Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet plays his game

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika misbehaving with Amma. She says I will pay you double for your services to look after me, Ishita is a gold digger, she married Raman as he was rich, you are feeling bad as I m going to marry Raman now, you are worried for Ishita, whom will she find, she is talented, she will get any rich man, else she will live with Ashok, don’t worry, Ashok is very rich, go and tell Ishita never to come between me and Raman. Amma says stop it now. Simmi says I won’t leave her. Parmeet stops Simmi. Mihika says you just threaten. Amma says I will do what I should have done long before. She raises hand. Mihika holds her hand and pushes. She throws the wine over her. Ishita comes there and gets shocked.

She asks Amma are you fine. She cries and angrily shouts on Mihika.

She gets champagne bottle and pours on Mihika’s head. Mihika says just stop it, leave me. Bala and Kiran hold Amma. Mihika gets back. Parmeet sees her long dupatta on the ground and lits fire. Ishita says you deserve this. Raman comes. They all get shocked seeing the fire. Everyone tries to save Mihika. Raman moves away Ishita. Simmi says someone save Mihika, Ishita has lit fire. They get water and blow off the fire. Ishita asks Mihika are you okay. Raman says stay away. Simmi says you did this and you are now pretending. Ishita asks what are you saying. Simmi says I have seen her doing this.

Ishita says no, she insulted Amma and I got angry, I have poured alcohol, I didn’t lit fire, Mihika tell them did you see me doing this, believe me. Simmi says say the truth, you don’t want this marriage to happen, you involved our house children, even Pihu, she is so young. Bala says stop it, Ishita didn’t do this. Raman asks did fire get ignited on own. Simmi says you will say this, maybe Ishita asked someone to lit fire. Ishita asks can I hurt Mihika. Simmi says when you didn’t hesitate to kill an innocent child. Ishita says I didn’t do this. Raman says I will call police. They stop Raman. Raman says you won’t come in my marriage. Simmi stops Ishita and asks will you let her go, she has to apologize to Mihika. Mihika says let it go.

Raman says no, Simmi is right, she has to apologize. Ishita apologizes. Raman takes Mihika along. Simmi taunts Ishita and goes. Parmeet smiles. Amma wipes Ishita’s tears. Ishita says what if anything happened to Mihika, why did I do this. Adi says you didn’t do anything and hugs her. They cry. Adi and others console Ishita. He says you can’t leave this fight mid way, Lord is one who is true, we are true, we won’t let this marriage happen. Pihu asks will you lose, is this the example you are setting in front of us, I want you and dad. Amma and Bala look on. Pihu says truth always wins, the path of truth is not easy, you have to stop this marriage and get dad back. Ruhi says we are with you, don’t give up. Ishita hugs Pihu. She says I m going to fight for your sake, I won’t give up, thank you. They smile. She thinks to expose Simmi and Parmeet.

Amma keeps haldi bowl and prays for Ishita’s rights. Ishita says Ashok didn’t call. She sees Shagun at the door. Shagun says sorry, I had to come to attend haldi. Amma says I will go with you. Ishita asks will they let you come, I don’t you anyone to insult you. Amma says I will go. Shagun says we all know its Simmi’s plan, we can’t let her succeed, Raman has no idea what’s happening with him, his life will be ruined, we have to do anything. Amma says trust me. Ishita says fine, I m going for some work. Shagun asks her to share the stress. Ishita says just work stress. She goes. Shagun asks Amma what’s the plan. Aaliya says the plan is Mihika shouldn’t get the haldi. Simmi comes and scolds them. She threatens to send Ishita jail and asks them to think before doing anything. Shagun says plan is perfect, I will inform Aaliya. Ishita says Amma can do anything, I have to keep a watch.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Mihika for haldi. Raman and Mihika sit. Mihika asks Raman to fulfill traditions. Amma comes and says we are here to apologize, Mihika is my niece, I should have spoken that, forgive me. She gives bangles to Mihika. Raman says Simmi, let Mihika decide. Mihika says okay. Amma apologizes. Mrs. Bhalla applies haldi to Raman. Ishita thinks what did Shagun and Amma plan.

Simmi snatches haldi bowl from Ruhi. Haldi falls on Ishita. Ishita laughs. Simmi wipes it. Ishita meets the money lender.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita is not a gold digger, mihika you are a gold digger, you are marrying raman for his money money mihika, how dare you to throw champagne on Amma face, Ishita did it right by pouring the whole bottle of champagne on your head, you deserve these mihika.

  2. Riana

    Why the hell ishu is behaving like child ???….I m noticing after 2 years leap ishita’s maturity is decreasing day by day…even simmi is behaving too childishly and behaving like param is his guardian not husband…all time param ji param ji…she has not her own opinion…Ridiculous…only raman is okay its flourishing that he is a memory loss patient…whereas ishita pouring wine on mihika was good to see but very irritating as suddenly i cant accept mihika bring so cruel even mihika is behaving like a child…loool…looks like children are playing & fighting in class !! ???…And there teacher is none other than raman ??…like how simmi scolded ruhi, aliya, adi, pihu…leaving pihu all are adults they can scold that simmi that why she is staying in her brother house..hasnt her husband owns a house for his wife !!…soo impractical and weird !!!…

  3. Guys mihika is still a positive character Dt has confirmed it. These all is pre planned by mihika n ishita , romi is also included in this plan. If you won’t believe search it on youtube

    1. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that if all along this was their plan…then why did Mihika expose Shanno knowing that Ishita was so close to finding out about Raman’s medicines. Doesn’t make sense to me. But then most of this show doesn’t make sense.

  4. Yes Meera true its confirmed its a plan by Ishitha/Mihika/Romi . But its so disgusting to watch even if its a plan . Cvs has no ethics or sense , no moral values at all and surprisingly the actors are ready to sell their values for a drama . Viewers like us feel pukeworthy .. totally spoiled sister /sister brother/brother relationship on memory loss of Raman ! I was wondering how Dt is saying its very interesting !
    And insulting mother in front of public ! How can cvs create such crap and we viewers are fools to take stress on this rubbish !

    1. Yes VP ji, it is pukeworthy but people are still watching it. And we know DT herself has lost respect in the eyes of most of her fans but still why she says it is interesting… becos she gets paid big money for every episode of this shit, we viewers are so stupid, we don’t have a life! We watch every crap they throw @ our faces. I said STOP watching and commenting everyone! Don’t give importance to this useless show.

      1. I think yeh hai mohabbatein is very interesting. I feel for Simmi a lot, i don’t understand how Ishita can walk out of jail after 2-3 year after child murder. I know she didn’t do it but in the victims mother eye that must be so agitating, as the world thinks ishita did it. It’s time they follow the steps of yeh rishta… and give the children the main character roles because Raman n Ishita have had too many problems to have that spark again. I want to see more shagun aswell she is hottt

  5. Plz don’t make story boring ishita Raman Ko plz milwa do. Ab bahut hua.

  6. I think raman is a hp

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Hahahahahahahaa … these comments are soooo funny ???

  8. Raman has lost his memory but has he lost all self respect and common sense…marrying your own brothers wife..disgusting. Senior Bhallas forgotten Ishita’s sacrifice and how low is their moral for allowing younger sons wife to marry older son .With that many women in the house does Pihu need a mother …toshi get real…u are a selfish heartless mother.Romi get rid of mihika she is lowest of the low and Simmi and Param are pure evil.Raman are you stupid too.Does it not make you think why does Ruhi and Adi live in your house…is it a hotel.Big businessmen but no morals and plz stop playing a dummy use your brains..

  9. azuka nkwonta

    I think Indira you are the one who needs to think very well maybe you have forgotten what happened after the seven years leap. If you have been following the serial very well you would have recalled that after the seven years leap that Raman and ishita were no longer couples. Ishita and Mani were living together as couples and were raising two kids while Raman and shagun were living together as pihu’s parents, so at that time the home belongs to shagun. When you are laughing out loud just check the previous episodes and see whether you should be laughing out loud.
    When pihu said in today’s episode that ishita should fight for the truth because the truth always wins I began to think about ananya’s death. I was wondering when she is going to tell the truth about ananya’s death since ishimaa teaches them to say the truth. The same ishimaa refuses to say the truth about ananya’s death and also involved pihu in this evil. I really want pihu to be punished for killing ananya and for no other reason but for the fact that she has hidden this truth for two years and above without trying to confess it and she is proud enough to talk about truth. Before I use to feel sorry for pihu for killing ananya because she did not intentionally killed her but now not any more. The truth about ananya’s death should be revisited and the real murderer should serve some punishment. There is no good moral that ishita is teaching this children. Ishita herself been someone that is very selfish have also brought the children to that part whereby they became selfish as well. What they do was support her whether in right or in wrong.
    What I think that Ritu Bhatia the writer of this serial should do is revisit the case of ananya’s death and conclude the issue of ananya’s death and not this marriage drama that is going on that is not even interesting. I don’t mind if we have a seven years leap after that as long as pihu has gone to a remand home and spent the seven years there. If you watch very well there is nothing serious that is happening in the serial except for Raman’s memory loss and the other craps that has been happening. If they had followed the murder case up immediately after ishita was seen out of prison by now pihu must be coming out of remand home after spending seven years there and there would be no need for simmi and param punishing ishitha up till now. Sometimes Ritu Bhatia does not know how to follow up stories.

    1. i have been following your comments for a long time but never replied, since i didnt used to comment until very recently. i remember your very first comments, do you remember what they used to be? you used to say raman should show ishita her place in the family because a woman has no buissness dominating her husband. you used to say ishita was wrong because she didnt submit to her husband and she should be taught a severe lesson…. these were your first comments. you hated ishita because in your opinion she was not a husband-worshiping woman. no one paid you any attention, so you decided to take a moral high ground and started talking about how ishita ‘snatched’ children from shagun. you bring this up in almost every other comment of yours. according to you Ishita is neither a good wife or mother and neither she ever had been. and the more people reply to you, the more ‘logic’ you bring to back up your comments. i dont know why you do this though, and i wont make a personal comment on you but dont pretend that you are against ishita because of a moral high ground or because of Shagun’s children, your initial comments prove that this is not the fact.

      1. Well replied Dhara ! I started ignoring Azukas comments … she has nothing to say other than accusing Ishitha . Today also I was to reply .. but thought ignoring is better . I must say both Raman and Ishitha failed here . Cvs butchered them . whats happening now totally disgusting. No values for cvs and actors too . I am a huge fan of Dt and initially Ishitha Iyer was more confident and strong . After first leap totally gone ! More than Ishitha Raman is made characterless . For everything if remarriage is a solution ?

      2. thank you maam, there have been many a times when i had been tempted to reply to her, just couldnt resist today. as far as the serial is concerned, i dont understand why they did this. there was no need to kill ananya, or take a leap and have memory loss. before the leap, there were so many storylines, specially the ruhi/nikhil storyline that created so much drama but has not been fully resolved yet. the way ruhi changed and how she needed to accept her mistakes would have been more effective without a leap. even puja who was after romi, or nikhil’ daughter whom ruhi wanted to look after, what happened to them? Roshni was preparing for IAS, but she is gone too. the writers just took a leap and the story doesnt make sense anymore. i cant blame the actors, it is difficult to portray your characters when the writers make you do illogical things, or make you repeat things unnecessary drama. now, the drama seems too cringey to even read and it is sad for a serial which once used to show the strength of love. it is okay if they want to show that nobody is perfect because humans make mistakes. but these are not mistakes, these are once lovely people suddenly becoming mean, greedy, spineless or stupid or suddenly starting to hate. none of the characters are behaving like they would behave according to their roles. Aaliya was such a strong woman, who worked and took sensible decisions but look at her now. Ruhi, simmi, mihika, Mrs. bhalla… none of them behave like family members. even Ruhi and pihu had a strong bond, what happened to that? the writers have just messed up everything.

  10. OMG, this is stretching too much. First of all, Mihika’s character has never been so arrogant when it comes to Ishita or her family. No sister would have that much hatred because of one incident. Especially her masi who raised her as a daughter…….Why was Nikhil moving in the same building. If he did, how come Mihika did not see him? If she would have seen him, she would have thought of what Romi had told her about Nikhil being in town. What is the point of having CCTV every where? All the plots and plans that Param and Simmi are doing are not being monitored????…… I have never heard a person having amnesia limiting himself not to recognize his wife and kids but everyone. On the contrary, that person might only remember people who are close to his heart than any one else…..Ashok and Shagun has done ridiculous things in life but they are not able to catch Param red-handed???? Why is no one telling Raman about his past now to make him remember things? …… Ishita was so close to her mother-in-law. It was a refreshing thought to see the bond they had. Now, the way Toshiji is doing everything that Simmi says does not make sense. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein story was unique but it is turning to be any other soap opera. Please bring a twist soon. Here is a thought. Ashok wanted to be a reason to bring Raman and Ishita. Let him be the person to tell the truth to Raman about his cancer and about Raman’s relation with Ishita. Let Mihika be the one to catch Simmi and Param abusing Pihu. Let Pammi aunty be the one forwarding a recording to Toshiji of Param using match stick on Mihika’s dress……What say, guys????

    1. its like nobody else has the right to say anything
      I mean Ruhi could have told everyone that her aunt is forcing her to give medication to make Raman ill
      if it was my aunt I would have disown her long time ago

  11. Irish Subramani

    What a funny program, ha ha ha ha, it’s a comedy show

  12. Aal these arw bullshit. The marriage is going to happen, but not the neighbour even the media doesn’t know that they are a couple. …….lol….. No one is surprised how raman is going to marry mihika infront of ishita. The drama is going on from such a long time.
    I like this serial because they do not take much time to solve any problem, but this time it seem it is endless.I am getting bored of watching now. Plz get out of this mess soon

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