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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Raman checking Ruhi’s phone. She asks how can you do this, its wrong. He says I care for her, I want to see if she is on wrong path, no one harms her. She says Ruhi will feel bad, give her phone. He says I m worried for her, tell me her password if you know, I entered everything. She says I will not help, sorry. He says I will enter your birthday and see, bingo it opened. Ruhi comes and takes her phone. She asks were you checking my phone, I thought we spoke about trust. He says this is not breach of trust, I m your Papa and have right to check phone, I want to see if anyone wants to hurt you, why are Suhail’s pics there in your phone. Ruhi says this is what I m saying, trust is imp thing, I have pics with others too, Adi, Pihu, Aaliya, Ishi Maa,

then why Suhail, I m working with Suhail, whats the big deal.

Ishita says relax, Raman is possessive about you, its okay, go. Ruhi goes. Raman says what. Ishita says what’s your issue, she will not tell us being scared of you, don’t do this. He says I will also check. She says I hope I strike balance between them. Simmi comes to watch play and sees gujarati play going on. She says wrong tickets are booked, maybe Mihika did not check schedule, I have to go home now. A guy collides with her. Simmi calls him and says your tickets…. She checks and tells him that its yesterday’s tickets. He says really, how did I make mistake. She says it happens. He says I don’t want to go back home, our evening is spoiled, will you come to have coffee with me. She says no. He says sorry, I thought I will save evening from getting spoiled, I understand I m a stranger, we can go somewhere crowded. She says I m not scared, I m punjabi girl, I can beat anyone. He says I think I need protection. They go for coffee.

Its morning, everyone talk. Ishita asks Ruhi to come and have breakfast. Ruhi says no, its promo shoot of my concert, I m tensed, I m not hungry. She taunts on Raman for spying. Raman leaves breakfast. Ishita says Ruhi, Papa will drop you. Ruhi says no need, Suhail has sent car for me, he does this for every performing artist. She tells bye to everyone except Raman, and goes. Raman gets sad. He asks Ishita not to defend Ruhi, she was taunting me, I will not sit quiet. Mr. Bhalla asks everything fine. Ishita says yes. She goes to call everyone for breakfast.

Simmi gets message from that guy and thinks whose number is this. He messages again. She thinks who booked play ticket. She gets the call. He says its me, we met yesterday and could not see play, I remember your punjabi girl dialogue. She asks how did you call. He says I booked tickets for today, I thought you will come. She says I can’t. He apologizes to her. She says don’t be sorry, I have imp meeting, maybe we can plan it some other day. He says we will meet for coffee after your meeting. She agrees.

Ruhi is sad and thinks of Raman. Suhail sees her lost and asks her what happened. She tells about Raman. He pacifies her and asks her to think, its normal what Raman is doing, mum and dad always protects children. She says no, sometimes its too much like checking phone. He says if your younger sister lies to you or hides, what will you do, will you not behave same way, we are protective about one we love, your Papa loves you a lot, he cares for you. He gets call and goes. She says I guess he is right, I should say sorry to Papa. Raman is in office and asks the man to pay the workers. Ruhi thinks to call Raman or not. Suhail asks her to just call.

Raman does not answer. Suhail says maybe he is busy. Raman says what the hell is this, whats this old notes doing here. The man says I told Adi. Raman says why did you not tell me. He gets angry and calls for Adi. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita talk. Ishita says don’t know how to deal with this matter, Raman loves Ruhi a lot, he is much concerned, and wants to keep an eye on Ruhi, Raman is possessive, Ruhi feels Raman does not trust her, how to explain Raman and Ruhi, I m confused. Mrs. Bhalla explains that we all face this, you are sharp, just use mind, give some sweets to Raman, his mood will get fine. Ishita says I will make gajar ka halwa, both will agree, you are the best mummy ji.

Suhail shows campaign pics to Ruhi. Ruhi asks why did you shut. He says its my mistake, you are worried. She says sorry, I came for work. He asks her to call Raman at office. She calls office and asks for Raman. The lady says Raman is much busy. Ruhi says its imp. The lady transfers call. Raman scolds Adi. Ruhi hears it on call. Raman says Ruhi does anything at home and here you did not learn business, I m your father, you both don’t understand. Ruhi ends call. Raman asks Romi and asks ask CA to put cash in account, we will pay tax. Romi says its problem. Raman says it will be fine, think of long term, tell everyone our company will not accept cash. Ishita comes. Raman asks did Adi all you. She says no. CA comes and says Adi called me and told cash problem, he was feeling guilty, don’t worry, we discussed everything, you can recover some money. Raman says nothing will be wrong way. CA says I know you. Romi asks him to come along. CA says your son is responsible, you are lucky. Ishita smiles and says see world can see, you can’t see, start trusting them now, have this gajar ka halwa. Raman says something good happened today.

He does not eat and says even Ruhi likes it, I m sure you made for her, we will go and meet her at Suhail’s office. They come to Suhail’s office. He says will she think we are following her. She says no, she loves you. They ask for Ruhi. Guard says Ruhi went. Ishita says she would have got home, I will call her. She calls Ruhi and asks where are you. She tells Raman that we will talk to her at home. They leave. Raman says I just want to protect my children. Ishita says I understand, shall we all go for dinner. Raman sees Ruhi with Suhail and stops the car. He rushes to them and asks were you busy here. Ruhi looks on.

Ruhi says Papa was checking my phone and now blaming me, as if I committed a crime, Ishi Maa and Papa are not trusting me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am extremely sorry riya. My name is also riya so I wrote a comment yesterday. I am new to yhm. I am extremely sorry

  2. YHMfan

    suhail.. he is spoiling ishra and ruhi bond. he just acts good but his intentions are not so good. hope cv’s keep ishra,ruhi,adi,pihu together

  3. Hi today’s episode was good.

  4. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya and many YHM fans.

    Well I was just wondering when Adi will get into trouble regarding accepting cash from client. Adi should have told Raman the mistake he made instead of covering it up. At least Raman will not shout at him in the office. It is also embarrassing for Adi to be scolded by his dad at this age. Ruhi is absolutely pagal….Why must she avoid speaking to her father? It is natural for Raman to be possessive over her than Adi because Ruhi is a girl and obviously he does not want her to be strayed. It is nothing to do with trust as Ruhi mentions. If RUhi has been just truthful and had told them right from the start that she is going to go dinner with Suhail all these could be avoided. Ishra both found Ruhi with Suhail at the restaurant. How can then the parents trust anymore?

    Probably that guy is Simmi’s stalker trying to buy her a coffee and play tickets. Now cvs remembered about the stalker.

    Magic hope you are feeling better today and you too Rithu.

  5. I don’t even remember that occurrence because of i am busy in study but i am surprised by yours all affection towards each other actually i am a member of ABVP (AKHIL BHARATIYA VIDYARTHI PARISHAD) in the uni so almost students knows me v well but no one caring and concern to each others like you all here my god am surprised because we don’t know each other by face but you all like each other like a family it means you all are incomparable friends and winsome persons great to read all of you comments

    Hello my peerless friends bhagya and shivani how are you both? And our icon vp, sindhu, shreya, parichary and all yhm spectator’s

    1. Magic i can’t see my name .??

      1. I also can’t see haha

    2. Shreya shetty

      Its okay my dear friend magic,i hope u r doing fine.just leave all those what ever happened two days before and tell me how s ur mood now??
      that fake magic is now vanished thanks to the YHM website authorities they ve managed to kick that Fake magic traitor out of this site once and for regains the peace and happiness back to the yhm group fan family

  6. Actually writer’s are writing story arround delusion now ishita and ruhi will be in delusion because of sohail

  7. Hi Riya,(both riyas) , vp, Sindhu, magic, rithu, shivani, Shreya, bhagya, parichary, priyamvadha, priya, saba, marin, mino, ridika, leelee, tia, nisha, sunny, mahi, super girl, sewwandi, shanaya, azizah, and all yhm fans……
    I think that man who called simmi is the previous person who used to come after simmi.At last the cvs have decided to show him, poor raman.. Ruhi was so knowledgeable before but she is so stupid now. and raman always blame adi for everything . As a father he must look after his son’s life too not only his daughter’s life. Why isn’t ruhi trusting her ishi maa. It was only raman who spyied on her . So at least she must trust ishitha.

  8. I like the part where Raman and Ishita are in the car and chatting away about their children. I wish they would show Pihu and Ishimaa scenes too. Not enough of both their scenes. Maybe Ruhanika must have gone for a holiday.

    Precap is terrible, Why Ruhi is shouting at her father? Ruhi lied to her parents so of course Raman is angry. Children should never lie to their parents no matter what. I feel like slapping Ruhi. Suhail has completely brainwashed Ruhi. She is becoming rebellious teenager. She does not show any respect to her parents.

  9. I don’t like ruhi chiiii eeeeiuuuuuu

  10. This Shall is a horrible guy!! Ruhi needs to stay away from him or he is gonna spoil her image.. HateSuhail!!

  11. I agree with some of you that Raman and Ishita should change their wardrobe. I am not sure why the cameras are making Ishita look fat. Raman’s wardrobe is like those of a mafia gang. Who would say he is a CEO of a company? No image of being a CEO. The old YHM he was always dressed in suit and looked so presentable. Now he looks like a mafia gang leader with earrings, chain and all tatooed arm. Half button shirt. Oh his image does not look like th old Raman in YHM. Oh please cvs I hope they change their look. Enough of Raman’s six pack and accessorized image. Just tone him down and make him look like a father of 3. In fact I would say Mani and Romi look better and they look the same just like the old YHM,

    1. I am one of DT biggest fans but that night gown (i think it was pink) that she was wearing tonight really made her look double her side. Don’t understand why they always making her wear clothes that make her look overweight. Layer upon layer of material like the dress she wore on her and Raman’s dinner date last night. I am always curious as to whom selects these clothes. The actors or the directors.

      1. Director’s

  12. Todays episode from starting till end KP nailed it and Dt complemented to the same .Today Kp was looking very decent with his shirt … this is how he should be .. a young father of three kids .. eldest one 21 years . But his concern on Ruhi was so true all fathers are very possessive about their daughters and they behave defferent with sons . Totally episode was watchable with more of KPs brilliant acting . His face expression and feelings were genuine .. So too Dts she feels like a proud mother we can feel it .Yesterdays password episode Abhishek was awesome .. Ruhi … doesnt have to react to her papa like this though we can justify to her age .. All girls this age behave like this .She can open up to her Ishima … I really hope cvs waont make Ruhi misunderstanding her parents .And Sohail … ever green saviour … Simmi one of the best character in this yhm … she deserves happiness hope the new entry will not play with her . 4th day without shaghun .. trp to go up in yhm is very defficult now … becoz we dont see a good story line progressing … Pihu Ishima bond to be strengthened … Ishra scenes though past four days into highly family centred , story line can be twisted better . After Magics fake commenter , I was thinking to exit completely from this site … but reading all your comments I could nt stop myself without penning my comments ..If all of us can maintain a good friendship without seeing each other , nothing better than that ..

    1. Gd morning vp no you shouldn’t exit from this site all persons are nice here

  13. Shreya shetty

    Hi everyone shivani,magic,sindhu,siddhi,Riya,Priya,Parichary,Rithushree,Leelee,Ridika,Marin,super girl,unique angel,diya and all yhm fans!!
    whats wrong with our grown up mature ruhi??nowdays she is behaving so admant by not trusting her ishimaa!!icome on ruhi please don’t let ur mommy ishimaa down like that,just tell out the truth that u r doing this and stop arguing with ur dad and mom for their actions
    whatever raman and ishita are doing are for ruhis good only,i mean would there be any kind of such noble parents who are very much concerned about their childs fate?
    if they hadn’t known anything about ruhi and sohails affair and dates plannings then by now dear ruhi would ve been trapped badly
    guys I totally agree with u all that ruhi has gone mad in love for that trickster sohail.don’t know what that Mr goody shoes on everyones feet sohail is upto in his secret plans!!I am having a kind of suspection that he is trying to revenge them by being nice to everyone
    but that doesn’t mean u all would call her a rebellious girl for no reason,after all relax
    even I too am a 16 year old teen who sometimes squabbles for petty issues before
    but now,thanks to parichary,magic,rithushree,shivani.Riya,priya,marin and all I ve become completely a changed person who comments only limited and not everyday
    so guys take care and please if theres any problem going on here then please tell me too
    byeee for now and after 21st of decemeber the day when my exams get over I will be back
    its just only for 5 days,i promise to return here once again my sweet friends

  14. I think so raman and ishita should trust ruhi .

  15. I saw that Abishek will arrest Raman for assaulting Sohail. That is just wonderful. Now Ishita can go and thank him again. Again confusing reel with real. Next time Abishek can arrest Mr Bhalla and then Mrs Bhalla and then Mr Iyer and then Mrs Iyer . . . . and and and. That should keep them busy for the next 1000 episodes. O where is our old YHM ? ?

  16. Hi all yhm fans. seriously guys episodes are not of the old yhm, although dt and kp look really smart and compliment each other.i think they should add some spice into it.cvs need new brain cells

  17. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic iam fine and u r back iam so happy pls don’t leave this site

  18. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i want asha and ashish reunite

  19. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    sry sry i commented on wrong page

  20. Hi Sindhu,Rithu,Magic,Shreya,Priya,Riya,vp,super girl,Riya,Diya,Helena,Pinku,Madhu,Ridika,saba,Mino,bhagya,Susan,Nisha and all yhm fans…

    Ruhi has gone mad.I don’t like her now a days.And Sindhu I totally agree with you about Raman and Ishita.

  21. Hi priya rithu magic shivani vp and all yhm fans.magic I am so happy to see you back in this site.episode was ok but ruhi did wrong by hiding truth from her ishima.she even lied to her parents its not good.she should understand parents concern afterall she is a mature girl.

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