Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita packing Raman’s bag and cross checking everything. She sees the pain balm and says how can I forget this, he gets backpain, but who will apply it on his back there. She recalls how she applied it once. She keeps it in the bag. She says this is his fav perfume. She packs everything and says I want to tell him I love you, he is going out of city, how will this work, I will miss him a lot. Pathak says how can I give this papers to Ishita, she loved me like a Devar, but this is my job, I have to do what Raman told me, I have to go and take his sign, but this is wrong, I will go home, he won’t be able to sign infront of everyone. Raman spends time with Ruhi. She gives him a card. He thanks and kisses her. He asks why did she not go to school. She says I wanted

to spend my full day as you are going in night.

He says we can talk on laptop. She says how can I sit in your lap and touch you. He says so sweet. She says my friend taught me this, and draws them. She says Adi does not talk to me. He says he will talk to you one day. Ishita looks and smiles. Raman draws everyone and she asks you are not here in this family. Raman says I m going, then how will I fit in this family. Ishita is stunned and thinks he is going far, why is he trying to make us far, what happened. She comes to them and says Papa and daughter is here and I thought is still in office. Ruhi shows the drawing. Ishita says Papa has to check his clothes, can I borrow Papa for some time. Ruhi says ok. Ishita asks Raman to come.

Raman checks his bag and says how sweet, all my fav shirts, and everything. She says I won’t be with you, so this pillow instead of my shoulder. He sees the balm and recalls in FB. He asks why did she keep it. She says as you get backpain. He says you are doctor, sorry dentist, I can get these balms there, I can get massage there. She says actual massage is in Thailand, not there. She says she wants to say something imp, he is not talking to her, give me 2 mins of my life. He says say, I m listening. She says you are behaving weird, why. He thinks did Pathak tell her everything. He says he has work, I can’t get all the world in one day.

She says I understand this so I want to know why did you take sudden decision. He says work is imp. She asks Ruhi and I, are we not imp, Ruhi needs her Papa, and us? Why do people marry, to be together. To plan their lives together, else why will they marry to stay apart always, they can handle for some time, but how can you plan to go for much time, you want to miss all moments. She says if you are thinking about long time, I will come with Ruhi there. I can’t take care of Ruhi alone, only you can manage her naughtiness and I can manage you. She says this is how it works, Ruhi, you and me. He shows work files. She throws it and cries looking at him.

She says before you go, I have to tell something imp. Ruhi comes and says Pathak uncle has come. Raman signs I have to go. Ishita stops him and says he will wait, tell him to wait. He says work is imp. He moves her hair strands. Kabhi kam na hogi yeh chahatein……………..plays………………… he leaves from the room. Raman asks Ruhi to take care of Ishi Maa. Ruhi sees Ishita crying and asks what happened. Ishita smiles and says Papa is leaving many things so he is worried, he will miss all those things.

Raman sees Pathak with the papers and talking to elders. He asks what is he doing here. Mrs. and Mr Bhalla scold Raman. Simmi and Romi also say this is not done, its totally wrong. Raman says its office papers. Romi makes him sit. Raman says is he mad. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have samosas and go. Raman takes the file and gets angry. Ishita and Ruhi come and look on. Raman says lets go office and sign, its confidential papers. He says sorry. Appa comes and asks Raman where is he going, Amma called and asked him to take him and Ishu to temple to take blessings.

Raman says he has a flight. Raman looks at Ishita. Ishita says let him go, he could not prepare, we will go to temple and get prasadam, Raman will finish work and come, we will keep everything packed. Ruhi says I will come along, I will pray to Lord that Papa comes back soon. Raman says sorry Appa, we will go when I return. He stops and turns back to see Ishita. He thinks he is seeing her for the last time, he does not want to go temple as he wants her to go, and she should not be here when he goes airport. She cries seeing him leave. Raman comes outside and sees the divorce papers.

Raman scolds Pathak. Pathak says I worry for her. Raman says even I worry for her, so you came to tell everything, I m not happy doing this, if you want to see her happy, give me the pen. Ishita and Ruhi go to temple with Appa. Raman signs on the divorce papers. Pathak gets upset. Raman says give this to Ishita after I go airport. Ishita is on the way and is restless.

Raman sees the balm and smiles. He recalls his right with Ishita. He looks around the room which has Ishita’s memories. He sees Ishita and Ruhi’s pic and hugs it crying. Raman says you know even I have to talk a lot to you, but when you come infront, I m unable to say anything, what do you think, I m going far by my wish, I m hurt thinking I won’t be able to hear Raavaan Kumar by you, but what to do, till I m with you, you will always have tears.

He talks to the pic and says you accept Mani, he is your friend and keeps you happy, I m sure he will keep you happy, I know I can’t be without you, I promise Ruhi will stay with you and Mani, as I can be linked to you through my daughter, I did not say ever, male ego, but I really love you, I can’t forget you ever, you don’t miss me, as I will be hurt if you miss me, I will be hurt as I did not give anything else than tears, I shouted on you, taunted you, but I realized today that never take people for granted, we don’t value anyone till we have them, I agree to this point today, I m crying, I promise you will never cry from today, you will just smile, and when you smile, I will feel happiness there. I love you. He keeps her pic and packs the bag.

Raman greets everyone. Simmi asks you told bye to everyone, this is wrong, what about Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Sri376

      Usually that love confession came on a promo on my TV and those promos are usually the main event of the week’s drama episodes so most likely it will come at the end of the week

  1. ishra

    raman apni. …pagal madrasan se itna pyaar k. …uss ki. ..khushi khushi. ..liye. …apni. .beti. ..usse de doge. ….awww. …kon karta hai itna. ……haan. .karta hai. …hamara. .raman. puttar. …raman ur really good. …yaar

  2. ishra

    pura episode ….xcitment. ..emotions. bhara tha. …seriously. ..raman ne toh rula diya. ……itna pyaar. …hayy

  3. ishra

    kehte hai na ki. …kaali andheri raat k. ..khushyon se bhari subha hogi. …..
    waise hi. …..IshRa…jitna. …ab rurahe ho. …aage utni hi. …khushyan samne khadi hai. …..jao jake thamlo………Un khushyon ko. ……aur kisi ko mat aane do aap ne bheech main. …We love you IshRa. ..

  4. arey yaar raman when ever u cry u makes us also cry.and waise bein we r really fedup with wt going on.the story is just stuck in the same line.make it move and show us some good moments of ishra yaar.and today also it was an emotional epidose.and made me cry.

  5. waise bein raman tum itna pyaar kare ho ishu se then y dont u say it saying it u may make many people happy.first ishu then ruhi then ur family and finally ishra fans.we will be so happy.koi baath nayi raman whereever u go wt ever u do ishu aur raman will be saath saath hai…

  6. chichi

    Please please please don’t bring shagun back to ishra’s lives…ekat being a woman don’t u want to see other women happy

  7. 123

    arey raman kitna rulayega bhai. aaj to poora hi hila ke rak diya tune. itna touching scene Aashiqui 2 ke baad aaj hi dekha maine. jaldi se Ishita ko pata chal jaaye bas raman ghar aa jayega aur phir unki lov story shuru hogi par woh dayan shagun abhi baakhi hai disturb karne ke liye.

  8. SS

    raman jab bhi rota hai mujhge bhi rona aa jata hai………………………. aaj ka episode bohot hi jayda emotional tha …………………please yaar in dono ka love confession kara do……………………………………………….

  9. Aur kitna drag karo kitna kitna kitna???,????
    Pls yaar aap sab Google par Yeh hai Mohabbatein type karo & par vote karo ki hume love confession ke liye jyada wait nahi karna hai…. aap swb ne notice to kiya hi hoga jab Karishma (Raina shingh) ki entry hui thi twb humse puchha gwya tha ki aap ko iss ki entry kaiwi lagi tab sab se jyada vote bad (boaring) ko milw tha aur uske baad Use show mai ab twk dikhaya nahi gaya hai….to agar aap swbko confession ke liye aur wait nahi karnw hai to bahut sare vote karo ……..

    • Prayosha kuch jayda hiii yeh hai mohabbatein show ka advertising kar rahi….hoooo…….
      yeh hai mohabbatein show khud 7we asamaan pr…hai….
      love confess ho ya na ho….
      rating kam hone wala nahi hai… cool….prayosha…
      yeh hai mohabbatein show ka sabse hit hone ka karna hai……only IshRa ka nok jhok lovely moments….or….sadness se bharaa….story….or bhi bahut saara hai joo kabhi bhi yeh hai mohabbatein show ka rating kam nahi hone de sakta hai….so don’t take tension……

      • I m say to prayosha …..
        why r u..advertising yeh hai mohabbatein show its already soooo high levels trp in tv show… cool prayosha…..
        why this show hiit sooo much…region is lovely moments between Raman n Ishita…..
        yeh hai mohabbatein show can not decreasing in any conditions…so Ishita fan’s keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show……

  10. ishra

    haan. .123…raman ne rula diya. …sab ko….tumne sa hi kaha. ……DAYAN..shagun …….pata nahin kiya karegi. ….

  11. ishra

    Don’t worry guys. ….Saturday se pehle ye. …THE SPECIAL LOVE CONFESSION. ..episode aajai ga. .so keep watching. …YHM. …

  12. Yaar yeh Raman Ishita ki future happiness ke liye chhod raha hai par saath saath uski present happiness le ja raha hai apne saath uska kya??????

  13. Aneri shah

    Episode was nice but thoda stupid tha itna pyaar karta hai Raman toh ishita ko chodke kyu jaa raha hai sathme problem ko solve kar sakte hai jese abhi tak kiya hai i love this serial now also plz i have written this thats not mean that i dont like it infact this is the only one serial which i liked

  14. Aneri shah

    Episode was nice but thoda stupid tha itna pyaar karta hai Raman toh ishita ko chodke kyu jaa raha hai sathme problem ko solve kar sakte hai jese abhi tak kiya hai i love this serial now also plz i have written this thats not mean that i dont like it infact this is the only one serial which i liked.

  15. ishra

    divyanka ki FB par jo airport ka video hai. …..woh dekh kar toh mera. …dil. garden. ……….hogaya. ………ab bata bhi do. ….aur intezar nahin hota. ….

  16. Maine aqj twitar par padha ki YHM 2nd number se 1st number par Telypur mai sab serials ke bich apna stand lo chuka hai …..Ekta ko jo chahiye tha wo use mil gaya…to ab hume IshRa ka love confession & romance dekhanai… wo hume de bhi do…….Ek haath do Ek haath lo….tumne to le liya ab hume humari and IshRa ki khushiyaa jald de bhi do…….

  17. sree

    Todays episode was really heart touching and mujhe lagta hai ki ishra ki love confession airport par hoga bebbuse airportwala promo abhi bhi dikharaha hai,infact meine aaj bhi dekha.

  18. sree

    Todays episode was really heart touching and mujhe lagta hai ki ishra ki love confession airport par hoga because airportwala promo abhi bhi dikharaha hai,infact meine aaj bhi dekha.

  19. after confession raman will arrange a dinner date to ishitha. he was about to confess again but shagun will come with adi to bhalla house. again ekta mam s twist.

  20. sree

    Ishra toh ek dusare se pyaar karta hai,aise mein agar shagun aaye toh bhi raman ke dil mein entry nahi milengi because waha toh pehele se hi ishita hai.

  21. ekta maam plz bandh karo yeh shagun ashok ka drama. koi bhi drama dikhayiye jhitna bhi kheechna hai kheechiye par aisa drama math dikhayiye jo ishra ke beech problems ya dooriyan khada kar de. baki sare problems toh dono milkar solve karenge.pehle hi confession ko itna kheecha jaa raha hai .plz.. its a humble request.

  22. horrible shagun . phir beech mai aa gaye mathlabhi aurath .sirf paison ke liye raman ke yah aaiyi hai warna uske pass uska bhai mihir ka ghar hai aur uski supportive mom poornima prakash ka ghar hai.badla lene aayi hai. badi badi dailogue marthi hai ki main itni aasani se ashok ko nahi choodoongi.phir kya hua uss dailogue ki.plz stop this creep. if this is all gonna happen then trp is gonna go down for dam sure

  23. sree

    meine suna tha ki confession monday hoge aur abhi toh wednesday honewala hai exams ke beech mein time nikalkar badi mushkil se dekh rahe hai.Confession ko itna bhi kyun kheech rahe hai…

  24. Hayee……aa gai Ishita pink saari mai & Raman gray coat mai ……humara intzaar khatm hone mai bas ab 1-2 din ki hi der hai….par malum nahi…….kaise katege intzaar ke yeh aakhri lamhe…….

  25. Maine aisa suna / muje aisa lagta hai ki….airport par love confession hoga…but yeh confession thoda jaldi bhaga daudiwala in complete thoda insatisfied & publickly hoga IshRa ke liye…iss liye dono ne ek dusre ko I♡U keh to diya par dil pura nahi bhara hoga iss liye dono phirse uss candle light dinner date mai dobara kule dil se privetly pyar ka ijhaar karenge……….in short dono ka confession wirport par hi hoga…..yeh real scene promo se bwhut bahut bahut jyada interesting hai…….
    Tumhe kya lagata hai yeh video dekhane ke baad Ishra?????

  26. ishra

    mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai ki airport. ….par dono. ….pyar ka izhaar karre ge. …..achanak ho ga dono k liye. …….kyun kyun ishita bhut gusse mai hai. …….is tar ha usse ne raman ko bhi shock leayi …….dono ki fighting mai. …love confess hojae ga. ………jab ghar aayen ge tab…….raman sonche ga ki ek….proper tariqe se. …ishita ko. …..aap ne dil ki bat batani chaiye. ..tabhi toh. .woh candle light dinner plan karta hai. ………proper wala confession bhi hojata. …but. …raman k life ki. .apshagun….aajai gi. …..pyar toh hoga ya hai. …ab….shagun aaye. …….ya koi aur. ….IshRa. ..ka proper love confession toh hoke rahe ga. …aur. …woh bhi bahut jald. ……….

  27. ishra

    But proper love confession se pehle. …….ye hona chahiye k ……woh Dono. ..ek dusre ko kuch kahana charahen hon….aur koi aajai. dono ka eyelock scene hone chaiye. …..kuch funny scenes hone. ….chaiye. ….tab jake agar. ..proper wala …love confession ho to aur bhi maza aaye dekhne mai. ……..aaise direct nahin. ..hona chahiye. .
    .tumhe kya lagta hai. ……prayosha.

  28. Ha kuch kuch aisa hona chahiye……itne dino se hum Ishita ki betabi dekh rahe the ijhaar karne ke liye…..1-2 scenes aise Raman ke bhi bante hai….kuch wisw ho ki Ishita kitchen mai ho Raman Ishita ko bulaye phir kabab mai haddi Mummiji ke Simmi aw jaye dono isharo mai baatein kare swb log yeh dekhakar IshRa ko chidhaye……baad mai shandaar Dinner Date…….

  29. ishra

    Yes …prayosha. ..aaisa hoa to. …dekh ne main maza aaye ga. …….ab toh sab ko malom ho chukka hai ki. …dono ek dusre se pyar karte hai. ……….woh log bhi. ..dono Akeley candle light dinner. .pe bheje gai. ….

  30. Hyma

    Eagerly watng fr confession episode.raman ur just superb..kitha royega yar u r cryng nd makng us to cry..ishitha ki kushi thum usse dhoor jane me nahi thumari saath rehne me hai..jab thum dhono sath rahoge tho shagun ya ashok kya koy thumdhonko kuch nahi karsakthe…just be together for ever…

  31. sree

    raman sab ko badebade advices deta hai aur kudh itna bada stupidity kar raha hai.Aaj ishitha ko dekhkar bahut boora laga.Wo kaise bhi raman ko batana chahti hai aur raman hai ki excuses banakar usse door jaa raha hai.This is not done.

  32. Lovely

    Love confession is taking such a long time. But whatever it is Raman and Ishita are rocking…..Love you guys

  33. Yaar chichi we are Indians our feelings are also indian…..I can’t catch the perfact word in English what about I am saying…I cant explain my whole feelings in English…….but in hindi I explain easily waht I want to say ……so I comment in hindi……….

  34. No Ishra dono dinner ke liye kahi jayenge nahi par apne hi bedroom mai candle light dinner…..muje bhi pehle aise hi laga tha ki dono hotel mai hai par maine dekhw oi jab Apshaguni Shagun ka phone aata hai tab dono ghar mai se bahar niklte hai…….

  35. Yeh hai mohabbatein show coming few days in Raman again Ishita to conciliates……..
    this is update only in photos of divyanka tripathi fb side not….news…
    highlights – Raman never leave Ishita life because he loves søøøø…..much….
    some problems creates shagun….in Ishita life…..but don’t care Ishita fan’s because Raman only for Ishita….keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show…..
    this is statement of Anand raaz….

    • Anadraaz mai YHM ki Advertisment nahi kar rhi hoo…..bas apni feelings share kar rhi hoo…..& muje bhi pata hai ki YHM ki rettings kam nhi ho sakti….shayd tumne meri dusri comments padhi nahi maine kaha ki YHM2nd number se 1st number par aw chuka hai….

  36. govats Suresh rajpurohit

    Nice episode yr ye episode my Etna emotional kr deya hai aisa emotional paile bar Hua hai goad krai Ki enki Jodi salamat bnaye rakhai kyoki Raman or esita Ki bagair ye mohabbatin I adhuri hai

  37. Hey P & Anandraaz kya tum dono ne real video dekha airportwala…..nok jokh pyar ka ijhaar ke baad dono ne hug kiya. … what a hug yaar…….I am so excited to watch this full scene in the show…….yeh promo se bahut jyada interesting hai……..

  38. Raman ko lagya hai ki ishita uske kaaran dukhi hai……par Ishita ki life ka sabse bada dukh to yeh tha ki wo kabhi maa nahi ban sakti….aur yeh dukh to Raman ki uski life mai aane ke baad Raman se uski shaadi hone ke baad dur hua haiii…Raman Ishita ki life ka sabse bada dukh nahi sabse badi khushi hai…….par yeh Raman ko kaun samjaye……ki Ishita ki life to Raman hai…jab Raman uske saaath nahi hoga …uski life hi uske paas nahi hogi to life mai khushiyaa kaise hogi????

  39. ishra

    prayosha. ……uss buddu. .raman ko. ……ab kon samjhai. ….dono ki khushi
    …ek sath rahne main. … ki dono. ..aalag rahne main. ………raman ne kahan ki male ego ki wajhe se. …..ishita se apni dil ki bat nahin kehpaya. ….ab raman aap na. .ego ko piche rakho. .aur. …..apne dil ki bat kehe do ……….aur late ……mat karo. ……………

  40. ishra

    p….dikh toh aaise hi raha hai ki. …….dono love confess karenge. ……..dekho na ishita hug karte waqt smile. ……….kar rahi thi. ………

  41. ishra

    p….tum divyanka ki FB per ho. ….maine tumhara naam dekha. ….maine bhi divyanka ki FB join ki hai. ……

  42. ishra

    prayosha tum karan ki official FB per ho na. …..toh karan ki FB profile image kiya hai. ….bolo. …

  43. Naahi P tumne dekha nahi ruthi hui Ishita ko Raman ne kuch kaha baad mai hug kiya….matlab I♡U kaha par thoda aadha adhura sa iss liye iss moment ko memorable bana ne ke liye…Raman dinner date plan karega……
    Chlo jo bhi ho achha hi hoga……

  44. ishra

    p…..and. ..prayosha. ..divyanka ki FB check karre. ……aaj. …..BCL. ..main. ….divyanka V/S karan…….means. ..jaipur raj joshiley V/S kolkatta babu moshaye…….maine bhi comment kiya. …..jao tum log bhi comment karo ……main toh dono ko support karon gi. …..

  45. ishra

    p…..and. ..prayosha. ..divyanka ki FB check karre. ……aaj. …..BCL. ..main. ….divyanka V/S karan…….means. ..jaipur raj joshiley V/S kolkatta babu moshaye……ka match hai ….maine bhi comment kiya. …..jao tum log bhi comment karo ……main toh dono ko support karon gi. …..

  46. 123

    ladies who were complaining that IShita’s sarees r really bad in the show. good news for u people. one fan has gifted designer sarees to Divyanka from Dubai. she said she will wear those in the show and at award functions. one fan has gifted karan an i phone 6. really, this couple is stealing everyone’s heart. wish they were couple in real life too. With Adi coming to bhalla house, things will get only worse now.

  47. Wow yaar Raman aage aage Ishita piche piche dekha iss mai bhi bataya dono ne pyar ka ijhaar kiya par thoda…..matlab adha adhura jise pura ghar par dinner date mai karenge……

  48. To P maine yahi to kaha tha hoga love confession hoga par insatisfied & gusse wala hoga iss liye ise memorable banae ke liye Raman dinner date plwn karega…..

  49. p

    arey aaj me bahut khush hu ki me wrong thi and prayosha and ishra maine tum he friend request bheji hai accpet kar lo

  50. 123

    Neil ne sabhi logon se kya kaha hoga. Raman kyun sab se door jana chah raha tha. Raman IShita’s se kitni mohabbat karta hai. agar yeh sab nahi bolega to sabhi logon ko khaas kar Ishita ko kaise pata chale ga raman ke intentions, uski achchayee. confession to abhi nahi hoga itna to guarantee hai. lite lo sabhi fans.

  51. Kya 123 aap videos nahi dekhte…atlest humari comments to padho…..humne kaha na airport par love cinfession hoga par insatisfied…..iss scene mai Ishita pure airport par daud dauad kar Raman ko pit rahi hai…pure ek saal ki bhadas nikal rahi hai…..aur shayad kal tak yeh scene show mai aa jayega….
    Muje lagata hai ki yeh real airport hai….

  52. ishra

    kya bat kar rahi ho. ..prayosha. …suchchi……..mai aaisa hone wala. ….hai. ……double. ..excitement. ……

  53. ishra

    hum ne sahi guess kiya. ……..prayosha. ……….love confession se pehle. ………nowty. …..nowty. .things. …haan…….maza aaye ga. …bhut maza aaiga. ………..

  54. p

    ishra waise SBS bahut acha aaya tha and raman ishita ka scene awesome tha and background music “TU SALA KAAM SE GAYA ” bahut mast tha scene

  55. ishra

    yeeeeeee. ..maine bhi divyanka ki FB per dekhi. .sbs ka video. ..
    ishita ne raman ko Bhaga ….bhag…..kar mara hai. ….very good ishu. ………..mast mast. ….zabar dast. …hum ne jaisa chaha waisa hi hoa. …..super se uuuper

  56. SBS ke last scene mai dikhaya Ramwn Ishita ko Orange shirt saree mai jo unhone dinner date mai pehni hai…..
    Ishita Ramwn ke muh se I♡U sunana chahti hai par Raman jeh nahi raha par jab Ishita room se bahar ja rahi hoti use pakad leta hai….iss liye maine kaha ki hume Raman ka natkhat andaz dekhne ko milega…..

  57. ishra

    Yes prayosha maine dekha. ……ishita bikul raman ki jhansi ki rani lagrahi thi. ……raman ne sahi naam diya hai. …….pagal madrasan. …..

  58. I have a small doubt kya realy mai airpirt par love confession hoga ???
    Kyonki Divyanka ne SBS ke interview mai kaha ki love confession ho gaya hai chotusa……aur Telly masala ke interview mai kaha ki ab tak Ishita ne Raman se apne dil ki baat kahi nahi hai….jab Raman pehle kahenge twb hi Ishita kahegi kyonki pehl to ladka hi karta hai……to yeh dusra wala shayad ghar par hone wale cobfession ke baare mai hoga……but airport par thoda romance ho gaya hoga….

  59. ishra

    haa I think so …prayosha. ……airport pe toh unsatisfied. …love confession hoga. …..but ghar main aaye. ..toh. .proper wala love confession hoga na. …..wahan toh. ..itne sare log the. …phir bhi. ..romantic tha. bhi kaha hoga. ..IshRa……ne. ……hayy. …..I
    intezar. .kab tak hum Karen ge bhala. …..intezar hogaya hai
    .khatam. …..bas ek din ki duri hai. ..

  60. No yaar FB nahi meri family ne muje unknown se FB par baat karne se mana kiya hai…iss liye hum IshRa & YHM ke baare mai yahi par baat karenge….

  61. kya sab log date date kar rahe ho yaar.shagun phir se aayegi. raman phir se confess karega lekin beech main shagun tapackti hai. shagun will be greedy it seems and she will try to take again the old place in raman s heart. and there is no bharosa of raman because shagun may use adi. i think so. plz ekta maam stop this.only you can do it. plz its a humble request.

  62. Yaa Raman ne kaha tha ki Ishita ko uski life se koi Replace nahi kar sakta & yeh dinner date mai Shagun awyegi but us se pehle hume kuch rimantic moment dekhne ko milege……

  63. All of u……guys –
    you r a such a mad all of u……..
    are love confess hoga magar incomplete…….
    waise bhi love confess ho ya na hooo Raman Ishita ke sath hame sa hai or rahega…..sooo plz keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show just cool all of u……guys………

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