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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok discouraging Ishita and saying she can’t manage business. She says I know why Raman wins all contacts, you have small mentality, I can understand business, but you can’t understand any price of daal and rice. He asks her to leave before her confidence breaks. She asks is your manhood get hurt seeing a woman here, I know your ego got hurt, you always take help of women to manage business, why are you arguing, what is that you are failing to manage, business or politics, I don’t know how people raise finger on Raman, my husband does not need to be here, he explained me all rule book pointer, Raman has written all the rules, no need to doubt on Raman and his representatives, why are we arguing, we should utilize time and start meeting. The man agrees. The meeting


Mihika meets Romi’s GF and tells her that her car stopped midway, there is no mechanic. The girl offers her lift and says we will have coffee, and also get mechanic. Mihika leaves with her. Ashok thinks to provoke Ishita, so that she calls Raman here, and Shagun can go to meet Pihu at school. Romi comes there. Ishita smiles. Ashok says I have a doubt, I have seen Ishita’s proposal, Sodium bicarbonate was used in product. She says that was needed. Ashok tells her that its banned to use. Mani says Ishu, I don’t think Raman used any banned product, you check in file. She checks file. Ashok says Ishita you don’t qualify in this work, go and call Raman, you can’t do this. Ishita says Raman is not here, he has sent his wife here. Ashok asks are you his wife. Romi says please Ashok, we should not talk personal matters here.

Ashok says I know they are your family, but Raman made fun of his life, the question is who is his wife, he was living with Shagun when his wife left him, and now Ishita came back and he has sent Shagun to Mani. Mani gets angry and says I won’t bear anything against Ishita and Shagun. Ashok says I mean Raman is always in news because of his wives, and both of them supports Raman, sorry to say this. Mani asks him to stop it and focus on meeting. The man says I think we should take a short break and decide the best contender. Ishita cries and leaves. Ashok thinks now Ishita will call Raman. Mani says I can’t be part of this race where people can disrespect each other for a contract. He leaves.

Mihir thanks the girl Sanchi and they sit to have coffee at a cafe. Sanchi says the mechanic is good, he will do good work. They have a talk. Sanchi tells about her BF, he went abroad and I told him to go, else I would have heard all life that I stopped him, I m happy now. Mihika says I can see that, life becomes better if anyone who supports you is with you. Mihika tells about herself. Sanchi asks about her husband. Mihika says my husband… She gets the mechanic’s call and says I will come and pick my car. She tells Sanchi that she will go and takes her number to give Romi to get job for Sanchi. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma have a talk. Amma says Pihu came to me and said she loves south Indian food. Mrs. Bhalla says she is my daughter. Amma says she is mine. Ruhi smiles and asks Neelu to ask Ishita, no, you ask Papa, roles got exchanged.

Raman asks Pihu to play with her friends. She refuses. He says I can’t leave you alone. She asks him to answer the call. He talks to Neelu and she asks what food to make for Pihu. He asks are you mad, will I say this. Neelu says I thought you will tell me. He asks her to make Tinde. He says now I will decide what food will be made at home. He sees the principal there.

Ishita cries and says I should have not come, Raman will lose this contract because of me. Mani consoles her. Ishita cries. He says Ashok wanted to show you down, don’t get trapped in his words, read this file and understand all clauses. She says I tried, but did not understand. He says Raman is a fighter, he will get this contract, when you think like him, you will get all answers, believe me.

Principal asks Raman to follow school rules, he is given permission to stay with Pihu because of their family problem, tell me what will kids learn seeing you. Raman says I m sorry, next time I won’t do this. Principal punishes him to become activity class incharge for kids for one hour. Raman says I can’t manage them alone. Principal says wish you all the best. Raman says who will manage them, I will ask Ishita.

Shagun talks to Ashok and says so Ishita went. He says yes, you can go and meet Pihu now. She thanks him and ends call. She says Ishita was stopping me from meeting Pihu. Shagun comes to meet Pihu at school while Raman is busy managing other kids. The teacher stops Shagun from meeting Pihu and says Raman has told them not to let Shagun meet Pihu. Shagun says but I m her mum. Teacher asks her to leave.

Ishita checks file and says Ashok fooled me about Sodium bicarbonate. She goes to meeting. Ashok says I think Romi should get the contract. The man says yes, Raman’s company backed out and Romi is second best contender. Ishita comes there.

Ishita blames Shagun for kidnapping her and trying to get her murdered. Shagun says I just want to meet my daughter. Raman stops Shagun and says its enough now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shreya shetty

    yaa Aditya but what can I do.i was just on the loose on arguing with her.seriously she should g and get a fact its just a show as u mentioned was right dear fans.well m not listening to any more sarcastic puns now

  2. shreya shetty

    thanks for the good advice Aditya.i am absolutely alright dear but one problem is about this stupid tehreem that’s all.i ve no problem at all.yes I do agree.thats why I am not going to listen on tehreem at fact shes barking not me so why should I bother huh.well having fun when the losers are barking hahahahahahahahhahahaha.tehreem hahahahahahahhaha bark bark bark.hhahahah

  3. Omg this series is driving me bananas confusing confusing all the time it’s cat and mouse kabhi this khabhi that can you pls give us meaning of this serial what is going on ????????
    Can you bring it in with understanding that okay now Raman ishita and kids is this side shagun and poor mani on other focus on kids now Aliya adi mihir and romi triangle tired of ishita shagun nidhii ???

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