Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to her mum and giving all updates. Poornima says Mihir said he is shifting Singapore, to forget his pain, but I know him very well, he can’t stay away from loved ones. Shagun says don’t worry and ends the call. She says Raman is giving him promotion, then why is Mihir going to Singapore. Ishita gets ready and Raman compliments her. They have a sweet nok jhok. Shagun stops Raman and asks why is Mihir leaving for Singapore, when you are promoting him. Raman says I m not sending him. Ishita says Mihir wants to go. Raman asks you knew it. She says yes, he came to take my advice, he wants to go away from Mihika’s decision.

Raman says I m promoting him, did he not say this. She says no. He says I won’t let him go there and stay alone, he will

work here. She says she is thinking about his heart, he is broken, he is getting a chance to go far and start fresh, you should respect his opinion. Raman says I know him, I will decide where he goes, he will stay here. She argues and says he will go where he wants. He asks why will Mihir run, when his family is here, its your sister’s marriage, he won’t run. She says even you have run Raman, leaving Ruhi and family to get away from memories. Raman says yes, I have run as my heart was broken, I was cheated, Shagun was with someone else and I was unable to bear it. I was restless and my pain got less when you came in my life, I went to Mumbai to make my career good. I m doing this for Mihir.

She argues. He says I want him to meet Ashok and Mihika, and Ashok should see Mihir successful. She says you want this. Shagun smiles seeing them argue. She asks them not to fight. Ishita says we are talking, not fighting. Shagun says Raman has habit to shout, if kids see this, they will feel you both have problem. Raman and Ishita ask her to mind her business. Shagun says fine, let Adi see how is his dad shouting. Raman says Adi is at home, why are you arguing, Adi will see me like this. Ishita says Adi is not at home, he went down with dad, I m not fool to fight before kids, go alone, I won’t come. He says you can’t be right all the time. She says I m right this time. He says Mihir won’t go anywhere. She goes to her room. Shagun smiles. Ishita is angry and Shagun comes to her.

Shagun apologizes to her and says mum told me about Mihir, I was worried, as he is my younger brother and I don’t want him to go. Ishita says lets end this topic. Shagun says Raman does not care about anyone in anger, he has to prove he is right. Ishita says I know my husband very well, the one with whom you stayed was someone else, and this Raman Bhalla is someone else, Raman has changed with time, we don’t fight, our thinking differs, I know his habits well, and I got habitual of his habits. Shagun says I was giving tip. I know him since many years, I was sharing it. Ishita says thanks. Shagun turns and sees Vandu. She leaves.

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Vandu asks why was she saying between you and Raman. Ishita says leave it. Vandu says you know she does everything by some plan, don’t give her chance to talk in between you both, she has no right, she left Raman, she better mind her own business. Ishita says yes, is there anything. Vandu says yes, and shows the sonography report. Ishita smiles seeing the baby. Raman talks to Mihir and says he fought with Ishita as she was taking his side. He says you are not going Singapore, if you argue, I will slap you. Is this the option, will you forget Mihika, even I tried to run, but Ishita has beaten me, I realized pain goes to face it, take this promotion, divert mind in work. You will forget everything, you are more than brother for me, even I want you to get less pain, face it, face the fear and pain, come out of it. He says he has to go and talk to Ishita. He leaves.

Mihir says they fought again because of me. Its morning, Suraj talks to Ashok and asks about Mihika. Ashok says its her drama to vomit again and again, I told her to show to doctor. He receives a courier. Mihika says its my report. She checks it and Ashok asks what happened, mild acidity?

She is shocked and says no, I m pregnant. Ashok says what and checks it. He says you are two months pregnant, and faints. Suraj holds him and asks whats this. Mihika thinks see my new drama now. Raman gets ready. Ishita sees the bed messed up and taunts him. Raman argues and says I spoke to Mihir, he is not going to Singapore, accept your mistake. She asks how is it my mistake, you shouted and changed his decision. She sas you accepted Adi is not my son, I knew Adi is not a home and I was talking that way. He says whats your problem. She asks why did he shout on her infront of others. He asks who others, Shagun? She says yes, how can you shout like this, is this right.

He says you got her and Adi in this house, you did right to get Adi, why did you get Shagun. She says she is caring for his happiness, we are husband and wife. They argue again. She says she won’t talk to him. Romi calls him and he leaves. She says Raavan Kumar is back to Raavan Kumar, he can’t change.

Mihika and Suraj try waking up Ashok. She asks what happened to you, I m pregnant and you are fainting. Ashok asks her to see whats this. She says its pregnancy report. He asks how can you be pregnant. She says its embarrassing, did you not study biology in school. He says he did not touch her. She says yes, its Mihir’s child, we dated for so many years and had relation. He says you are my wife, how can you bear his child. She says don’t shout, its bad for the baby, lets go and tell everyone. He says have you lost your mind, go and rest. She leaves and smiles.

The family has good time doing arm wrestling between Mr. Bhalla and Romi. Raman comes there murmuring and see them. Adi smiles seeing them. Raman sits and tries his hand with Romi. He says he is angry and sees Ishita, and he has to get his anger out in some way. Ishita looks on. Mr. Bhalla supports Romi. Adi walks there and sees them. He smiles seeing Shagun support Raman in winning. Everyone is shockd. Ishita stands still.

Raman is shocked as Shagun and Adi’s belongings are missing. He asks Ishita. She says I don’t know. He panics and argues saying his son is missing, is this her duty, and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Wow mihika. ….kya. .ooloo banaya unn dono. ..bhai ko. ….
    ashok. .kya expression the tumhare. Too..good …jab tumhe pata chala ki. .
    ..mihika. …pregnant hai. ….pehli bar tumhare expression achche lage. .aur tumhara faint hona. ……superb. …

  2. Reddy

    End this serial , not interested to watch this SHIT ! There are many more good serials other than this. This serial is full of impractical things , can anyone keep his ex wife at home ? Just stop this bullshit . If anyone sees the face of Shagun anyone would get sad and would go in depression . She is just horrible . Makers – last time I am saying either throw that Shagun out or stop this ****ing serial .

  3. Kya jawab diya raman Ishu ne. .uss shagun ko. …k
    ye husband wife k beech ki bat hai. …..aur hum ladh nahin rahe hai. .Baat karrahe hai. ……..very good. ..

  4. and mikha wala scene the kamaal hai.made fool of two bros.awesome yaar mikha.dont leave them so easily.ashok ka fainted wala tho i cant stop laughing yaar.

  5. Wow raman babu. .aaj toh ek dum ….babu moshaiye lagrahe the. ..bole toh. ..handsome handsome …….♡♡♡
    Aur jab tum ne Mihir ko kaha ki. …tum dono chawanni …..atthanni ka dimag lekar paida hoe ho. ……..superb. …..

  6. Wow…….Mihika kya uloo banaya ashok ko ….Ashok ka chera dehkne layak tha….Mast…Ashok yehi desreve karta hai….And suraj..Ke dailog bhi mast the ki ashok ko juta shugao…. Mihika scenes was awesome ……

  7. and raman plz dont hurt ishu by ur words yaar.we love u both a lot so plz dont do this show some goody goody scene.and even trp is also going low so plz make the show come on right track yaar.its humble request of ishra fans.

  8. Ishra kya jawaab diya shagun ko… Ki yeh husband wife ke bhech ki baat hai tum na hi bolo toh acha hoga….And ishita bedroom me jo jawaab diya shagun ko woh toh superb tha ……kya dailog bola shagun ko bolti hi band kar di shagun ki ….Superb and keep it up ishita…..

  9. zee

    todays episode is very awesome and shagun u got nice bulb todays spoiler is again a bakwass how could u do that raman and where is trust raman again anshagun won very boring and bulshit end this chapter soon how long a women will tolerate bring happiness in ishu akkas life where is mani whenever ur friend needs u r missing

  10. Aaj pure episode. .main. .IshRa. ..aur mihika chaye rahe. ……….
    Mihika part toh. ……..mast tha. …..
    …ashok k. .toh…..totte udhgaye …………….jab uss mihika k reports dekha. ……….mihu. ..chohd na mat. …….Inn khanna brothers ko. ……

  11. Raman ishita par gussa mat karo…tum Dono ki nok jok achi lagti hai …par yeh badi fight bikul bhi achi nahi lagti hai…par raman angry young man ke look me bhi mast and superb lagta hai…..

  12. Raman tum great ho …mihir ke liye kitna kar rahe ho…..kaun karta hai kisi aur ke liye yeh Sab….tum dil se mihir ko Bhai mante ho.. ..aur mihir bhi kahi se bhi shagun ka Bhai nahi lagta hai…..mihir ki goodness bahut achi hai and shagun itna acha Bhai desrevre nah

  13. Raman tum great ho …mihir ke liye kitna kar rahe ho…..kaun karta hai kisi aur ke liye yeh Sab….tum dil se mihir ko Bhai mante ho.. ..aur mihir bhi kahi se bhi shagun ka Bhai nahi lagta hai…..mihir ki goodness bahut achi hai and shagun itna acha Bhai desrevre nahi karti hai…

  14. mouny gurram

    Yaa guys its not nice to see raavan kumar back its not at all nice nd raman watever ishu has done is only for ur happiness its nt nice tat u r scolding her

    Im soo happy for mihika and she has done well

  15. Aliya Naz

    Kya yaar shagun humare pyaare ishra ko fight karana chahtiye. Raman ishita ke saath kaise fight kar raha hai . Main ishra ku alag nahi dekh sakti ummeed hai ishra jaldhi apna fight khatam kare…

  16. Aliya Naz

    Mihika ka part toh bahut mast tha jab ashok gir gayaa thab scene toh super mast tha aur jab Mihika bolti hai ki mihir ka bachha hai toh scene super super mast tha…..Mihika is doing well

  17. Hey 123 I want to suggest you one thing…….maine jab se yeh site joine ki hai tab se aap ki sabhi comments padhi hai…..aur sab me aap ki yeh hi demand hoti hai that you want physical relation between IshRa…… agar aap ko padhane ki hobby ho to aap IshRa ff par jaakar stories padhiye……aap ko waha sabhi type ki stories milegi……IshRa love confession ki, Suhagraat ki, Honeymoon ki, Ishita ke pregnant hone ki ….
    .aur bahot kuch……….trust me current treck boaring lage to yeh try karna achchha lagega………..
    Kal maine yeh kaha tha but aap ne padha hi nahi………..

  18. Hey Guys socho agar yeh log Lohri celebrate karenge to Raman agni ki parikrama kis ke saath karega………Aadi ki selfish maa Shagun yaa phir Ruhi ki loving caring Ishimaa????

  19. Prayosha raman ishita ke saath hi parikaram karega but adi and shagun koi chal na chale de… . ….yeh raman adi ke pyaar me pagal hai …usse adi ke alwa koi bhi nahi dehkta hai and iss baat ka shagun fayada udhati hai….

  20. …..prayosh . …..ofcourse. ….raman apni pyari pagal madrasan. …jhansi ki rani. …..ruhi pyari. .ishimaa k sath. ..agni ki parikrama……karega
    kitna achcha lage ga. …….agar phir se. …IshRaRuh. ….Lohri par agni ki parikrama karenge. ……..
    ……ye sab dekh kar toh dono maa. .bete
    ..jalkar raakh hojain ge. …….
    Tum kya kehti ho? ?

  21. Aliya Naz. …
    Ishita maafi mangne jaigi par. …shagun ishita ko rukh degi. ..aur achchi hone ka natak kare gi. ……ishita Adi ko happy lohri kahe gi. ……aur sab thik hojae ga. …

  22. Haa to me wo hi to keh rahi hoo….maibhi chahti hoo ke Raman Ishita ke saath parikrama kare butyeh Shagu & aadi kuch na kuch to karenge hi & family bhi unhi ka saath de rahi hai…….

  23. Aaj toh raman k kya dialogues the. ….k
    …….tumhe nahin pata dentist madrasi k paas dimag nahin hota. …..
    ..tum dono chawanni. ..atthanni ka dimag lekar paida hoe ho. …….superb

  24. Aliya Naz

    Mizun and palak raman toh hamesha handsome aur good looking hai. Kash main raman(karan patel) se mil paati…..

  25. IshRa ki aaj ki nok jok k liye toh ye song perfect hai. ..
    Ladhna jhagadna. …jhagadke …akhadna
    chodu chodu Inn bataun ka Inn se hoga kya. …..
    choti choti bataun se chidna. …bighadna. ..chodo chodo Inn bataun ka Inn se hoga kya. ………

  26. Yeh song song kaisq rahega……
    Kabhi Neem Neem …………..
    Kabhi Sehad Sehad…….
    Kabhi Narm Narm………
    Kabhi Sakht Sakht…….
    Mora piya …..Mora piya…..Mora piya……

  27. the episode was ok but mihika ashok part wad the best.ashok toh behoosh ho gaya. but precap was bad. raman ko kyu negative dikha rahe hai aur ishitha tum raman ko jaldi maaf nahi karna.aaj hi itnaa hurt kar chuka hai toh aage toh aur bhi hurt karega. aur future mein toh maafi and all to that cheapster shagun .

  28. Last scene me Raman Ishita haat expect kar raha tha …..aur jab use kisi ka haath mehsus hua to wo khush hua ki Ishita ka haath hoga….but Shagun ko dekh kar gussa ho gaya….yeh Shagun ko bich me aane ki kya jarurat thi?????

  29. Beti ko Chand jaisi mat banao ki har koi ghur ghur k dekhe…


    Beti ko Suraj jaisi banao taki ghur ne se pahele sab ki nazar juk jaye…

    Happy daughter’s week.

    Daughter is not equal to tension
    In today’s world
    Daughter is equal to
    Ten son’ s…


    “Jo ‘Mummy’ or ‘Papa’ ko Swarg le jaata hai, wo “Beta” Hota hai

    Jo Swarg ko Ghar Le a।aye,
    wo “Beti” Hoti hai”…..!

    Who Would U Love More, Me Or Ur Husband..??

    The BEST Reply Given By the DAUGHTER:
    I Don’t Know Really,
    But When I See U,
    I Forget Him,
    But When I See Him,
    I Remember U..

    U Can Always Call Ur DAUGHTER As Beta,
    But U Can Never Call Ur Son As Beti..

    That’s Why DAUGHTERS are SPECIAL..

    BETI ki mohabbat ko
    kabhi Aazmana nahi,

    woh phool hai usse
    kabhi Rulana nahi,

    BAAP ka toh Maan
    hoti hai BETI,

    Hone ki Pehchan Hoti
    hai BETI,

    Uski Ankhe
    kabhi Num na Hone

    Uski zindagi se
    khushiya kabhi kam
    na Hone dena,

    Ungli pakad ke kal jis ko
    Chalaya tha tumne,

    Phir Usko hee Doli mai
    Beethana hai tumhe,

    Bahut Chota sa Safar
    Hota hai BETI ka saath

    Bahot kum Waqt ke
    Liye hoti hai woh
    hamare Pass..!!


    OH my Ruhi Darling….this is for you…..
    & Raman apni betikimaa ko choose karna bete ki maa ko nahi……..

    • hi

      stupid ishita, get to know of adi and shagun atleast by now. orelse ur life ll b in soup… hate reman for his behaviour towards ishita these days… miss ur cuteness ishra n ur romances.. nowadays after shaguns entry hate to watch yhm bcoz of all hatred and revenge … we wud lik to watch happy serial with social msgs like n earlir episodes how ishra delt with licence case or ashoks bachelor prty etc..

  30. jab shagun aur adi ishra ki life poori tarah se kharaab kar degi na tab ashok bhage chale aayega shagun adi ke paas .jab mihika ka torture bardaash nahi hoga aur paani sar se uupar jaayega tab ashok khud bar khud shagun aur adi ko lene aayega . aur tab hi adi aur shagun ka bhaanda phootega aur mihika ki assliyath patha chalegi.kyonki ashok kahi na kahi shagun aur adi se pyaar kartha hai .kyonki jab raman ne adi ka legal dad na hone ke liye sign karwaaya tha tab ashok shocked tha aur pucha ki kyu?aur mujhe lagtha hai ki ashok shagun aur adi ko nahi chood tha agar suraj ne usse bhadkaaya nahi hotha toh . mihika toh buss ek trophy hai ashok ke liye. aur ab toh raman se badlaa lene ka raastha bhi nahi hai .so i think in my opinion ki shagun will return back to ashok.aisa mujhe lagtha hai.

    • hi

      if she does tht, n b wit ashok . it ll b v nice. orelse find someone for tht shagun so she doesn mess up wit others life

  31. Pls yaar Raman beta jo tumse pyar nahi krata uske pyar me itne andhe mat ho jaana ki jo beti tumhe duniya me sabsr jyada pyar karti hai use bhul jao……..pls yaar Aadi ko khush karne me Ruhi aur Ishita ko hurt mat karna kyonki aisa karke tum sirf 2 dilo ko nahi par laakho dilo ko hurt karoge………

  32. akira

    Nice epi
    I hope iss baar mihika kuch acha kare
    aur rinky has developed a soft corner for mihir soon she will fall for mihir
    lets c kya hota h….

  33. akira

    Prahpsha vo daughters wala comment
    bht bht acha tha
    aur bht touching tha really daughters are prid of their family
    HaPpY DaUgHtEr’S wEeK!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

  34. hi

    stupid ishita, get to know of adi and shagun atleast by now. orelse ur life ll b in soup… hate reman for his behaviour towards ishita these days… miss ur cuteness ishra n ur romances.. nowadays after shaguns entry hate to watch yhm bcoz of all hatred and revenge … we wud lik to watch happy serial with social msgs like n earlir episodes how ishra delt with licence case or ashoks bachelor prty etc..

  35. Haan raman …Adi sirf naam ka beta hai….tumhara. ..
    Woh toh sirf aur sirf shagun ka beta hai. ……Adi mumma’s boy hai sirf apni maa ki bat sonta hai ..aur sirf apni maa se pyar karta hai. ..
    par hamari. .barbie doll ruhi. ….tumhari aur ishita ki beti hai. … bilkul tum dono ki tarha sonch ti hai. …………..tum dono se pyar karti hai. ……….
    IshRaRuh prefect family hai. .iss main kisi ki zarorat nahin. Hai ……Adi ko rahne do uss apni maa k paas. .woh wahin achcha hai. ….

  36. ☆Betiyan Sab ke mukhaddar main nahin hoti hai
    Ghar Khuda ko jo pasand aaye wahan hoti hai. …☆☆♡♡♡
    Happy daughters week. ……♡♡

  37. akira


    Ladies And Gentlemen
    A Son Is A Son Till He Gets Himself A Wife
    But A Daughter Is A Daughter
    All Her Life
    Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main
    Aayi Main Aayi Neele Gagan Se
    Laayi Main Laayi Taaron Ko Chun Ke
    Mere Liye Jo Bana Hai
    Soon Le Jahan Tu Chupa Hai
    Paana Mujhe Mushkil Hai
    Phoolon Jaisa Mera Dil Hai
    Aakar Dekhle
    Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main

  38. ruhi

    Just hate to watch this serial now. This has also become like other daily soaps. Have already stopped watching it from 2 daysq

  39. akira

    SsYeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shagun hugs Ishita infront of the Bhalla family, and they witness the friendship of the Sautans. Everyone thinks they have things fine between them, but its just Shagun’s drama, who has her selfish motives. She brings Adi back home and makes everyone glad as Adi is their important family link. Shagun has become good in everyone’s eyes. She tries acting sweet and asks Ishita not to apologize. Adi sticks to his demand to hear sorry from Ishita, and Shagun asks him to just end it. Ishita apologizes to Adi and ends his anger. She knows Raman’s love for Adi and gets friendly to Adi. The Bhalla family gets glad and Lohri Celebration is next in the show.

  40. We are proud to be a girl…..Ladki hona ek garv ki baat hai….Har kisi ki kismat me beti nahi hoti hai….Yeh kuch kismat walo ko hi milti hai…..

  41. purvi

    Plz comment about my comment

    “I can’t understand if it is a show about Muslims then why they wear so small dresses….as I know about Islam they are not allowed gul khan u know it????…u should have got knowledge about Islam before creating the drama

    • Yes. .purvi. ..ur absolutely right. ……pata nahin kyun humsafars main aaisa dekha rahe hai…short dress ….bepardagi. ….Islamic culture main aaisa bilkul bhi allowed nahin hai. ….Islam main short dresses pahenna allowed nahin ….hai. ..aaisa nahin .like qubool hai. ……uss main. ….aaisa kuch nahin dikhate…k koi bhi cast member aaise short dresses pehne. …hoye hai. …
      tumne sahi kaha ki kisi bhi drama ko start karne se pehle. ……uss religion k bare main puri tarha pata hona chahiye k kya roles and regulations hai. .kya limits hai. …
      And I’m also a Muslim. …achcha laga ki tumne ye notice kiya. ..thnx. …

      • Yes. .purvi. ..ur absolutely right. ……pata nahin kyun humsafars main aaisa dekha rahe hai…short dress ….bepardagi. ….Islamic culture main aaisa bilkul bhi allowed nahin hai. ….Islam main short dresses pahenna allowed nahin ….hai. ………..aaisa nahin .ki islam bahut strikt hai …..lekin kuch limits hsi roles …jo hame follow karne hote hai ……like qubool hai. ……uss main. ….aaisa kuch nahin dikhate…k koi bhi cast member aaise short dresses pehne. …hoye hai. …
        tumne sahi kaha ki kisi bhi drama ko start karne se pehle. ……uss religion k bare main puri tarha pata hona chahiye k kya roles and regulations hai. .kya limits hai. …
        And I’m also a Muslim. …achcha laga ki tumne ye notice kiya. ..thnx. …

  42. purvi

    Thnx mizun….we need romance but not short dresses…just have a look at and anam and Zara’s dresses….I m just talking about their dresses…please unka romance na khatam karna…aur na hi nok jhok khatam karna…romance shading k bad tou kar saktay ho Islam men…..gul for ur kind info and shadi say pahlay nai tu sahir nay arzoo ko goad men b uthaya tha

  43. purvi

    Guys don’t mind…..I know its a place for ishra comment but yar wahan koi reply hi ni karta…sirf teen ya char comments hotay Han wahan

  44. happy daughters week to all yhm fans. in todays generation girls are equal to boys and today there is also a saying that if girls are educated then she educates the whole family and a house works only by women . we are proud to be girls. daugters always brings happiness and are never burden to parents .i hope one day we could see that poor girl children are not killed inside the womb just because its a girl child. daughter are like lakshmi ‘s and we wanted to see an india like that.

  45. hope jald se jald yhm apna trp phir se top kare. its such a good show .so plz the makers of yhm plz grab the eyeballs of veiwers and top in the trp chart.any how we yhm fans will never leave this show.

  46. HI Guys Good morning………
    Have a nice day…….
    I hope ke aaj ke ep me sab fights ho jay & Monday ke ep me Lohri celebration dikhaye……….

  47. akira

    I think suraj n ashok will plan against mihika as they have doubt on her
    is mihika really pregnant with mihirs child or it is also part of her drama??

  48. jalsa

    Mihika is tricking ashok as she dont want him to touch her.i bet he will get bored of her and then want ishita…how can you make ashok that characterless ..shagun shud leave the show now…plz change adi character as childrwn should be lovable and not evil…raman you got a great wife start reapecting her but be a man and throw shagun out…shall can live with her brother….serials are all becoming the same long and boring

  49. Hey in upcomming ep there wil be Pongal celebrqtion in Iyer house…….
    Ashok in vesti……..& Raman in red shirt with white loongi…….Raman is looking so good in that dress…….I think shayad yeh aaj SBB me aayega…….

  50. IshRa ki shaadi ke baad 1st pongal & Lohri hai to bada celebration hoga……..Ishita Raman ko apne south Indian dress adjust karne me help kar rahi thi but dono abhi bhi Ruthe hue lag rahe the……..& Ishita ne white simpal saari pehni thi jisme orange border thi …..& golden jewellary & Ruhi ne apni Ishima ko orange flowers ma gajara bhi pehnaya…….

  51. bechara raman ka ek bahaana bhi chala gaya.woh toj ishitha ko gajra lagaana chahatha tha lekin ruhi aa gayi.but ishitha looked gorgeous in orange cream saari but i wanted to see ishitha in the lohri celebration in the suit which mrs.bhalla gifted her and what all will happen during lohri celebration.

  52. Hi …guys..
    Wow bade Dino bad kuch toh achcha bataya. ……..yhm main double celebration …..hai ..par IshRa abhi bhi ek dusre se bat nahin karrahe hai. …….I hope k. ..celebration khatam hone se pahle ..raman ishita ko manale. …..

  53. bhagi

    serial ithna boar hothe jaa rahe hai ki pehli baar iss show ka trp ithna kam tha plz end shagun ka crap agar raman ne adi keliye ishu ko hurt kiya ya phir choda na to our ashok me koi pharak hi nahi hoga……plz remeber writers that raman is a hero

  54. kya backwaaz episode tha.raman ko ishitha pe bharosa nahi hai kya.buss jo mu mai aa raha hai wahi bol raha hai.sab ishitha ke against ho rahe hai. adi ne kya kya harkathe ki hai yeh sab kuch jaanthe hue bhi ishitha ke against hai aur ishitha ke baare mein kya kya sooch rahe hai. adi ko sar pe chada ke rakhe hai .pagal kahi ka. infact adi ek baccha hi nahi hai.kyonki uske harkathe baccho wala nahi hai.kisi jaanvar jaisa hai .bilkul uss choodail shagun ki tarah.lekin kisi ko ye nahi dikhtha hai kya ki ishitha ne kya kuch kiya hai bhallas ke liye.phir bhi buss adi adi adi.sab ko pag khaane mein jana chahiye except ishitha and ruhi.seriously very bad happened with ishitha and also will happen.

  55. koun hai bhai 17january 2015 ke updates mein comment box hi nahi hai.ek toh aaj ka epiode poora ka poora backwaaz aur ishra fans ko upset karne wala tha.toh abi tak comment box kyu nahi aayi hai.plz as fast as possible upload the comment box.

  56. Yeah rithushree. …..
    aaj ka episode. ..bakwas tha upper se. … comment box abhi tak nahin aayi hai. ……..aaj kya hogaya hai. ……..haa yaar. ..jald se jald. ..comments box ko upload karo. ..plzzzz…hum din ka intezar nahin karsakte. …….comment karne ke liye. ….

  57. aaj ka din hi sahi nahi hai.yhm episode was total backwaaz aur comment box abhi tak nahi aaya hai.trp obviously kam hoga aur kya patha shayad auur bhi kam ho jaye kyonki iss show ke main ruhi ka koi importance hi nahi dikha rahe hai. monday toh maafi , return of shagun adi aur ishra fight hi hoga . another backwaaz and manhoosiyath of this show.

  58. Yaar yeh log Update ke saath comment box Edit karna bhulgaye kya?????? Hume bahot kuchkehna hai kal ke baare me…….aur wese bhi aaj Sunday hai……..

  59. Wahi pongal celebration hai. …ashok mihika bhi aaye hai. ..pooja main ashok mihika bhi baitte hai. …..koi bhi khush nahin hai unn dono ko dekh kar. ……
    IshRa bahut achche lagrahe the. ..dono abhi bhi bat nahin karrahe hai. ……….

  60. sbb mein yhm ke baare mein dekha ki pongal celebration mein ashok mihika aaye hai aur ashok raman ke peeche baita hai jiss wajeh se raman irritated hai.uupar ashok bhi taaliyan bhaja raha hai . aur shagun saj daj ke taiyaar hue hai punjabi suit mein(red and golden suit mein)for lohri .aur uupar se ishitha ko irritate kar rahi hai. kuch bacche hothe hai bhalla house mein toh woh shagun kehthi hai ki baccho ko agar daanth tudwaana hai toh woh ishitha ke paas jaaye. any ways i wanted to know whether any news came about kumkum bhagya.

  61. Yahi k. .Lohri celebration hogi. …tanu aur aliya. …plan kare gi k. .Abhi. ….pragya ke sath nahin tanu ke sath lohri pooja kare. ………

  62. ruhi

    In The coming days Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will experience a new change, Once Ishtita apologises to Adi and Shagun, she goes upstarirs to Ruhis room to sleep. Thinking it is going to be the last time seing her again she kisses her and hugs. Raman wakes up in the morning and gets ready for work, he opens the wardrobe to see Ishita’s possessions gone. He sees a note saying “hopefully you take care of Adi, Shagun and also Ruhi, I am just a burden to this family with no blood relation to any of your kids. We might aswell split now and not see each other again before we start to hate each other for quarelling. Tell my amma and appa to move back to a their original homes and i will buy them one myself. Please Sign the divorce papers” Raman panics and asks where Ishita is to her whole family and breaks the news of the letter. Adi and Shagun smile, Raman sees Adi smiimg and scolds him. The family scatters around the city to search for her. Precap: The family sees Ishita in a temple marrying a man with (no face

  63. Hi ruhi. ..
    ye jo bhi tha achcha nahin tha. ..
    serial main aaisa kuch nahin hoga
    I know ye ek fan fiction story hai. …….
    I’m sorry agar tumhe …bora laga toh. …

    • ruhi

      Arreh nahi. Actually ishita should definitely leave so he understands her importance. Saat hote uski keemat pata kabhi nahi chalega.

  64. Arpit

    I like the story by Ruhi ! At least Raman ko yeh toh realise hoga Ki voh Ishita ke Saath galat ho raha hai and he will come to know the truth about Adi . If this is the upcoming episode then Yeh hai mohabbatein rocks otherwise it’s too boring as every time Ishita is the victim of the cruel intentions of that witch and Her idiot son .
    Raman is a selfish man and he should realise what Ishita has done for him and his family is something which no one can do .

  65. ruhi

    Raman is really selfish. He never gave importance to anyone else. . Other than Aadi. Very much biased. He is the lead charecter but now showing as negative. And hell with raman, for blaming ishita. He is brainless. Aadi ko.itna importance dena acchi baat nahi haib. Writers, plz go to hell,and die.

  66. Oh Ruhi tum ne to dara diya…….meri to dhadkane ruk gai….par jab last me precap dekha tab samaj me aaya ke yeh fan fiction ki story hai……..You realy scared me………..

  67. Raman is behaving like foolish……..
    But kal ka pura ep bakwas nahi tha……..IshRa ki fight(phonewali) nice…….Raman Icecream laya also nice…….Mihir Shagun Aadi ko le gaya……very very very nice………..
    But yeh kuch baat suni nahi aur Ishita ko sunaya very bad………….& Raman ne Ishita ke Ishimaa hone par sawal uthaya very very bad…….& haa Raman Ishita par gussa nahi hai sirf Aadi ka gussa Ishita par nikal raha hai …..aisa khud Ishita ne interview me kaha tha……….

  68. Reddy

    Nisha aur uske cousins is better than this SHIT . And this is the impractical serial . Things shown in this serial can never be possible in real life .
    Raman ko CEO dikhaya hai — He doesn’t even do one by croreth work of CEO . And being CEO he is wasting that much with his stupid so called son .
    End this ****ing serial .
    And all crazy fans just stop these immature comments and be practical.
    And last but not the least no need to dislike the comment as it is the ground reality .

  69. Hey Reddy……..meri baat ko galat mat samajna …….but please YHM serial ko wrost mat kaho……agar kehanahi hai to curent treck ko aur story ko wrost kaho……….hum IshRaRuh & YHM ke huge fans hai………..& show ke baaare me aisi bato se hum bhi hurt hote hai…………mai yeh nahi kehti ki apni feelings share mat karo but pls YHM show ko nahi Story par gussa nikalo……….Its only humble request……….

  70. i think so raman was partial tha in terms of adi and ruhi .because in the starting of the show though he liked ruhi he hurted ruhi and kept a distance with her but when ishitha came slowly he became more close to ruhi.but when it comes to adi not only raman but the whole bhalla family becomes over protective towards adi and raman who himself had put a case on adi and well known with his bad deeds now has forgoten everything. he is just hurting ishitha by scolding her at every time but ishitha asked sorry,tolerate all the buk buk of people and especially shagun and adi.

  71. yhm is the best serial.although the present track is little disappointing but many and i am also a huge fan of yhm and ishraruh fan. we like this serial very much and we also have many expectations in this serial .and there is no serial without drama whether bad or good and we need a story .not just like ishraruh be happy and there is no story or drama itself . we will never leave this show.and also it is ekta kapoor show and many shows were rocking and still remembered today also. so yhm is also going in a long drama but i am sure ki there will be nice end to this drama and come up with many pending dramas like sarika romi, bala raina ,shagun ashok together ,adi’s custody ,mihir mihika reunite,simmi param divorce, custody of simmi s daugher,simmi s marriage ,mani s marriage ,rinky s marriage,romi s marriage etc.

  72. Shagun puts an act infront of all and tells Ishita not to apologize but Adi remains firm on his decision and Ishita apologizes, while Raman is upset and guilty for Ishita. Adi finally agrees to return and thinks he can easily throw Ishita out of house sooner, while Shagun is happy as her plans work.

    But we hear from sources that soon Ishita will learn about Shagun’s intentions and will give back her , looks like the makers got to know about fans disappointed with current track.

    Let’s watch what new drama is yet to come and if romance will broom between Raman and Ishita…….

  73. Hey don’t worry. …..
    iss news se toh lagaraha hai ki. ….jald hi shagun ka. …patta saaf hone wala hai. …….I hope k. ….iss news main likha Sach ho jaye. …..k. ..ishita ko pata chal jaye ga. ..shagun kya karrahi hai. .uss ka intentions kya hai. ………

  74. But sirf Ishita ko pataa chalne se kyq hoga………….pehle yeh Aadi ke pyar me pagal Family ko samjao Shagun ka intension…………..& pls yaar yeh drame ko jan ke End ke saqth hi End kardo……..hume Feb me koi drama nahi chahiye……..

  75. Hey …Hi Guys……….
    Tum sab ne SBS SBB me dekha wo Pongal ki pooja chal rahi thi…..usme bichme aag ke upar ek mataka rakha tha…..usme ponagal ban raha tha……..kya tum me se kisine pongal khaya hai???? Maine ek baar khaya tha…….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.