Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Romi arguing and taunting each other. Romi says I heard you were going to buy international company and they refused. Raman asks him not to worry for his business, I will take over that Australian company, you work well and by good ways, next time, if you argue with my parents, I won’t leave you. Mihika looks on.

Later on, Romi calls Mihika. She says yes, I have sent file. Ashok reached here, don’t worry, you will get this contract, I love you too. She ends call. Mihir looks on and says I need to talk about Romi, he is immature, you are smart and mature, why don’t you explain Romi.

Mihir asks Mihika to stop Romi from working with Ashok. She says I don’t interfere in his work, let Romi handle his business. He says I can’t believe this,

I worry for you, you will fall. She says so you are worried for me, I m very happy in my life. He says I can see that. She says how long can anyone wait for someone, that’s why I have moved on, I m marrying Romi, its good you met me here, I can personally invite you, anyway you will get invitation when I invite all my close friends, you have to come. He says I will clear one thing, if I have to choose between you and Raman, I will always choose Raman, his loyalty is imp than being friendly with you, wish you all the best for your married life with Romi, but I will not come in your marriage. He goes. She says Raman’s loyalty ruined you.

Pihu is packing her stuff. Adi gets chocolates and candies for her. He says Dadi is making your fav snacks, don’t disturb Papa there. She says I won’t, I m big girl. You also had to go Australia, Papa is not taking you, you are sad right. He says no, I m happy you are going and will take care of Papa, if you are with him, he will be happy. She says we should keep her nickname. He says Raavan kumar. She says I will call him by this name. He says no, he will be upset. She asks why. He asks her to finish packing and leave for airport, else how will she meet Ruhaan. She says I will meet Ruhaan….

Aaliya comes to meet Ruhaan. Ruhaan scolds her. Aaliya says I just wanted to help you and told my Amma, its wrong that you are bearing this. Ruhaan gets angry and says how dare you complain about my mom. Aaliya says my Amma is concerned for you. Ruhaan says you are blind and don’t know her truth. Aaliya asks how are you judging her, you don’t know her, she is best mom. Ruhaan says I know such women, they do drama to become best mom, and then leave children. Aaliya argues and praises Ishita. Ruhaan says I don’t need your Appa’s concern. Aaliya says fine, I will keep myself and my Amma away from your personal life, I will just stay professional and I think I should continue with my job. She leaves. Ruhaan cries and says Ishita you are selfish.

Ishita asks Richa to add fruits, I will go and get pastries, make Aaliya wait. She sees the news about Raman Bhalla getting business excellence award. She sees Raman and gets teary eyed. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………… She sees Shagun, and says Shagun is Raman’s wife, she married him…. its good, Shagun has taken everyone’s responsibility, such a relief to know, my kids have a mother. She pauses tv and touches Raman. She says Raman, you look very good, like always, you have not changed, you would be happy as I m not with you, you said you have problems in life because of me, now you have won award as I m not there, how many awards you win, you are the best, its good your life has peace without me, but I miss you so much. She cries. Mani comes there and sees her crying…. Looking at Raman on tv. She wipes her tears and says I m okay. She talks to Richa. She says relax Mani, I suddenly saw Raman, that’s why, its fine, I made custard, don’t have it, I will get pastry, we will have it after lunch. She goes. Mani says what do you think Ishu, will you hide the matter from me, I also see and understand everything, I m feel your every sorrow Ishu, maybe this is love….. He sees Raman and says I wish I could become your angel.

Raman and Pihu land in Australia. She says I wish we got Adi and Shagun here. He says fine and reminds her promise. She says I remember. He gets Mihir’s call and says yes, I have to talk to Mr. Sharma. He asks Pihu to sit here, and asks the man to take care of his daughter, till he makes an imp phone call.

Adi talks about Alia Bhatt’s movie, and Shravan hears him. Adi asks his friend to book 4 tickets. He asks Shravan will you come for movie. Shravan says I won’t come. Adi says she is hottest. Shravan says we should not talk like this about girls. Adi asks what are you hiding. Shravan says no. Adi says sure, then sit here and tell me don’t you like Alia Bhatt, you like her. He says no, promise me you won’t say this to anyone. Adi promises. Shravan says I love Alia Bhatt, she likes me too and sent friend request to me on fb. Adi asks why will she send you, she is big star. Shravan shows the phone. Adi says I can’t believe this.

Pihu feels hungry and thinks I can’t disturb Papa, I have Papa’s card, I will go and get pastries. She asks the man to inform her dad that she is going to pastry shop to buy a pastry. He says fine. She goes to pastry shop, and says wow, I like to have all. She asks for strawberry one. The man says sorry, that was last one. Ishita hears this and asks him to give one to the girl, I will buy one less. The man gives pastry to Pihu and says that lady gave this for you. Pihu thinks to thank her, and sees Ishita. She says I have seen her, she is that aunty whose pic I have seen in Amma’s house, how is she here, I have to tell this to Adi.

Ishita and Raman collide. He turns to see her, while she picks her belongings.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Resh

    I have one doubt “what did Mani meant by looking Raman and tells that I wish I could become your Angel?????I dodnt get the meaning (point)
    If somebody knows plz tell me yaar

    • mayuri

      May be he was quite jealous and was thinking if he was there instead of Raman .. If she likes him not Raman…
      At least I think so 😉

    • Kitties

      May b he meant to say that he could b his death angle!! Lol
      Or may b he meant to say to b an angle for him to reunite him with ishu!!

  2. shivani

    Wow….finally its gonna happen….much awaited family reunion…i think adi will tell pihu all about ishita and raman…lets hope shagun wont come in btwn raman and ishu …pls writers don’t drag this for too long…

  3. Sayujya

    Ishita getting emotional on seeing Raman on television was very touchy….but how easily she accepts shagun’s presence in raman’s life is quite unbelievable and stupid…
    It seems like hit and miss episodes will drag on for sometime…

  4. reshma

    YHM: Ishita takes care of Ruhaan, Ruhaan gets Ishima back
    Upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein is going to bring emotional moments between Raman, Ishita and Ruhaan.
    Ruhaan’s identity being Ruhi is still disclosed and she also hide it from Ishita because she hates her and Raman.
    Apart from this, Ruhaan gets frustrated seeing Mani and Ishita together.
    Ruhaan assumes Ishita and Mani are Aaliya’s parents which makes him ill.
    Raman helps Ruhaan seeing him faint and brings him to his home.
    Ruhaan feels Ishima in Ishita
    Furthermore, Ishita is worried about Ruhaan and reaches to see him but she gets panic seeing him in high fever.
    Ishita takes care of Ruhaan in illness.
    Ruhaan feels his Ishima back where both share some emotional moments.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  5. Naaj

    Hai I’m a silent reader of yhm. Shall I join this group

    At last Ishitha is going to see her daughter

  6. Lavanya

    At last that family drama is coming near waiting for ishra together but please don’t create any misunderstanding between them

  7. Nice episode . but Mihika’s thought is little bit confused. Anyway i hope Ishra pblm will resolve and their families will unite. Hi rithu and all yhm friends

  8. Direcroe

    Huge twist ahead after family drama
    Ishita had arrived in India along with Mani and aliya joined by ruhaan and Raman
    Ishita arrives home and everyone gets glad
    But it is short lived when sarika makes an entry taunting ishita and she has married suraj ishita slaps Raman after he calls her Mani’s wife and ishita walks away from them and cries while ruhaan gets shocked seeing pihu aliya’s brother is also in India and thereafter will come aooner

  9. Ishu looks so fat. At the starting of the show she was a bit slim. But after that slowly she started to put on weight and now she looks so fat. She should be some more diet conscious. I don’t think any other lead actresses are fat like her. I am saying this coz I like her so much and want her to be the best . She is the best in acting and I want her to be the best even in looks. I want evry1 to say that divyanka is a gorgeous and talented actress. Am I ryt guys. pls reply

    • V P

      i too feel she has become fat …. even shanaya too .., but off screen with Vivek and all she is not …. I feel this can be camera trick …, Raman too blotted like … to show they are aged . Niraja I too love her And def she is the best and talented actress in tv screen …. a gifted lady … wish Divyanka all the best …

  10. Starbucks

    Wow the precap is soooo wonderful???a nice precap atlast in ages I wish ishu and Raman will meet soon and I really want mani get out of ishu life or he will destroy their AGAIN ?
    anyway can’t wait to read tomorrow’s epi???

  11. Jessica

    Ekta Kapoor’s serials –

    Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi- Tulsi’s innocent son Gautam is kidnapped by her brother-in-law and his wife…leap happens and Gautam returns hating his parents.

    Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii- Parvati loves her daughter Shruti very much. At one point of time in the serial Parvati is blamed for her husbands death…leap happens…Parvati returns and learns that her daughter hates her very much.

    Kasautii Zindagi Kii- Prerna’s son Prem is kidnapped by Komolika…leap happens…Prem returns hating his parents.

    Kassam Se- Bani loves her Daughter Ganga and does many sacrifices for the family…leap happens…Ganga hates Bani.

    Pavitra Rishta- Archana’s son Soham is Kidnapped by her sister…leap happens…Soham becomes tapori always fighting with his parents.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hain- Priya and Peehu are just the right mother and daughter…leap happens (after Priya’s accident)…Peehu becomes the bad girl causing pain to Priya.

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein- Do I even need to tell? It’s the same s***ty crap n people still want to watch it.Sometimes I wonder if Ekta Kapoors has lost it. Either she does not have sense or from insode she really hates her parents too much. It’s better to watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehtala Hai instead to this crap. At least they don’t murder relations.

    Please share this post on twitter and on FB if you like.

    • Kandy

      I fully agree with u. “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is a awesome family show, great to watch it. #YRKKH has some moral values which make the serial a unique one in television industry. The director/cvs of #YRKKH always try to give positive message towards our society. That is why #YRKKH is still running successfully even after 7 years! The serial secure/maintain its place among Top 5 serials according to BARC TRP rating.

    • V P

      very true Jessica …. I too feel Ekta has problem in her real life … She should not have spoiled the beautiful storyline …from bomb blast its gone …. unbelievable ….

  12. V P

    Episode nothing very special . Ruhaans hatred is too much now …. i feel the impact to the audience is too less …. its boring now . Now she should try to think and find out how come her Ishima is in Australia . And always our little Ruhi had been smart … here also she has to be smart …. Alia so nice and Ishitha …. To feel happy Shaghun got married to Raman …. very stupid … to misunderstand … and to blame herself ..,, too much now … and looking at Ramans face one can understand he is not happy man …. leave it now if Pihu says Shaghun is her mom , then totally the drama will start… she too will act she is happily married with Raman …….now what cvs are going to twist quite understandable .. Romis and Ramans scene not required at all so too Mihika and Mihir . Really miss our Mihika she was superb … after Ishitha she too has got so many fans I believe . I used to love our old Mihika and Mihir scenes …. but the discussion here was just to fill the space . Mihika can never support Ashok khanna . she had to bring Romi to the right routr . Shravu is going to be a comedian and our Adi is a darling . where is Rithu ? Commenting just for the sake of commenting …., but Manis feelings are so true ….. he is not jealous he cant see Ishu sad …, but he is a fool to think by marrying her , she can be happy …. no a friend is more valuable term ….. for him

  13. sumera

    Hey for anyone wondering what mani meant by being an angel …..he meant in order to unite ishita and Raman he hopes he can become her ‘messaih’ @as an angel!!

  14. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ruhaan’s (Aditi Bhatia) meet to disclose Ruhaan’s Truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    After having Ruhaan and Ishita’s confrontation, Raman is going to confront Ruhaan now.

    Ruhaan hates both Raman and Ishita so he stopped them meeting with each other.

    Ruhaan is still hiding his identity being Ruhi.

    Apart from this, Raman and Ruhaan come face to face where Ruhaan gets faint seeing Mani and Ishita together.

    Raman feels deep connection with Ruhaan

    Raman is shocked seeing Ruhaan unconscious and lifts him in his arms.

    Raman rushes to hospital and feels Ruhaan has deep connection with him.

  15. hey guys jhanvi vp darshika siddhi darshi tansuri ramchin nimrit parvathi diya (both the diyas) riya reshma sachie shivani anakha naina naaz nivedha zaara fathi ude sam meghana sowmy summi sindhu lavanya and all yhm friends .

  16. V P

    Rithu Iam ok …. Thank you …. this site with out your comments …. feel missing something …. yet to watch lot of twists and dramas …. even now I feel it can be twisted positively …. life is so beautiful …. there is a saying but our great Ekta madam and cvs doesnt know the meaning of it . Making the best of anyones life is in their hands … its so simple … the cvs can do the same thing …. little misunderstandings and mishappenings will be there in real life … we all sit and watch to relax … here more unhappy we are …. now Ruhan has to come into realization … once their bond then even if misunderstanding is happening regarding Mani and Ishitha or Shaghun and Raman can be twisted beautifully for the audience to enjoy ….Here they spoiled Mihika … Romi all shaghun Ekta is bringing slowly to the negative vibe … once Ruhi in Ishimas hand rest assured they will take care ….so many yhm fictions are so well written … why cvs not taking our request into consideration … I really wonder …

  17. Lavanya

    Will ishra unite it’s very difficult after reading direcroe comment is that really gonna happen

  18. Lavanya

    Pihu will recognise Ishita’s face from the photos at home, but won’t know anything about her.
    The latest promo of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has just added more spice to the already interesting story line. Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will cross paths but not meet as Ishita will be distracted. However, Pihu will recognise Ishita’s face as the woman whose photos are present in the Bhalla house. The child has not been told anything about who this woman is by the Bhalla family though. So, the little spy will decide to find out for herself.

    Meanwhile, Raman (Karan Patel) who is accompanying Pihu will find her after his business meeting and will be relieved to see her safe. Looks like the great Raman-Ishita meet is about to happen very soon!

    Ishita has already met Ruhi aka Ruhaan (Aditi Bhatia), but has not recognised her. Will she recognise Pihu who looks just like Ruhi?

    In the current track, Raman wants to marry Shagun (Anita Hasnandani) off to someone nice so that she will be happy in life. He is not ready to get married ever as he can’t forget Ishita. Ishita has told Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) that they will always be the best of friends but she can never love anyone except Raman. Mani is heartbroken but has no choice but to accept the fact. Meanwhile, Raman wants to collaborate with an Australian company named Ishra owned by a certain Mr. Ramchandran. So, he calls on their contact number and guess who is about to receive the call! It’s none other than Ishita! The precap showed Raman and Ishita speaking for the first time in seven years. Exciting, right? Will they recognise each others’ voices?

    Keep reading this space for more gossip on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…

  19. Lavanya

    Guys please read it coz in yhm Wikipedia it’s written that shagun loves Raman
    Here’s it?
    .Ishita hears Ruhi’s voice as she was shouting because she has an attack when she calls her .Ruhi doesn’t wanted to see or meet her so she tells her to go.Ishita gives Ruhi’s medicines to her governess Nancy and leaves.Mani proposes her the next day but she refuses it because she is only Raman’s and Ishita loves only Raman.Raman decides to let Shagun marry someone else as she is staying at the Bhalla’s house as Pihu’s mother without marrying Raman.Shagun refuses because she would only live with Raman as his wife and she loves him.Ishita sees Raman’s award function on television and assumes that Shagun is Raman’s wife.Raman comes to Australia with Pihu.Pihu sees Ishita and recognizes her but Ishita doesn’t sees her.

  20. shivani

    Hiii rithu , vp and all other yhm fans…
    Guys dont u think Aliya should have notice one thing…wen ruhaan asked for aliyas mobile to login into fb she typed shravan iyer delhi…its a tamilian name….aliya should think about how ruhaan and shravan became friends….i think this link will help aliya to find out ruhaans truth…

  21. shivani

    Ishita and raman are matured the beginning of the show raman was the dad of a 12 year old boy…now adi is means, raman have an age around 40-45..and also ishita…. right ?? i think their thoughts and actions should be in a matured way..they are capable of realizing things in a right way… ekta mam, dont introduce any stupid undigestable tracks which spoils their characters…

  22. Disha

    Hmmm today’s episode was k BT I want all to meet n ruhis misunderstanding is cleared abt her mom ishu n dad ple make e episode more nice let e family reunite together hapy family ple

  23. sachie

    Hey rithu and all yhm friends, how are you all? I have been studying,that’s y I couldn’t comment, but I read all Your comments.
    And rithu where were you? I missed your comments badly.?

    I dont want to see ishraruadipihu and bhallaiyer family hating each other,I want to see them unite again soon,
    Seems that elders don’t have sense at all,fight like kids,aren’t they matured? While kids are smarter than them who want to make them unite
    Hope ruhadi pihu alia will unite them soon.
    Waiting to see my old yhm with the ending of current track.
    Thought that yhm is different from other serials, but again its going to be another common serial.
    We want old yhm back.

    And I’m very sorry,
    I couldn’t wish you for new year,
    Since I’m from srilanka we celebrated sinhala and Hindu new year on 13th/14th April.
    Wish you all a healthy,wealthy,happy,peaceful,successful new year!??

  24. Plz update today’s episode of any one can tell In comment box plz
    Y ruhi is behaving like this how could she think Mani as ishu husband and that Aliya is her daughter Aliya is elder than ruhi how it is possible she is smarter before but now she is acting as a dumb people how could she belive nidhi and hate her parents it’s disgusting can’t digestable
    Hope for fast family reunion hope ekta won’t drag too much now she always doo like this stupid things she always ruin very gud characters as if she is struggling all r doing wat they want they never think about fans wat we r actually r we mad to watch plz reunite ishra ruhi pihu &adi just ake happy family
    Hope u guys don’t object to my comment
    but present track is some way interesting some wat there is a saying that
    “” something is better than nothing”” it just like that

  25. Samuel

    Today’s update will be like ishu went to check if its raman but before she go n check he went d.. normal la then next will be at coffee shop.. there oso ruhan will block them.. for this we need to wait till end of months

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