screaming . in the other scene it showed that raman is roamng outside the delhi court looking vry disturbed . he is looking helpless . in the othr scene they showed that he is talking to a lady lawyer miss nidhi who is the best criminal lawyer in delhi nd is very high profile with lots of attitude . raman is literally crying nd pleading bfr her to fight ishita’s case .but she said “I will only fight the case I will want to and I have played this kind of cases like thousand ishita’s and its no big deal for me. ” thn she leaves in her high profile car .
    thn sbs said that she will fight ishita’ s case nd will save her frm this accusation . nd it will eventually come out whom ishita murderd . is she even a murderer? its whose game plan or saazish against ishita – raman .

    I mn this is worst . why yaar now u ppl will show her as a murderer .so much mind games in a romantic serial . can’t say wt will hppn next . dnt think that seperation or leap will hppn #fingercrossed .

    but am pretty sure its sooraj khanna’s pln against ishra.

    1. Omg what’s happening… When can we see our ishra happy?

  2. HEY……………….everyone I’m frm SL..can i join you ..i’m Lucky(nicname)even thour i don’ t reply i always read you update

    1. Ur welcum lucky…me too frm SL.ur warmly welcum to thz site

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