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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika asking Romi who is this Vidyut, and you are getting ready to meet him. Romi asks don’t you know him, he is ex cricketer and now became a commentator, I got two passes and going. She says I made plan, cancel your plan. He says please, I will get chance to listen to his commentary, don’t do this. He gets Vicky’s call and says I will reach in 5mins. She says you always do this. He leaves. She says now Vidyut got imp than me, I will ask Ishita will she come for shopping with me. She calls Ishita.

Ishita does not answer the calls. She gets a message and says messages started on not answering calls, this is madness sign, I have to delete all messages. A lady gets her daughter for treatment. Ishita asks the girl to come. She does not delete messages and


Raman gets Pihu home and tells Shagun that he took Pihu to play badminton. Shagun thanks him and acts. He says please, I m not Pihu that I don;t catch your lies, I understand everything. She asks what do you mean. He says you made rules and can’t change, I know Pihu is trophy for you, not a daughter, don’t neglect her, I will not bear this. He goes. She says he spoiled my mood, first his wife used to give lecture, and now he started. Maid says I made Pihu sleep, shall I set your bed. Shagun says yes, Raman is helping me a lot, else I would have not managed Pihu alone, its good to get rid of Ishita.

Ruhi asks Ishita to sleep. Ishita says I have to do surgery tomorrow. Ruhi goes to get her phone. She finds the phone lock. Ishita asks whose message is it. Ruhi says why is your phone asking password, you never kept passwords. Ishita says yes, but now its there, everyone has it, you also have, I m the mother, I should ask you, why are you asking. Ruhi says I m not questioning, I have password in phone but… Ishita says but your case is different, we are equally human, whose messages will I get, bank etc. She asks Ruhi not to bother, go and sleep. Ruhi goes. Ishita answers call and says why are you making so many calls and messages, its risky, I have children and family here, my daughter was sitting here, I can’t answer them, no we can’t meet like this, is it so necessary, fine I will come tomorrow, sleep now, good night. She ends call and smiles.

Its morning, the society committee head talks to everyone and tells about the complains. They complain about a woman Poornima, the building is losing name. Secretary says we will ask them to vacate the house. Mrs. Bhalla says no, who are we to tell about her character, she is a nice woman, why can’t she decide whom to meet. Mr. Bhalla says yes, her husband left her, he used to beat her, if there is a man in her life, whats wrong. The lady says we have responsibility towards children, we have to see its effect. Ruhi come with Adi and claps.

Ruhi says I m really proud of Dadi and Dadu, we will support you, sorry to say, I m young, but still you were saying about influence on kids, we are educated, sensible, if we behave with Poornima, where will she go. Ishita hears Ruhi. Ruhi says we are creating difficulty for Poornima, she will decide for her life, if she decided to move on, we should support her as good neighbors, everyone needs a companion, her inlaws are supporting, who are we to stop her, she did not leave her husband, her husband left her, what’s her fault, I m sorry, I just came to ask for cupboard keys from Dadi. Mrs. Bhalla says I m proud of your thinking, you did not say wrong. Ishita smiles reading a message and goes.

Ruhi asks Adi what wrong did I say. Adi asks did she think we are in same situation, Papa has left Ishi Maa, there is no one with her, this thing applies to her, if Ishi Maa moves on, will you say this, its same situation for Poornima aunty and Ishi Maa. Ruhi says no, this does not apply for Ishi maa, she can’t think of moving on, will she leave us, there was no love between Poornima and her husband, Papa and Ishi Maa have love in their relation. Adi says Papa left us and did not call us since a year, you think Papa loves Ishi Maa. She says yes, he loves Ishi Maa. He says Papa did not see family, even Ishi Maa has right to get someone who loves and cares for her. Ruhi asks how can she think of someone else, what are you saying. She goes.

Ishita meets someone at cafe. She sees a necklace and says its so beautiful, what was the need for this expensive set. He says why. She says you should have not sent flowers at home, Papa ji saved me, but it was awkward for me. He says its okay. She says its not okay, if anyone sees us meeting like this. He asks her to come along, trust me, it will be fun. She asks what will I tell family. He says say anything, conference or anything, its one year, maybe you got a new chance to start love. She gets call and says I can’t do this. He says I m trying to convince you, your passport, see, I got your visa done. She asks what, did you take my passport for this, Australia…. he says its a beautiful place, you will love it, book the tickets, I m going in next flight, shall I book your tickets. She says no, I can’t be spotted with you, today I noticed my family supporting a woman who wants to move on, my family is amazing, very supportive, I feel why am I hiding everything, why don’t I tell them, I should tell them. He says not now, when right time comes, tell them. She says I should rush to clinic. He says fine, we will meet in Adelaide. She goes and leaves the necklace there.

Shagun asks Pihu to come and have food. Pihu says please make daal chawal, Papa says we should not eat burger and pizza. Shagun says fine, I will ask maid to maid it. Pihu says I want to have it now, made by you, please. Shagun agrees. Pihu says love you mumma. Adi reaches the cafe. The man asks did you come from Ishita Bhalla’s house. Adi says yes. The man says she forgot this valuable gift here, we got her number and called home. Adi thanks him and sees the diamond necklace. He sees the note and asks are you sure, this is Ishita Bhalla’s gift. The man says yes, I know her, she is dentist, my daughter went to her for treatment, she was with a gentleman. Adi asks who. The man says Vidyut, ex cricketer, they have come together many times here. Adi says okay, I will give this to her. He thinks of Ishita coming here for lunch. Adi leaves.

Ishita is on the way and thinks what to do, what to tell family. I have to book tickets for tonight. She gets Adi’s call. He asks where are you. She lies that she is going market, she was in clinic since morning, is there anything. He says no, just asking. She says fine, see you later. He ends call and says why is she lying…..

Mihir asks Adi whats the matter, tell me, why are you hiding. Adi says I m tensed because of my friend, his Bua got separated from her husband and wants to move on, my friend is worried about his decision, will you give any suggestion.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. QueenB




    1. I totally agree!! Whenever anything goes bad, Raman always blames Ishitha. He doesn’t really deserve her.

    2. Ah.. this is not gonna happen as now they will soon unite with each other in Australia…

      1. I’m sure they’ll unite again obviously. They have to because they’re the main protagonists. I was just saying it wouldn’t be wrong if Ishita actually wanted to move on.

    3. I want to blame ishita more for being such a saint and sucker for ill treatment. also happy she is moving on , high time.

      1. Beth…

        How can Raman and Ishu to moved on with their lives. They loved each other so deeply. All of Raman’s veral abuse behaviour toward ishu are faked. Raman is a gentleman with soft heart for Ishu because he only loves her. Raman has only sincerely towards Ishu in his life and he sacrifice his life with Ishu.

        Ishu still also love Raman and know that he can protect his family that other can’t protect her. Ishita and his children are Raman’s strength. Raman and his children are Ishita strength. Raman and Ishu loves children equally and each other also. Raman and Ishu support each other alot.

        Raman and Ishu plan to trapped Shagun and free Pihu from Shagun’s darkness hole. Ishiu and Raman are the people who can give light to Pihu and to save the little girl life before Pihu will destroy her life like Shagun did with Adi in his younger time. Adi want Ishu to save Pihu but Pihu still blindly believed in Shagun and did not know about Shagun motivation to hurt Raman and Ishu.

        Pihu will be out of Shagun trapped and will get pick Ishu over Shagun. Shagun will lose Pihu again like she lost Ruhi and Adi.Pihu has to choose Shagun or Ishu for her father Raman. Pihu will see Ishu love for her becomes much strongest and Pihu will order Raman to marry Ishu and Raman will agreed to Pihu and married to Ishu. Raman and Ishu will get married happily but it won’t last longer because of Shagun and Ashok keep their revenge again.

    4. Queen B

      Please read my updated on 14th November as per Raman and Ishita separation.

  2. Wow nice epi

  3. Ishita is now looking more beautiful after changing her hair style..

  4. Listen QueenB ishita will never move on in her life.she loves only Raman and all these are planned by ishra

    1. Correct Marin. I had update 5 of commented on 14th November.

  5. divyanka ishita and karan Raman won the best jodi award at ita .ita is Indian television academy awards.congratulates both of them Raman karan Patel and ishita divyanka tripathi.I hope that they will also win the best jodi award at next ita.

  6. Rithu,you had asked me if i am a girl…yes of course i am a girl and marin is not a boy’s name….

    1. Hi Marin . how are you? And good morning.

  7. At last vidyut will b raman

  8. congratulates to divyanka ishita and karan Patel Raman for winning best jodi award for yhm show,at ita,Indian television academy awards 2016.hope that they will also win the best jodi award next year at ita 2017.

  9. What’s Happening with this serial..

  10. But i guess Ishu and raman r in contact n they are acting in front of others…new entry may be connection just to bring twist…

  11. As much as I love Ishra and think they complete each other. I actually want ishita to move on with her life and find someone who would love her and care for her. Raman always gets angry and gets his anger out on ishita. And now he decides to leave for Pihu??? What about Adi and ruhi?? But I hope him leaving ishita is actually a plan from Raman and Ishita.

    1. Alima…

      It is Ishra plan to separate but Raman still love Ishita very deeply. As you saw yesterday Raman had family photo where Ishita save Raman’s business and Ruhi as little girl that Raman carried her with Ishita on his side and their dog Muthu. When Raman see video and play it and watch his whole family fun dance and smile to watch his love Ishita dance. Raman adore Ishita. Raman anger, insult and accused on Ishita was faked. Raman sacarifice his daughter Pihu for his familuy and his ladylove Ishita. Raman also missed his two other children Adi and Ruhi. Raman loves all his children equally. Raman had to be with Pihu because he concerned about Pihu’s welfare and Shagun’s evil influence.

      Raman and Ishita discussed secretly to plan a trap on Shagun and save Pihu.

  12. Finally a good episode. Shagun please act properly ur not the queen
    Pihu is out of mind

  13. Puzzled.. One side she is shown with this new guy and on another side she is shown with her memories( with Raman).

    1. Vidyut is Raman’s college best friend. Raman and Ishita plan to use Vidyut to trap on Shagun. Shagun want lifestyle men and want to flirt with men like she does with Ashok when she still married to Raman. Shagun dumped Raman for Ashok. So she want to do the same with Mani to Vidyut.

      Ishita only love Raman very deeply. Vidyut is also liking Ishita but knowing that Ishita is his best friend Raman’s life. Vidyut will help Ishita to reunited her to Raman.

  14. HI Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, Magic, Siddhi, Khushi, Monique, Bhagya, Padma, Marin,Jaz, Az, Kiran, Sherya and many YHM fans.

    On the one hand, I want Ishita to move on but on the other hand, I can’t bear to see her with another man in her life. I am so used to seeing Raman and Ishita that to think it Vidyut and Ishita is but difficult to digest. I know deep inside no matter how much Raman shouts and throws tantrums at her, he loves her so deeply. Ishita also loves Raman deeply.

    However, in Karan’s selfies shots there was a caption that read although both ishra will get back both Ruhi and Pihu and they all will return to India together it seems like Raman and Ishita will drift further. Why do cvs always think of drifting Raman and Ishita further or separation? Don’t they have other couples to separate? Leave Raman and Ishita alone. What happened to Aliya?

  15. Ishita’s hairdo is better now and that makes her look great and refreshing. Shagun is not fit to be a mother at all. She has never cared or looked after Pihu. She has just pushed the responsibility to Raman. She is being served by multiple servants. Such a lazy Shagun. Ireally hope Pihu sees through and through of Shagun.

    I just feel when Ishita smiles talking to Vidyut, I think she is having great hopes that he will lead her to Raman and she probably smiles about seeing Raman again. I don’t think she is smiling because she is talking to him. She would not leave Ruhi and Adi as both of them are her life.

    1. Hi sindhu . how are you? I totally agree with your comment .

    2. Hi Sindhu

      Agree with your comment.

      Vidyut will help Ishita to bring her to meet Raman.

  16. it seems that Ishita and Raman are doing this intentinally, Vidyut is a part of their game..

  17. now the serial become totally bakwas same old story is repeated …. writers thinks audience is idiot …. if writers don’t have good content pls end the show

  18. Nice episode , but I don’t like this side of Ishita. she didn’t move on from Raman after 7 years. why now after only 1 year. but I suppose I can only picture as her partner.
    I don’t like this idea of her sneaking around. I always pictured her as the righteous type and besides she and Raman are still legally married or what????

    1. Jay…

      Raman and Ishita are still legally married. They are married for 10 years but Raman and Ishita only be together for Ruhi for 3 years separation for 7 years without Pihu and now Raman want Ishita in his life. Raman and Ishita are married but it was Raman turn to take round but stopped by Shagun and Shagun bring Pihu to stop the marriage. Raman get breakdown and get angry on Shagun. They never knew that it was Bala and Shubbu mother who called Shagun and informed about Ishra marriage because she want to revenge and ruin Ishita’s life. Why can’t Bala mother to stop and leave them because Shubbu is married to someone else now. Shubbu will be furious on his mother for destroy Ishita’s life.

  19. kinda loved todays episode in one way I love the way pihu is completely dependent on Raman like the way she was before with such a way that when I comes to choose am sure she will chose Raman and for shaggy she is really a disgrace to all mothers she doesn’t care if her child is sick or dying. loved ruhi today although she is becoming jagga matta like her ishima. loved adi and ruhi scene and their insecurities thinking their mum is gonna live them. they all want her to be happy but don’t want her to leave their papa. am sure adi is gonna send ruhi on a jagga jassoos trip to spy on ishu and vidyt. seriously I cant see ishu with anyone other than Raman. fyi diyanka looked pataka seriously breath taking I just love her look after leap am sure that seems like the only reason I watch the show nowadays .

    1. Swara…

      Adi did not send Ruhi to spy on Ishita. Ruhi overheard Ishita talking to someone sweetly that she want to go to Singapore. Ruhi will be following Ishita but will get shocked to see Ishita meet Vidyut and continue to follow them and get very deeply shocked that Vidyut bring Ishita to meet Raman.

      Please read my previous updating on 14th.

  20. Hi all yhm fans.really confusing don’t know what to believe. Sad really if they don’t reunite ishra.

    1. Ishra will reunited.

      You can read on 14th comment that I updated them.

  21. yeah marin u r right… all these r planned by ISHRA… nd 4 me todays episode was a funny episode bcoz ishita loves raman nd wo kabibhi move on nahi karegi… bekar me hume confused karne k liye dikhaya ja raha ye sab…

  22. Diane Almeida

    Why would it not be okay for Ishita to find someone in her life? Why would Ruhi think that Ishita would leave them? She’s not Raman who leaves and doesn’t call his kids. Why is he so interested in Pihu that he would forget his other kids? He’s never happy so why should Ishita be unhappy as well?

    1. Diane

      Raman and Ishita are stillin contact. Raman still missed his 2 growing up children. Raman is the father of Pihu and he had to take care of Pihu. Pihu is Raman’s responsibility. Raman want to protect Pihu from Shagun evil influence. Raman want Ishita to take care of Adi and Ruhi during his absent and Ishita want Raman to take care of Pihu in her absent.

      As you saw yesterday Raman was smiling watching his and Ishita cute dance on their sangeet then Adi and Aylia engagement. Raman can’t call Adi and Ruhi because of his family anger on him for disrespect his own family and Ishita for Shagun and Pihu.

  23. Hey yhm fans,
    CVS have changed Raman’s character a lot. Firstly the old raman (on 2012-2014) looked better as he looked like a responsible father and a CEO of amhis company.

    Now he looks very bad, with tattoos and he looks fatter with wearing chains around his neck. Not tying the buttons of his shirt. And also he does not wear a suit.

    About his character, CVS made him cruel and selfish.


    1. I agree with you. It makes me so sad when I see pictures of how he used to look. The tattoos on the arm adds to this thug, rough look. They butchered this character completely, even in looks. Look how lovely Romi, Manitoba and even Ashok look. Sophisticated and like real business men opposed to Raman. I was hoping that he would look decent again after this one year leap 🙁

    2. Riya and Leelee…

      As per you saw of how Karan Patel look.

      He is not fat but much fit. He had been going to gym very often with Aly Goni (Romi).
      Raman loves his tattoo because of his wife Ankita want him to keep this as their secret and want other people to know how much Karan and his wife Ankita loves each other.

      But right now Karan will be much handsomer than before. You will see how he appeared in Australia. He had become best father in his daughter life.

  24. Please ishita dont leave raman

  25. Please ishita dont leave raman. I wish vidhyut and shagun marry. Pihu would then see shagun cheated on her.

    1. Ishra fan…

      Ishita is not going to leave Raman. Ishita and Raman plan to get separate to trap Shagun by using Vidyut. Shagun is legally married to Mani but Shagun love to created husband with other men. Shagun loves herself and money more than children.

  26. Very curious who is vidyut?

    1. Azizah…

      Vidyut is Raman’s college best friend. He is now becoming Ishita friend. Raman and Ishita use Vidyut to trap Shagun and exposed Shagun to Mani and Pihu.

      Vidyut want to enter Ishita’s life but get to know that Ishita still love Raman and Raman loves Ishita also. Vidyut plan to reunited Raman and Ishita. Shagun now will fall in love with Vidyut because he have great lifestyle than Raman, Mani, Manoj and Ashok.

  27. Ishra shouldnt end here and pleases ishita do not have another person in your life. It sounds complicated.

  28. i’m a big fan of karan so please riya don’t say like this about raman…

  29. Where are you guys shivani and vp ? Missing your comments guys ?

  30. YHM:Ishita arrested in airport due to Shagun,Vidhyut saves Ishita

    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Raman (Karan Patel) is taking care of Pihu in Bangkok and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) is busy in her rich life style and parties.

    On the other hand Shagun sees Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in airport and puts something in her bags.

    Apparently Ishita gets arrested as the cops find something illegal in her bags.

    However Vidhyut will come on time and will save Ishita from the unwanted trouble in foreign land.

    Interesting both Shagun and Ishita will get impressed with Vidhyut’s personality.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  31. Hey Riya.I agree with you.Now Raman looks very bad with tattoos and wearing chains around his neck.He also does not tie the buttons of his shirt.

    1. Marin this was when he was using this but for now he will cover up in Australia and will look much handsomer than before.

  32. Shagun (Superape) is given a better billing, but why? She is after all a leftover piece. She cannot even speak properly. Why is she not punished at all. You are not being fair.

  33. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita got separated while Raman stays with Shagun and Pihu.

    Raman loves his daughter Pihu a lot that is why he left his entire family along with Adi and Ruhi too whom he loved a lot.

    Shagun as usual busy in her rich lift style party and feels bore taking care of Pihu and indirectly puts all work on Raman.

    Apart from this, Shagun finds about a new guy Vidyut and decides to flirt with her as nothing is here for excitement.

    Ishita also reach to Bankok for some work where Shagun witness Ishita and keeps some packet in her bag.
    Ishita gets surprised seeing Shagun fall for Vidhyut.

    Airport security check Ishita’s bag and arrest her while Ishita tries to explain her as it is not her but they do not hear her.

    Vidyut makes entry in the scene and saves Ishita from accusation while Shagun gets impressed by Vidyut’s personality.

    Will Vidyut help Ishita trapping Shagun?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  34. Hi Rithu..I am fine…Hope you are also fine

  35. Rithushree,,you always give the upcoming news of yhm.thank u so much

  36. If its a trap to expose Shagun in eyes of Pihu, so as to get her back to IshRa and unite the family, then its good.
    But looking at the tracks earlier Raman keeps distancing from Ishitha every now and then.. I was a big fan of IshRa, but now I hate Raman, so many times he left Ishitha.
    I would really wish Viyut (sid makkar) is a very big shot and marries Ishitha to give all the love she deserves with support of Adi, Ruhi and all family. Its big time Ishitha stops being mahan and move on. Her family is understanding, but definately will approve.
    And where is Mani and Aliya gone? Mani was a good match to Ishu, big blunder marring Shagun, but as he knows how she is, he should act accordigly and not act dumb like Raman, jaha hava aya vaha mod liya

    1. Rani….

      your first and second statement is right.

      Vidyut is Raman best friend and he is also in love with Ishita but knowing that Raman and Ishita are madly in love with each other. Adi and Ruhi want Raman and Ishita to be together including Pihu.

      If you want Ishita to move on why can’t Raman to move on while he still has Ishita video and photo and taking care of his and Ishita daughter Pihu. Pihu have Ishita blood and have same reflection so that Raman adore Pihu and Ishita.

      Mani is in Australia for business trip and meeting. I don’t know where is Aylia. But I think that Aylia is with Ishita or moving back to home in Australia with her brother Vivaan. Aylia hate Shagun so much and is hurting by separation from Adi.

      Mani and Ishu are childhood friend. Ishu had fall in love with Shubbu (Bala little brother) but broke up because of his mother greedy and force Shubbu to marry off with other girl to hurt Ishu because Ishu couldn’t produce any child.

      Ishu met Ruhi and fell in love with her and want Ruhi be Ishu daughter. Ruhi want Ishu as her mother not Shagun. Ruhi want Raman to married to Ishu so that Ruhi can love both equally. Raman and Ishu fight make their love strongest. Ruhi and Ishu bond was such lovely. Shagun used Adi to break the marriage between Raman and Ishita but Ruhi shield Raman and Ishu marriage and warn Shagun to stay in her limited and Shagun get annoyed on Ruhi picking on Ishu over her.

      Adi comes to know during holi when Shagun revenge to separate Ruhi from Ishu and see all love Ruhi and upset see Ishu breakdown and becomes much weakest. Adi was about to commited sucide and Raman save Adi and plead to Ishu to save his son. Ishu agreed to help Raman to give love to Adi. Raman and Ishu get social worker to help Adi to heal all the pain that he has and change him from worst to better person. Adi get more love from Ishu and get happy. When Shubbu mother in law (who is a social worker) help Ishu to bring Ruhi back to Bhalla with the help of Mihika. Shubbu mother in law enter the court which Shagun complaint to judge against Ishita for taking Ruhi back to them. Social worker tell judge that Ruhi should be returned to Ishu because the contract paper of Ruhi to stay with Shagun should not be signed by Raman because he is not the sole custody only Ishu should signed it. Judge get shocked that Ishu is the sole custody of Ruhi not Raman. Judge order Shagun to return Ruhi back to Ishu. Bhalla family get happy to received Ruhi. Shagun enter Bhalla house to fight with Raman and Ishita and want to take Adi away from them but Adi stopped Shagun and pull his hand away from Shagun that shocked her. Adi get hugs from whole families and get happy to be with Ishu. Ishu start taking care of Ruhi and Adi. Raman made Ishu pregnant and Raman get happy to be father again with Ishu child but get dissapoointed that Ishu get miscarriage diring bus bomb and Raman want his and Ishu baby together. Shagun changed into postitive and fall in love with Manoj. Manoj is the doctor who help Raman and Ishu to have baby together. Shagun want to help to carry Raman and Ishu baby without Ishu knowledge. Ishu get to know about why Raman always taking care of Shagun more than her then came to know about it and Ishu get fumed and about to leave Bhalla house and Raman stopped Ishu leaving and pleaded her to stay. Shagun then tell Ishu about Ashok plan and need her help. Ishu agreed to help Shagun to trap Ashok and Sharika (she help him to kill Raman because Ashok knows that Sharika adopt Rohit and lied to Bhalla that she had miscarriaged). Mani can’t control Ishu because Ishu is stronghead woman who can give lectured but Raman is also stronghead man who can control Ishu. Raman and Ishu loves each other so much.

      Pihu was 2 days old Niddi kidnapped her and ask for exchange of Ruhi. Niddi escaped with Ruhi by faked death to separated Ishra. Ishu did commited sucide but saved by Mani twice times and got himself fruncture on his hip. Ishu only take care of Aylia and Vivaan for Mani like she did with Ruhi and Adi. Pihu had been taking care by Shagun and Raman. Raman still love Ishita so deeply but not accepting Ishu death and blamed himself for giveing harsh words. Ishu listen to business news and heard Raman’s name and she pause Raman’s face on tv and touch his face and cried. Ishu only loves Raman alot more than anything but sadden of losing Ruhi. Raman and Ishu missed to meet each other because of Ruhi (dressed as Ruhaan). Raman get shock whin Pihu tell him about a lady who narrated her the story as Ishu did same with Ruhi. Raman ran out to look for ishu but failed. When Raman and Ishu returned to India in same plane but did not see each other then hijack happen. Ishita get shot and Raman cover Ishita and did not see her face. Raman save unknown lady (Ishu) but after Ishu Raman meeting at jail of Aylia blame on Adi molested Raman defend Adi and did not know that Ishu is there while Ishu scold an unknown boy (Adi). Adi cried by hearing Ishu scolding. Ishu get shocked see Raman and Raman returned shocking to see Ishu alive. Raman then goes to parking to clear his mind if it is really Ishu. Ihsu get confused to see who this boy is and get shocked. AB is Adi Bhalla then Ishu and Adi want to hug but Mani slapped Adi and Ishu stop Mani and scold him for Adi and Raman look on. It was Mother’s Day Adi want to hug but Raman stop Adi and drag him away from Ishu. Ishu breakdown crying.

      Raman plan to hurt Ishu to marry Shagun but he also get hurt that Aylia blast out on Raman that Ishu is going to get marry to Mani and Raman get hurt much deeper. Ruhaan and Raman do the brand advertisement and Ishu involved same which make Raman more angry. Adi plan to bring Raman and Ishu together by dancing together. Ruhi, Mani and Aylia dislike it. Raman’s mushroom allergy made him rash and Ishita take care of Raman. Raman realised that Ishu still love him not Mani. Raman is about to completed married to Shagun but shopped by Romi and informed Raman about Ishu catching Niddi alive and finding Ruhi. Raman left Shagun and mahap with Romi and Mihika to get Ruhi and Ishu back. Shagun send Anil (Raman’s lawyer) to kidnapped Ruhi but mistaken kidnapped Ishu and kept her for 2 days without foods. someone exchanged bag and family found bag moving that scared the girl and ask father to open and get shock to see Ishu in the sack. The people help Ishu but get shock to know it is kidnapper family and get scared. Ishu get happy that Raman and Ruhaan is coming to meet them but get stuck because of goons. Raman loves for Ishu never break.

      Raman is not dumb enough because he want to protect Ishu in his life more than Shagun. Raman had made Shagun clearly that Shagun should moved on and marry someone else because Raman still held Ishu in his heart and so is Ishu. Funny part was when Raman was about to returned from business trip and Shagun want to ruin Ishu appearance but saved by Raman. Toshi and Madhvi get hair dye into colourful hair that gave Raman heart attacked but see Ishu in normal. Ishu make Raman favourite food and about to say his wife and watch Ishu while about to bite samoosa. Ishu look back in Raman’s eyes then blush and Simmi trease Raman and Ishu and Shagun annoyed.

      Raman and Ishu romance nor stopping because they loves each other very much deeply. Raman and Ishu anger, and fight are all faked because they keep plan to discussed how to deal with Shagun and bring Pihu back and free Pihu from Shagun evil trapped.

      As you saw how Shagun control Raman to take care of Pihu and leaving his important business meeting. Raman loves his daughter Pihu so that Raman had to do it and get angry on Shagun for not being a dutiful mother to Pihu. Raman want to take Pihu back to Bhalla and Ishu. Pihu will start slowly hate Shagun and will love Ishu more.

  37. Parichary- Can you tell me in which episode it is revealed vidyut is Ramans friend. I need to watch that episode

    1. You can read my and Rithu update on the 14th comment of the information and details

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