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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting conscious. Ishita asks the nurse are they fine and holds her stomach. The nurse says I m sorry, we could not save the baby. Ishita cries and asks why……..She screams no……and runs out of the ward. She tells everyone what nurse said, how can her kids not get saved. She runs to Raman and looks for him. The family tries stopping her. The nurse says I told her about baby and she went in shock. Ishita asks Raman how could they not save …., she wants an answer. She sees Ruhi crying and hugs her.

She asks Ruhi is she hurt. She sees Adi and asks are they fine. She hugs them and cries. She says I m very happy that my kids are fine, how can the nurse say they are not fine. Raman says she said about our to be born baby. Ishita gets stunned.

Ishita cries and says its not a big thing, its fine, don’t get sad, I m sorry, the baby could not be saved, but our family is complete, we have Ruhi and Adi, what else do we want, I m sorry to everyone, I know everyone had expectations, when nurse said we could not save… I felt she said about Ruhi and Adi.

She tells Ruhi that she has a brother, and Adi has a sister, and Ishi Maa has her two kids, their family is complete. Teri bechaini ka…….. She hugs them and smiles. They all look on. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla does arrangements to welcome Ishita. She asks Sarika and Romi not to mention about baby infront of Ishita. Ishita comes home and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. They all smile seeing her. Ishita asks for breakfast, she is really hungry. Mrs. Bhalla says come. Neelu has made dosas for you.

Ishita says I will go and freshen up. She prays to Lord and thanks. Raman looks on. Ishita goes to her room and keeps ironed clothes inside the cupboard. She sees Ruhi’s rakhi for the baby and recalls those moments. She gets sad. Dil kahin rukta nai…………..plays……….. Raman comes to her and sees her upset. He says you feel hiding pain like this will fool everyone. She says you are with me, what if I can’t get my own child, my happiness does not end here, Ruhi and Adi are my kids, I don’t want any other happiness, believe me, I m complete woman. She hugs him and says she is sure.

She jokes and makes him smile. He romances with her. Mrs. Bhalla, Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla come and tease them for romancing here. Mrs. Bhalla hugs them. Tere dil ka………….plays………..Mrs. Bhalla asks Rinki to come over. Rinki says she is going out for dinner with Mihika, she will come. Mrs. Bhalla says I will talk to Raman, when will Mihir come back.

Raman sits holding Ishita’s hand and cries. He switches off the lights and goes out, while she sleeps. Raman recalls how Ishita conceived the baby and then lost the baby. He feels sorry for not being able to save the baby and blames himself.

Mihika comes home and sees Raman. She asks why is he here at this time. Raman says he is thinking that he could not take care of his wife and kids, Ishita did not care for her life and saved the family, she lost her baby, its all because of me. Meera asks him not to blame himself, marriage is about equals, your relation is ideal, Ishita just did her duty to safeguard her family. Ishita comes there and sees Raman blaming himself for ending Ishita’s hope. She cries.

Raman tells Manoj that he can’t bear anyone calling Ishita childless and infertile. Manoj sas I have come here as there is a way that Ishita can become a mum. Raman asks are you serious, tell me how is it possible and gets much happy.

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  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Dr. Manoj tells
    Raman about surrogacy
    which can make Raman
    and Ishita as parents
    Raman is happy to know
    that Ishita can get own
    baby again and tells
    Ishita about the same.
    Ishita is shocked to know
    Raman still wants a baby.
    Ishita tells Raman that
    she has accepted the
    truth and is happy with
    Adi and Ruhi.
    Ishita tells Raman that
    they have no need of any
    surrogacy process
    because they are a
    complete family.
    But Raman decides to
    make Ishita convince for
    surrogacy anyhow.

  2. omg how sweet tha ishu crying for ruhi and adi.mujshe tho lag ki she was crying for losing her great.ishu tho sach mai mother india best mom.

  3. jhanvi

    Ishra scene bhot achha tha dono sad the bt fir bhi ek dusre ko hosla dene k liye khush hone ki acting kar rahe the wat a relationship!!!!!

    Raman mihika scene bhi achha tha in dono me bhi hamesha achhi understanding dikhate hai….

  4. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan
    Patel is intriguing the audience with
    it’s interesting story line filled with
    twists and turns.
    As we have seen ishita saves her
    family from the bob explosion but she
    gets hurt.When rushed to hospital
    Doctors inform her as her born is no
    more.This news Shatters ishita and
    Whole Bhalla family.
    Ishita will be seen Crying and
    shouting in pain of losing her baby but
    controls her emotions seeing Adi and
    In the coming episodes,Ishita will try
    to be happy with her family and kids.
    Bhalla family becomes glad seeing
    But Raman feels that ishita should get
    her lost happiness and goes to Doctor
    Manoj. Raman talks with him about
    ishita’s condition.Manoj gives a
    suggestion to Raman to opt for
    Surrogacy as there are less chances
    for ishita to get pregnant again.
    Raman likes his idea and decides to
    talk with ishita.But she doesnot agree
    to him.Ishita tells Raman that she is
    happy with her family and she doesnot
    need any another child as she has
    According to the new Promo,the
    writers are leading the track to
    surrogacy and everyone know that
    Shagun will become surrogate mother
    for ishita and Raman’s baby.
    But the Twist is will Shagun be a
    positive or negative person after
    becoming a surrogate mother.Will she
    ask her kids from ishita? or Will she
    really help ishita and Raman to return
    their favor on her?
    Keep reading TELLYGURU for more

  5. tahira

    Good episode my janu divyanka u done a great job but i m so sad for upcoming really this ekta is a heartless lady

  6. why Raman always hurting ishita he knew very well ishita cant preganant and accepted the
    truth married her for ruhi custody now why he need a baby that for also shagun as a
    surrogate if raman truly loves ishita means just give her your lot of love and care definetely
    she will conceive second time. world knew about on behalf saving her family from the bomb blast only she lost her child so no one know cannot say ishta may be infertile. so
    Raman dont hurt her by asking child

  7. tho akhir kal aa hi jaayegi surrogacy track………bt i cant understand y makers are giving more imp to this track this track resembles how fools are our yhm makers…….

  8. guys i think agar shagun ne ishu aur uski bachhe ko bachalethi tho surrogacy se bhi jyaada acha ho tha aur usi tarah sab shagun ki positivity ko bhi dhek paathe aur phir shagun ki character ko bhi imp mil jaathi hai par surrogacy its horrible to hear

  9. tahira

    Pls try to protest against surrogacy in twitter just go n msg starplus n ekta yaha pe surrogacy ko rokne k liye comment karne se kuch nai hoga pls help in stopping surrogacy track

  10. jhanvi

    Guys muje to laga ruhi ki wish puri krne k liye surrogacy k liye Raman ko manayegi BT yaha to ulta ho raha hai..ishita mana kar rahi hai ki uske liye rudi kafi hai use jyada use kuch nahi chahiye fir kyu Raman jid kar raha hai…. They also can wait for some time ishu ne is bar cncv kiya MATLAB wo second time bhi cncv kar sakte hai..they shld wait …itni kya jaldi hai surrogacy ki…..

  11. Priyanka Mondal

    Todays epi was superb,outstanding bcoz d person who care nd love the family can do any sacrifice for them.every1 should learn how to handle the relationship.the person if learn how to love truly from d bottom of d heart:)luv u Divyanka Di ,Ruhanika,karan Bro u all r cute.luv u d whole cast and crew.

  12. i dont think so that everytime the fans should protest for any track because the last time when the news of surrogacy and leap came and almost many protested the track may be dragged or would be shown later but not canceled . its the makers responsibility to show sonething good interesting and a track that will be accepted by the fans .afterall we are the ultimate veiwers of this serial. when such types of unpleasing tracks are shown then it reflects through trp and not much fan following and even in awards. the writers or makers of yhm always introduce such tracks which disappoints the fans. if such a track happens we can just show our power by not watching such craps . the main problem or issue of yhm is the news on internets or in any other tv shows like sbb ,sbs and sbas are not really exact until any of the unit members confirm it. this serial has been always subject to rumours ,fan fiction stories , gossips and fake spoilers .

  13. please save our yhm

    *** Protest against Surrogacy track ***

    Promo has finally hit the screen but i am still positive because we are the same yhm-ians who stopped leap. And within a single day, 10k tweets has hit the channel. It is quite huge. Please don’t come up with comments asking what is use. Many are doing this. You are welcome to join them. It would be of even more help if people refrain from demotivating others.

    So guyzz stopping bashing against the track coz it will not help the show anyway.. Join us on Twitter and tweet against this track by tagging Ekta Kapoor and Star Plus with ‪#‎NoSurrogateShagunTrack‬ n who knws we will be able to change the track juz the way we changed the leap track.

    Let’s join together n show Ekta Kapoor and Star Plus the fan power of YHMians and save our show.

    Indian users can call toll free star plus number 180030007827 and can ask them to stop this track.

    P.S.: Share this msg in all the yhm pages and group u follow and keep tweeting

  14. Siddhi

    Raaaammmmmaannn what’s the problem kya ishita ko surrogracy par majboor kar raha hai jab ishita nahi cahati to kya prob hai us k already two kids aur surrogracy k liy only shagun hi thi

  15. tarun

    i agrer wth ritushree ..whole episode was bakwas.. ab kal same surrogacy ka drama dikhayenge…..go .to .hell makers.. u hve made the show worst..ab yr hamare rokne se kuch nhi hoga…. cvs ne phele leap dekhakar shagun ko rentered krna tha raman ki life me ab surrogacy track ki through…..

  16. manohara

    Looking on the wider sense I think it’s good to introduce surrogacy. TV serials also should educate the people. There are a lot of people who do not know of the process. If properly handled. I we review our litre ture something similar to surrogacy is found. Mahabaratha had often been quoted. I hope the Ball family gets along with a changed Shagun.

    • we are not against for surrogacy those who are not having baby means its okay but
      in this story ruhi or adi are enouogh for ishra also balla parivar have rohit
      in this story romi also not able to get child but raman and the whole parivar why
      expecting ishita should have child that also surrogate as sagun

  17. revathi

    I think surrogacy track will be a new one not d same as most of other serials, if goes on sweet it will get bored. There must be good spicy things in a sweet serial, we all like YHM as it started with a different story and now why should it be like other serials

  18. Cha

    Ekta mustn’t 4get that Ishitha,Raman & Ruhi are the heart of this show…so the writers must be careful when they write…otherwise you will lost many yhm fans…not only the indian fans…but the fans in other countries also…

  19. Darshika

    one of the best performance of Divz……love it.
    I hate surrogate track…… Ekta madam,don’t chose minimum ppl…….If u chose them., remember, you will be lost lots of yhm fans…….
    From SL

  20. V P

    Last two episodes amazing act by Raman , Ishitha , Adi and Ruhi . Creators do you really want to spoil the charm of the story by surrogacy , that too bringing Shaghun in between. Fans whole over the world doesn’t want to view that . You can suggest surrogacy is required but later on miracle can happen so that Ishitha carries on with the baby . At present Ishitha needs rest . She is happy with Adi and Ruhi . Why one more child that too deliver from Shaghuns stomach . I have seen creators whatever said and done make fans happy ….. Please do . Divyanka. Raman you both are too good

  21. Darshika

    Dear Cvs and Ekta kapoor,
    I want to tell this. Our idea is still same. No surrogacy…..! ! ! We never want this. Why do you want to give this surrogate lollipop to suck us….? You know that lots of ppl are against with this idea….. Why don’t you show beautiful scenes like ishra are spending time with each other.
    And most important thing is this. Don’t ruin raman character……. We know this is your favourite job. But please don’t do it. You are going to dig this beautiful couple by adding 3rd person in between them.
    And what is the point get a baby from shagun….? Is she a baby machine…? Let shagun marry that doctor, then they have a baby if they want. Actually this surrogacy is very unfair for shagun too. Because of this, may be she won’t have a baby from manoj……..
    Again, this surrogacy is unnecessary indeed…….! ! ! Finally we want ishita to be a mother with her own baby. That’s it…….
    Guys,please try to tweet…..plz…..

  22. Mihir

    It would have been much better if Ishita got killed in the accident in the process of saving the family than let that Shagun to the surrogate mom for her baby…At least we fans would have had nice thoughts about Ishita and the olden days of YHM..

    Elta Kapoor can make a customized story for Shagun where she can play the lead role, dominate everyone and also be a modeler for designer sarees.

  23. We are fools to except interested tracks in the show
    They vil not bring interested tracks….
    The makers are back of shagun….
    Fanzzz are very hurt abt yesterday nd today episode….
    Seriously ….yyy they are giving. Imp to shagun….
    Don’t want any surrogate mother track….

  24. gopu

    Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis going to bring some more new twists and turns in the show and Surrogacy track is going to begin.In the coming episodes of the show, Manoj tells the alternate option that will help Ishita get pregnant again surrogacy. It means another woman would nurture their child in her womb.When Raman tells this to Ishita, she turns down the idea completely. As per Ishita, she is happy with their two children, Adi and Ruhi, and doesn’t want the surrogacy to happen.Raman who blames himself for ishita’s accidentgoes out and Drinks Alcohol to forget his pain.He drives the car in that state and he will becaught by police.Somehow Neil comes and releases him from jail.Ishita will be upset on Raman for his irresponsible behavior and decides to teach hima lesson.Next Day,She sits before Raman in her room andmixes Coffee with Alcohol.On seeing that Raman gets shocked and stops her.She insists that she want to Drink it.Later He apologizes for his behavior and asks ishita what she thought about Surrogacy.Ishita gets angry and shouts on him that she don’t want any other child as she is happy and content with her kids.But As all know that Raman is Stubborn and he will not leave the matter easily.Now how will Raman convince ishita is yet to watch

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