Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with tensed situation in Bhalla house. The kids come and ask why is everyone so upset. Simmi manages the kids. Ishita asks Amma did she see the paternity test reports. Amma says no. Ishita says how can she believe so, and goes to clinic to check reports. Sarika says we can send Ruhi and Adi to kids’ care centre, her friend will manage the kids and join from tomorrow, but would Ishita feel bad. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I will talk to her, take care of Ruhi and Adi.

Manoj asks neighbors to hear him once. The neighbors scold Shagun and say they won’t allow Shagun to be here. Shagun worries and people kick her out of the house. Ishita and Amma come to take reports and are asked to wait. Ishita gets the report and sees positive result. Amma asks Ishita not to go back to

Raman. Shagun asks where will I go at night. Manoj asks how can they make Shagun leave. The lady asks about the father of the child.

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The lady scolds Manoj and asks how is he staying with this woman. She pushes Shagun and Raman holds her. Ishita comes there and looks on. Raman says I m father of her child, you got the answer. Ishita comes home. She is leaving the home, and everyone stop her. Vandu says Raman has no answer, how can let her stay here. Raman brings Shagun home. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun. Ishita says Shagun is carrying Raman’s baby. Raman accepts it. Ishita cries and says Shagun… Raman says I m saying true, Shagun is carrying our baby, she did this for me and Ishita, its my and Ishita’s baby, Shagun is surrogate money. Vandu says you could have got any woman for this. Raman says we got one woman, who was just risking everything for money. Mrs. Bhalla asks him why did he do this, how can Ishita bear this, if Shagun is carrying baby. Raman defends Shagun and says she will stay here till she delivers the baby. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t stay here.

Simmi asks how can he trust Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Raman says anyone can change, I can see her change, maybe this is her repentance, give her a chance. Mrs. Bhalla says you got blind in her love. Raman tells Ishita that this is happening for her, give one chance. Ishita and Raman go to room and have an argument. She asks why is she given the baby as a forced gift now, that too by Shagun. She cries and says Shagun has planned all this, you got papers signed by me, you lied to me. She says my opinion matters too, you decide for me always. Raman says he did not say as 6 weeks did not happen. She says you feel I m weak, I m very strong, I will not break by a hope breaking. I can’t bear this pain.

Shagun’s suicide and new spooky intro scene….

He asks what did she say, you show this acting of being strong to someone else, I have seen your pain after losing the baby, I love you, I could not bear your pain. She argues with him and says she is infertile and she is feeling this now. He says this was slap on the world, that my wife is not infertile, she can have a child too.

Shagun says I will stay here till I deliver baby. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t bear you here. Vandu taunts her and asks how can they believe its Raman’s child. She asks Shagun whose child is it. Raman says my way was wrong, but my intentions were not wrong, if you feel I did mistake, forgive me, think we will get our own baby. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its someone else’s baby, she is lying to us and entering this home. She scolds Shagun. Ishita cries.

Shagun says I will not hear anyone and jumps from the terrace. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. bhagi

    thank god ek acha kaam hogaya shagun khud gayi(sry guys if anyone feel bad) my haterd for shagun increasing day by day that even i cant bare her to see in show chahye vo kithni achi insaan ya phir mahaan bane par vo ishra ke liye hamesha vo ek hurdel ban kar hi rahegi shagun e sucide drama kyom kar rahe hai usko pehle hi patha hona chahiye tha consequences jab vo raman ko manaa liya surrogacy ke liye she know the anger of mrs.bhalla nd every family mem then aab ye naya drama kyom kar rahi hai go to hell shagun yaar par plzzzz stop this here its more than horrible yar let shagun nd monoj be one nd send them to a place away frm ishra nd make ishra happy nd cheerfull funny loving caring like before i am missing raman’s oneliners badly vo kithni achi se onliners boltha tha pehle with such a lovely expressions……am really missing my yhm yar really…….

  2. Varsha

    How can they show like this….how can they show a ledy kill is unborn child… It’s really nonsense…. Why they show like this…. It’s really bad think that they do…. In all this matter that unborn child nt fault then why they kill that unborn child… This is the really bad scene they show….????
    For all this why that little child suffer… Which that child nt come in this world….???????(sorry for saying this)
    Plz stop this nonsense track…. If u want then u only kill shagun nt that little unborn baby….????
    If I hurt ur feelings friends then sorry… And forgive me if possible….????

  3. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has reached a new low.
    Check out this mindless and unbelievable
    update we have for you…
    In the last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we saw
    Ishit (Divyanka Tripathi)and Simmi visiting Shagun
    (Anita Hassanandani), late at night. Simmi barged in
    starting calling Shagun characterless and evil. She
    accused Shagun for destroying Raman(Karan Patel)
    and Ishita’s life and asked her about the baby she
    was carrying in her belly. Ishita and Simmi are
    unaware of the fact that Shagun, is a surrogate
    mother for Raman and Ishita’s baby, all thanks to
    Ishita’s dumbf**k husband, who chose to keep it a
    secret. After being insulted and humiliated, the
    spineless Shagun chose to cry instead of telling
    everybody the truth. Manoj tried to defend her but in
    vain. Soon the neighbours complained about the
    noise and Manoj’s father was seen saying that he
    won’t take any nonsense around the house and
    Shagun should leave. Manoj told his father about
    marrying Shagun, but he did not agree. Meanwhile,
    our very own brainless Raman finally realized that
    he hurt Ishita by hiding the truth about Shagun and
    decided to tell her what’s going on. When he tried, a
    dramatic and hyper Ishita chose not to listen and
    decided to leave Raman and the Bhalla family. The
    episode ended with the Bhallas trying to stop Ishita.
    In the upcoming episode, we will see Shagun losing
    her and deciding to end her life! She will commit
    suicide, as she wouldn’t be able to bear the pain and
    emotional hurt. But if you think Shagun’s character
    will be over in the series, nah ah! Think again.
    Shagun’s ghost will come back to haunt the Bhallas!
    LOL. In the upcoming episode, we will see Ishita
    waking up in the middle of the night and being
    frightened by her own reflection in the mirror. She
    will look at the clock and notice, that it has stopped,
    at the time when Shagun had ended her life. She will
    feel that Shagun is coming to get her. Later, Shagun
    will come back and will enter Ishita’s body and
    haunt the Bhallas. Raman on the other hand, will be
    terrified with Ishita’s scary form.
    This show has hit a new low. All in all, there are no
    words. As far as Ekta Kapoor goes, *slow clap.* I
    hope she gets the sarcasm. Truly, #RIPYHM.

  4. High voltage drama is
    going to happen in the
    upcoming episode of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.
    Mrs. Bhalla insults
    Shagun badly calling her
    characterless after
    knowing she is surrogate
    mother of Raman and
    Ishita’s baby.
    First, Shagun messages
    to Ishita as she is going
    away with Raman and
    Ishita’s child and will
    never return it.
    Ishita comes to stop
    Shagun but is shocked
    seeing Shagun on the
    Shagun shouts at Ishita
    and jumps from the
    Raman is shattered by
    Shagun’s suicidal step.
    Raman and Ishita return
    to home where Mrs
    Bhalla tells Raman about
    Shagun went somewhere.
    Raman souts at her by
    telling her about
    Shagun’s suicide.
    Raman blames Mrs
    Bhalla for hurting Sagun
    while she was helping
    Shagun’s death will bring
    a big rift between Raman
    and his family.
    Is Shagun dead in real?

  5. zahra ismail

    Gr8 episode bah feeling sry 4 shagun as she is da surrogate mother n evey1 is taunting ha dats so bad 4 ha???

  6. diya

    jitna show k makers ko leap ki nehi padhi hai usse zada inn spoilers ko padhi hain. har track mein leap dikhate hain. if shagun really jumped frm the building how can she not die ?? btw todays epi was better . atleast surrogacy ka sach to bahar aya. raman and ishita ki scene bhi intense thi .presentd well nd divz nd karan ‘s performnc was awsum .emotional qoutient tha. and btw y wld acp abhisekh will hlp shagun? woh kya lagti hai uska ? achanak revenge lene ka plan bhi kaha se huya . adha sach hai adha jhut . par horror track is surely going to happen . anita is evn going to kashmir to celebrate her anniversary ..woj shoot hi nhi karne wali hai .. shagun ka track kuch dn k liye band . makers ab to kuch happy scenes dikhayo ..bohot hua rona dhona . but aaj ishita ko dekh k bohot bura lag raha tha . bechari. 🙁
    but ishu u rock. most of the veiwers watch this show for divyanka .agar uska charecter k o bigaro g koyi nhi dekhega . nd am again saying
    no leap
    no leap
    no leap
    .. let there be happiness ..let there be love

  7. Shagun gets sad and jumps from the cliff. Ishita tries to stop her, but Shagun doesn’t listen and falls down the
    terrace. There is a heated argument between the two. Ishita apologizes to Shagun for misunderstanding her. Shagun
    in a fit of rage falls from the terrace to take revenge from Ishita. She feels bad as all the Bhalla family thinks her
    wrong. She has died with the heir of Bhalla family in her womb. This is shocking twist of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Ishita gets in shock after knowing Shagun committing suicide. Raman, Mihir and Abhishek reach there. Ishita tells
    Raman about Shagun jumping off. This is actual Shagun conspiracy to take revenge from Ishita. ACP Abhishek would
    be helping Shagun. Shagun will not die so soon, and will give birth to the baby, very far from Bhalla family. It has to
    be seen how Shagun really dies after delivering the baby. There is possibility in the track changes about the baby
    and leap.
    Ishita wakes up in the night and looks on shockingly at the reflection in her room. She looks at the clock which
    stops at the time of Shagun’s death. Ishita feels something wrong is going to happen with her, and feels Shagun is
    after her. Shagun has committed suicide and her soul has returned to take revenge from her. Mrs. Iyer tells Ishita
    that two deaths have happen in the house, and third person might die in the house too. Ishita is scared. Shagun’s
    soul/ghost will enter Ishita and Raman will be shocked to see Ishita in scary avatar. Keep reading.

  8. dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    in yhm .
    Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Jo Hai …….
    Pal Do Pal Me Tutta Nahi…….
    Bandhan Dilo Ka Chutta Nahi…….
    Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana
    In Ankhon Se Har Anshu Mujhko Chura
    Mujhko Churana Hai…..
    Mujhko Churana Hai..
    Tere dil ka mere dil se
    Rishta purana hain
    Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas
    mujhko sun
    Main jo saath tere hu phir tujhe hain ka
    Dard baat lenge ham sun
    In palko mein khushiyo ka sapna sajan
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    Kaise main batau yeh tera is tarah ron
    Dekha nahi jaata hain sun
    Shaam jab dhalti hain subah muskurati
    Khushbuye lutati hain sun
    Udaasi ke lamho mein hamein muskur
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    In aankho se har aansu
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain.
    after leap this song and ishruhadi scenes wont
    come in yhm .plz makers dont do like this with
    loyal yhm fans .
    Dil kahin rukta nahi
    Dil kahin rukta nahi
    Chalta hi jaye tere ore
    Dil mera sunta nahi
    Saari fizaon hai …
    Mehki hawao mein hai
    Tera aur mera fazana
    Janu main bhi yeh
    Jaane hai tu bhi yeh …
    Jaane yeh saara zamana
    Kabhi kam na hongi ye chahhtein…
    Pal pal badhe ye hai mohabbatein…
    we want this yhm .our old unique good one. not
    the leap one .plz makers understand the fans
    and veiwers.

  9. jhanvi

    Finally Raman told everyone d truth…!!! BT not for ishu nd family , for SHAGUN……

    Ishita asked many times, everyone asked then he did not say anything to them BT today he told everything to them..
    Ishita said right her feelings does not matter..her pain, her tears, Raman ignore everything…. BT thank God finally d truth came out…

  10. want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    want our old yhm
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    stop this crap
    in yhm plzzzzz….. ekta and makers .now the whole serial has too worsen .

  11. We want our old yhm….love old yhm….but it’s true shagun will die but after delivering the baby…….

    Sooo stupid know yhm will be a horowww yhm……

  12. whatever they are showing in yhm is just utter nonsense . too worst . and nobody is gonna encourage it .the whole drama of surrogacy makes a big fat lumpsum of garbage .why was this surrogacy shown that too through shagun just for her one stupid step of suicide .she hided the truth and now she is doing all this drama .

  13. We want our old yhm….love old yhm….but it’s true shagun will die but after delivering the baby…….

    Sooo stupid now yhm will be a horowww yhm……

  14. i felt bad for shagun yaar 🙁
    whatever is happening is npt her fault…
    It’s only raman who should be blamed…
    he is the one who has made fun of ishita’s medical situation…i will not call it weakness because i don’t think if a woman can’t have kids then she is weak…it was always raman who was after ishita for a child :/
    ishita never found it mandatory as she feels adi and ruhi are her kids and she is already a mother…
    It’s all that idiot dumb disgusting raman’s fault…and now what’s this nonsense?
    like seriously?is it crime petrol or a family drama…? -_-

  15. jhanvi

    Is Shagun really changed..???? Then how can she jump from terrace.. She is pregnant. She has a baby in her womb.. Only to take revenge., she will kill herself nd baby…

    Agree that family members behaviour was not right …it was tottaly wrong. BT what is their fault..??? Shagun did very wrong dids in past.. Nd she did not leave anyone of them, Raman ishita romi simmi Rinki mihir mihika even bala…. She hurt everyone in d past.. In fact she used her own children Adi nd Ruhi…. Nd now suddenly d surrogacy drama happened.. Suddenly she came in front of them ..

    That’s y they are not blving her in fact no one can blv… Only Raman blvs her coz he knows everything abt her…he knows that now she is changed person.. Nd d family did not know dis..nd even ishita didn’t know dis.. That’s y they bhvd like dis….

    If she is really changed then she shld talk them nd try to cnvnc them.. Ofcrse it’s nt easy for family to accept that she is changed nd they need some time to accept dis..

    She shld try to cnvnc them …. BT no she jumped along with a unborn child…

  16. jhanvi

    What is happening only bcoz of SURROGACY…..

    Nd y acp is helping her…. Plsssss now don’t TTurn his character to ngtv……

    Acp was not there Na..then when he met Shagun nd when they planned dis….???
    Ekta kapoor didn’t allow media to come on shoot…y ?????

    D real drama is going to happen now….

  17. plz….plz plz ……plz…
    ekta mam we don’t want any leap.
    we want old yhm.
    if leap happens we will miss our ruhi
    very much.
    so plz consider viewers choice

  18. Ekta Kapoor ~ copy karna chhod dijiye…

    Jaisa tha wahi better tha…

    We want old ishra moments…ishrafAns

    Soo change the track…

    This is only request 4 yØu…

  19. Darshika I also feel bad for Shagun what ever happen with shagun society only responsible
    for this And one thing to note shagun is not a outsider she is ex-wife of Raman she should ask the permission from ishita (now she is Raman’s Wife) as a surrogater of her baby in this case she just took emotional decission within a second and made Raman also agreed that one. As a ex-wife of Raman she lived with him nearly 10 yrs she knews very well about her ex-in law Mrs.Bhalla and others so before taking decision she might be think 100 times if Mrs.Bhalla knows means what will happen?
    So before taking decision she must be discuss with ishita and convince her for this just
    she is doing this for as a returns for her sin what she did with ishita . she is always
    emotional she never change her basic character
    And Raman knows about her parents very well especially mom so he should think before
    getting shagun in to his house
    Why Mihir was silent at that time now he knows the baby was ishra’s why cant he say
    he will take care of his sister till the baby born because he saw the neighbour hearing
    about their discussion in manoj house
    So First responsibility of shagun’s death was Mihir only as a brother

  20. daisy

    hi friends …… i think ab tak jo hua so hua ab ye socho shagun ka ghost kis kis ko ghost banayega ????? jis jis ne insult ki kon kon marega

  21. diya

    i thnk the spoiler is only incorrect . shagun is really going to do the suicide and die . divyanka and anita both confirmed it .ekta kapoor ne set par media ka ana hi bandh kar diya hain. inko kyase eh sab pata chal raha hain. haan?? they are just cooking up stories in their head . jab promo nikal hi chuka jai to horror track is confirmed . one minute , last promo showed ishita leaving .par usne to ghar chodha hi nehi fir . ye bhutiyaa twist bhi ayega but utna v bura nehi hoga jaisa socha tha . shagun ka track kuch din o k liye bandh hai … so chill. no afshagun . ek ray of hope h ki sab thik ho jay …ab dekhte hai kya hota hain

  22. patha nahi yeh shagun ekdaam se itnaa negative kaise badal gayi .aur raman toh buss pagal kameena aadmi hai .he is a horrible man. jo bacche ki maa hai usse hi nahi patha ki uski baccha aa rahi hai .raman ka logic bewakoofon wali hai .sab kuch apne aap mein hi assume kar letha hai ki ishitha strong nahi hai balki ishitha toh raman se kaafi strong hai mentally raman se .

  23. As you already know , the current drama in the show revolves around Shagun ’s (Anita Hassanandani) decision to be a surrogate mother for Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) .

    When Ishita and the Bhallas learn of this development , they are stunned and verbally abuse Shagun . In spite of turning good and helping Ishita, Shagun doesn’t get the respect she deserves . They don ’ t even allow her to stay in Bhalla house.

    Hearing this really irks Shagun , and she threatens to take the baby and leave forever . When Ishita apologizes , Shagun thwarts her away and runs to the terrace and tries to jump . The family runs behind to stop her from killing the unborn baby . But they fail in the attempt.

    Now we hear two rumors about how the show will proceed. The first rumor claims that Shagun jumps and kills herself . The show takes a leap, and post -that, Raman and Ishita start having problems, because Shagun ’s ghost enters Ishita’s body . Shagun then destroys their lives through Ishita.

    The second rumor suggests that Shagun jumps but doesn ’t die entirely. She takes the baby and goes far away from the Bhallas. She gives birth to Raman and Ishita’s baby and trains her to be a bad soul and to take revenge on the Bhallas.

    Now we are not sure which version the makers of the show will finally lean on, but this whole ghost bit is just too much to digest and accept. Frankly, it’ s about time they close shop ‘coz no amount of leap will bring back the old charm of the show .

  24. jab divyanka ne kaha ki yeh serial sasural simar ka ki tarah nahi hai toh bhoot ka drama sab ussi serial mein hi toh dikhaathe hai.i dont whats going on in ekta’s mind . bhoot and all drama in a modern serial like this is totally unrealating and how could they think about all these ideas when divyanka strictly said no with regard to ssk.

  25. raman ab show ka hero nahi balki ek bewakoof aadmi ban chuka hai show .khud ka mazak banaa chuka hai poore tv ke heros mein raman sabse bewakoof ,heroine se zyaada rone wala,lack brains ,stupid ,idiot aur horriblr hero banke reh gaya.

  26. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

  27. yeh makers aur ekta ne toh media ko chaar din sets par aane se manaa toh kiya hai .lagtha hai kuch aur hi dikhay aur shayad leap na ho .lekin phir bhi ekta aur makers ki koi bharosa nahi hai.

  28. Completely agree with ritu n jhanvi agar shogun change ho gai hai to kyo terrace se jump kia
    Air shagun inte negative thi yrrr can’t believe k WO change ho gai hai n shagun is a outsider
    She is ex ex ex ex ex ex ex wife come on yrrr she can never change

  29. shagun toh ek patthar dil insaan hai .suicide karne se pehle ek baar bhi nahi socha uss bacche ka kya hoga aur ishitha aur bhallas ko achaanak se surrogacy ki baath patha chali hai toh woh log toh gussa hi karenge aur unko kaha maloom ki shagun badal gayi hai lekin shagun ko aise kadam kyu uthaana pada aur revenge hi kyu lena hai aur positive hi kyu bann na hai jab usse bura hi bann na tha aur phir se bhallas ko rulaana tha.

  30. Omg

    Same on those people who r saying that they feeling baf ba d for shagun few days ago you all
    Were saying that you don’t care about shagun whether she really changed or not n you people hate her even though she is changed n now you people are feeling bad for her un believable
    Please grow up

  31. We have exclusive details on the
    upcoming episode and it will simply leave you
    flabbergasted. Read on to find out!
    Just when we thought Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    couldn’t get any more dramatic, this exclusive
    update on the upcoming track has completely
    shocked us. Our source is actress Divyanka
    Tripathi herself, who informed BollywoodLife
    about the storyline which will be seen in the
    upcoming episodes, involving Shagun and Ishita.
    As we all know, the character of Ishita is played
    by Divyanka and Anita Hassanandani plays
    Shagun in the series. This beauty, who was once
    evil, has now become a saint, to the point of
    agreeing to become a surrogate mother of
    Raman and Ishita’s child! The surrogacy track
    has been continuing in the show for a while,
    where it is being shown that Ishita is hurt with
    Raman’s growing closeness with Shagun. She
    even decides to leave Raman, after learning that
    he is the father of Shagun’s child, completely
    unaware, that Shagun is the surrogate mother.
    Well, gear up for some more drama coming
    your way. Believe us, you will be shocked! In
    the upcoming track of the show, Shagun will be
    seen committing suicide and dying. She will do
    this, after delivering Ishita’s baby, thankfully.
    But that’s not all. Shagun’s spirit will come
    back, possess Ishita’s story and HAUNT the
    Bhalla family. Lol, what? It will so happen that
    Mrs Bhalla would call Shagun characterless,
    which will irk Shagun. She will be seen turning
    negative all of a sudden and will tell Ishita that
    she won’t give her the baby. She would even
    tell the Bhalla family to take a hike, stating that
    Ruhi, Aditya and Raman were all hers in the
    end. A shocking twist will be brought in with
    Shagun’s spirit entering Ishita’s body and
    troubling the Bhallas, to seek revenge.
    The same was confirmed by Divyank herself,
    who exclusively confirmed the track to
    BollywoodLife. Talking about the same, the
    actress stated that the track will not be over
    the top, or exaggerated but will be more on the
    lines of paranormal activity, seen in the show.
    When asked whether the track will be on the
    lines of Sasural Simar Ka, the actress strictly
    said NO!
    What do you have to say about this upcoming
    track? Are you liking the idea? Post your
    thoughts in the comments section!

  32. its high time they should stop dragging this surrogacy drama. buss mera yeh request ekta aur makers ke liye yeh hai ki buss hame hamara purana yhm lauta deejiye . issliye plzzzzz…..

  33. Cham

    A very emotional episode. I love the Ishra scene. Seems like the up coming scary track is interesting . Somehow thankvyou sooooooooooooooooooooo much for stopping Ishra separation.

  34. jhanvi

    We want our old YHM back…..

    RIP YHM….. RIP= Return If Possible…..

    Plsssss we want our YHM back…. Not this..

  35. Star

    What’s all this..I used to love them..but no more…I don’t want to watch it anymore…Shocking twist..

  36. diya

    agar kisi ne bola ki yhm bandh krdo trust me i will not leave that person. its my jigar ka tukra . agar tumhe nhi dekhna hai to mat dekho .but off air karne ki bat kabhi mat bolna . as long as ishita , raman nd kids r their this will rock. har relation ships mein unch nich hoti hai . sab kuch hamesa accha nhi ho sakta hai .pas i agree ki twists bohot zada hi aa raha iss serial mein

  37. serial ko band karne se koi solurion nahi hai balki yhm ka jo puraana unique form ko hum veiwers ko puraaana yhm wapas kardo .its a request to the makers and ekta .plzzzzz…..

  38. Darshika

    So worry and sad about ishita. I really like ishra scene…..!
    And it’s really better to die Shagun. I feel sad about her. But it’s really good die her. If she doesn’t die, balha family and everyone will think that this is her new plan to kill ishra’s baby……. So, I like if she dies. If she alives, no one will treat her well. And no one will give her time for change. Everyone will throw out her like this epi. Surrogacy is not good for her. But it’s raman’s fault.!!! So definitely shagun must die. It’s the best thing for herself.
    Yes, I hate shagun before. Because she insults so much ishita and raman. But she is now good. Can’t she ever be a good person ? Can’t she ever correct her mistakes ? Can’t she start a new life..?Seems like NO!!! It means, though she tried to be a good person, finally it’s useless. Shame on that high class and educated society.!!(not balha family,coz they have reasons) And again I say ,she must die than living like this…!!!

    I’m sorry, if I hurt anyone. But this is the bitter truth as I feel.
    And I like upcoming tracks. I also thank yhm team for stopping ishra separation.
    From SL

  39. V P

    How can we blame Bhallas and Iyers for not accepting Shaghun or believing her . Totally Ramans fault . How badly Shaghun had treated all even her kids . It’s quite unbelievable to know Shaghun has changed . A dump person like Raman only can believe it . He takes hasty decisions ….if you look at it Ishitha has not reacted till now to Shaghun …… Today’s episode we have to wait and see … How can Shaghuns soul can come to Ishitha . She can develop a fear or shock knowing her child also died with Shaghun . Don’t feel go to a horror track . These are not good to the viewers ….. As you know Yhm is watched by millions that too old and small children . Show something good coming out of everything . Once surrogacy done , it’s gone beyond the writers hand also how to take the next track …. Ishitha all through shown very fair character in all perception , bringing this evil spirit into her is totally wrong . How is Ramans feelings to Shaghun than his wife who is totally broken after miscarriage . However , Shaghun is not going to win Yhm fans hearts positive or negative . Her emotional acting is very poor . Negatively superb though . I request please try to make the story line in a way that can digest to the viewers . I am watching only to see Divyanka Tripathi . …..,

  40. Geetha

    this YHM is unbearable. So much melodramas are ther. Raman had done wrong to Ishka. A women didnot forgive if her husband done so much to her faith. In my opinion Ishu kabhi bhi raman ko maff nahe karna.

  41. jhanvi

    Shagun bad deeds were too bad to forget easily… That’s y they are behaving like this…
    She has been given many chances in past by ishita nd she always break her trust every time… That’s y ishita is taking soo much time to trust her…so I think Shagun shld also give a second chance to her nd family… They need some time to accept d truth that she is changed person…

    Actually d main reason Is SITUATION…… If d truth ( she is not old Shagun nd now changed ) come out, before some days ( before pregnancy nd surrogacy) dfntly ishita can blv her nd also help her… BT d truth has come out in such a AWKWARD SITUATION that she is carrying ishra’s baby nd surrogate mother.that’s y they are not blving her..nd think t that it’s her new trap…

    BT I think Shagun shld wait for sometime nd she shld also give them a second Chance.. She shld not cmt suside like this..once ishita accept her I m sure she will help her to win everyone’s trust again.nd also try to cnvnc everyone.

    Nd I also agree that society shld not bhv like this with her… Nd I also agree that if one wants to correct her mistakes we shld give her a chance… Nd every person shld help her to correct her mistakes..

  42. Omg

    Oooohhhhhooo shagun kabhi change hosakti
    Never agar WO change ho gai hoti to kya is tarha react
    Kart e I know its Raman mistake k us ne ishita ko niii
    Bataya surrogacy k bare me but shagun aur manoj ne
    Bhi Raman ko ishita ko surrogracy k bare me bata ne
    Se roka tha so its their mistake also

  43. Read this shocking update we have for you!
    In the last episode, we saw Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi)
    telling Amma that maybe she was overreacting ,
    since she didn’t know the truth.
    She acknowledged the fact that Raman (Karan Patel)
    kept telling her that she doesn’t know the whole
    story and that he should be given the benefit of the
    doubt. Ishita asked Amma to come with her to the
    hospital and check the paternity reports. Upon
    reaching the clinic, Ishita and Amma received the
    results and were shattered to know that Raman was
    Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) child’s father as the
    results showed positive. Ishita came home, and
    packed her bags in order to leave again. She was
    shocked upon seeing Raman, bringing Shagun home.
    Raman confessed to the Bhallas that Shagun was
    arrying his child, but informed them, that she is the
    surrogate mother of his and Ishita’s baby. Upon
    hearing this, Ishita got into an argument with Raman,
    accusing him of lying to her and tricking her into
    singing the surrogacy papers. The episode ended
    with Raman stating that Shagun will reside in the
    bhalla house till she delivers the baby.
    In the upcoming episode, we will the Bhallas
    taunting Shagun, mercilessly. They will insult her
    and will tell her that her presence in the house, is
    unbearable. Ishita too will confront Shagun about her
    relationship with Raman, and will end up maligning
    her. Unable to bear the constant bashing, Shagun
    will reach her threshold and state that she can’t hear
    more. She will go to the terrace and jump off from
    there, leaving Ishita shocked!
    Even though Ishita will not be directly responsible for
    Shagun’s death, the fact of the matter will be that
    Ishita will be the last person to see Shagun alive and
    it will be her words that will drive Shagun to take
    such a drastic step. Will Ishita blame herself for
    Shagun’s death?
    BollywoodLife informed its viewers that Shagun will
    come back as a spirit and enter Ishita’s body. The
    latest news suggests that she will do the same to
    tell Raman about Sarika’s truth and how she killed
    Keep watching this space for more updates!

  44. The upcoming episode of
    YHM shows that Shagun
    jumps from terrace and
    get died.
    Raman accuses his
    family for Shagun’s death
    and tells that now he will
    never get his baby.
    Shagun gets suicide due
    to Raman’s family
    accusation on her
    After death, Shagun
    returns in Raman Ishita
    life in mysterious way.
    Shagun turns a ghost and
    imposes Ishita body so
    that she can keep Raman
    and Ishita separate
    Ishita starts behaving
    beardly in front of family
    members and they feels
    that gets a shocked after
    Shagun death.
    Will Raman get
    successful to free Ishita
    from Shagun evil
    Stay with us for further

  45. soniya

    don’t worry fans, shagun will not die nor ekta will never kill that character. Ekta n her team use shagun to torture Ishita’s fans.
    But they forget 1 thing, however they try to give importance to shagun character whether as vamp, main, negative, positive or even as ghost (shagun is anyway like a ghost to me) fans will still love ishita only .

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.